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  1. sa80mark

    Cyperus spp

    Im chasing my tail trying to find a Cyperus thats suitable for riparium use that is small ive found info stating there are species as small as 5cm but I cant find any names for these Does anyone know of any that stay smaller than approx 15 inch and will tolerate low humidity riparium conditions...
  2. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Ive spent the last month looking into dslr cameras basically when it comes to photogarphy im a complete beginner, im pretty sure im going to buy a used camera for obvious reasons and I think im fairly set on a nikon, this is from the no end of reviews ive read, from what ive gathered nikons are...
  3. sa80mark

    co2 in tap water

    Im just about to set up a low tech dirt tank and thought I had everything set, then I had the bright idea to test my tap water for ph and the results have me a bit worried / confused as to what to do about water changes Ph straight from tap 6.2 Ph after standing (12 hours) 7.6 Ph after standing...
  4. sa80mark

    TMC V2 iLumenAir

    Just seen a post on facebook about these and damn they look nice maybe not quite as sleek as the maxspect but definitely looking forward to seeing more of them
  5. sa80mark

    soil substrate, mesh or not ?

    Ive been reading up on soil substrate and have come across tons of info but what I cant find an answer to is wether on not to use a mesh screen between the soil and sand cap What do you do ?
  6. sa80mark

    riparium planter medium

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section Im looking at getting my bits sorted for my upcoming riparium project and cant decide on what media to use in the planters am I better off using akadama or Hydroton Clay Pebbles ? Or is it as I suspect the same thing with a different name ? Mark
  7. sa80mark

    riparium help

    While sitting in the hotel last night I got bored and started searching around the net for new interesting things to pass the time and although I knew these were popular I never looked into them, well lets just say ripariums have perked my interest but im having trouble finding detailed pictures...
  8. sa80mark

    anti condensation treatment ??

    Ive just seen a post by tim t in this thread Aquarium Liquid Glass nano coating from Germany | Page 2 | UK Aquatic Plant Society And just thought id spit ball this idea Im a motorcyclist and I use a product called cat crap, its a wax visor treatment that you rub on then polish off it is...
  9. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section I couldnt find anywhere it fitted Does anyone know what th3 tank mats are made from ? The sort you get with dennerle tanks etc, are they foam, neoprene ? Also does anyone have any idea when I can buy some in white ? Mark
  10. sa80mark

    any gaming pc boffins

    My son is wanting a gaming pc and ive been offered one and need to know if its any good ? When its comes to computers my knowledge stops at how to turn it on and off :( Windows 7 ultimate 8 gig ram 500 ghd Cpu 620 2 core This will be his first gaming pc hes only 13 so it doesn't need to be...
  11. sa80mark

    premature complete diy optiwhite build

    Long awaited upgrade As some of you know ive got a dennerle 30l cube which seemed like a good idea when I bought it but as always happens I wanted more :) ive been toying with the idea of an optiwhite for sometime and gone through the I must have ada stage, anyway ive decided as im a carpenter...
  12. sa80mark

    hair grass issues, riccia question

    Im having a problem with my hair grass ( Eleocharis acicularis ) does anyone have any idea where im going wrong ? None of my other plants are showing any bad signs, no damage, no algae etc Tank details: 30cm cube tank 11w cfl t5 ( 6 hours a day ) Pressurised co2 Inline diffuser Drop checker...
  13. sa80mark

    Ecology of the Planted Aquarium, Diana Walsted

    Does anyone know of somewhere in the uk that sells this ? Theres none on ebay and im all out of ideas Mark
  14. sa80mark

    dennerle 30l new scape

    After having to move my tank out of the bedroom I decided to strip down my old scape and start a new one, im going for a cliff face type look Spec: dennerle nanocube 30l 11w cfl Eheim classic 2217 Pressurised co2 Mini landscape rock Decorative Sand Plants: Xmas moss Flame moss Weeping moss...
  15. sa80mark

    collecting rocks

    Today I visited a farm just down the road from our house to ask the farmer for permission to access his land as there is a brilliant stream / brook that cuts right across his farm where it joins the river soar, he was really nice and was very interested in what I was looking for any way to cut a...
  16. sa80mark

    moss aquarium

    Im wanting to rescape my 30cm cube tank and am wanting to do pretty much all moses and riccia, i am completely new to moses and have next to no experience with them. I know moses grow well in a low tech setup but I would like to have mine high tech, Is it possible to do a high tech moss tank ...
  17. sa80mark

    riccia submerged

    Im pretty sure the answer is no but can you grow riccia submerged with no co2 or liquid carbon, full low tech tank ?
  18. sa80mark

    where to buy blyxa japonica

    Does anyone one know where I can buy this online ? None of my lfs can get it and Ive only found one online shop that lists it but I would prefer not to buy from them Mark
  19. sa80mark

    moses id

    This was bought as Christmas moss what do you think ? And this one was bought as weeping moss ?
  20. sa80mark

    plant id

    What is the plant to the rear right and left with the red tips ?
  21. sa80mark

    riccia colour

    Does the colour of riccia tell us anything ? Everytime ive seen riccia its quite a bright green ive got 2 lots in seperate tubs on the window sill both lots came from different places the first lot is the green I would expect but the secound lot is a really deep dark green is this normal ...
  22. sa80mark

    how much coverage from 9l ada soil

    As the title asks really, roughly what sort of coverage do you get from 9l in a 60cm x 30cm tank ?
  23. sa80mark

    can you have to much co2 ?

    Ive got a small amount of what I believe to be hair algae I think this is due to me very stupidly dosing 1ml ferts a day instead of the 3ml I should have been dosing so as ive got no livestock and am running a high dose of co2, bright yellow on the drop checker, ive uped the ferts to 3ml I...
  24. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Went to quote a job today and came across this beast so I thought go on then lets have a go at a wabi :)
  25. sa80mark

    calor weldcraft regulator

    Has anyone had any experience of the above ? Ive been offered one for a good price and as im looking for a new regulator I thought it might be ideal Thanks in advance Mark
  26. sa80mark

    Micranthemum umbrosum

    Does anyone have any tips for planting Micranthemum umbrosum
  27. sa80mark

    Utricularia graminifolia, shrimp safe ?

    Ive just been reading about Utricularia graminifolia and apparently they eat insects and crustacean would this mean baby shrimp are in danger of being eaten ?
  28. sa80mark

    which foreground plant

    Which would be peoples choice between tropica 1 - 2 grow HEMIANTHUS CALLITRICHOIDES ''CUBA'' and GLOSSOSTIGMA ELATINOIDES ? Im leaning towards the glosso more but am a bit concerned the leaf size might be to large for a 30cm cube Any help or thoughts ? Mark
  29. sa80mark

    which all in one fertiliser

    Which all in one fertiliser do people use or recommend ? The tank is 30l cube 11w light and will be using easycarbo Plants are undecided yet but will most likely be tropica 1 - 2 grow
  30. sa80mark

    help needed

    Ive spent all day playing around with my mini landscape rock for me dennerle 30l cube, ive made a wooden box (with no front) the same dimensions as my tank so I dont scratch or smash the tank but im having a real problem trying to create anything that looks good, I kind of know what im trying...
  31. sa80mark

    bedroom dennerle nanocube 30l

    After much shopping around and wanting a nano tank I finally decided to treat myself to a dennerle nanocube 30l for my bedroom, in the end I ordered it from germany as it worked out quite a bit cheaper than I could find in the uk. Heres a break down of what ive got so far Dennerle nanocube 30l...
  32. sa80mark

    drop checker size

    Im searching around the sponsorers sites because im looking to get a drop checker and have just had a thought, Does the size of the drop checker matter ? Im wanting one for a 30l cube tank so dont want a big one but are the smaller ones as effective or is the surface area important to get...
  33. sa80mark

    help choosing background plant

    Ive just bought a dennerle nano cube 30l for next to my bed and need some help with plant choice, im after a tall (ish) background plant with small leaves, I was thinking bacopa monniri is there anything similar but with smaller leaves ? Not sure if it helps but the tank will be lit with an...
  34. sa80mark

    heather wood

    I know a lot of people collect there own but is there anywhere that sells this ?
  35. sa80mark

    grobeam 600 on an ada 60p

    After a lot of looking around ive finally decided on an ada 60 p for lighting im wanting to go led. I know this is probably a near impossible question to answer but would 1 tmc grobeam 600 be enough light ? Or would 2 be a better bet I will be getting a power commander so will be able to dim...
  36. sa80mark

    Resolved! new replys button covered

    On my mobile when I scroll down to the "side bar" button that brings up new topics and new replys the new replys button cant be pressed as its covered by the topic, I hope this makes sense. Is it just my phone ? Mark
  37. sa80mark

    cant decide which ada tank

    Ive been away working very hard and have decided to treat my to an ada tank but im having a massive problem deciding on which one to go for, its either a 60p or 60f I know the 60p lends itself to a wider choice in scaping and fish etc but the 60f looks superb and seems to be a real chalange with...
  38. sa80mark

    garden pond coming to life

    Ive just been out to my pond doing a bit tidying up and ive got 3 frogs and 7 newts all happily swimming around fingers crossed ill soon be finding baby newts :)
  39. sa80mark

    custom aquarium glass thickness

    Im planning on getting a custom tank built im going for an optiwhite possibly 36x18x18 my question is should i go for 8mm or 10mm thick according to possidons aquarium builder 8mm gives a safety factor of 4 im just a bit concerned 8mm is slightly on the thin side Any help would be greatly...
  40. sa80mark

    custom aquarium

    Im looking into getting a custom aquarium and cant decide on optiwhite glass or standard. Ive never seen an optiwhite tank so dont know how much difference it really makes. Is optiwhite really worth the extra money ? Mark
  41. sa80mark

    tmc 400 led will they work for me

    Hello everyone after a long break from fish keeping im back and am wanting to do a shallow planted shrimp tank the tank is 24 long x 16 wide x 13 high im wanting low light plants such as Anubias, various moses etc my question is will two of the 6500k tmc 400 tiles be enough ? Any help or advice...
  42. sa80mark

    New tank build help needed

    Im wanting to set up a new low tech low light planted tank, the tank is 50 x 36 x 30cm its got an 18w pc luminaire ive got a few questions I cant find answers to. Is 18w enough for java ferns, java moss and anubias nana ? Do I need a substraite as all the plants will be mounted to wood ...
  43. sa80mark

    my first planted tank

    Just thought id share some pictures of my pico planted tank, i went for a pico setup as i have it on my bedside table the tank is made by me from some old tank cut offs i had its 8x8x8, approx 7l, it is filtered by a home made external filter and is decorated with bogwood and pagoda rock, it...