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  1. cheebs


  2. cheebs

    Wipe Out

    Thanks Darrel So reading this about IMIDACLOPRID in particular makes me think that I should never buy plants sourced from the farms in Singapore if I intend to keep shrimp in the same tank, now or potentially any time in the future if i value the wellbeing of my livestock. By the way, I think...
  3. cheebs

    Who has a motorbike?

    Ouch! I certainly dont doubt that youve been hurt, ive seen you nutters before! :lol: I used to know a bloke who raced sidecars on the black stuff. He was a blooming headcase too :lol: Loved the bum sliders the passengers have to have :clap:
  4. cheebs

    Who has a motorbike?

    Quality Dan! You must be a fudging headcase to get on those sidecar outfits lol. :D
  5. cheebs

    Who has a motorbike?

    I also see your point... In the end, its a personal thing weather you feel better on a big or small bike. From a personal standpoint, I had some roadcraft by passing my car test 2 or 3 years before thinking about learning to ride. I had mucked about on bikes in fields etc as a youth... not...
  6. cheebs

    Amazing HD Time Lapse of Yosemite

    This is absolutely stunning, and quite moving too!
  7. cheebs

    Who has a motorbike?

    I tend to disagree slightly on the "get experiance on a small bike first" standpoint. OK, If you cant trust yourself to remain restrained, then yes... a small bike will teach you to respect your own vulnerability. However, if you are tempted by a 125 because a big bike might be too much to...
  8. cheebs

    Wipe Out

    Maybe suppliers of cheap asian plants should do a number of things. * Ensure people are aware of the risk thier plants could have to delicate livestock. * Offer advice on how to effectively clean / quarantine the plants - maybe a factsheet * Offer a shrimp safe alternative (i.e. pre...
  9. cheebs

    Wipe Out

    I don't think the forum would get into trouble by you posting the name of the seller, especially if you qualify that statement, in the way that you already have, with an appropriate caveat. I'm gutted for you mate :(
  10. cheebs

    All Pond Solutions 240L Tank

    Re: All Pond Solutions 250L Tank So whats your opinion on the tank so far. Value for money?
  11. cheebs

    Who has a motorbike?

    I currently have 3 lame bikes in my stable.... I have an '85 LC350 that is mid rebuild, and has been for 15+ yrs... the joys of moving out of home put the dampers on that project. I also have a '99 CBR 600, which threw its chain... I was lucky it only did damage to the bike and not to my leg...
  12. cheebs


    Top marks for whoever sorted that lot out. :thumbup:
  13. cheebs

    Auto-dosing EasyCarbo

    You can pick them up on ebay for ~£25+
  14. cheebs

    what do you think of these tanks?

    there was a review someone wrote on TFF if i remember correctly. As I remember it, they were pretty pleased with the tank, but the silicone was not as good as they would have liked, but for the money they were pretty pleased.
  15. cheebs

    Aquatics Online

    I had some too..... I dont remember ever buying from them. The website layout is dreadful, I'm sure i would have got pissed off with that and left before buying anything.
  16. cheebs

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Altums in residence Thirded!! :D Flippin' heck Tony, stunning pictures, stunning altums too. :thumbup:
  17. cheebs

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - 1yr old ! Thirded!
  18. cheebs


    Oh Jesus Christ! :lol:
  19. cheebs

    ADA Amano Tanks...

    All pumps suffer when there is a restriction on the intake. Pumps are great at pushing, but dreadful at pulling. Did you try the lily pipe with a standard basket type intake?
  20. cheebs

    Evening, all!

  21. cheebs

    DIY Optiwhite tank build

    Welcome to the forum Andy. :wave: No funny faces from me! (well not intentionally anyway :P ) I commend your effort. Ive fancied having a go at a DIY tank for a while, shame I don't have the time at the moment. There are a few tank builders here, you should get some helpful tips :thumbup...
  22. cheebs

    RO unit to garden tap

    Absolutely... Give me a shout ans ill dig them out.
  23. cheebs

    Has anyone managed to breed Amano shrimp

    I had always been lead to believe it wasnt possible to breed Amanos in FW. However, I have a survivor in my son's nano. He told me there was a baby shrimp in his tank, but I didnt believe him.We had a look around, and sure enough there was a tiny clear shrimp clinging to the frogbit roots. I...
  24. cheebs

    Cat litter

    Thanks for that Radik. :D
  25. cheebs

    Surface Film

    I occasionally get it. Manual removal with a few kitchen towels for a few days does the trick for me.
  26. cheebs

    RO unit to garden tap

    Hey Saj, It might be an idea to try a washer inside the item from the first link you posted. Some PTFE tape around the thread wont hurt, but I would bet its not sealing properly at the bottom of the thread. I have quite a selection of washers somewhere at home... If you don't have any...
  27. cheebs

    Introducing new fish at night?

    No probs. In fact I have done that exact thing on several occasions. ADC to Dunton Green, nr Sevenoaks late at night on one occasion (10:30 - last train). I suppose in total the fish were in transit for ~2 hours. If you mention it to them, they will put a little more O2 in for you.
  28. cheebs

    Cat litter

    Very interesting Radik. Please could you post some pics (wet and dry) when you get it?
  29. cheebs

    Otos and Tiger Barbs

    I've not had good experience with Tigers. Personally I wouldn't want to risk it, Ottos are too adorable.
  30. cheebs

    Second meeting at ADC.

    Noooooooooo! I cant make it on Friday :( Last time was excellent, enjoy yourselves peeps :thumbup:
  31. cheebs


    With the greatest respect Luis, thats total bunkam! I also cant afford a tablet, even if i wanted one. However, if I could it would never be an iPad. Not a cats chance in hell. I dont want to be told how to use it, I want to use it in any way that I want to use it. I dont want Apples permission...
  32. cheebs

    LP's - Shrimp Tank, Shrimps added Page 4

    Re: LP's - Shrimp Tank Another little warning about the filter this time. You should check out the P@H thread here if you havent already. and also HotWeldFire's journal. Both those threads warn that the filter is very badly constructed, having a number of "leaks" where the filter draws water...
  33. cheebs


  34. cheebs

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - Video! (page 15) What Matt said! This is an inspiration. :clap:
  35. cheebs

    Who misses Star Trek

    He cant find the right forum section though LOL :lol:
  36. cheebs

    Tonys Mini-M - 90 days & its all over !

    Re: Tonys Mini-M - 65 days & going strong ! Wow! Its looking great Tony! I love lampeyes too.
  37. cheebs

    16/22mm max flow

    Hi, Welcome to the forum. Pumps are great at pushing, but not so good at pulling water. To maximise potential flow from a pump you want as few restrictions as possible before the pump (in the feed). Sharing a feed would not be a good idea IMO although Its possible that it could work without an...
  38. cheebs

    why is 'height' relevant for pumps?

    ^^ Love home experimenting :D I wish I had seen this thread earlier. but, as you have found out, head pressure (AKA lifting height) relates the the ability of the pump to lift water in an open loop (where the output of the pump is not below the surface of the water that the input is drawing...
  39. cheebs

    Fish (mis)Identification

    Yeah, they are amazingly similar. I could only just tell the difference when I saw both in tanks near each other at ADC in London. My largest male multi is about 1.5 inches i guess.
  40. cheebs

    Fish (mis)Identification

    hehe! At least you enjoy them, thats what counts. Arent the Brevis a bit bigger too? Just as a FYI, there is also another species very similar (even more so actually) to the multis, and that is Lamprologus similis. The only difference is that the stripes go a bit further towards its nose with...
  41. cheebs

    External filters at the same height as the tank?

    Re: External filters - help! You shouldn't have a problem. I was merely trying to explain why head pressure is useful in a closed loop. All pumps should have sufficient head to push past most obstructions used in an aquarium. A pump with a higher head rating will have its overall turnover...
  42. cheebs

    External filters at the same height as the tank?

    Re: External filters - help! I would say, the main disadvantage would be that the filter will be harder to properly bleed. If you have difficulties, see if you can use longer tubes and lower the filter to prime it after a filter clean. The vertical distance between the tank and the filter will...
  43. cheebs

    Growing Mosses

    Thanks for bumping this thread Matt, and for putting together so much fascinating information. Great read. I should really look at some different mosses. I really love the Xmas moss I got a few months back, not so keen on the java moss that I tried... it never looks as healthy (always straggly...
  44. cheebs

    Dwarf Cichild....?

    It would be an OK size for a few shellies (6 adults - max, but they will breed). ADC do several small shellies. Say goodbye to all your shrimp though, and possibly the endlers depending on how quick they are. They are highly territorial, and will attack fish much much bigger than them to defend...
  45. cheebs

    Which phone?

    ^^ LOL @ the pic... Meanwhile, Winmo is slightly out of shot with a rocket launcher :D I Love my winmo phone (HTC touch HD)... its old as hell now, but still love it, even if the batter life is now appalling - but then I do watch a lot of video on my commute. I love it for the exact same...
  46. cheebs

    Breeding in small tank

    I was going to suggest shellies too... I breed (even without trying hard) Neolamprologus Multifasciatus in a small 28l tank. They are fascinating little fish too as you can see from the vid above. Keep a group of 6-8 in that sized tank, then when the fry are born and start to get adventurous...
  47. cheebs

    Battery powered vacuum

    :D Cheers mate. I'm very well, all except a recent m/c accident (just a little bruised and stiff) thanks mate. Hope you are well too mate :thumbup: Saj, They work in the same way the BIORB and sponge filters work by just creating a current up the tube, which in turn sucks water through the...
  48. cheebs

    Battery powered vacuum

    Hey mate :D Have a look at one of these: http://www.petsathome.com/shop/aquarium ... arde-30323 They are cheap as chips, run off air, and work really well for a quick cleanup. If you have a fine sand, you will probably loose a bit of that, but no more than if you were using a siphon powered...
  49. cheebs

    Best mid/top schooling fish?

    I have some lampeyes (I had 6, but 2 passed). They are lovely fish, but very rarely school in my 110l tank, and when they do stay together, its not very tight.
  50. cheebs

    Amazing Bike Rider

    Finished watching that program last night. What a fantastic watch.
  51. cheebs

    Amazing Bike Rider

    This guy and 4 others recently appeared on C4 in a documentary about these new celebrities from viral videos about street sports. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/concrete-circus/4od Ive not seen it all, but its a good watch from what i can tell.
  52. cheebs

    Steel cutter

    Dremel Gets my vote too :D
  53. cheebs

    RIO 125 Lighting Upgrade

    Cheers dowheim. :)
  54. cheebs

    ATTEMPTING to create a website

    No worries mate... Just a FYI, in case you didn't know, pretty much every hosting package, includes easyish to use templates for a number of different CMS (Content Management) systems. It only gets trickier if you want to customise those templates. - I expect there is alot of similarity between...
  55. cheebs

    ATTEMPTING to create a website

    Another vote here for getting away from service providers like bigcartel... get some hosting, and host the site yourself. You will have far more control over it, and I bet they don't do that much in terms of SEO for that amount of money. SEO is mainly about content, and links from other sites...
  56. cheebs

    Using filter for water changes

    Or use both... You may find it tricky finding a T with valves. You will probably find a Y, but that will disrupt flow more.
  57. cheebs

    Larry's Glade

    Re: Lo-Tech nano - Filter Impeller Massacre :( such a shame.
  58. cheebs

    Dos & Don'ts while using super-glue with mosses

    ehehhee! :lol: Sorry for laughing mate :wink: but thanks all the same :clap:
  59. cheebs

    Pruning stargrass (Heteranthera zosterifolia)

    Its really nice. I'll have to look for some of this if it grows OK in low tech.
  60. cheebs

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    Its still a piece of crap, but after sealing mine up properly,= its working much better. Its pretty quiet now too...
  61. cheebs

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    I splodged some silicone around mine earlier. You can just rip the flow adjusting slider off to seal that area up better. I cant believe these things have been built so badly!
  62. cheebs

    What/who are you listening too?

    This guy is impressive... give it a chance to build. There are a few great videos of him on YT. I chose this one as it best displays what he is actually doing. If you like this, take a look at the sax one featuring a guy called woodnote.
  63. cheebs

    Anti-kink tubing adapters

    They work really well actually. I have never used them personally, as I never had the need to, but I have seen them in use. As you can imagine, sometimes you need to make very tight bends within a PC case, so we use really soft tubing to enable that (really expensive Tygon branded stuff was...
  64. cheebs

    Anti-kink tubing adapters

    They work really well actually. I have never used them personally, as I never had the need to, but I have seen them in use. As you can imagine, sometimes you need to make very tight bends within a PC case, so we use really soft tubing to enable that (really expensive Tygon branded stuff was...
  65. cheebs

    Anti-kink tubing adapters

    When I used to water cool PCs a few years back, people used to use these things to prevent kinks. I cant find any for a 22mm OD though in the couple of minutes I had to look.
  66. cheebs

    RIO 125 Lighting Upgrade

    Any chance of sharing a link of somewhere that supplies things like this? Cheers
  67. cheebs

    Pets For Life

    Yeah, it wasn't very good really. It was clearly heavily sponsored by kingbritish. The information they gave was OK for beginners, but didn't give enough detail to be really useful to anyone. As Stu said, no mention at all about aquajardin. Other than a sign in shot with the name on it you...
  68. cheebs

    Aquascapes from nature

    :shock: Stunning
  69. cheebs

    Hello from Kent

    Hi, I'm also from Kent :wave:
  70. cheebs

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    I managed to scoop one of these too :D Didn't think I would get approval for it, bought it anyway, and told her I was gonna do a shrimp tank for my eldest, she loved the idea! :D... Only thing is I have promised to put a skull in there as part of the deal lol. I've been to ADC today to get...
  71. cheebs

    Zebra Ottos @ ADC London

    LOL Luis... I will freely admit, I am tempted, but I will have to keep on talking myself into it for a while yet! :lol:
  72. cheebs

    Zebra Ottos @ ADC London

    Ive just been in to ADC, and Jen showed me these ottos. They are absolutely gorgeous! I nearly passed out when I was told they are £25 each! :shock:
  73. cheebs

    DIY Mini Canister

    I have been tempted for a while to make a small external filter... I have some pumps from when I used to water cool my PCs lol... I think they may well be far too powerful though. Nice job Wendy :thumbup:
  74. cheebs

    Hello From Jakarta

    Hi Wendy, As a newbie myself I can say this forum is absolutely fantastic... It will keep you busy for hours!
  75. cheebs

    HELP!! I found a leak in my tank last night.

    Yeah, it was still a bit tacky. I know its a risk, but the fish were visibly stressed with only having about 3 or 4 inches of water. I didn't put it on the inside of the tank, just the outside, and the leak was fairly slow, so i though it was worth the risk.
  76. cheebs

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - New pics page 10 Absolutely stunning. I love the way its totally self sustaining. :thumbup:
  77. cheebs

    HELP!! I found a leak in my tank last night.

    No problem Dan. No obvious leaks this morning...
  78. cheebs

    HELP!! I found a leak in my tank last night.

    Thanks Jason. I'll check those out. Emptied the tank as much as I dared tonight., found that someone had repaired it on the outside previously. Cut all the old silicone off, cleaned it up, and smeared a new bead of clear aquarium silicone over it. Hopefully that will sort it for a short while.
  79. cheebs

    HELP!! I found a leak in my tank last night.

    Thanks guys. dammil3s, that would be great to have the name of that product, cheers. I bought some ordinary aquarium silicone today. Not had a chance to try it yet, but tomorrow night, I will empty 80% of the water, dry as well as possible, and use it on the outside as a temporary measure...
  80. cheebs

    HELP!! I found a leak in my tank last night.

    Hey guys :) I found a leak in my tank last night. :shock: I had given the tank glass a clean, and when i was cleaning the outside of water marks, I noticed a drip down one of the seams. I taped a folded piece of kitchen towel to that corner to act as a wick, and it leaked about an inch of...
  81. cheebs

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Thanks to everyone involved, what a great evening. It was fantastic meeting everyone. Just got in, rainbows and shrimp are acclimatising now, as well as the 2 lace plants, hehe. Its gonna be a late night LOL :D Thanks all. Looking forward to the next one.
  82. cheebs

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    LOL! I hope he has a lot of Amano shrimp stock :O I want some of those too! :lol: Need to see these Ottos, they sound interesting. I am after some dwarf neon rainbows also. Greg's gonna be busy! I will bow out of the Amanos if there isn't enough tonight though. I can always go back later. With...
  83. cheebs

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Hi Greg :wave: It will be good to meet you properly this time. We spoke about this meet one friday evening a couple of weeks back when I was buying TPN+ and Easycarbo. LOL. I do a perfectly good job of looking stupid without any modifications :D The pub opposite is called "The Horse & Groom"...
  84. cheebs

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    I'll be lurking somewhere... definitely not worth going home for me. I work just the other side of Bond Street tube station FWIW, but can meet anyone anywhere...
  85. cheebs

    Sulawesi Poso Shrimp?

    WOW! The lower one looks like it belongs in TRON or something :D
  86. cheebs

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    LOL! :D Well... I have been called mad before, but those people were clinically insane, so it doesn't really count ;-) Cheers mate :D List amended: Luis (ghostsword) a1matt mlgt piece of fish (eddie) hotweldfire tony swinney radik LondonDragon (Paulo) Stickleback Worwood Eboeagles mjbarnard...
  87. cheebs

    Would you fancy a evening at ADC in London? 30th June

    Hi All, I know I am very new here, but if no-one minds I would love to come next week. I popped into ADC last Friday evening on my way home, and I think I must have spoken to Greg (guessing). He mentioned to me about coming the event next Thursday when I bought some TPN+ and Easycarbo. I had...
  88. cheebs

    lake tanganyika shell dwellers

    I work in the west end, and live near Sevenoaks, Kent (J5 of the M25). I'm sure we can figure something out. Send me a PM, and I'll reply when I know how many, if any, I have left for you.
  89. cheebs

    lake tanganyika shell dwellers

    Sorry for the thread revival. :lol: I have been keeping Multis for about a year now in a 5gal tank. I stated with 6 young adults. They do take a long time to settle in to their environment. It took mine about a month before they stopped hiding every time I approached the tank. A few glowlight...
  90. cheebs

    Riccia and Java moss carpets. Step-by-Step guide

    Thanks mate :thumbup: I have just done as you suggested. I'll post back when I hear from them. I am guessing that it might be 304 since they didn't mention it in the description.
  91. cheebs

    Riccia and Java moss carpets. Step-by-Step guide

    Ahh! Its stainless :D That makes more sense than Aluminium. Many thanks for the links. I have ordered some from the mesh company, some #8, and some #10. Not sure which is best, but they do buy 2 and get one free at the moment, which is much much cheaper for the amount than the ebay link.
  92. cheebs

    Hi from Kent :)

    Thanks for the welcome guys :)
  93. cheebs

    Riccia and Java moss carpets. Step-by-Step guide

    I followed this thread on TFF, and recently bought some Riccia and had it resting in the top of the tank for a couple of weeks in its airline pen! I am amazed at the rate in which it has multiplied! :D I really like the idea of using mesh as below: I have a small colony of cherry shrimp...
  94. cheebs

    Hi from Kent :)

    Hi everyone :wave: I have been keeping fish for nearly 2 years now, and have recently started my first foray into planted tanks. (That is if you don't include the java fern on bog wood i bought from P@H about 18 months ago ;-)) I'm having fun learning new stuff, but am also in awe at the...