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  1. awtong

    P@H cube

    Hey guys, I may have just got the wife's green light on a shrimp tank!! :D What are the dimensions and volume of the larger P@H cube? is it 25l volume? I want to start working out substrate volume and pricing up what I need to buy! Andy
  2. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    I have been admiring a lot of journals on here for sometime and so I stop hijacking threads I thought I would start one to contain my pictures and musings! So here comes the last 10 months of turning from fish keeper to low tech planted tank keeper. Tank specs: Juwel Vision 450l with 2 x 54w...
  3. awtong

    Duckweed index ferts advice

    I have just ordered a complete TNC fertiliser to try and follow a rough duckweed style fert application as suggested by DW1305. Tank spec: Juwel 450l vision with 2 x 54w T5's with reflectors 6hr photoperiod Fluval Fx5 filter Sand substrate with root tabs under the plants Reasonable fish load...
  4. awtong

    Hydro sp Japan

    Hi, I got some Hyro sp Japan from Alistair recently and was wondering was the best way to prepare and plant it was. It is from his carpet so is tangled together so I cannot seperate it out. Do I just push some of the roots into the substrate and let the rest do its thing or am I better...
  5. awtong

    Blue Phantom

    Hi, Seems my usually shy Blue Phantom Loricariid was feeling photogenic today. Thought I would share a couple of pics. Andy
  6. awtong

    My tank pics

    Hi, This is the 1st time for me putting up pictures of my tank. My photography isn't up to much! Tank spec: Juwel Vision 450 Fluval Fx5 Sand base, no ferts only root tabs, no CO2 Standard Juwel 2 x HO T5 54w with reflectors and one colour tube and one daylight tube This is really a fish...
  7. awtong

    Juwel style HO T5 tubes

    Hi, I need to replace the old T5 tubes on my Juwel Vision 450. The current tubes are 2 x 54W with reflectors. I would like to get peoples opinion on what type of tubes I should buy to help with plant growth/health but still make the fish look good. I would class this as a fish system with a...
  8. awtong

    New member

    Hi, I have been looking around for a while and admiring people's work. Today I finally got around to joining! I would say at the moment I am not an aquascaper but a fish keeper who has plants. Guess we will see what happens. Regards, Andy