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    Ludwigia helminthorriza

    Does anybody know if this plant is available in the UK? Has anyone had experience with it?
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    Eriocaulon cinereum

    Does anybody know of a sound source for this plant, preferably one of the tissue culture products?
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    Arcadia Jungle Dawn 40w LED spot

    Does anybody use this little spotlight? It was suggested to me by a reptile enthusiast who used it for growing plants in a Viv. It appears to be able to satisfy a light hungry floater that I have been trying to grow for years with little success. I am wondering, is it likely to provide...
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    Overwintering Ludwigia sedioides

    Has anybody managed to overwinter this plant in the UK? Does anybody know the set of conditions that this plant requires to grow well in the UK? Thanks in advance for any information that anybody can give me. Phill.
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    Ludwigia sedoides

    Has anybody ideas as to why this plant does not appear to be available? or where it may be available from? Would it be possible to obtain it from a Botanical collection?
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    can any of the popular external filters be backflushed?

    Do any of the external filters have a conveniently useable means of draining water in a reverse flow mode to "flush" the filter?, as opposed to dismantling and rinsing
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    Java moss that grows as a dense cushion

    Does anybody know about a Java Moss that grows as a dense cushion? is this a characteristic growth form of a moss species? or is it environmental? i.e. light level, CO2 etc. Thanks, Phill.