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  1. SDIESEL77

    Opinion on Aqua Rebell Mikro Basic Eisen Fertilizer

    Hi, Anybody using the Aqua Rebell Mikro Basic Eisen fertilizer? Do you have good results? Do you add nitrate/phosphate or not needed? Thanks [emoji4]
  2. SDIESEL77

    Smart ATO top off in planted tank

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anybody is using a smart ATO to compensate water evaporation in their planted tank? I have an Aquascaper 900, open top, and it's generating quite a lot of evaporation. I was thinking to add something like this...
  3. SDIESEL77

    Tropica Specialised or Premium v2

    Hi All, I am currently using the Tropica Specialised in my nano tank (55L) and always had a bit of algae due to high phosphate/nitrate. I am now upgrading to the Aquascaper 900 tank and was wondering if I should instead switch to the Tropica Premium? Here is a quick video of the tank which will...
  4. SDIESEL77


    Specs: Aquarium: Aquascaper 900 Volume: 202L Light: Twinstar 900S + S2 Pro Dimmer/Timer (7h daily with 1h ramp) Substrate: Ada Amazonia v2 soil Hardscape: Dragon Stones Filter: Oase Thermo 600 + Glass Lily & Skimmer pipes CO2: 20 bps via stainless steel diffuser Fertiliser: 8ml daily of...
  5. SDIESEL77

    Large water change necessary?

    Hi All By reading multiple posts I can see that most of you are doing large weekly water charges (50%). Is it something that can be decreased 20/30%? Let's say by maybe dosing less fertiliser or or adding carbon in filter or something else...
  6. SDIESEL77

    Water change temperature

    Hi, Probably a really stupid question but is Water change temperature important? I always though so but recently I met 2 guys who told me they always put new water straight from the garden tap cold. I'm now just asking as I'll have to change around 60L/week with my new tank from next week and...
  7. SDIESEL77

    Hi from Celbridge - Ireland

    Hi All, I'm Steph from Ireland (originally from France), I orginally started by a Reef Tank few years ago then due to a life change (kids) and lack of time, moved to a small freshwater tank (Aquanano40 - 55L) last year and now I think I got again the bug and decided to upgrade to an Aquascaper...