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  1. leonroy

    First trim

    Hello, I have a newly planted tank with: Glossostigma elatinoides Hemianthus callitrichoides Rotala wallichili Looking for some pruning tips: When do I do the first trim? Is there any particular time of day to trim? How low do I go?
  2. leonroy

    Teak Root Mini 2

    It's been an interesting year and a half and I (think) I've learned a lot. I'm ready to tear down my tank and start anew. I like the nano layout, it allows you to make mistakes without serious financial consequences. It does however allow you make mistakes very easily. One small change can...
  3. leonroy

    Polar opposite

    After starting an ADA tank (with ADA everything) I thought I'd have a go at something with less of a sticker shock. So at the other extreme I plan on blagging a free tank, using some garden centre compost, play sand and freebie scaling materials to build a planted tank. I've been quite inspired...
  4. leonroy

    Cleaning algae on ceramic disk diffusers

    Saw this tip on Guitarfish's blog: How safe is this to do on the tank? Especially a nano (20 liters) with live inhabitants?
  5. leonroy

    Attractive light fittings?

    I was all set to pickup some lights from the ADA Grand Solar range but after reading Tom Barr's assessment of them I'm loath to spend a lot of cash on what amounts to a very inefficient light. Is there anything out there which is as good looking as the ADA range and also doesn't look like a...
  6. leonroy

    Reverse Osmosis Spec - Good enough?

    I'm about to order a custom built RO unit based up a spec I drew up from various Planted/Reef forums. Thought I'd run it by the folk here in case I'm missing anything or getting something wrong: 1 x 1 Micron Sediment Filter 1 x Pentek Chlorplus Carbon Filter 1 x 700ml Deionisation stage 10” 2 x...
  7. leonroy

    teak root mini

    Some of you might have read my journal 810l (210g) teak root tank but I thought considering that it's 1. my first planted tank and 2. going to take 6 months or so before it's even ready to fill with water (let alone plant) I ought to practice on something smaller first. So after seeing this...
  8. leonroy

    810l (210g) teak root tank

    I've been keeping fish for years, and whilst I've only dabbled in planted tanks I've decided to bite the bullet and go all in with a large project. I'm looking to get a 180x60x70cm (72"x24"x30") tank (LxDxH), which due to the size will be best made in acrylic I reckon. The project time scale is...
  9. leonroy

    720l (190gl) tank lighting

    Going for a massive tank (well compared to my previous) and a bit confused as to which lighting to go for. The tank is 75cm deep, 160cm long and 60cm wide. Going by the Watts Per Gallon rule of 2-2.5W/gallon I'm looking at 380-475W. That's a lot of wattage and I'd like to be as energy...
  10. leonroy

    KISS large sump filter design

    Applying the KISS principles to sump design I've produced what I'm hoping is a simple, and effective sump design: It's for a 220L freshwater tank which is currently in the planning stages. I intend to have the sump handle all filtration and retire the two canister filters I currently have...