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  1. jay

    Lone fish gasping & can't swim.

    Hi all. Bad news for me. Whilst performing a water change yesterday, filters off, hose straight from tap into the tank, dechlorinator poured in as the tank is filling up. Same as every week for the past 2 years of fish keeping. As it was filling up I noticed that one of my male checkerboard...
  2. jay

    120cm. Green Neons Fly

    Hey everyone! Been a while since I've shown any of my tanks but thought I'd show this one as id like some feedback and advice on it since I've been having a nightmare with algae issues and plants not growing. Basically, it was like this up until a couple of days ago.. Dirty, murky, algae...
  3. jay

    Gas suppliers

    Found a great place who supply trade gas cylinders. BOC Gas & Gear They have a yard in north Wembley, which is so convenient for me. But I think they have other locations around the country. Found in Yellow pages. A 14lb Co2 cylinder with the same connection as FE. Open a cash account with...
  4. jay

    Marine metal halide...

    Hey people, I might have the chance to buy a cheap 150W metal halide luminaire for my 125ltr tank. But I'm really not well educated on halide lighting. Can the marine bulbs be used ok for a planted aquarium, or would I need to get a new bulb? Can different bulbs be replaced? It's an Aqua Medic...
  5. jay

    60cm ideas. trees and path

    Well i've got some ideas flowing for a 2ft tank i've had laying around. Pics taken on iphone so don't expect too much. The look im going to go for is a dense forest with a lovely insanely clean sand path running down the off-centre. Plants im thinking is mosses and low level planting, some...
  6. jay

    New 80cm re-scape pics (16/06/10)

    Well its been a while since i posted any evidence of aquascaping. Had a 4ft tank a while ago which you can see here: http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2956 and here: http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4195 The 120cm tank went a little wrong with a co2 related mass murder...
  7. jay

    Native moss

    Hello people, I've just seen and collected some moss from some guttering, it looks just like fissidens! Could I get that spreading on some decor like the usual java/Xmas moss? I'm thinking probably not, as the differing temps and it not being true aquatic. But I was thinking if after a...
  8. jay

    Sharp sand?

    Hey people, Sure i have read about not using sharp sand in an aquarium before, but only if there are sand sifting fauna in the tank (corydoras etc) If it were washed, could it be used in an aquarium as a foreground?
  9. jay

    Dry powders with non EI?

    Hello! I've got my dry powders, everything required for an all in one solution, but i'm thinking of just adding straight to the water via teaspoon measures. But as i have a 4 ft tank and a busy life :cry: i dont think i could handle 50% weekly water changes, so... What sort of dry dosing could...
  10. jay

    60cm Iwagumi

    Well i've decided to give the rock stuff a try. I've had this funny looking fossilised wood laying around for a while now, its not like that top notch Green machine stuff... more like the stone from some of the 'scapes in Nature Aquarium World books.. Planting wise, its going to be fairly...
  11. jay

    Isoetes japonica

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with this plant? If you have Amano's Nature Aquarium Books 2 and 3, it's in some scapes. Tall thin tubular grass. I brought some and it looks just like a big bunch of lileopsis. I'm 99% sure that it is just a big bunch of lileopsis and they sent the wrong...
  12. jay

    Jay's new 'scape 120cm

    Well my last scape went a bit pear shaped so I rooted out the stems, got more moss and anubias and went mad with the re-scape. I've got a ton of stag horn algae because of FE ran out and i've been too busy to get a new one. Its still in its initial stages... need more plants, tweaking of the...
  13. jay

    DIY filter inlet and outlet.

    On my tank i've got bracing all around. Nasty as... but I got it cheap and like the fact my fish don't jump over the sides. But I wanted some glassware for it but the holes in the corners are only about 1.5 inches. So I'm thinking of maybe getting some clear plastic ones like the eheim "shepards...
  14. jay

    No PFK planted tank contest?

    Last year when I was first starting out with planted tanks, I remember in PracticalFishkeeping Magazine George Farmer judged a contest. Nothing this year? Could've done with that years supply of TPN :wink: How about maybe a UKAPS 'scape of the month or something? Guess perhaps we don't really...
  15. jay

    Seachem Flourish

    Well I got my order from AE today. I wanted Excel but like a fool ordered the normal Flourish plant nutrition. :roll: Just wondering though, is it any good? Maybe for a low tech tank with Aqua Soil and easy plants.. ferns, anubis, crypts and echinodorus. Instructions says 5ml for every...
  16. jay

    Birthday surprise DSLR?

    Well my birthday next week and my girlfriend has noticed my hobby of fishkeeping (4 ft tank her side of the bed :P ) and new found interest in photography. I haven't touched a 'proper' camera in years and I'm wondering what sort of specifications I should be looking for in a DSLR camera. Just...
  17. jay

    Breeding angels in community? 125ltr

    Well If you've checked out my thread in the journals forum, you'll know the tankspecs here it is Its for my dad to keep and look after. He's from the old school of fishkeeping... oscars, angels, general community and even discus at one point. But he never knew of planting and waterchanging...
  18. jay

    The old man's 125ltr

    Hey peeps, well whilst my tank is getting the algae treatment, my dad has asked me to sort out his tank in the living room. Its my old Fluval Roma 125 with Fluval 205 external filter. Its fairly low light with just two T8 20Watt tubes. Managed to get Interpet Daylights for £10 each so it looks...
  19. jay

    Jay's New Re-scape

    Well last night I finally felt like I had everything I needed to start up my new tank. Its a Seabray custom tank which I managed to get from a local little pet shop.The silicone is rank! but I can't complain for just £100. Its 48x15x18in Just over 200 ltr I think. Put it on a Black Fluval Roma...
  20. jay

    Espei pencils

    Near £10 each!!!!!!?? Where I've seen them at only one place in London and I can't seem to find them for mail order. Anyone help? Never find any nice pencils at the moment, just the usual 3 line I think.
  21. jay

    DIY Bright Sand?

    Well as I'm sure we can all agree, its fairly pricey... as far as sand goes. What I'm wondering is can there be a way of replicating the look of it using a mixture of different sands? Play sand with a certain amount of black sand, with maybe some larger grain of substrate. Any ideas? Or should...
  22. jay

    Tubes for Arcadia luminaire

    Just got hold of an Arcadia 48" overtank luminaire. (so sexy) Its obviously come with the 'plant pro' tubes and I feel its very red. Jst wondering what the best selection of tubes.. what light spectrum to use etc etc... What are those ADA tubes like?
  23. jay

    4FT tank yaay!!

    Well I've managed to get a Seabray(sp?) Custom aquarium on the cheap, L48"xW15"xH18". Customer had it made but didnt expect the braces allegedly. I think its a bit of a bargain at £100 Picking it up tomorrow. Going to be making my own ADA style stand, dark wood laminate. Trying for a 4FT...
  24. jay


    Well I've found a cheap supplier of Eco-Complete and I've read that its a good alternative to aqua soil. But!! (always a but) Whats this about raising the hardness of the water? If my tap water got any harder it would be jelly!! How long does it last and does it stabilize well after?
  25. jay

    125 ltr tank needs bigger filter

    Hi all. Been contemplating what filter will better suit my 27gal tank. Right now its got a Fluval 205 external on it and I know its just not enough grunt to get the water flowing enough. Was looking to upgrade to a Fluval 305 or even 405 but I always hear about Eheim's being very good, just so...
  26. jay

    Amano shrimps going crazy!!

    Well you read the title. Anyone else notice them zipping around the tank at certain times of the day?
  27. jay

    Microsorum narrow

    Well mine is really coming along nicely, lovely pearling. But I'm just wondering what to do with the new shoots. All on the leaves, the buds grow roots and tiny leaves, I just scrape them off with a nail but i'm wondering, what would be the best way to use them? They're so small!!
  28. jay

    best shoaling

    What do you think is the best shoaling fish? I've got cardinals and rummynose in my tank. The rummynose shoal brilliantly once the room is dark and only the tank lights are on around 10 o'clock. left and right across the glass all night. The cardinals spend most of the time hiding, although a...
  29. jay

    cleaning diffuser

    Hi everyone. suddenly starting to get algae and detritus on the ceramic part of my diffuser. It usually comes off with a light brush but this stuff is staying. read before about using a bleach solution but im worried about that. Any ideas?
  30. jay

    Fitting a solenoid

    I've had a regulator just like this laying around for some time now. Although mine has a female fitting to the gas bottle. What I'm wondering, is there a way to fit a solenoid and needle valve onto the fitting at the bottom as there isn't any threading to it. You basically just slide a tube on...
  31. jay

    Evolvement of a nature aquarium addicts tank.

    I got back into fish keeping last year after a few years away. Back then I just kept the usual Clearseal tanks with community fish, plastic plants! Anyway, got the bug again last year and brought a nice standard Fluval Roma 125 and upgraded the internal filter you get with it for a Fluval 205...
  32. jay

    bacopa australis

    have any of oyu out there had any experience with this plant? page 20 of the tropica catalogue, it sounds like the perfect plant to me. like a large growing glosso or HC cushion. not demanding of light, fast growing and undemanding...allegedly. im just imagining an iwagumi set up wih this...
  33. jay

    upgrade without risk of algae.

    keep looking at all these gorgeous planted tanks with thick bushes of stem plants and im green with envy. im looking to put my forest of swords into my biotope tank, then get a nice thicket of rotala and a lawn of ech. tenellus and add to my cyperus helferi. i got a fluval roma 125 ltr tank with...
  34. jay

    diffuser positioning

    hi everyone (first post wooo!!) just recieved my rhinox diffuser this morning after ordering yesterday afternoon! its sitting in a fluval roma 125ltr tank and i just dont know where to put it. the mist is so much better than the chisel i was using but ive still got it in the same place. right at...