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  1. Pedro Rosa

    Risa (60l) - Tank Sponsored by Tropica

    Risa (60l) Designated as a "pleasure planet ", Risa was an inhabited Federation planet orbiting the primary Risa in the Risian system. This planet was the homeworld of the humanoid Risians. It was orbited by at least two moons and located in a binary system about ninety light years from the Sol...
  2. Pedro Rosa


    Hi guys, how are you doing? :) Thinking of getting back to my 60P and UKAPS is always on my mind. Guess everything is running smoothly here and that *this* forum is still going... thanks to Paulo and other fabulous guys ;) Pedro.
  3. Pedro Rosa

    Mordor's Borders

    "One does not simply walk into Mordor. Its black gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep. The great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire, ash, and dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume." —The Fellowship of the...
  4. Pedro Rosa

    Plant ID please...

    This one grew on my previous tank (Dark Land for those that saw the Journal) on a rock and i didn't put it there :) Two possibilities: 1) came with the rock, it's a non aquatic plant but grew underwater and is still growing slowly (i changed it to another aquarium); 2) came with another plants...
  5. Pedro Rosa

    Going Dutch by the book - tank sponsored by Tropica

    2015 tanks are over (still have a final picture and video for post on Dark Land)!!! Holidays are over… just like I read on Facebook today: “September is the Monday of the Year” … so let’s start to work on something new. For me it’s really something new: a Dutch Tank by the rules… or so i...
  6. Pedro Rosa

    Wabi-kuza III

    ... well, another one is here :) ... and it's done for some 5 months. IKEA bowl and light from the Sun :) On Facebook i called it JABoP - Just Another Bunch of Plants :D Lilaeopsis, Hygrophila Pinnatifida, Pogostemon Erectus, some moss, etc...
  7. Pedro Rosa

    Dark Land (300l) - Now with FTS of the first days.

    DARK LAND (300l) SETUP Aquarium 120x50x50cm Date: 12/1/2015 a 1/2/2015 Filter: Eheim Professionel 3 DoAqua Violet Glass Outflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) DoAqua Violet Glass Inflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) Heating: Eheim Jager 200 w CO2 TMC 567g Pressurized, Solenoid Valve TMC Aquagrow Difuser Lights...
  8. Pedro Rosa

    Wabi-Kuza II

    I made one more Wabi-Kuza, it's the forth but the second that i publish. This is a record breaking size :) - 38 cm!!! It's made by 5 ready made Wabi-Kusas (with Rotala sp. Ceylon, Rotala Colorata, alguns Echinodorus, etc) and some caught-on-nature mosses that i've been keeping for almost 3...
  9. Pedro Rosa

    Lost Nature

    LOST NATURE (60l) by Pedro Rosa SETUP Aquarium ADA 60P (60x30x36cm) Date: 21 to 28 december, 2014 Filter Eheim Ecco Pro 300 Lilly pipes ADA P4 Heating Hydor external 200w Termometro ADA CO2 TMC 567g Pressurized, Solenoid Valve ADA type 3 Diffuser Gush drop checker Lights Aquaeden...
  10. Pedro Rosa

    2nd Aquaeden Aquascaping Marathon - Images from Day 1, 2 & 3 (en sub)

    Hi guys, If you're interested in Aquascaping, take a look at some images from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 from Aquascaping Marathon. Portuguese language but Day 2 and Day 3 are subtitled in english (Day 1 will be soon). One aquarium setup per day.
  11. Pedro Rosa


    Hi there, Today we're going to setup a 200l aquarium on the first day of the 2nd Aquaeden Aquascaping Marathon in Portugal. You can enjoy it on Youtube live stream and ask questions on the comments if you wish. Stream is already working...
  12. Pedro Rosa

    A Love Story between a Ramirezi and a ADA/Do!Aqua Diffuser...

    The owner of my Aquascaping shop in Portugal asked to make a small video about this love story between a fish and a diffuser :-) Hope you like it :-) (might not be available on mobile devices due to soudtrack)
  13. Pedro Rosa

    Monsanto, Lisbon, in MACRO video

    2 mm snails in HD...
  14. Pedro Rosa

    Monsanto, Lisbon, in video

    Don't really know if this is the best place for this post... A walk in a Lisbon Park yesterday morning...
  15. Pedro Rosa

    Utopia - 60l - 2014.06.05 - Kids trimming Montecarlo :-)

    Just a little sneak peek... Work still in progress. It's... different :rolleyes: Wanted to try rock&wood together in a slighly differente way. It was done with "spares" from previous aquariums. Seiryu Stone and Hornwood. Even plants will be a mix of old and new. Will have Montecarlo (from...
  16. Pedro Rosa

    The Forsaken World (Final photo.. scape now ended)

    --- (edited afterwards) --- Forsaken World Aquarium SETUP 2013.12.14-15 Aquarium 120x50x50 cm - clear glass Filter Eheim Professionel 3 (previous established) Pipes DoAqua Violet Glass Outflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) DoAqua Violet Glass Inflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) Heater Eheim Jager 200...
  17. Pedro Rosa

    Aquascaping Marathon at Aquaeden, Portugal (7/9) - UPDATED - Day 53

    On September 7, at Aquaeden (local ADA shop), was made an "Aquascaping Marathon". We made 4 aquariums simultaneously: 1,20 m ; 1,00 m, 60 cm; 45 cm. (i was one of the invited "aquascapers") They were assembled with public watching and learning, between 4pm and midnight, when all of them were...
  18. Pedro Rosa

    Portuguese Coast (near Cascais)

    Well... I don't know if i should post something like this on this Forum but here it goes. Admins feel free to call me names :confused: The name of the place is "Cruz Quebrada", like i said, near Estoril/Cascais.
  19. Pedro Rosa

    by the Forest Shore (ADA 60P)

    SETUP by the Forest Shore (Aquarium ADA 60 cm) Date: 16 June 2013 Took me 4h30 hours (after wood arrangements and tests) Filter Eheim Ecco 2234 Heater Jagger 75w CO2 TMC 567g Pressurized, Solenoid Valve, Difusor Aquagrow Lights Aquaeden - Ramirezzi Solstar 4x24w (just two are used...
  20. Pedro Rosa

    Algae Id

    Can you give me an opinion about this visit i have? I thought on Cladophora but it seems too thick... Any opinions? Mostly near carpet plants... Thanks. Pedro.
  21. Pedro Rosa

    Visit/Photos to "Aquario Vasco da Gama" (Lisbon/Portugal)

    Aquário Vasco da Gama - Lisbon/Portugal (01.04.2013) Some photos from a centenary Aquarium in Portugal. My kids love this place - small but very nice and near my home :) Aquariums are old but still, very nice. This place belongs to the portuguese navy. Saltwater...
  22. Pedro Rosa

    Help identifying shrimps

    Hi there, I need some help from the shrimp specialists :angelic:, I had some Amanos and Neocaridina heterpoda/red cherries on a aquarium but some of the so called Amanos i had weren't, maybe, Amanos, because i think that 3 or 4 are newborn on the aquarium (what is not possible/easy). Thank...
  23. Pedro Rosa

    Waki-kusa ... or something like that ...

    Hi there, With plants i had from an aquarium, i made this kind of wabi-kusa. Extremely low-tech: no filter, no ferts, no co2, cheap led light. Pedro.
  24. Pedro Rosa

    Visit to "Oceanario de Lisboa"

    Today i took the day off to visit "Oceanario de Lisboa" with the kids. Some photos: (if this is not the best place in the Forum, Admin please move it :angelic: ) I was there, so... i made a PWC :D
  25. Pedro Rosa

    "Green&Grey" (300l) - Last day video

    Well... no words just a request for suggestions... 120 cm... this is the aquarium from the old "Valley Roots" I'm an humble guy accepting suggestions ;-) Layout Test: (just for tests, i'll put power sand below the substrate before filling and planting) The place for the aquarium...
  26. Pedro Rosa

    Beach Cliff - ADA 60 cm - w/video Step-by-Step - NOW ENDED

    Beach Cliff ADA 60 Cm Aquarium Pedro Rosa, 30 June 2012 Portugal Video step-by-Step included Date: 30 June 2012 Duration: 4 hours (21h00 - 01h00) Products ADA (Aquarium and Fertilisers) Eheim Ecco 2234 Filter Heater Jagger 75w CO2 TMC 567g Pressurized, Solenoid Valve Lights Aquaeden -...
  27. Pedro Rosa

    Valley Roots (Throught the Distance "reborn")

    Valley Roots (Throught the Distance "reborn") Yes, i have some photos later on :-) No, i'm not showing all the aquarium but there is a nice video later on :-) One year and one month (May/2012) after the original layout (April/2011) that can be seen on this topic...
  28. Pedro Rosa

    Portuguese get-together at Salvaterra de Magos

    Hi There, Last weekend i went to a get-togheter at Salvaterra de Magos in Portugal to participate in a planted aquariuns contest. I took my camera and made the following movie. Nice images of the exposition. Best Regards, Pedro Rosa.
  29. Pedro Rosa

    Throught the Distance - with step-by-step video - 300l

    "Throught the Distance" Here is my first post :-) After one year with my old aquarium i made an upgrade for a 300l (120x50x50 cm) and a brand new start (the old one was 180l) Dismounting everything took me long hours. Trying to make the new one something good took me several hours and you'll...