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  1. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    I've had this little tank running for about 8 months now, and it's been through stages of neglect over that short time. But now, I'm getting on top of it and maintaining things regularly (as I should have been doing from the start). Luckily it's been relatively slow growing, and the only issue...
  2. Steve Smith

    Alaska Salmon run - live webcam

    Stumbled across this yesterday. It's great to watch the bears catching salmon! The Riffles - Brown Bear & Salmon Cam - Bears - explore
  3. Steve Smith

    TMC Mountaray bracket dimensions

    Hey folks. I'm interested to know how the Mountaray bracket fits over a tank. How far forward does the tile sit when mounted with one? I ask, as I'm thinking about one over a nano, which is about 20cm front to back. Just concerned it may be too big.
  4. Steve Smith

    Charity Fish Auction - Redditch 2nd June

    Just noticed this. I think I've been to one of these before with Gill, but I fancy going again :) Thought I'd share a link: TA-Aquaculture
  5. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    So I'm setting up another shrimp tank to go with the 15L I set up the other week (still maturing). The plan is to do a few more of these, when the shelf unit I've ordered arrives, but I can't resist setting up this one :) Tank - 10L cube, very similar to a Dennerle (bought it at Vivarium in...
  6. Steve Smith

    Trying to get on the property ladder.

    Currently I'm saving towards deposit/costs but I'm browsing properties online regularly. Is it wrong to base my house criteria on aquarium capacity and whether the garden has/can fit a pond? :lol: Not sure about my priorities :D
  7. Steve Smith

    Garden Plant ID's. Post here!

    Post your garden plant ID requests here! Thought it would be good to keep them separate from aquatic plant chat :) So, I'll start. Can anyone ID this plant that I have in the garden? It looks a lot like some sort of Hydrocotyle but I don't recall what it actually is. If memory serves, I...
  8. Steve Smith

    DIY Garden fertiliser?

    I was wondering. I have a bunch of EI ferts kicking about that I'm not using and my garden could do with a bit of a pep (specifically the grass or "lawn"). Now, I could go out and buy some miracle grow or other such product but I wondered if I had enough NPK ferts to DIY something. How much...
  9. Steve Smith

    Shrimp rack/shelving?

    I'm trying to find a shelf unit to house several cube tanks, but I have limited space. I'm looking for something that is no more than 35cm x 35cm and tall enough, as well as strong enough to take say 3 cube tanks (anything up to 30L each). I can't find anything really suitable and strong...
  10. Steve Smith

    Forum Donations - Gauging Opinions (Poll)

    Hi folks. The mods/founders have been discussing forum donations lately, and after some thought we would like to put forward an idea and gauge opinion. We are thinking about creating a subscription based donation. UKAPS members would be able to opt to donate to UKAPS on a regular basis via a...
  11. Steve Smith

    Posting photos online

    Hi folks. I thought I'd post this as a bit of advice for people posting their lovely looking aquascapes online. I would advise that people consider subtly adding a watermark/adding their name to a corner of their photos when they post them online. This at least means that you will get some...
  12. Steve Smith

    Smallest Nymphaea species for aquarium use?

    Just wondered what the smallest nymphaea species was that would be suitable for using in an aquarium. Googling smallest nymphaea I get Nyphaea thermarum. Not sure about whether this would be suitable though (for submersed growth).
  13. Steve Smith

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    Hey folks. It's been a long time since I started a scape of any kind. I've not even had a tank set up for 12 months. Life has had other ideas lately. As it stands I have limited space so I'm setting up a little tank which, most likely, will be a shrimp tank. It's an old clearseal 40x20x20 I...
  14. Steve Smith

    ADA Ferts - Shelf life?

    Hi folks. I have some ADA ferts (Step 1, 2 and 3) which have been in storage for some time, about 18months. I was using them before taking down the tank I was them on. I've noticed that they seem to have changed colour a little. I was wondering if they had a shelf life, and whether I could...
  15. Steve Smith

    Film photography

    Anyone interested in the old school? I've just acquired two film cameras which I'm yet to experiment with. The first is an Olympus Trip 35 which my mother found when digging in a cupboard recently. Reading up on it, it could be a decent all rounder point and shoot. I probably won't play...
  16. Steve Smith

    More active again!

    Heya folks. Just saying I'm back and more active on the forum again, after a bit of a hiatus. Life and other interests have distracted me from the aquascaping scene somewhat. I've recently moved back to my parent's house, in order to try and save up a good chunk of cash to get on the property...
  17. Steve Smith

    New toy - EOS550D, now with photos.

    Just arrived today after a long and difficult week, trying to get the delivery sorted out! Very impressed so far :mrgreen: Any tips for the HD video side of things?? :eh:
  18. Steve Smith

    Sparkling Gouramis - They spawned!

    Just bought a trio of these, though I suspect I have 2 males and 1 female looking at their behaviour! I've kept these before, and even had them breed, though I had no surviving fry as they were in a small community tank. I had spotted these three in my little LFS (Rosedale Aquatics in...
  19. Steve Smith

    Meet at a1Matt's - Scape competition poll!

    We had a little scape competition when at Matt's at the weekend, and we decided to post the photos up for everyone to vote on! As yet, we don't know what the winner gets... Perhaps just the knowledge that their scape outshone the others on the day? We decided to keep it anonymous, so please...
  20. Steve Smith

    Bonsai for beginner - Advice?

    Hey all. Wondering if anyone can advise on a good starter bonsai setup? I'd like to give it a go myself, but my flat mate has also expressed an interest so I was thinking about a birthday gift. I'd like to do it right though, not buy some cheap crappy "kit" from homebase or whatever. Any...
  21. Steve Smith

    Interview with David Chow.

    A nice interview with David Chow, 2007 ADA and AGA winner, over at Acuariorosa.com: http://acuariorosa.com/2011/04/11/inter ... dave-chow/ Enjoy :)
  22. Steve Smith

    Steve's 60cm "The Science of Autumn" - New photos 21/04/11

    I think I've got the bug again! :lol: I had a 90cm crappy tank which has been a holding tank for some micro rasbora and some other fish since I moved house last year. It's been neglected and over run by hair algae etc. Pretty nasty to look at (as John can probably confirm!) I wanted to get...
  23. Steve Smith

    UKAPS Local Events 2011.

    Please post any UKAPS gatherings you may be planning here, whether it be a BBQ or a scape-off, or a plant swap or LFS tour. Post your event and invite people along :) Please follow this format: Let's make 2011 the year of UKAPS get togethers! It doesn't matter if it's 3 people or 30!
  24. Steve Smith

    Steve's nano - "Back in the Saddle" - New photos 21/04/11

    It's been a while, I'll admit, but after the trip to Vivarium last weekend I couldn't be anything but inspired to start a new scape :) Not much detail yet. I'm still gathering plants. Some may recognise this as my TGM opti-white nano tank. I'll be running pressurised CO2, probably an...
  25. Steve Smith

    Steve's Vivarium 2011 nano.

    So, I figure it's been a while since I had a scape running (not that I ever seem to finish them!) and with the upcoming Vivarium show, and with Mark and Matt both showing off their awesome nanos, I should get in on it! Tank is my TGM opti-white nano. It will probably run an Eheim 2213...
  26. Steve Smith

    Coventry Fly In - Vulcan XH588

    Had an opportunity to see the restored Vulcan bomber fly into my local airport as part of a "Fly in". A fly in is sort of like an airshow, but with less air display. Private aircraft are invited to attend and essentially fly in for the public to come and oggle at. They also usually have some...
  27. Steve Smith

    Would you call this frogbit?

    Just browsing ebay for some floating plants and stumbled across this auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0560834549 To me, that is a bowl full of duckweed with several frogbit plants, not "200+" plants as the seller describes. I sent them a polite message saying as such -...
  28. Steve Smith

    Cleaning marine algae/crust off equipment

    Hey folks. A work mate has very kindly given me a Koralia 1 which he was using in his marine setup, until he replaced it with Tunze powerheads. It turned up on my desk this morning covered in the usual marine algae and "concreation" (for want of a better term). Just wondering if there are any...
  29. Steve Smith

    Spring in Oakley Woods.

    Went out for a long bike ride with my flat mate on Friday and stopped at a small patch of woodland to take some photographs. A beautiful place full of mostly what looked like redwood style trees :) Thought I'd share some of the photos. Please click for a larger high res image! Sun lit spring...
  30. Steve Smith

    Comic that made me chuckle :)

    This made me chuckle :lol:
  31. Steve Smith

    Fires of the Forge

    Took this last year and stumbled across it the other day :) Quite a few photos but I quite like this one. Might post a few more later :)
  32. Steve Smith

    Happy Easter!

    █░█░█▀█░█▀█░█▀█░█░█░░█▀░█▀█░█▀░▀█▀░█▀░█▀█ █▀█░█▀█░█▀▀░█▀▀░▀█▀░░█▀░█▀█░▀█░░█░░█▀░██▀...
  33. Steve Smith

    ADA Fertiliser system - Info wanted :)

    Hey all. I'm interested to know if you guys have any links to a comprehensive ADA fert writeup, regarding the purpose of each product, and the dosing. Now, the Steps are easy enough. Step 1 for 1 - 3 months after setup, Step 2 for up to a year etc, and one pump/5ml per 5 gal. I start to get...
  34. Steve Smith

    Steve's 40cm shrimpy mossy concoction

    I decided to shuffle my slowly declining emersed growing setup to a much smaller tank as most of the plants had died off due to neglect (I'm still using the moving house excuse!) This freed up a little 16x8x8 Clearseal tank which I've had knocking about for a while. I wanted to set up a small...
  35. Steve Smith

    UKAPS Pico Contest - Results!

    Hi all. Apologies for the delay in getting the results out. As I'm sure you can appreciate, things have been very busy for the judges, with the tropica visit, TV appearances and lord knows what else! Getting the UKAPS and Aquascaping ideals to a wider audience is never a bad thing! I'd like...
  36. Steve Smith

    Help with WPG rule and reducing wattage

    It's best to have a "mid day" burst half way through your lighting period. So if you have 2 on for 8 hours in total you would want to set your other 2 to come on after 3 hours and go off after 6 (2 hour burst in the middle). Hope that makes sense :)
  37. Steve Smith

    Mini meet up - West mids tomorrow!

    After discussing on another thread I thought I'd start a thread for anyone interested to post on. Basically, Gill and I are heading to Maidenhead Aquatics, Shirley - Notcutts Garden Centre Stratford Rd Shirley Solihull, West Midlands B90 4EN We're setting off from mine (Leamington Spa) at...
  38. Steve Smith

    What I do when I'm bored at work.

    Sitting doodling an idea for a small tank I have kicking about at the moment: Anyone else sit doing this, when they should be working/studying etc? :lol:
  39. Steve Smith

    Photography challenge

    Hey all. I posted last year sometime (maybe even the year before?!) about Project 365. The idea was to take a photo each day for 365 days. I slacked off after maybe 100 days due to lazyness and also problems with my Flickr account. Anyhow, the folks that thought up Project365 have come up...
  40. Steve Smith

    Steve's Opti-white Nano - Ikita Kaseki

    After I moved house last month, I decided to re-do my very neglected opti-white nano. I went for a wood scape, using some redmoor and manzanite wood. Unfortunately, due to lack of certain hardware/CO2 it's already gone pearshaped :lol: Anyhow, I've decided to rip that down and do it again...
  41. Steve Smith

    VW Corrado VR6 Turbo shots

    A mate of mine invited me along for a little joy ride in this car today. It's a demo car that belongs to the owner of Stealth Racing in Southam, who are well known for being a great car tuning garage. They're releasing their own turbo kit for VW VR6 engines and my mate is writing an article for...
  42. Steve Smith

    Vivarium, Holland - Travel and planning!

    Ok all. I thought it best to start this new thread so that we can organise those who are going, and those in need of car sharing etc. I think we should maybe start two lists. Those who are going and are willing to drive and take passengers, and those who want to go but need transport (like me...
  43. Steve Smith

    Steve's "Spring Tree" - Planning

    Having almost finished moving flats, and having had to get rid of most of my tanks I'm now in the planning stages of a new scape in my remaining "big" tank. When I say "big", it's the largest tank I can have in my new abode which is a 60cm Aqua One Horizon 60. It's been modded, naturally, to...
  44. Steve Smith

    Transporting fish from LFS...

    Just wondering if there was any advice on this slightly different situation. I visited my new "LFS" yesterday to get a feel for them. Quite oldschool but great fish selection which all seemed in good condition. I want to buy some fish soon, but here's the kicker - it's a 3 mile cycle from the...
  45. Steve Smith

    UKAPS Pico Contest Judging thread.

    Below are all of the entries from the UKAPS 2009 Pico contest ready to be judged. It has been an awesome contest with some very ingenius scapes! I just want to take the chance to congratulate everyone that's taken part!
  46. Steve Smith

    Ride Planet Earth - Excuse for photos.

    I've been getting more and more into my bikes lately, more so since getting a new single speed bike last month. I started off riding it single speed (with a freewheel) but soon changed it to a fixed wheel (can't stop pedalling!) I have to say I'm loving it! Anyhow, today I met up with some...
  47. Steve Smith

    Comp_Nov09: Sticks and Stones

    Name: Steve Smith Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 10cm x 10cm x 10cm Aquascape Name: Sticks and Stones Hardscape/Materials used: Manzanite wood, ADA Forest sand, ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, small stones Plants: Hydrocotyle Verticilata, Fissidens Fontanus, fissidens Splachnobryoides...
  48. Steve Smith

    Aqua Medic replacement parts?

    Hey guys. Looking for some advice. I recently bought one of these lights off of eBay but have found that the bulb socket on one side has corroded, and essentially fell apart. Socket part I'm on about: Light unit - Aqua Medic OceanLight 150: I've just emailed Aqua Medic directly, but...
  49. Steve Smith

    Thru You - Youtube remixed

    Wondered if anyone had seen this before. It's been floating around since March, but I only just found it the other day and was in awe! http://www.thru-you.com/ Essentially, for those that haven't seen it, it's a guy who's taken a shed load of Youtube videos, mostly of people singing or...
  50. Steve Smith

    Which lens?

    Hey guys. I'm toying with the idea of a new camera, and I've seen a 50D body which I might go for. I wondered what lens I should consider getting with it. I'll have my old 18-55 which came with my old EOS 300D to start me off, but it's a bit old and grimey. Thoughts?
  51. Steve Smith

    Back from holiday - Lots of pics!

    Hey all. As you may know, I've spent the last 3.5 weeks on holiday in the US. It's been fantastic! Really great to get away from the daily grind and do something completely different. I thought I'd post some pics. I seem to have come home with over 1400 photos! I'm going to sort through...
  52. Steve Smith

    Fishing in the USA

    I've spent the week with my brother and family in the US and have been doing a bit of fishing. I haven't fished since I was about 13 but I've really enjoyed it. Today we fished at a lake in Rudolph Bennet park, a sort of wildlife area with a large fishing lake/pony trails etc. After a slow...
  53. Steve Smith

    Interesting day!

    Hey guys. I'm still on holiday at the moment. I fly home on Monday, which I'm not really looking forward too. I'm spending my last week staying with my brother and family. We're spending our time fishing, doing family stuff, shopping etc but today we had something else to do. Being the USA...
  54. Steve Smith

    Aqua Forest, San Francisco

    Some of you may know I'm on holiday in the USA at them moment (see sig for blog link :)). I've just spent 4 days in San Francisco, and was fortunate enough to be able to make it to Aqua Forest to have a look around and purchase a few items :) I managed to snap a few pics, so thought I'd share...
  55. Steve Smith

    Aqua Medic Ocean light 150 MH pendant - HQI?

    Hey all. Just got hold of one of these which needed a new MH bulb. I bought an HQI bulb as I was sure this is what it takes. After fitting it and switching it on, all I get is a quiet buzzing sound and no light :eh: If a unit isn't HQI, is this what will happen? Should I have bought a...
  56. Steve Smith

    ADA CO2 Advanced system - Non ADA CO2 cartridges?

    Just wondering if anyone knew if the ADA Advanced system can take non ADA bottles. I understand they are 74g bottles, but not sure about the screw fitment. It looks similar to things like Paintball canisters etc. Any thoughts?
  57. Steve Smith

    Producing CO2 in a propogator without using pressurised gas.

    Hey guys. I just stumbled on an idea which I may be tempted to try out if I have the time. I've read here that you can use peat in the substrate of your propogator which produces CO2 as it decomposes. I thought it was quite an interesting idea! After a very brief search, I found this PDF...
  58. Steve Smith

    Trading rules for Sale/Swap/Wanted forum

    Sale/Swap/Wanted - Please Read. The Sale/Swap/Wanted section is here for members to trade their excess plant cuttings, spare equipment and other related items. The following guidelines will be used by our moderation team. If you are unsure whether an item you wish to offer is acceptable or...
  59. Steve Smith

    Steve's 60cm - "Old stump on the hill"

    This is a tank I set up some weeks ago, and had a few problems with (mainly diatoms and GSA). I added CO2 on Friday, after aquiring a regulator from a forum member, and today I've given it a good prune and tidy up :) Still got some bad diatoms on some leaves, so please ignore that ;) Specs...
  60. Steve Smith

    How often do you get a flash of inspiration?

    Hey gang. I was just reading through a few journals, and had a spark of inspiration for a scape. This seems to happen when I'm looking around day to day for me. I'd say I come up with a few good scape ideas a week (over and above the usual "ooh, that'd look cool" which is at least once a...
  61. Steve Smith

    UKAPS BBQ 2009 @ Dan Crawford's - Photos

    Some photos taken so far. More will be posted as the day progresses, depending on alcohol consumpiton ;) All the items for the scape-off and ferts/plants to auction off: Hardscape to be used in the scape off: LondonDragon (Paulo), John Starkey and Dan Crawford: Me and Paulo sorting out...
  62. Steve Smith

    Expenses claims - Comedy song.

    All this MP's expenses business is ridiculous. I've been avoiding the news mostly, but it's hard not to hear about it. I particularly liked the Daily Show's skit about it a few weeks back :lol: Anyhow, a musical buddy of my Sisters has made a comedy song which I think is pretty good :D Check...
  63. Steve Smith

    Thinking Mac... Software available when buying.

    Hey all. I'm really only dreaming, but it's a possibility that I might try and get an iMac. Anyhow, I notice that the software "Aperture 2" is available. I was wondering how this compared to something like Adobe Lightroom etc? Anyone got experience of this software?
  64. Steve Smith

    Monitor calibration?

    Hey guys. It's come up in a few threads lately, and I realised that - even though I'm an IT geek - I have no idea when it comes to calibrating my monitors at home or work. At work I have the luxury of 2x 22" Samsung SyncMaster 226cw widescreen monitors! They're bad ass! :lol: at home however...
  65. Steve Smith

    Rio 180 - "Aging Gracefully"

    With my 30th birthday next week I figure the title is apt :) My Rio 180 has been a holding tank for quite a few plants which I've been gathering over the last few months. I'd been planning something kind of low light, and cypty! I had a mini epithany one night (ooerr!) and I think it's turned...
  66. Steve Smith

    Restoring an old forge - Photos.

    I was helping my Sister and her partner cleaning out an old forge on Sunday, which he has just taken on. I took the opertunity to take some photos, as he want's to document the restorarion for a website he's setting up (he'll be doing this for a living eventually!) So a mix of general and...
  67. Steve Smith

    Nesaea pedicellata flowers - Photos

    I bought some pots of Nesaea pedicellata recently but I didn't end up using them in the end, so they've been in my Rio 180 holding tank for a few months. I noticed this morning that two stems had grown above the water line and had started to flower :) The rio is using two old 25/30w T8 tubes...
  68. Steve Smith

    Hagen T5HO luminaire - Tank widths?

    Hey all. just a quick question. Any one have one of the Hagen T5HO light units? I'm wondering how wide the mounting brackets are, and what thickness of tank rim they'll sit on. I'm looking at the dual 39w at the moment :)
  69. Steve Smith

    Steve's New Opti-White Nano (No name)

    Well, after getting anoyed with my other opti-white, and the horrid "fossil" stone that was poluting the water, I stumped up the cash for one of TGM's Opti-white nano/stand combos. I must say I've very impressed with it! The quality is just amazing! The glass is so clear, the silicone work is...
  70. Steve Smith

    Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

    Thought I'd start this thread to try and make a cohesive list of inspiring websites full of great photos etc. Not so much looking for sites with information or individual photographs, but things like galleries, flikr sets etc etc. Also nature photography galleries and landscapes. I'll start...
  71. Steve Smith

    IAPLC booklets - worth buying?

    Hey guys. I was looking at buying a few things and the oppertunity to buy a copy of the any of the IAPLC booklets for 2001 - 2005 has arisen. I wondered if they're a good read and if anyone has an idea for which year is particularly good? Cheers, Steve.
  72. Steve Smith

    Opti-white Nano - "Red Canyon" - broken down.

    Morning all. Finally got my AE Opti-white nano filled last night after a mini disaster a few weeks back (managed to destroy everything with a slosh of water). I'd been putting it off but decided to just get it done last night. Couldn't think of an artsy fartsy name so gone with a bread and...
  73. Steve Smith

    Acuavida Aquascaping Contest?

    Not heard of this one before, just stumbled accross a post on another forum. Looks like a Spanish group but an international contest :) Check it out here: http://aac.acuavida.com/home-en The guidlines don't say anything about keeping your entries private either which is refreshing :) It...
  74. Steve Smith

    Poll: What's your favourite aquascaping style?

    Just thought I'd continue the "Do you like Iwagumi scapes?" thread and broaden it a bit... I've probably missed off some styles (let me know and I'll update). I think I'm still hung up on the Nature/Wood style. I love some of the CAU scapes, and really liking George's scape in PFK. Another...
  75. Steve Smith

    Maths question... My maths sucks ;)

    Ok, random question here. I have two mate's arguing about there mileage on their cycle computers, and it's been established that one of the cycle computers is wrong :lol: Anywho, the cycle computer at fault has done 54 miles total. We also know that over a 4.35 mile journey, the incorrect...
  76. Steve Smith

    90cm/150litre - "Patience"

    Following on from feedback and comments in my previous post, I think I've got the rock positioning nailed and I'm not going to touch it now! As such, I'm starting this as a journal :) So, here's the hardscape: Planting: Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba" Pogostemon helferi Eleocharis...
  77. Steve Smith

    If you had a 90x35x45 what would you do...

    Playing about with this at the moment, and tried one layout, which isn't working for me. I'm currently waiting on a bag of AS from TGM (should be with me tomorrow) as I didn't have enough. I'm scaping with Seiryu stone, but I have a limited amount. Sadly, no big chunks. Might be aquiring...
  78. Steve Smith

    Understanding my water supply report?

    Hey all. I'm looking for help understanding my tap water supply, in relation to my GH/KH and in relation to dosing EI (should I be adding Potassium/Magnesium Sulphate etc). My water report is as follows: Can anyone help me decipher this? Thanks in advance! :)
  79. Steve Smith

    Suggest a plant to add some colour?

    I'm setting up a new scape at the moment which will have a lot of Rotala sp. "Green". There will be some highlights of Rotala "Nanjenshan" too, and maybe the odd Rotala rotundifolia mixed in with the green. I'm looking for another shape and colour to go with this setup and I'm struggling. At...
  80. Steve Smith

    Catching fish! Amusing, yet anoying!

    Stripping down a tank at the moment, and having a quick break. I've just been trying to catch my fish and they're just being down right difficult! Just thought I'd vent my frustration while the remaining fish swim about mocking me :lol: I'm using the double net technique, but it's bot working...
  81. Steve Smith

    Canon 5D anyone? Sale at 7dayshop.

    May be of interest to you pro shooters out there with a few grand spare ;) http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product ... _id=102529 EOS 5D with EF 24-105 IS lense & EF 100-400 IS USM Lense. £2279 delivered. Pretty good price IMO :)
  82. Steve Smith

    Flash gun for Canon 300D?

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for cheap flash guns for the EOS 300D? I've read the 420EX/430EX are supposed to be good value, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend anything else (cheaper :lol:). I'm interested in the adjustable flash head as my current...
  83. Steve Smith

    Bloomin' snails.

    Stupid me decided to buy some apple snails recently and throw them in my 90cm "learner" tank. I'd read they can eat some plants, but having had a solitary apple snail before and not noticing any issues I figured it wouldn't be an issue. Anyhow, 8 small chestnut apple snails later, and half of...
  84. Steve Smith

    Compact Digital Camera in the £100 - £150 region?

    Hey guys. I've read the previous post about the Fuji S5700, and it sounds like a reasonable camera (well, the S5800 which has replaced it). I was wondering though, are there any other quality cameras with a few more features in this price range? My mate's girlfriend has asked me to recommend...
  85. Steve Smith

    Back from the brink - 150ish litre learning journal.

    It's finally dawned on my that I'm being far to obsessed with a good looking scape, when I really haven't concentrated on my abilities to run a tank, and grow plants successfully. So, on my "big" tank, which has been spiraling into neglect, I have decided to rescue it and start planting, and...
  86. Steve Smith

    Friday night - What are you up to?

    I've just spent two hours fiddling with one of my tanks, trying to get it back from the brink of algae doom. I popped into P@H last night and bought two tropica "Medium plant on wood". I bought the biggest bolbitis I've ever seen (not seen many!) I'd guess it's about 4 pot's worth. Also...
  87. Steve Smith

    Pre-soaking Aquasoil Amazonia?

    I'm going to be setting up an 80cm at some point in the comming weeks, but should I pre-soak my AS to lessen the impact of the GH/KH drop when I start using it?
  88. Steve Smith

    Fishing - Starter gear and info?

    Hey guys. I know that there are several anglers on the forum (John and Dan for starters). I used to go fishing as a kid with my Brother and Grandad about 20 years ago but stopped after about 5 years. My Grandad passed away about 7 years ago, and my bro now lives in the states, but I'd like to...
  89. Steve Smith

    DIY ADA Forest style sand?

    I was wondering if anyone had managed to spot any sand products which, when combined, might make a good attempt at ADA Forest sand? I've seen the odd gravel which looked good (UNIPAC do one, but I'm not sure if it's innert and couldn't find out). I'm sure I could mix and match but I'm having...
  90. Steve Smith

    Pogostemon Helferi - New growth is white

    One thing I have notices with the P. helferi is that the new growth on the top seems to be almost white, though the ribs and veins of the leaf seem to be normal green. It almost looks like a powder coating, for want of a better description. Could this be a defficiency of some sort? The rest of...
  91. Steve Smith

    F1 Grand Prix finale. Anyone watching?

    I'm not a major fan of F1, but I will watch it if it's on. I'm not passionate about it so I don't really follow all the politics behind the recent dodgy decisions etc. Anyhow, I know this is make or break for Hamilton, and what ever people's perceptions of him are, I wondered how many are...
  92. Steve Smith

    Bought a new Domain, but what to do with it?

    Couldn't resist yesterday, I found that the domain aquascaped.net was available so I yoinked it for $10 :) Currently pointed it at the UKAPS forums untill I decide what to do with it. I've not really got any aquascapes of my own to put on there. I thought about some sort of blog type affair...
  93. Steve Smith

    Luminaire finally arrived! Yay!

    Postie turned up at the door at 8am this morning with my eBay purchase - an 80cm 4x 24w T5 Arcadia luminaire! Whilst at the Festival of Fishkeeping I got carried away in the B&B room after getting an internet connection sorted out. I was very please to score it for £50! Had to pay £15...
  94. Steve Smith

    Snow! Clearly its "Crazy weather" day...

    Well, got soaked on the way to lunch today but I've been "rewarded" by the fact that it's turned to snow! After 30 seconds of standing in a doorway: Shame I have to cycle home in it, it's bloomin' freezing out there!
  95. Steve Smith

    7gal Shrimp only - "Forgotten Glade"

    Following on from LondonDragon's excellent example, I've decided to setup my own shrimp only tank. I have re-scaped my 27 litre Aqua 40 "cube", re-using the existing Eco Complete, which I doubt has any nutrients left in it, mainly because it's a dark substrate. Specs: 27 litre Aqua40 (approx...
  96. Steve Smith

    Interpet Power Compact - Replacement tubes?

    I have an 18w PC in my little nano and I could only get a "beauty" tube for it, and quite frankly it sucks! I've been looking around and found a Tri-Plus but interpet tubes for the 18w seem quite limited. I've been hunting about and found that the endcap is a 2G11 fitment. Looking on...
  97. Steve Smith

    New additions :) Pygmy cories

    I just bought 7 Corydora Hastatus (one of the pygmy cory species) from my LFS. Quite cheaply too, I think - £4 a pair. Naturally I bought all of the ones they had! I paid £20 for my 6 habrosus earlier this yeat, and that was a deal with someone I knew at theat shop. I have 4 habrosus left...
  98. Steve Smith

    80cm - Playing with layout in Photoshop.

    Hey all. Some may know I'm getting an 80cm arcadia luminaire soon, and re-doing my 80cm tank. I realised that a piece of redmoor that I've had kicking about for some time would be great. I looked at it from a new angle the other day and loved it! Anyhow, this is what I was thinking: I've...
  99. Steve Smith

    What/who are you listening too?

    Figured this is one of those threads that needs to be on every forum... And I couldn't find one in Off Topic, so I figured why not :) Anyhow, currently I'm sitting at my desk fiddling with drivers and laptops, listening to Emiliana Torrini. just moved onto her older album "Love in the time of...
  100. Steve Smith

    Tesco's Play sand - 10kg bags on sale.

    I read over on TFF that tesco are currently selling 10kg bags of play sand for 98p! I've not confirmed this myself but I'm gonna check my local out tomorrow if I can. I fancy mixing my own mixed gradient sand for my next re-scape so might come in handy :)