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  1. ale36

    Getting back in the hobby

    Hey guys been absent from the hobby for a few years back after loosing some of my fish i decided to shut my tanks down. But looking to start up again. I have a 90 x 30x 30 cm tank that i was doing to use for a Malawi set up at the time but decided not to as was maybe too small. It has ocean rock...
  2. ale36

    Make over

    Hello, im toying with the idea of replacing my substrate and maybe a complete make over of my main tank possibly making a new tank if it works our cheaper than buying a new one. I'm thinking on using this FINE GRAIN MOLER/TERRAMOL BONSAI SOIL but seen everywhere about sprinkling osmocote under...
  3. ale36

    Word of warning!

    Last week i cleaned my tank and decide to spot dose my anubias with some DIY liquid carbon to treat some algae on the leaves, well 2 days later the leaves where all brown and now they are just leaf skeletons, Lucky i didn't do it in all of the leafs so i still have a health ish plants just...
  4. ale36

    What is this worth?

    Hello all been away from here for a while I decided to do a spring clean in the corner of my tank and found this 2kg Co2 cylinder not sure what it's worth hence I'm asking thanks
  5. ale36

    Setting up Co2

    Hello all I have finally gathered all the bits and pieces I need to inject Co2 into my tank. The tank is a 54l juwel tank with internal filter. The lighting is a single t8 15w tube. I know i need about 3 bar of pressure for the glass diffuser but how many bbs do I need? How long do I need the...
  6. ale36

    No More Bulky Mains Timers!

    Hello guys, I just stumbled across this while searching for 2-3 channels programmable timers due to not having any luck with analogue nor digital plug in timers as they keep of reseating themselves or loosing the time. Power Management System Maplin Special Offer £39.99 These are great for...
  7. ale36

    Cheapest way to add pressurised Co2?

    as the title says i want to add pressurised Co2 to my 35L tank but ideally i would like it done in the cheapest/least expensive way as possible. how much did you Scrounge with your Co2 set up? i'm not sure where to start I have had a look at the DIY section, I do have a full 2kg FE but think...
  8. ale36

    Something for the weekend in Chelmsford

    Hi just to let you all know if you are interested in reptiles & Amphibians there will be a show this Sunday 20th of Oct here are the details taken from another forum: Essex Reptile Clubs Breeders Meeting Sunday, 20th October 2013 To be held at: Norton Heath Equestrian Centre Fingrith Hall Lane...
  9. ale36

    Tropica App

    hi been using the tropica app for about a week now, i wanted to know if anyone else has used it and what are your views on it are, so far its been OK for my in reminding me to do water changes!
  10. ale36

    Help With Ei Dosing regime!

    hello i would like to get some help on how much Ei ferts to add to my tanks, i have bought the started kit from aquarium plant food my tanks are a 54L juwel tank with a 15w T8 tube & a 32L with a 11w arcpod light, I have mixed the salts according to this recipe: Macro Solution: Mix, Shake &...
  11. ale36

    Any Reptile Keepers/Breeders here?

    i though i see who else here shares the same passion for reptiles as i do. Recently went to Kempton Park for a reptile Expo and i was gob smacked at the amount of snakes, lizards and spiders all under one roof it was like a dream for me (except for the spiders). I always wanted to keep snakes...
  12. ale36

    Help with JBL osmose 120

    I have got a JBL Osmose 120 from some one. The person that had it before left it outside during one frosty evening and the water inside froze and cracked one of the filter cartridge. He patched the crack with some fibreglass but it didn't seal it completely and is still leaking since he has...
  13. ale36

    Thinking about an Overhaul!

    hello all, i have had my juwel tank set up as its is for the past 3 years, i have had different plants in it through out the years, i'm getting a little bored of this scape but more i'm getting jealous of other peoples escapes, it currently houses 2 boesemani rainbows and a Plec which loves to...
  14. ale36

    Plant ID please!

    Hi could some one Id this plant for me. My mum has has it in a glass of water for the past 1 to 2 months and it has developed new roots and seem to be doin well with no soil. I had an idea of growing it with the roots dipped in one of my tanks but not sure if it would be toxic for the fish. Here...
  15. ale36

    Pictures of Tanks Using Cat litter Please

    Hello I've seen a lot of post of people using cat litter as a substrate for their tanks, i decided that i want to replace the gravel in one of my tanks so wanted to see some pics of your tanks using cat litter as its something i never used or seen before, if you could post your pictures and...
  16. ale36


    i found this while lurking around Hackaday if any one has any experience with Arduino maybe you can have a go at this, im considering it my self once i have cleared some of my other projects on the go Here it is ARDUINO CONTROLLED DOSING PUMPS
  17. ale36

    Moss ID needed!

    I have had this moss growing on a shaded area of my lawn. And i was wondering whether it could be placed in the aquarium. It seem to be a terrestrial moss rather than aquatic!
  18. ale36

    lake malawi cichlids

    i will be setting up a 3ft tank for a group of lake malawi cichlids, however im not sure which species would be best to keep, i would like some of the most colourful ones "not sure on the names" also could some one tell me how many i can stock in a 3ftL x 12"w x 14"h, with 1 internal interpet...
  19. ale36

    Using Heat Mats for nano tanks

    i have read a number of journals where people are using heat mats under their nano tanks and i have a few Questions: What is the reason for using the heat mats? Are the mats used instead of a submersible/in-line heater? How do you control the temperature? i know there are heat mats thermostats...
  20. ale36

    How do you remember to dose your tanks?

    i'm having trouble remembering to dose my tanks daily once i forget one day then it carries on and i forget to dose for the rest of the week, i'm sure my brain is functioning petty well as i haven't forgotten how to breathe, walk, talk etc. So what do you guys do to remember dosing your tanks?
  21. ale36

    Totally Tropicals in Bishop's Stortford Closed down :(

    Just though i come here and express how upset this news has made me News paper Link Here After my 9 year loyalty to this shop i'm now forced to get my stock from else where I believe that the recent P@H move to the town might have contributed to this fact, i refuse to get any live stock from...
  22. ale36

    AquaScaping tools?

    What tools would a beginner need? what would be the best "budget" tools for a beginner aquascaper and where would it be the best place to get them from?
  23. ale36

    11W ArcPod bulb Advice needed!

    Hi i have had my 11w arcpod light for almost 4 years now and i noticed that the light output is becoming less a and less and more pink, so i decided is time to get it replaced, Can some one recommend me a replacement bulb form lampspecs.co.uk/ as i can get them even cheaper through Work :)
  24. ale36

    35L Arcadia Arc External Filter Recomendation

    Hello I have a 35L Arcadia Arc tank that where i currently have an under gravel filter, i want to change this for a couple of reasons: 1- I get too much evaporation from the air stone 2- I want to have a better substrate to plant this tank so can any one recommend me an external filter that...
  25. ale36

    Long term Algae problem Resolved :)

    Hello i know this has been asked over and over and over again but i feel that altho its very repetitive i have the need to create a new post as not everyone circunstances are the same. I have a 60l tank that has been set up for a very long time 3-4 years, sice the very beginning i have had...
  26. ale36

    Lime scale left by evaporation

    I have an Arcadia Arc tank that a week after water change I have lost about 3-5 cm of water due to evaporation and it always leaves lime scale lines making it unpleasant to look at. How do you guys avoid the lime scale left by evaporation of hard tap water ruining the nice look of your tanks...
  27. ale36

    Anyone Near Stansted?

    Just wondering how many on here live near stansted, would be interested to know, maybe meet up one day to chat and show our tanks ;)
  28. ale36

    Help Setting up nano tank

    Hello, After being introduce to this forum by another member at Aquatics Live 2012, I have decide to have a go at a Nano planted tank, bearing in mind that i have never set up a planted tank before I i'm not sure whether a Nono tank is a good start or not but i like a challenge. I Have an...