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  1. jack-rythm

    How many discus?

    I found this after hearing someone had 20 discus in a 500 litre tank.. Diskuszucht Stendker GmbH & Co. KGStocking rate & other fish any views? does this seem too many?
  2. jack-rythm

    Post office FAIL.. :(

    Just had an email from a member on here.. He bought my eheim 2213 and some glass lily pipes off me and I managed to post them off yesterday and they have arrived today absolutely slaughtered.. I really thought the packaging was up to scratch, I kept the original box that the lily pipes came in...
  3. jack-rythm

    Dwarf Puffer Paradise Nano...

    This is my dwarf puffer jungle tank I have decided to make, I had this jungle tank on the end of my other 3 nano triptych project that you can find here: 3 Nano 'heterogeneous' Triptych - A fresh start | UK Aquatic Plant Society I decided to strip the three tanks down and focus on one small...
  4. jack-rythm

    Eheim double taps..

    Hi guys.. I have 2 single eheim 12mm taps and I want to upgrade to 2x double taps.. Now looking at the photos on ebay they just look like to single taps pushed together and joined with a small grey thread bit to connect them.. can i just order another 2 single taps and join them together some...
  5. jack-rythm

    Signature TMC 600x450x750mm replica build..

    Hi people, Thought I would ask if anyone has ever come across any build plans for this unit? Signature Glacier White Cabinet | Charterhouse Aquatics or any advice etc would be grateful.. Im looking to build a replica for my 450mm cube.. (and yes im aware its the 600mm version lol)
  6. jack-rythm

    Liquid carbon optimized time?

    I know people kick off their co2 kits a couple hours before lights on. Is there point in me doing this with liquid carbon? Is there an optimal time to dose it does it not cycle the tank in the same way, u feel people that are opting to use LC like me wonder this quite often so thought I would...
  7. jack-rythm

    ID Please people :)

    image_1359226875579632 Jack Dicker image_1359226750874933 Jack Dicker
  8. jack-rythm

    Found cool rock..

    After going to aquatics live I saw some great scapes with some great rock, I asked about the two rock types I liked and then went home to search.. I found these on eBay so just copied the photos so you could all see without having to go through links etc.. They are very wel priced considering...
  9. jack-rythm

    Bacopa australis..

    Does anyone have any experience growing the above? any advice or requirements I need to take into consideration before I get some?
  10. jack-rythm

    List of woods in the UK?

    Now I know I made a post like this but it must of been about 4 months ago.. so asking again, hopefully we can get a nice list.. A lot of people keeping asking me what woods are they allowed to use in their aquariums from the UK sourced forests and moores etc.. Can anyone help? I know some...
  11. jack-rythm

    Rise of the Iwasabi-Kusa

    OK everyone, After speaking to lots of people about wabi-kusa style set ups I wanted to give this a shot.. This is more a fast track journal.. Photos and updates, just to run along with my triptych when I'm waiting for things to do.. I started off getting a lovely bowl from my local store...
  12. jack-rythm

    Substrate for wabi?

    Am I right in thinking just go ahead and use the left over Ada Amazonia soil for my wabi kusa? I have many questions but don't know where to start.... :-( my friend tried a wabi kusa and all the plants dried out and died... Do I need to stay it a special way? Apologies if this is in the wrong...
  13. jack-rythm

    Eheim media...

    I have just bought two filters 2213's for a great price.. No media though. I wad looking on Ebay and all the eheim filter media is quite a lot.. Is there a way around this? I'm assuming I don't have to use eheim products surely? Any advice how to fill me filters on the cheap? Sent from my...
  14. jack-rythm

    Plant ID please guys...

    Found this and was curious to know what it was...? 530425_321408634639556_320695529_nJack Dicker any ideas?
  15. jack-rythm

    Need an ID guys...

    As above :) DSC_0329[/urlJack Dicker
  16. jack-rythm

    Lily pipe clean..

    Anyone got any advice about detaching the clear tubing from a glass lily pipe in order to clean u It? Rather than just cutting of the pipe and,the base and loosing done,piping? My clear tubing is very tight indeed. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  17. jack-rythm

    Resolved! Editting my journal links..

    How do I change my journal links for just the names of the tanks, as aposed to the whole copy and paste link? im a bit slow at this sort of thing!
  18. jack-rythm

    Trophy points...

    What are these new trophy points on our account? I have 18.. What does it do? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  19. jack-rythm

    UP PRO-L 45cm

    Anyone seen these? I find these very attractive, very thin and sleek. Lovin the silver too! im thinking of putting this on a 450mm cube! what do you think? http://www.tankscape.co.uk/lighting-/le ... ging-Light
  20. jack-rythm

    opinion on JBL Ferropol?

    my mate has bought this, after I recommending getting an NPK mix like lush mix max for instance... whats peoples perception on this?
  21. jack-rythm

    6+ dead shrimp at once....

    I bought some cherries and they arrived last tuesday.. I go to london on saturday and get back last night and I find 6 dead shrimp just bobbing around in my tank.. I have no idea why this is.. The tank has been cycling for 6+ week with no fish or shrimp in. I have EBI shrimp substrate, I ADA...
  22. jack-rythm

    Red nose shrimp..

    Been able to find someone selling Red Nose Shrimp.. they look very unusual and pretty cool.. but cant seem to get any info from the seller.. does anyone know anything about these? I read they live in brackish water but can be acclimatised to suit tropical set ups.. whats the basics of keeping...
  23. jack-rythm

    Ehiem 2217 Pipe sizing..

    im looking into getting clear tubing and some lily pipes attached to this filter.. has anyone got this filter? what sizes am I going to need? Cheers
  24. jack-rythm

    Devon anyone?

    Are any ukaps members situated in Devon?. :-) Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  25. jack-rythm

    Bone Oak Wood

    Found some wicked bone oak wood im collecting from the local woods, thought I would share it with you. looks great. lovely colour too. :)
  26. jack-rythm

    Thanks everyone!

    Just got back from aquatics live... Wanna say thanks to UKAPS for making an 11 hour round trip drive worth it! (cam from Plymouth) spoke to Dan Crawford, Dan Marshall & Tony Swinney and got some great advice and tips. Also thanks to Graeme for the distribution of his WHOLE TANK!! thanks so much...
  27. jack-rythm

    cycling a tank with fry...

    ok I have ANOTHER question.. I figure the best place for a variety of answers to depict a decent outcome is to write it on here and start a small FRIENDLY debate... I am about 3 weeks into my fishless cycle and have plants snails and soils in etc.. my question of thought is: Im aware that I...
  28. jack-rythm

    Sourcing woods..

    OK people, I'm very interested to know if I can find the popular woods that are used on our forum anywhere locally.. Manz wood, Redmoor wood, mopani wood, Etc.. Would be interesting to know if this comes from anywhere we can salvage it it and treat it our selves? Its hard to bring myself to...
  29. jack-rythm

    What's a decent nano co2 kit I can try out?

    Can anyone suggest anything? :-) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  30. jack-rythm

    Best all round API kits?

    Im looking for the best most reliable API kit testers? mainly concerned about ammonia the important kits.. can anyone suggest anything??
  31. jack-rythm

    how much and when..

    ok so I shouldn't really be asking this due to the amount of nanos I have and the fact I already dose and should know... I was just after someone to clarify how much of each fertz I have.. I have 1 bottle of flourish Iron.. I have 1 bottle of flourish Phosphorous.. and 1 litre of EI lush mix...
  32. jack-rythm

    3 Nano 'heterogeneous' Triptych - The end.

    Ok people.... I have been putting this off for a while.. not due to laziness but due to amount of time it has taken me to uphold all the equipment etc.. lack of funds.. you know the score... Brief... A few months ago I was browsing on here looking at the iwagumi style set ups and fell in...
  33. jack-rythm

    eleocharis parvula care..

    Right.. may be a very stupid question but what the hell.. After I cut my hairgrass Down can I the bunch the cuttings and re-plant these? Will they begin to root or does eleocharis not actually do this like others? Thanks Jack
  34. jack-rythm

    another plant ID please..

  35. jack-rythm

    plant ID please

    people need some help :) Plant ID:
  36. jack-rythm

    clear sacks with white specs?

    clear sacks with white specs? are these snail eggs??
  37. jack-rythm

    What is dragon-stone rock?

    I know its rock but does anyone truly know what this is ? where does it originate from? whats its history ? whats its true name?? I wonder if we get anything :)
  38. jack-rythm

    cherry red shrimp magically vanishing..

    Hi everyone.. before I start I wanna tell everyone that they ARE NOT in my filter.. I seem to be loosing shrimp as now I will be lucky to see more than 3 at once.. I have about 10 shrimp in a 27l nano tank. I found one not moving on the bottom of the tank beginning to turn whiter and whiter...
  39. jack-rythm

    dwarf cuba?

    Does anyone know if there is a dwarf cuba? if so whats it called?
  40. jack-rythm

    Rusting riccia pads damageable?

    Hi everyone.... I bought some of these a couple months ago... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Riccia-Java-m ... 44b&_uhb=1 and I have started to notice they are rusting on the ends of the metal points.. I have shrimp in there and other fish and plants and im worried about the levels being thrown...
  41. jack-rythm

    Drying out ADA Amazonia..

    Hi guys! I am stripping down my 3ft tank to switch to 3 1ft tanks.. I want to keep my ADA Amazonia and divide it across my nanos.. my question is.. I wont be able to just transfer it from one to another as i have things I need to do in the process.. it maybe a week or so between transfer so...
  42. jack-rythm

    how many rasboras?

    I want chilli rasboras in my 30cm cube.. how many can I have?
  43. jack-rythm

    shrimp ID...

    What's the difference between neocaridina and caridina shrimp?
  44. jack-rythm

    Plant ID someone?

    I found these plants in a lake on dartmoor and thought I would try and grow them... does anyone know what sort of lilies these are??
  45. jack-rythm

    Please help!

    Cant seem to find anyone that knows the answer to this question.... In my 3ft tank that im currently breaking down I have 9L of ada aquasoil Amazonia. can I mix my ada soil with my EBI gold shrimp substrate to enlarge the quantity? The basic point im trying to make is im getting EBI gold...
  46. jack-rythm

    ADA soi and EBI

    I have another question... In my 3ft tank that im currently breaking down I have 9L of ada aquasoil Amazonia. can I mix my ada soil with my EBI gold shrimp substrate to enlarge the quantity or do you think this may have an effect on my ph levels?
  47. jack-rythm

    Certain fish without heating??

    Hi everyone! Im looking into setting up a triptych nano scenario and was thinking about going for a non heated tank set up to reduce clutter and cost... I was wondering if people are aware of any fish that will survive happily in a nano tank in a lounge, so would be room temperature? I want...
  48. jack-rythm

    Struggling with heating my nano!

    Hi everyone!! Need some help with heating my nano... I have orded a resun cyclone external filter and now Im trying to decide how on earth I can heat my nano tank with out using an internal 25w heater?? my tank is 30x30x30cm roughly. any information will help completely! Thanks JACk :)
  49. jack-rythm

    New Jungle Nano...

    Ok, A few weeks ago I managed to get hold of a 2ft tank and decided to go even smaller.. I managed to swap the 2ft tank for a small 25x25x20cm nano tank with the full set up including a few guppies.. not my fav fish in the world but took the deal as I only paid a 5er for that 2ft tank off a...
  50. jack-rythm

    HELP!! what is this?? :)

    Hi everyone.. I bought some beautiful plants today but I could not find the name of the plants and the owner did not know. Anyway I decided to buy them and find out on here from all you clever people.. Can anyone help me? No.1... and finally... No.2.... Thank you everyone!! Jack
  51. jack-rythm

    lighting and heating question?

    I have a 45x30x30cm glass tank no hood and I want a decent light uni for it. I dont want a hanging light and I preferably want a boyu light as this is what I have for my 3ft tank and consistency is key in this game as you all know... does anyone have any advice? something like the arc I just...
  52. jack-rythm

    First planted tank ever :)

    Hi everyone, Very new to this site and although my interest with planted aquariums has been quite huge for some time I never had the confidence to go ahead and build one... until now. I would like to show you how my tank started and where I am up to now. Unfortunately I have only just decided...
  53. jack-rythm


    After setting up a 3ft iwagumi Im ready for another different challenge. I want to embark on a new project involving. 45cm x 30cm. X 30cm tank but am unsure as of which size heater to use? Am i right in thinking as its only a small tank with a ex600 or fluval 205 that a 25w heater should...
  54. jack-rythm

    best cheap filter for a nano tank?

    Hi every one. Need some good hard honest advice. Im planning no setting up a new nano tank but am unsure about small external filters that will do the job but not burn a rocket hole in pocket. I have been offered a fluval 203 for just ten quid. Do i take it and see what i can afford after some...
  55. jack-rythm

    hello ukaps believers of beauty!

    Hi everyone! Im Jack and Im from Plymouth in devon. Just wanna say how amazing this site is. I plan on using this site for years to come and so i really do hope more and more people can join in and be part of this! My main interest is iwagumi style tanks and currently have a 2 month old 3ft...