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  1. mikka23

    Larger Anubias

    Are there any larger anubias which would be more suitable as a background plant? Most I've seen are more mid.
  2. mikka23

    200L Low-Tech Reboot

    So my previous set-ups always suffered from BBA and other algae problems. I'm looking to do a complete restart on my tank (previous set up): Tank - 200L Fluval Roma Light - 2 T8s, each 30w Filter - 1400 L/H All Pond Solutions Powerhead - 1600 L/H Koralia I'm pretty damn poor until I graduate...
  3. mikka23

    Budget Black Substrate

    Looking for a recommendation for a cheap black sand substrate. My preference: Sand or smooth gravel suitable for loaches Black to show greater contrast Easy to keep clean Suitable for planting Im thinking some cheaper material below a layer of more expensive sand may be the best option...
  4. mikka23

    200L First Tank

    Only have a video sorry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjNq7J9Ktoo 2 Moonlight Gouramis 2 Red Rainbowfish 2 Boesemani Rainbows 2 Bolivian Rams 6 Penguin Tetras 5 Harlequin Rasbora 6 Guppies 2 Zebra Loaches (will raise to 5 I think) 3 Hara hara Catfish Filtered using 1400 l/h external...