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  1. Mark Evans

    A little inspiration.

    Here's an image of the lobby tank @ Tropica... tropica-Michael by saintly's pics, on Flickr
  2. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans-120 x 55 x 55cm.... 'Convalescence' The joy of shrimp

    Hi everyone. It's been some time since I've posted any kind of journal, I must admit, I have been a 'lurker' rather than a 'poster. Some may recall the following images that I had taken,. My next layout should incorporate some of these 'foreground' ideas, with some more unusual choices for the...
  3. Mark Evans

    Inspirational Iwagumi layouts using terrestrial plants and moss (must view)

    Wasnt sure if this is photography or aquascaping. After trying to recover from a chest infection, i'm getting bored, amnd as usual, doing too much when i should rest. Anyway, here's a few Iwagumi layouts. The 'false' way. gumi1 by saintly's pics, on Flickr gumi2 by saintly's pics, on...
  4. Mark Evans

    A pretty random shot of the moss found at my local woods.

    my local woodland area is really starting to look nice again, with winter in decline...(ehhh?) Anyway, here's a snap of the various moss down there. Was the image taking at the woods, or at home? :snaphappy: woodland-moss by saintly's pics, on Flickr
  5. Mark Evans

    My old IAPLC entry

    Sorry for the rehash of an old tank. I've re-edited this with hopefully, better colour management. I've got to grips with Edius colour management, and correcting W/B is quite easy now. Best to watch @ 720p or higher, and Preferably, on a mobile device....(cough*Samsung* cough)
  6. Mark Evans

    video test

    Sorry to use the forum as a sounding ground, but i just wanted to test a video. I've worked out how to add multiple files, and also combine Edius and Photoshop to work at the same time. Anyway, i wanted to see how it looks in a youtube window. Thanks.
  7. Mark Evans

    Resolved! 'whats new'

    When i press the 'whats new' button on my android phone, it always shows different threads than when i press 'whats new' on my PC. Why is this?
  8. Mark Evans

    Resolved! text colour.

    Hi. I'm a bit baffled about my text colour in the 'dark' mode. I write in word, and then copy and paste. any ideas? Also, are all of my post's like this? i've been posting and no one can read them
  9. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans IAPLC rank 137

    You've seen this a thousand times before, but here's my IAPLC entry. Rank 137. Very well done to those from the UK. Mark Evans 2012 by saintly's pics, on Flickr
  10. Mark Evans

    a day at the park (before i broke the camera)

    Here's what i managed to put together before my tripod fell with my camera rig attached! :twisted: It's bit of a randomvid, but theres a few trees, a bit of water so i thought it'd suit the forum. I went with my wife and son, with my son just learning to ride his bike. Always watch in 720p...
  11. Mark Evans

    Never give up.

    No matter how hard things can get, never give up. I've posted an image from one of my first ever tanks....algae ridden. 2 by saintly's pics, on Flickr With care and understanding, you can turn things around. 3 by saintly's pics, on Flickr this by saintly's pics, on Flickr Once youve...
  12. Mark Evans

    Do i have baby Amano's?

    I've kept this quiet for some time now. I've disscussed this with a couple of people mow. 1 says' 'No' the other ' Nathan hill from PFK'says it's possible with brackish water.He's seen it happen apparently. Now for some time....months i've seen the odd Amano in my tank which is about 2 cm. I...
  13. Mark Evans

    An apology to a recent new member...

    Today, a new member introduced themselves (cant remeber name) There was spam within the thread, so i attempted to delete the spam, but deleted the whole damn thread. So, to the newcomer whos looking where their post is, blame me :oops: please come forward and make yourself known again.
  14. Mark Evans

    Who's prepared to show their IAPLC entry for 2012?

    Who's prepared to show their IAPLC entry for 2012?...i'm itching to.
  15. Mark Evans

    Sat in hospital bed.

    Just sat waiting for my op reading an aquajournal. Just can't keep me away from aquatics.
  16. Mark Evans

    apple wireless keyboard

    well, this a pointless post, but i thought i'd try my new apple keyboard, whilst sat in the van . technology amazes me everytime. i've now got my own little office in the van.
  17. Mark Evans

    Just entered IAPLC 2012

    I was in 2 minds whether to enter, but thought best keep the numbers up. I don't feel it's strong enough to compete, but lets see the outcome... Anyone else entering?
  18. Mark Evans

    Not much time for aquascaping

    Hi everyone. Sorry for not being around much, but with an operation looming, and having to work 7 days a week whilst ill, i've not got a great deal of enthusiasm for anything at the moment. Thanks to my friends who have been supportive recently. Hopefully, in 4 or 5 weeks, i'll be plaguing you...
  19. Mark Evans

    Keep your surface clean with Gouramis

    I've said a few times about how I keep my surface clear from 'surface scum' One of the best additions I've had is the good old Gourami. I've had a few different types, and they all do the same job. These ones are discreet and don't clutter up the over all look. I think, because they are...
  20. Mark Evans

    Bonsai help. Stu worrall...or any bonsai Guru help please

    Bonsai lovers, could you assist me please? This is my Acer, which is looking nice. Mt questions is, can i pot this in any size pot? or does it have to be a small pot....something to do with the roots?.... The reason I ask, is because I'd like to get a big pot, and create a 'scene' with moss...
  21. Mark Evans

    Keeping HC 'Cuba' tidy

    With each tank that I do which contains HC, I'm always learning something new. I thought I'd share a tip that i learned from a good friend @ Tropica. Michael is Tropica's man that tests out new plants etc. He showed me not just trim HC but to use the back of your hand to 'push' it down. For...
  22. Mark Evans

    A bit of pearling

    Here's a clip from my 90cm
  23. Mark Evans

    Gouramis against the sun.

    Here's a snap of the Gouramis. I thought they looked kinda nice against the halo. Shot taken during a shoot of the 90cm Gouramis-blue by saintly's pics, on Flickr
  24. Mark Evans

    120 x 55 x 55cm planted... Trim 2

    Well, that time again i'm afraid :angel: Volume: 360L Dimensions:120 x 55 x 55cm optiwhite Substrate: gravel, mini landscape rock, ADA amazonia (used) Light: 2 x 54w T5 (2 x 150wMH) Geissemann CO2: Inline Co2 Heat: None Filter: JBL & Eheim Fertilizer: 10ml TPN+ per day (this could...
  25. Mark Evans

    Black neon tetras

    I know George has used these in the past, so I thought I'd give them a whirl. :D Feel free to discuss the good and bad, personal experiences with this choice. That is all :angel: black-neons by saintly's pics, on Flickr
  26. Mark Evans

    Tropica Interzoo layout.

    I'm aloud to show the hardscape for this tank which is in a 160 x 45 x 45. I cant show the planted version as it contains some new 1-2 grow plants. It was a fun 2 days at Tropica headquarters and me and the lads had a great time. I just thought i'd share my hardscape layout. The stone is...
  27. Mark Evans

    DSLR users that do video. Zacuto EVF

    Guys! I know there is one or two that shoot video, on their DSLR's I for one am a massive fan of videos on DSLR's, but live view mode in bright light can be unusable at times. Focusing and exposure are near on impossible. (That's why you never see videos from me, that feature outdoor shots)...
  28. Mark Evans

    Tips and Tricks...how to clean your lilly intake.

    The glass lilly intake, at the bottom part is a pain to clean. Even with proper bendy brushes, you cant reach that part. Well, I've been racking my brains and i have a simple solution. Get a very fine gravel, not sand. Place a small amount into the lilly,ensuring the gravel goes right to the...
  29. Mark Evans

    The new style ADA amazonia.

    Just thought I'd share something I've noticed with the new ADA amazonia. Unlike the older versions, the new soil gives really clear water from the beginning. I thought for many that may have gone away from ADA due to cloudy water, this may be the time to change back :thumbup:
  30. Mark Evans

    A few 'blue' shots

    Rather than clutter my journal up, here's a few shots from water change time. It's quite difficult to get the fish where you want them. The proper photo shoot, with out doubt, i'll need a hand. crop5 by saintly's pics, on Flickr crop1 by saintly's pics, on Flickr crop3 by saintly's pics...
  31. Mark Evans

    Canon's DPP upgrade

    For anyone running an older version of Canon's DPP and shooting in RAW, I'd maybe look at an update. I've just installed a newer version and the 'sharpness' tool has been revamped...for the better. Much nicer sharpening than previous :thumbup:
  32. Mark Evans

    Just by luck, i got this...

    Yesterday saw me smashing up stone to get some nice pieces. I took a diamond blade to one of my bigger bits and went all the way around. I then hit it with a hammer and bolster. I got some really special bits, but what was left on the main piece was just lovely. I plan now, to cut this off...
  33. Mark Evans

    Merry Christmas little boy.A wonderfull little clip.

    merry Christmas. Click the link below :angel: http://thechive.com/2011/12/21/8-month- ... ted-video/
  34. Mark Evans

    Changed to 90 x 45 x 45cm not coming soon!

    In the next week or 2 i'll be starting a new project. Keep your eyes open for it! :wink:
  35. Mark Evans

    A rather large tank!

    For those that follow George, on Twitter, some may know that we had the chance to scape a large aquarium for an up and coming PFK feature. I cant give too much away via images, but here's one of Mr James Starr Marshall getting his crypto hands wet.He is indeed in the aquarium! There will...
  36. Mark Evans

    120 x 55 x 55 Journal finished.

    I'll make a start on this journal. My plan is to do Iwagumi, which is my fave style of scaping. I'm still undecided what to do, but the plant plans will be different for sure. I have a day off tomorrow, so I'm going to a favourite place of mine for stone. I could be coming back with...
  37. Mark Evans


    The joys of apple. :D My first post using the apple ipad2, whilst sat on the sofa. :P
  38. Mark Evans

    A bit bored?...A truly awesome video.

  39. Mark Evans

    Do I need more ferts?

    you could easily double your dosing mate, to see what happens.
  40. Mark Evans

    Aponogeton crispus 'Red'

    My Aponogeton crispus 'Red' is really taking hold now, and looks rel nice. It's becoming my current fave plant.
  41. Mark Evans

    'Prairie Lands' IAPLC entry.

    Well, i'm a little took back with 95th. I didnt think it was good enough, what with different coloured stones.
  42. Mark Evans

    A random image from my last Iwagumi.

    As the title suggests, an image :D I often go back over older photos, and find one or 2 that i like. This is one.
  43. Mark Evans

    ADA NAMH V NAG Green

    For some time now, I've been running the NAMH, which for me, is too warm and renders a yellowish cast. Ideal for showing red plants, but not really to my taste. I've now got NAG green, which I've been after for sometime. Here you can clearly see the difference. This is pretty accurate in...
  44. Mark Evans

    Dont give up hope! A 6 month window.

    On occasions, i read post of people wanting to give up due to algae woes, and the likes. I thought I'd do a little post possibly, to maybe stop people wanting to give up. With a lot of help from the UKAPS forums, there's all the answers people need. Great guys to get help and feedback from, i...
  45. Mark Evans

    Going through old pics

    Sometimes, I'll go through old pics and come across images, i didn't like at the time. Here's one, which i let slip through. In the next 120cm i aim for a similar look, but with a massive 55cm W and 55cm H it should look even bigger than this image which is 45 x 45. 8) Picture taken with my...
  46. Mark Evans

    120 x 55 x 55 Over and out.

    The title might just give it away 8) The tank 120 x 55 x 55 Filters from Aquadistri CO2 Via inline diffuser. Ferts, Tropica TPN+ Substrate ADA powersand special, ADA amazonia Plants Tropica Hardscape Manzanita and minilandscape rock Lighting Geisseman 2 x 150 MH 2 x 54wt5 The...
  47. Mark Evans

    'Blue Sky' Iwagumi ...overgrown

    I'm collecting everything i need for an up and coming journal in my 60cm. A change in substrate, is exciting.(thanks to Aquajardin :thumbup: ) I've used ADA in the past with tremendous results, I'm itching to get this into a tank :D
  48. Mark Evans

    crypt undulatus green going red/pink

    Any thought on why this may be happening? I've grown it many times, and it grows tall, and green. I've changed to tobias' ferts, and their now growing with a nice pink/ redish tinge. The other brown variety crypts are the deepest of red/brown.
  49. Mark Evans

    The UKAPS massive, invade Holland! Vivarium 2011

    I guess like me, you've wondered how cool it would be to be jollying off around Europe doing shows?... I can tell you, it's HARD! Firstly my hat now goes off to the guys, Dan, George & co. It's just relentless, tiresome and just generally hard work, mentally and physically. More on that later...
  50. Mark Evans

    WARNING- I phone and kids

    if anyone lets there children use there iphone for games, beware! the smurfs farm app, has just cost me £59.00 in additional berries. It's not my boys fault, but mine for not checking! :crazy: it best be one good farm...
  51. Mark Evans

    60cm "quemador lenta"...tank finished.

    Another journal to bore you with. :wink: Kit60cm optiwhite florabase substrate lights co2 EI aquafish filter Hardscape. Manzianata wood. I'm using just manzi wood for this. Plants shall be, acicularis, tennullus, crypt sp. and moss. Somekind of background plant will feature, but not sure...
  52. Mark Evans

    IAPLC 2011 entries

    Who's entering? I've just submitted my first ever comp entry to IAPLC 2011...rather nerve racking. It wont do all that well i dont think, but i think it's time i honoured my word of actually entering. :) just received confirmation email of entry :geek:
  53. Mark Evans

    How I add dry powders (video)

    i'm sure many do this, adding dry powders to a tank, but I've been asked many times how i do it. Even then, people are still fearful of doing this way. personally, i just dont see the point in making solutions...too much hassle. Anyway, for people unsure, just do this...
  54. Mark Evans

    A new way of injecting co2 into the wild.

    I found this place near to a river in my town. Quite nice eh? scene 3 kinda made me laugh and cry at the same time... 720-1080p available
  55. Mark Evans

    Photography montage/ video opinions

    Here's a collection of pics. Best viewed@ 720/1080p Could i have some feedback on whether it'd be worth doing properly? For this one, i just grabbed images from different folders and compiled it quite roughly. I've also used one of my fave tunes of all times, The Beatles, here comes the...
  56. Mark Evans

    boredom strikes again. Inspiration pics

    Yeah, yeah, I've done this before, but believe me i'm bored :lol: just sifting through old pics. I dont think I've posted these, and they help to inspire me. Thanks for looking, and sorry if some have seen the last one before. :oops:
  57. Mark Evans

    upside down shrimp & fly shots

    I think i've covered this shot before, but i was bored and re worked it. It's actually a crop of a bigger image that i took some time back.
  58. Mark Evans

    the luckiest people on earth

    check this vid out. You'll gasp at some and laugh out loud at the last clip! http://www.jokeroo.com/w_12c6
  59. Mark Evans

    my vivarium show nano. short video

    Here's the Vivarium nano tank kindly supplied by Dan Crawford. By biggest challenge to date. The shear size...or lack of it, presents new problems. I've filled it with tank water from the 120. I'll do a run down shortly. I've not gone mad with hardscape due to the fact it's going to be...
  60. Mark Evans

    would i be right in saying?...

    I've been thinking this for sometime, and i'm a bit curious. Clive/Darrel If you had 2 filters running...lets say for arguments sake,1 is 1700LPH and the other is 1000LPH. Would the filter of a lower turnover become the strongest for bacteria growth? Is the water in the filter for a slightly...
  61. Mark Evans

    our new cat

    Recently, we've had a cat that keeps coming to the house. We've fed it and gave it shelter in this cold weather as any human would do. No one on the estate knows of the cat, so i'm off to the police to report it. Hopefully, she'll stay with us. Kinda funny, Dan, my little lad called it...
  62. Mark Evans

    The Aquajardin (Gloucester) meet. Pics and comments thread

    I've started a new thread for todays (20th nov) meet. An incredibly great day, with huge thanks to Ed, Pete, Stu and crew. Louise was my little 'helper' :lol: feeding the near 350 rummy nose tetras. This is just a short clip, but I'll put together the other clips i have of the fish...
  63. Mark Evans

    The good old days

    Searching through old hard drives, i came across some older set ups. The Henge in its infancy.
  64. Mark Evans

    COD Black ops

    whos set for COD black ops? what platform? both PC and xbox for me :D
  65. Mark Evans

    lower water levels for comps? legal?

    My question is, does lowering the water level for images for competitions such as IAPLC breach rules? This image, is a snap of my tank with the water about 15cm lower. It suits the tank much better, but does it comply to rules? I believe, reflections can play a huge role in a final image.
  66. Mark Evans

    Autumn is here.

    A snap on the way home from town. I've eyed this wall up for some time, and it's just coming good. well, thanks for looking. I was reluctant to get the skew tool out to straighten lines, taken with sigma 15-30
  67. Mark Evans

    Critter I.D please. help me Darrell.

    I've noticed these things for some time now, and wondered what they are. There tiny and sway in the water. I stumbled across them whilst taking pics of snail eggs. and heres the snail eggs
  68. Mark Evans

    Fish choice for an iwagumi

    Any thoughts what I could put in here?
  69. Mark Evans

    For Dave and supercoloey :-)

    following on from this... viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12809 which do yo prefer? :mrgreen: sand V gravel
  70. Mark Evans

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Tank: 120 x 45 x 45 optiwhite from aquariums ltd Lighting: Arcadia 4 x 54wt5 (running 2 x 54t5) Filter: Aquadistri 1500LPH Co2: pressurised via in line diffuser (2 hours before lights on- 2 hours before lights off) Ferts: EI via spoon (dry) Substrate: Columbo flora base x 5 10L Plants...
  71. Mark Evans

    Mark, George and project scree.

    After a delightful day at George's pad, I've now come back to sort out the many images taken. It's been a rather great afternoon, talking lenses, cameras, lights and aquariums. I could see that Janine was digging our 'technical' talk to :hilarious: Before I go any further, I must say...This...
  72. Mark Evans

    If anyone feels down on life, please watch this.

    http://thechive.com/2010/08/27/man-with ... you-video/ There's no need for a description of the vid.
  73. Mark Evans

    probably the best time lapse ever

    this is well worth the load times. :wink: done on a 5d mk2 :shh:
  74. Mark Evans

    The eye of a hover fly

    As per title :D maybe an A1 print? :lol: the wife would just luuurv that :shh:
  75. Mark Evans

    forest floor

    Thought I'd share some forest floor randomness.
  76. Mark Evans

    bonjourno! rock collecting becomes too much

    hi ukaps possy! im now in italy, you just cant keep me away :D just come back from lake maggore! unreal! the 5dmk2 is getting some hammer :lol:
  77. Mark Evans

    Barclays online banking! BEWARE!!!

    for people using Barclay's online banking and pin sentry, beware. If you've entered your details via the pin sentry and then asked to enter more due to IP address verification...don't do it!!!! Even if you go to the genuine site, they can still gain certain bits of info. I've been hacked...
  78. Mark Evans

    I-phone timelapse

    anyone doubt there iphone camera? :hilarious: phillip bloom really is a god when it comes to video.
  79. Mark Evans

    Saintly's 120cm' Fraggle rock' THE BIG STRIP

    After ripping down the old tank, i soon went out and bought some river stones. cheap as chips too. gravels etc i already had. half an hour of placement and I'm done. I really didn't want to get too deep into thinking about the scape so went with gut instinct. There's no height neither, I simply...
  80. Mark Evans

    incredible art

    incredible art! check this out http://theberry.com/2010/06/22/the-fini ... ble-video/
  81. Mark Evans

    fly (old red eye)

    Summers here and I'm on mini flower mission :D i've done this flower before, but I'd thought I'd do it again.
  82. Mark Evans

    saintly's big ask!

    To try and replicate thunder and lighting inn an aquascape! i've been sat( slightly pished) thinking about it, whilst thunder and lighting was happening. what would you do to replicate it? and how? :D 8) :lol: :twisted: :| :angel:
  83. Mark Evans

    canon 135mm F2 L random shots

    Here's why i love this lens so much....oh and the wife :eh: This was just before she says ' the nano has to go' :twisted: ISO 100 F2
  84. Mark Evans

    car window shot.... on the way to work

    There's a few fields starting to look nice now spring is here. There's also a few shots i want to try and get, but I'd need more than the 3 seconds I had for this.
  85. Mark Evans

    randon lazy town and natural light

    This is my boy watching lazy town. The natural light coming through the window was flattering. he was grumpy initially, then realised I was taking pics of him, he then perked up....poser!
  86. Mark Evans

    Micranthemum micranthemoides flower

    Here's a flower from HM. for anyone that's seen this flower may realise how small these things are...size of a pin head.
  87. Mark Evans

    Still life shrimp

    so, the perfect host for some macro images....A dead shrimp. DONT PANIC! i didn't kill it! well not deliberately at least. The little sucker died of something, but of what I don't know. Now this has confirmed what i've always thought about the eye. it's not possible to get it sharp throughout...
  88. Mark Evans

    HC Melt

    having good flow may one part, but you need to make sure that flow gets to the bottom part of the tank.this is where powerheads come into play. :thumbup:
  89. Mark Evans

    UK version of rotala sp. green?

    i've been down to my local river and in a little cut back, there are some stems growing in the margins. I've known about them for a year or so, but with my interest for native SP. I took a cutting. it's identical to rotala sp. green. does anyone know what this could be? it's took to the tank...
  90. Mark Evans

    A spring weed.

    A boring Sunday afternoon.
  91. Mark Evans

    frustrated or not?

    who here, if like me gets frustrated not being able to fully exploit there visions? I mean, this hobby has to be the strangest i've been in. for example...photography! we can snap away when ever we want right? yes of course music! we can create, write and preform music when ever we feel like...
  92. Mark Evans

    Saintlys 'wonderful sky'

    well, for those few that are experimenting with their canon HD mode (stu :shifty: ....erm..thats it i think... Tonser in the wings I think. oooo, viktor has a 550d) I know it's not everyone's cup of tea...videos and stuff, so please forgive me. I've been trying out a few things. This was how...
  93. Mark Evans

    coming soon. saintlys riparium

    yep, I'm going to try one of these bad boys. :D Thanks to Devin, he's inspired me to set one of these tank up. I'll be having a go in my 60cm optiwhite. updates in the next few weeks. mark
  94. Mark Evans

    saintlys 'walk in the park'

    for the new canon HD users, were all aware of the capabilities from these cameras. I thought I'd share a roughly edited vid from this morning. I shot for about 45 minutes before Daniel, my son, wanted to go home :evil: bless him :angelic: .... some shots are ok, some are crap, some wonky...
  95. Mark Evans

    underwater rotala rotundifolia

    Here's a solitary shot of rotala rotundifolia from my Nano. hope you guys like it.
  96. Mark Evans

    is my shrimp pregnant?

    is my shrimp pregnant? :geek:
  97. Mark Evans

    Blue emperor head shot.

    pretty little thing :D
  98. Mark Evans

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Tank Stats. 120 x 45 x 45 240L opti-white substrate, 5 x 10L florabase ferts, EI plants, plenty lighting, 2 x 54wt5 filter, AquaPro NR4 1550lph, korolia no.3 injected co2 via boyou inline diffuser. fish, various.
  99. Mark Evans

    On the way home.

    I drove past this shed on the way home from work. TBH, i shot at the wrong angle. (should of been more to the left) I didn't have time, as my labourer had to get home. Using the wall as my as my aid, i shot 3 shots. The DOF is what I'm liking the most about it. If I had time, I would of waited...
  100. Mark Evans

    Saintly's UK woodland observations

    Following on from my previous thread, I revisited Rufford park to try and highlight things that, in a way, we can combine within our aquariums. or at least borrow ideas. This is more of a pictorial documenting thread. Just my observations. This time of year seems to be a great opportunity...