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  1. John Starkey

    Update on my ADA 60p

    After George did the initial setup I have changed things quite a bit . I’ve tried different plants to see how thing grow for future scraping.
  2. John Starkey

    Quite a few Changes.

    Hi everyone, I’ve made quite a few changes hardscape and plant wise since George did the initial setup . This is how it looks now at three months old . All the algae issues I had have gone mainly achieved by extra water changes and spot dosing Excel .
  3. John Starkey

    Six weeks old.

    Things are going quite well , i do have a small issue with Staghorn algae on the slower growing plants but not a massive issue. I’m spot dosing with Excel and 60% water changes to try and get on top of it. Overall considering it’s been around 15 years since my last scape I’m very happy with the...
  4. John Starkey

    St Michaels Mount.

    My wife and I had a lovely week in Cornwall in early October. Here’s one of my favourite pics from the week.
  5. John Starkey

    Link to my Flickr page

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/john_starkey/, thought you might like to see some of my wildlife images, regard's John.
  6. John Starkey

    New Photography upload site

    Hi All,for those who may be interested google have come up with a site similar to flickr,it's called 500px,the quality of the image's are excellent,if you need inspiration then go take a look around, John.
  7. John Starkey

    Dragon Fly's in flight

    Two dragon fly's for you to look at, hope you like them, John.
  8. John Starkey

    Tip for cleaning filter hosing

    Hi all,i was cleaning my 16/17mm hosing today and found a novel way to flush them out,if you have an outside tap in the garden,attach a hose lock tap connector then push your hosing onto it,(it fit's very snuggly)turn on the tap at full pressure and hey presto all the crap is flushed out in a...
  9. John Starkey

    A little birdy mixture from yesterday

    Just a few from yesterday's outing, Common Tern Kingfisher. Goldfinch Goldfinch Thanks for looking John.
  10. John Starkey

    Three Rare bird's (More image's added)

    Hi All, i had to show you these quite rare bird's for the uk,they come here from europe and west africa to breed,then return home to over winter, Male Pied Fly catcher Male Red start Female Red start Male Pied Flycatcher Male Pied Fly catcher Female Redstart And a good old Nuthatch...
  11. John Starkey

    Butterfly Macro

    Hi all thought i would show you this image of a Brimstone butterfly, Lens was the Canon 100mm f/2.8 is L cheers john.
  12. John Starkey

    Just my little survey (for those with opti-white tanks)

    Hi all,could all the members with opti-white tanks say where they had them made please,this is just to see who is out there making opti-white tanks at the moment in the uk, PS: And please don't turn this into a personal attack on any supplier :thumbup: ,as this is just for my own interest...
  13. John Starkey

    Lighting options

    Hi all,i am in the planing stage for my next setup 80x40x40 opti-white,i can,t decide what lighting to go for,i have looked at the arcadia luminaire,s,the new led tiles i think i will wait until they have been out longer and more people are using them,i am considering the ADA solar II,it has two...
  14. John Starkey

    Favourite plant species

    Hi all,i just wondered what two plant species you would have in a new setup,myself personally in my new setup i will design something around H-Pinafitida and P erectus,i just love these two plants,and i think they are quite easy to grow and seem to do well in my 60ltr nano with just 22w, john.
  15. John Starkey

    Glory Glory man Utd

    Did any chelsea fans watch the game ?,i thought it was a good game,to be honest i dont think utd have played that well this season,just results from other teams have gone our way,still i am happy that we will be taking the premier league record wins ahead of the scousers :lol: , john.
  16. John Starkey

    Slow motion red kites

    Here,s a link to this video,its really cool http://youtu.be/AYOx-iCMZhk regards john.
  17. John Starkey

    Lighting Period

    Hi All, i just wondered what you think is the optimum lighting time for your setup,i was having mine on for eight 8hr 30mins,with no algae issue,s at all, i have tried to up it to 9hrs and i have noticed tiny black spots coming on the staurogyne,so i will lower it back down,i think it would...
  18. John Starkey

    New opti-white setup

    Hi all i have read all the post,s about aquariums ltd,and its put me off ordering a little bit which is unfortunate,where else can i get an opte-white tank and cabinet made? , john.
  19. John Starkey

    More landscape effort,s

    These my not be to everyone,s taste,s,my PP skills are very limited but this is what i settled for after a little play in lightroom 3, Honest opinion and C&C welcome, john.
  20. John Starkey

    Women UPDATE 23/4/11

    I have been married to my wife for 31 yrs,and together for 34yrs,you would think i understood her and knew a little about her by know :crazy: ,well let me tell you young un,s you will never know or understand what a woman will do next or is thinking,they are so unpredictable,it has taken me the...
  21. John Starkey

    Hygrophila pinafitida

    Hi all, I got some of the above plant when I was at vivarium,it was emersed Form,it has been doing realy well for the last three weeks,but I just noticed all the leaves are getting little hole in them,would this be due to the plant changing into it's submersed form ?,or is the plant lacking...
  22. John Starkey

    Trying to improve my landscapes for my tuscan holiday

    Tried these today,if anyone can give any c&c to help please do, i tried back lighting on some of them, john.
  23. John Starkey

    Squabbling tree sparrow,s

    Hi All,whilst i was sat in a hide at the weekend waiting for a particular bird to show,i noticed how these tree sparrow,s squabbled over the perches,so i thought i would try to catch the moment, hope you liked them, john 
  24. John Starkey

    For sale section (Not many Donations)

    i will start by apologising if this post offends anyone,but i feel a little miffed after having a look in the for sale section that hardly anyone feels kind enough to make a donation to the forum from the sale of their plants and other stuff ,this site does not run itself and cannot continue...
  25. John Starkey

    My First ever sighting and image of a rarity

    Hi All,i just had to show you these images from yesterday a first on all counts for me,the thing i am angry with is in my excitement i forgot to change aperture for a more sharper overall image,so the depth of field is not what i would have liked,but still happy to see one its called a STONECHAT...
  26. John Starkey

    Studio lighting

    I am thinking of getting some lighting so I can get better shots indoors,I have looked at some by proline ,they do a set called Apollo 300 £350 ish,and set called the 180,just different light strengths,jessops have an offer on on a set they do ,reduced to £199 from £250,any one using some they...
  27. John Starkey

    Hydor inline heater

    Hi all,i have often thought about adding one of these,but was concerned about how much flow i will lose,what are the for,s and against please before i make up my mind, John.
  28. John Starkey

    TMC lighting tiles,

    I have read the thread in here about these tiles but who is using one at the moment and how are things going plant wise with them, John.
  29. John Starkey

    Kingfisher stunning fish to eat

    I have been going through some of my kingfisher shots from last year,here,s one a bit different, thanks for looking, John.
  30. John Starkey

    Pogostemon erectus

    Hi all,just got myself a couple of pots of the above,i have looked at the tropica site but can,t find the info i want,does anyone know if this plant is treated the same as any other stem plant,cuttings can be planted,is it best to plant individual stem,or bunch them up,i suppose it depends on...
  31. John Starkey

    short reply,s

    Just a quick apology about my short reply,s to articles,this is due to timing out issue,s i get,(i had two goes writing this short bit) regards, john.
  32. John Starkey

    Help White spot (Dosing update)

    Hi All,i have just noticed white spot on four of my cardinals,i know that raising the tank temperature to the eighties will help,i thought about trying to catch them but i would be hard pushed in this tank, Can anyone recommend a treatment thats safe for plants and especially safe for my...
  33. John Starkey

    How I beat BBA

    Hi all,I just thought I would write this as it may benefit newer members, When I had the BBA outbreak back in nov/dec this is how I got rid of it in three weeks,firstly it's important to identify what the cause was ,in my case it was too much lighting (36w),i removed one of the light units so...
  34. John Starkey

    Birds In Flight

    Thought you might like to see these,BIF,S are my favourite style of photography at the moment, Hope you enjoy them, regards, john.
  35. John Starkey


    Hi all,i haven,t posted much of late, i was ill for 4 weeks over xmas and new year so never got out much,anyway i got the heads up from one of my toggin mates about a GOLDCREST being in the area near my home ,now if you guys have seen a JENNY WREN you will think its a small bird,well i can tell...
  36. John Starkey

    Who,s been snowed in ?

    Just wondered who,s missed work due to the snow,I myself have missed all this week so far but will try to get in today, Merry Xmas all , Regards John .
  37. John Starkey

    Toshiba canvio external HD for mac

    Hi all, i want one of these but cant seem to source one in the uk,anyone know where i might get one, regards, john.
  38. John Starkey

    Birds In Flight

    Hi all,i am trying to improve on my BIF shots,so i went to slimebridge wet lands trust yesterday as its a good place to practice,These are Black-Headed Gulls hope you like them, regards, john.
  39. John Starkey

    RAF Donna Nook Grey seals

    Hi all,i spent last weekend up at Donna Nook with some mates,here,s a few pics i took,all my pics were taken behind the fence,some toggers feel they need to go to the water line ignoring the wardens pleas not too,what price a picture ? AN ABANDONED SEAL PUP :evil: , thanks john.
  40. John Starkey

    Some recent work (Pic Heavy)

  41. John Starkey

    Surface Film

    Hi all,i thought i would post this here instead of in my journal,as i am hoping for more opinions, Right the only real probs i was having while doing a fish less cycle was a few diatoms/brown algae,now my filter has matured that has cleared up nicely,i was dosing easy carbo 1ml a day and i was...
  42. John Starkey

    Wanted Photoshop CS 4

    Hi Does anyone have a copy of CS 4 available please,i don,t mind paying for it, regards, john.
  43. John Starkey

    Kingfisher in flight

    This the first one i have ever got in flight,not as good as you can see not perfect focus but a decent record shot, regards, john.
  44. John Starkey

    My first ever kingfisher shots

    Hi all,i have been after these all summer,i finally found i place where i can get quite close,i got quite a few good ones but these i liked because of the fish in the mouth, i hope you enjoyed them, regards, john.
  45. John Starkey

    Opinions wanted on sharpness FEW MORE ADDED

    i took this on sunday 24th oct,focal length was 700mm,i just wondered if you think it is sharp, as some say its not,it looks sharp on my laptop,just wanted to know what it looks like on your PC,s, regards, john. thanks john.
  46. John Starkey

    Aquajardin meet Date fixed For 20th Nov List Names PLSE

    Hi All,just putting the feelers out to see if we can have a get together at this great shop,it is cracking store with lots of planted tanks setup,the staff are smashing and i am sure Edward (Store manager)would be pleased to see all,i was thinking a saturday or sunday next month,the only weekend...
  47. John Starkey

    Dan Crawford Grass track racing

    Hi all,i went watch Dan today,i must say i found it quite difficult as i couldn,t find a spot close enough to get the shots i wanted (health and safety)the catch ropes were 4 wide,anyway heres a few pics of dan in action,he,s the passenger on bike no5. thats all for now regards, john.
  48. John Starkey

    Parotocinclus Nanay Eanea

    Hi All,i saw some of these for sale in Aquajardin today and its a new fish on me,i have googled the name but still non the wiser,can anyone shed some light on these,i can only presume it a cat fish of sorts,they were very very tiny,but lovley little things, regards, john.
  49. John Starkey

    Wild britain (Ray mears)

    Hi All,did anyone watch the above program ?,it was filmed in the forest of Dean,i just wondered if any of you spotted all the moss on rocks and tree stumps,also did you see how some of the plants carpet the forest floor,its an amazing forest with some amazing wild life,i have spent hours and...
  50. John Starkey

    36 watts Too much ?

    Hi all,i have two 18w supafish lights over my 60ltr nano,do you guys think this is too much light,i still have more plants to go in yet and then it will be 100% planted, most of the plants are low light and i am going to add co2 at the week end, regards, john.
  51. John Starkey

    English woodland Long overdue update

    Hi all, hope your all well,after selling my 450ltr tank 7 months ago i felt it was time i set up another one be it very much smaller,after visiting Aquajardin last week i got my self a Dennerle 60ltr nano,since i spend of lot of time in the forest of dean,cannock chase and other places of...
  52. John Starkey

    Evening sunset (dubrovnik) & London eye (long exposure)

    Hi All,yes i know more pics but i am very bored stuck in the house :roll: :lol: , I took this hand held no filters or nothing lens was canon 10-22mm,at 17mm,ISO 100,f/14,shutter speed 1/60 sec, this one i quite like except for the light in the sky in the right side,if i knew how to use...
  53. John Starkey

    Macro mixture

    Hi all got home from hospital today after a minor op and a three day stay due to excessive bleeding,i took a few macro shots on tuesday before i went in so thought i would load them up for you to see,as i am very bored sat in the chair, regards , john.
  54. John Starkey

    Hover fly in flight

    Hi all,i have just received my new 100mm is L macro lens,so straight out into the garden for a little play,crap light over this way today but i still had to have a go,hope you like them first time trying these little things in flight,room for improvement i think,cheers john. and a static...
  55. John Starkey

    Close up Insects not quite macro

    Hi All,took these yesterday at a local pond,taken with a canon 70-200mm f/4 L +1x4 extender hand held,one or two were taken with a canon 100mm 2.8 macro non is hand held,hense not real close up macro (forgot my tripod :oops: ) Hope you like them, regards, john. Thanks for...
  56. John Starkey

    Local Poppy fields

    Hi All, took these yesterday just outside worcester,i was using a new hoya pro 1 digital polariser for the first time,certainly adds vibrance and saturation to the colours,these are straight off the camera except for a small crop and resize,lens was a canon 10-22mm. hope you like them...
  57. John Starkey

    Canon 500mm f/4 L

    Hi All,after weeks and weeks of being at loggerheads with the wife she has finally given in to my constant wanting of the above lens,i will be placing the order next week,the bargain price of £4669, happy days, :mrgreen: , regards ,john.
  58. John Starkey

    Holiday in Dubrovnik (croatia)

    Hi All just a few holiday snaps :roll: ,croatia is very nice but very expensive. sorry it was pic heavy, regards, john.
  59. John Starkey

    Home Printing

    Hi All,since i have been into photography i have used an online company called DSCL for my printing,mostly i have been pleased with there results but not always,i have been considering doing my own printing up to A3 size,i calibrate my laptop using spider elite 3,so i do get a little annoyed...
  60. John Starkey

    Small luminares

    Hi all,i am looking for small luminares,I've googled it but can't find any in the Uk,does anyone know anywhere in the Uk that's sells them,by small I mean in the 45cm to 30cm range, cheers john.
  61. John Starkey

    Liberty HOB filters

    Hi all,i am setting up my dennerle 30ltr nano soon,i have a fluval 105,but i was looking at these because of lack of space in the cabinet,using one would free up more space for my fe inside the cabinet,has anyone used these and any feedback would be appreciated, regards, john.
  62. John Starkey


    Hi guys I'm in the apple store writing this on an iPad, I want one,I want one :lol: ,really cool bit of kit, Regards, John.
  63. John Starkey

    Absolutely gutted

    I popped into my local MA today to get some Colombo flora base,this the store I traded most of my fish to,I asked the guy how the redline torpedo barbs sold on,to my amazement he said they all died with 2 hours apart from one,to say I was gutted is an under statement,I adorded those fish and I...
  64. John Starkey

    Tropica plant catalogue

    As per title is there a new 2010 edition out yet, regards john
  65. John Starkey

    British cross country rally (sweet lamb)mid wales

    Hi All,tried my hand at some motor sport photography on saturday,most of these cars are V8s,they reach speeds of 100mph on these mountain tracks,the championship leader in the series so far is a guy called Tim Dilworth (cheif designer for bmw racing, hope you enjoyed looking...
  66. John Starkey

    More birds with a few rarer ones (Pic Heavy)

    (nuthatch) (male pheasant) (bull finch) (male chaffinch) (dunnock) (yellow hammer) (great tit) (female chaffinch) (female sparrow) (male sparrow) (great spotted woodpecker) (partridge) (mistle thrush) (and a greedy squirrel :lol: ) sorry there was so many,hope you...
  67. John Starkey

    Jenny Wren shot

    Hi all,i have been after one of these elusive little birds for some time,today i spent four hours trying to get just one shot,these little fellows do not sit still for a split second,the lighting was very poor and it was peeing down this afternoon, hope you like it,regards,john.
  68. John Starkey

    Flickr link (help Please)

    Hi all,i am hopeless with computers and i want to load a flickr link to my ukaps page ,how do i do it please :oops: , cheers john.
  69. John Starkey

    Red kites in mid wales

    Hi all,i had a day out in mid wales yesterday to a place where you can get some great pics of red kites,they were sooo hard to get a good shot,but i hope you like them and i know there is room for improvement,john. This one is a rare white red kite. Sorry it was pic heavy.
  70. John Starkey

    long tailed tit & goldfinch plus bewick swan in flight

    Two shots from my garden regards john.
  71. John Starkey

    Who's tried Colombo florabase

    As the title says who's tried it and what results you getting,I am looking at getting a 5ltr bag for my 30ltr nano, regards, john.
  72. John Starkey

    new expert

    Hi all,i notice we have a new expert ew1305,so who is this person ?lol regards john.
  73. John Starkey

    Over head lighting/luminaire

    Hi all,i am looking for some lighting for my next setup which will be 18 x 18 x 18,does anyone know of any luminaires this size,i dont really want the expense of MH lighting,a link would be good :thumbup: , regards john.
  74. John Starkey

    Long exposure pics from my trip to london

    Hi all, the wife and i had a long weekend in london so i tried some long exposure shots for the first time,hope you like them, regards john.
  75. John Starkey

    A few bird pics from last wkend

    hope you like them, regards, john.
  76. John Starkey

    Fissidens moss macro pics

    hope you like them, regards,john.
  77. John Starkey

    Macro pics

    Hi i tried some macro pics today,nothing thats not been done before but my first go at it, The watch face was really tiny so quite pleased with the shot, The water drip shots were fun but harder to get the timing right with the remote control, regards john.
  78. John Starkey

    Question for the moderators

    Hi mods,I have a lens for sale and wondered if I could offer our members a good deal as I usually do, regards john.
  79. John Starkey


    When are the results coming out,i am on tender hooks here and at my age that aint good :lol: , regards john.
  80. John Starkey

    New lens pics

    Hi all, i took delivery of my new 100-400 mm L today so i went down to the river severn in worcester for an hour just to play,these are the best two pics i got, hope you like them, regards john.
  81. John Starkey

    Out walking yesterday (with camera of course)

    Here are a few pics i took whilst out walking with the wife yesterday, and heres a pic of the lens my friend rich uses for wildlife/bird photography,out of my league price wise i am afraid, regards john.
  82. John Starkey

    Bird pics

    Hi all,i went to slimbridge wetlands centre yesterday,these are my first attempt at birding photography,the main thing i learnt from the day was the zoom lens i have doesnt have enough reach,anyway these are some of the better ones,straight off the camera, regards john. Thanks for looking.
  83. John Starkey

    Merry Xmas

    Hi all, i am working away next week and wont be home until xmas eve morning,so just incase i foreget, MERRY XMAS TO EVERYONE ON UKAPS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR :thumbup: :thumbup: regards John.
  84. John Starkey

    Full tank shots

    Hi all,i got a wide angle lens on thursday for landscape pics but its also ideal for full tank shots, A few macro pics. img]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z267/johnnybegood53/IMG_3233.jpg[/img] thanks for looking,regards john.
  85. John Starkey

    sowing seeds

    Its a good job this is a plant forum,because there has been plenty of seeds sown in the last nine months judgeing by the babys being born at the moment :lol: :lol: :lol: :clap: :clap: , well done all you new dads, regards john.
  86. John Starkey

    Tough decisions

    Hi all, having looked through all the entries i think the judges are going to have a really tough job on their hands, well done to everyone who has entered, regards john.
  87. John Starkey

    Nice moss picture

    , Took this a few days ago whilst out walking with the wife, regards john.
  88. John Starkey

    new flickr page

    Hi all,i have put my flickr link in my sig so you experts can give me some comments on what you think, not many pics yet but give me time :lol: , regards john.
  89. John Starkey

    Canon speedlite flash gun

    Hi all, here's a question for all the serious photographers on here,my wife says she will get me one of the above flash units,580ex or the 430ex mk 2,for Xmas.being just a serious ametuer would I be any better off long term getting the 580ex as I think the 430ex will be good enough for what I...
  90. John Starkey

    photo shop

    Hi all, I will be getting a mac book soon,can you guys recommend an photo editing program, regards john.
  91. John Starkey

    Links to my journal

    Hi all, could someone pm the aquaticroom with a link to my journal, the lads there want to have a look, I'm not sure how to do it, thanks guys john
  92. John Starkey

    Quetion for the moderaters

    Hi mods,I have a camera bag I want to swop (not sell)brand new,I want to know if it's ok to post in the sale/swop section, john
  93. John Starkey

    Long term substrate

    Hi all, I am looking at stripping my big setup down,it's had Eco complete in it for just over two years, I just wondered if anyone knows which is the longest lasting substrate on the Market,I know Ada Malayan is long term,wondered if there is anything else which is known to be long term...
  94. John Starkey

    Water changes (how long it takes)

    Hi all, I did my fastest ever water change this morning,I did it in 50 mins,that's empying,glass cleaning,and refilling about 25% 25g roughly,when I look back and think how long it used to take I was well chuffed, so I was wondering how long you lot spend on tank maintaintence each week ...
  95. John Starkey

    450d lenses or compatibles

    Hi all, i will be looking to add some extra lenses at some point,can anyone recommend a macro lense,wide angle lense,and a zoom lense, i dont want to pay the earth but i dont mind paying for something half decent,is it possible to buy lenses that do macro and zoom,or is it best to have dedicated...
  96. John Starkey

    lack of bees in the garden

    Hi All,the wife and i are members of the national trust and visit quite a few gardens and houses during the summer,today we visited some lovely gardens in the cotswolds nr chipping campden,what struck myself and a lot of other visitors was the lack of honey bees,apparently its a worrying thing...
  97. John Starkey

    Happy birthday paulo

    Good morning birthday boy,I hope you have lovely day Paulo,happy birthday, I hope you had some glassware off the wife, Regards john.
  98. John Starkey

    journal taster

    Hi All,i finally picked up my cabinet this morning from wharfe aquatics nr nottingham,ive had the opti-white tank since last october but my bro inlaw let me down on the making of a cabinet, so i went to the same place who built my large setup, here,s a couple of pics of what i have to look...
  99. John Starkey

    Match fishing

    Hi guys,after match fishing for thirty years I have decided to give it up and sell the lot,after losing my youngest son ben to cancer three years ago I have totally lost interest, So if any of you anglers amongst us want a bargain just pm me. Regards john.
  100. John Starkey

    forum members

    Hi all ,from today im finished with this forum because ive had enough of the crap and the attaude of some of the people posting on here,john.