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  1. Steve Smith

    Hi guys and girls

    Welcome Steve :)
  2. Steve Smith

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Looks like it's an hour north from Kings Cross on Great Northern to get to Huntingdon, and then maybe try and get someone to pick you up at the rail station or taxi it :)
  3. Steve Smith

    Tank Level External Filter For Nano

    The Dennerle Scapers Flow looks pretty interesting. Sort of a HoB/External hybrid. I've not used one yet so can't comment on how they work.
  4. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    That'd be lovely, thanks Tim! I'll PM you :)
  5. Steve Smith

    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome! Having driven through Kansas before, there's not much rocky inspiration around from what I could see! Plenty of fields though :)
  6. Steve Smith

    Nightmare morning water all over the floor

    Rhizome :) Doesn't look like it's buried to me but yes, if it is you run the risk of the plants rotting. Loving the setup, those lights and light stand look great!
  7. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Thanks for the heads up on Fire Aqua. Their site looks nice! It's too late now though, Wharf Aquatics are building me a cube in 6mm float glass for £38, and I'll go collect it on the 12th May. They didn't want any deposit, just pay on collection. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I also got the...
  8. Steve Smith

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Looking like I can only do 23rd unfortunately. Ah well, there’ll be more hopefully :)
  9. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Yes, my bachelor days are well and truly past me :) I’ve done a lot of growing up in the last 5 years, starting to feel my age now (40 next year?!) Thanks for the tips. I’ve had a quote from Wharf aquatics for a 35cm cube in 6mm float glass for £38, so I think that’s the way I’m going to go. It...
  10. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Yeah, it was in a box, with thin half cm thick polystyrene around the outside of the box and then a layer of bubble wrap. All wrapped in a black plastic bag. Not great packaging! In hindsight, the glass is actually quite thin (4mm). I'll be getting a full refund so I think I'm going to shop...
  11. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Well, the new tank arrived today... :( I'm getting a full refund, so can't fault the seller on that I guess.
  12. Steve Smith

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    I haven't been to a UKAPS meet up in something like 4 or 5 years (been away from the aquascaping life). Hopefully I can make this one :)
  13. Steve Smith

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Fingers crossed I'm free that weekend but need to double check with the boss :)
  14. Steve Smith

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Might be up for this depending on the date :)
  15. Steve Smith

    Hi am new to the forum

    Welcome! :)
  16. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    I’ve gone for a 35cm cube from an eBay seller called AquaLiveUK. I struggled to find a 35cm cube as I’m restricted by the cabinet (which I’m not allowed to replace ) I got a quote from one of the tank builders mentioned in a thread someone posted on the forum, but it was out of my budget...
  17. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    New filter arrived today, a JBL Cristalprofi e402. It looks like a great little filter and I’m pleased to say it fits the cabinet. I’ll need to make a hole for the hoses but that will be easy enough. I’ve also ordered the new tank, so hopefully I’ll have that next week. Quick picture to show...
  18. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    The upgraded tank will fill the cabinet completely (cabinet is an IKEA Eket combo), which is why I have to find a 35x35cm cube. And, the filter needs to fit into the bottom section of the cabinet, which measures 31.5cm x 31.5cm x 31.5cm internally. The JBL filter apparently measures 28.8cm tall...
  19. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Little in-situ shot. It's quite a tiny tank really...
  20. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Just had the conversation over lunch, I've got the green light for a new tank, but not quite the 55 litre. So, this is going to get upgraded to a 42 litre 35x35x35 cube, with a JBL Cristalprofi e402 external filter hopefully (if I can get it all to fit in the tiny space I have). The JBL seems...
  21. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    Cheers! Life has been very up and down over the last 4 or 5 years, but it's on a massive up at the moment, having just got married :) Currently trying to persuade the wife that a 55 litre cube would look fantastic in the living room ;)
  22. Steve Smith

    Slow burning 22l nano

    I've had this little tank running for about 8 months now, and it's been through stages of neglect over that short time. But now, I'm getting on top of it and maintaining things regularly (as I should have been doing from the start). Luckily it's been relatively slow growing, and the only issue...
  23. Steve Smith

    How do you pronounce UKAPS?

    Always been U-KAPS for me, right since the start when the society first sparked into life :)
  24. Steve Smith

    Alaska Salmon run - live webcam

    Stumbled across this yesterday. It's great to watch the bears catching salmon! The Riffles - Brown Bear & Salmon Cam - Bears - explore
  25. Steve Smith

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    Shame the Stockport one clashes with the Festival of Fishkeeping! :(
  26. Steve Smith

    Resolved! Lots of me!

    Looks like some sort of browser glitch to me. Have you tried clearing cache like Alastair suggests?
  27. Steve Smith

    Pets @ Home huge planted tank projects and event.

    Sounds great fun! I might be able to make New Malden depending on a few things, but Stockport might be out (might be in the USA by then).
  28. Steve Smith

    Congratulations Mark Evans of Tropica!

    Fantastic news Mark! Well deserved :) I couldn't think of anyone better to champion the cause!
  29. Steve Smith

    Hi from Birmingham

    Welcome aboard Dan!
  30. Steve Smith

    Garden Plant ID's. Post here!

    I have another one... Well, two :lol: Sorry, large pic: http://deviant-uk.org/pics/uploads/IMG_20130529_120653.jpg Interested in what both of these are. I'm looking for a shrub to fill a gap in the garden, in a mostly shady spot. I like the small leaves of both of these two.
  31. Steve Smith

    A 'little' box of chocolates, licorice n allsorts - baby chocco fry

    It can be done if the sump is covered to help keep CO2 levels up but it can be a problem.
  32. Steve Smith

    Evening All :)

    Welcome Ian! :)
  33. Steve Smith

    gotta love it when you get service like this

    I guess it would depend on whether you've followed the storage instructions :)
  34. Steve Smith

    p@h 30cm, Dragonstone Iwagumi attempt (DSM) Now Flooded

    Great layout Matt. The small rocks up front may disappear fast, but the placement overall looks really good :)
  35. Steve Smith

    Online Shrimp Stores

    I assume you know about Freshwater Shrimp and Sharnbrook Shrimp already :) Most smaller sellers are hobbyist breeders selling off surplus to fund their hobby. Shipping costs will always be on the higher end as I would expect most people to ship via a priority mail service such as Royal Mail...
  36. Steve Smith

    Drag/Drop Windows 8

    I've used MP3Tag before. It's pretty basic which means it's pretty straightforward. You can batch edit a bunch of MP3s etc... Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...) I also use MediaMonekey (free) as my media player, so last time I needed to do a bit of tag editing...
  37. Steve Smith

    Drag/Drop Windows 8

    Best thing I could suggest is using ID3 tagging software and clean up all of your tags! This is often the issue when it comes to iTunes/Media player etc etc. Things get put all over the place unless your tags are nice and clean.
  38. Steve Smith

    George's TMC Signature

    Stunning stuff George! Can't wait to see final shots. Are you planning to keep it running after taking the final competition shots (albeit slower I'd expect) or do you plan to tear it down and start something new?
  39. Steve Smith

    Drag/Drop Windows 8

    You may need to check your folder sorting options. It may be grouping stuff together, it may be sorting by artist or some other property that you hadn't noticed. Looking at my music folder, currently it's sorted alphabetically by folder name. So if I had "Album1", "Album2", and "Album3" they...
  40. Steve Smith

    Plant identification

    It's hard to judge scale from the photo, but I think it could be correct. It should be pretty small and compact though. If you google image search for coral pellia, you can see a few comparison shots with regular pellia etc. One in particular looks similar to your photo.
  41. Steve Smith

    Plant identification

    Looks like an odd thing with your image hosting. I've edited your post to show just a link that can be clicked on...
  42. Steve Smith

    Plant identification

    Sorry Jim, can't see the photo :/
  43. Steve Smith

    Drag/Drop Windows 8

    What are you using to move stuff about Hogan? Sounds like you're in a music app or something. Normal windows explorer/my computer file browser behaviour wouldn't necessarily allow what you're describing as it would be automatically sorting the folders alphabetically/by date/by size depending on...
  44. Steve Smith

    Plant identification

    Any photos? What was it supposed to be? Is it possible you have it in emerged form?
  45. Steve Smith

    Drag/Drop Windows 8

    Depends what you mean by drag and drop, and where you're trying to do it... I'm sitting on a Windows 8 PC, which I work with on a daily basis and I have no issues dragging and dropping stuff, but I'm using a mouse... If you're using it with "touch" then dragging stuff is a bit weird. But even...
  46. Steve Smith

    Where can I find anubias sp petite?

    Anubias nana "Bonzai" close enough? Aqua Essentials sells this if so.
  47. Steve Smith

    Recommend a salty site.....

    I had dark thoughts about a marine nano recently Ady. Interested to see how you get on :) I liked the look of the TMC Microhabitat setups. I only wanted something big enough to keep Sexy Shrimp :lol:
  48. Steve Smith

    Sulawesi Shrimp Project

    Yes sir, Mr Andy. Bit of biking here and there. Good to know :)
  49. Steve Smith

    Easy Aqua Double check valve

    No screw fittings, but the brass ones AE (and online auction sites) sell are good. I have several and have been working fine for ages.
  50. Steve Smith

    Cryptocoryne LeGroi confused?

    I think that C. Legroi is actually C. Walkeri "legroi", a sub species I guess. Probably very similar :)
  51. Steve Smith

    Hello from Ascot!

    Welcome Tim!
  52. Steve Smith

    Howzit! (South London)

    Welcome aboard! :)
  53. Steve Smith

    120x45x45 Octopuss on the Rocks

    That's nice Ollie :) Make the brackets at work?
  54. Steve Smith


    Welcome guys :)
  55. Steve Smith

    Pic Heavy thread - Fish, Shrimps and Aquascaping Thailand

    Great photos and a really interesting place! Thanks for sharing :)
  56. Steve Smith

    Sulawesi Shrimp Project

    Looks great Andy :) Can you re-cap and tell me what is the desirable algae? GDA?
  57. Steve Smith


    Welcome Mike :) Can't wait to see photos of your two low tech setups.
  58. Steve Smith

    why your user name?

    Um, well... I changed recently from SteveUK to just my name. Seems the fashion on UKAPS :lol: Previously gone as DevUK, which was short for Deviant UK which is another name I've used. Deviant comes form my bedroom DJ days, but I shortened it when I joined various fish forums as I didn't want...
  59. Steve Smith

    Manzanita Wood

    Tom will ship to the UK, but usually you'd need to get a box to make it worth while. I'm not sure how much it costs, but I think the shipping is the major expense. AndyH has just got a box shipped over :) I got wood! | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  60. Steve Smith

    Times have changed

    Often it's a piece of matte white card or some other material. People tend to play about with position, and even back lighting to get the effect they want. Often you'll find that the sheet of white card/plastic/whatever is at an angle leaning away from the tank towards the top to get a...
  61. Steve Smith

    ADA Aqua Soil Powder Amazonia - Sharp?

    It's basically tiny balls of dried clay, so it's unlikely to cause any issues with your loaches. As Sean says, the powder version is smaller still.
  62. Steve Smith

    Manzanita Wood

    This wood is collected from the hills in California, where Tom lives. Fantastic wood!
  63. Steve Smith


    Welcome! Don't be shy :) Get your hands wet :D
  64. Steve Smith

    Hunters Realm

    Sucks that the wife has put her foot down mate :/ Still, at least you're getting the money back for the stolen items :)
  65. Steve Smith

    Lancashire calling

    Welcome Kevin! :)
  66. Steve Smith

    NA 120cm - Asian Dreams-IAPLC # 251

    I suspect that wood to the left will look a whole lot different when this matures :)
  67. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    Finished up tonight :) Need to play about with CO2, but it's blasting away at the moment. Untitled by Casa-Steve, on Flickr
  68. Steve Smith

    Greetings from norwich

    Welcome Emma! :)
  69. Steve Smith

    New Aquascape - Planting questions

    This guide has some of the information you are looking for :) Pruning - A general guide to plant maintenance | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  70. Steve Smith

    Very confused!

    Does it not thread on I take it?
  71. Steve Smith

    TMC Mountaray bracket dimensions

    That image Mark linked to says it all... It's about 29cm once mounted :| It'd work over my other tank I guess. I think I'll have to investigate suspending the tile above the tank some other way in that case. Thanks for the Link Mark :)
  72. Steve Smith

    TMC Mountaray bracket dimensions

    Hey folks. I'm interested to know how the Mountaray bracket fits over a tank. How far forward does the tile sit when mounted with one? I ask, as I'm thinking about one over a nano, which is about 20cm front to back. Just concerned it may be too big.
  73. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    A little sneak peek. Still got a bit of planting to do and then fill 'er up! Hoping my shelves arrive tomorrow in time for filling up after work. Untitled by Casa-Steve, on Flickr
  74. Steve Smith

    Aquatics live cancelled.

    An indicator of how a combined show would potentially be more successful is the number of Aquatics shops that have branched out into reptiles. Most of my local places (including pets at home) sell reptiles/live food etc.
  75. Steve Smith

    Aquatics live cancelled.

    I think its Middlesex this year Andy.
  76. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    That sucks :(
  77. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    Weird. OK, ditched the password...
  78. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    Thats password UKAPS if you didn't get it ;)
  79. Steve Smith

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    Planting this up now, thought I'd stick on Ustream to see how it worked... Casasteve on USTREAM: . Other Entertainment you'll need a password, it's kinda obvious (and case sensitive, begins with UK, ends with APS ;))
  80. Steve Smith

    Breeders and Keepers Vol.1

    I believe Freshwater Shrimp are getting some copies of Breeders and Keepers. I expect numbers will be limited though.
  81. Steve Smith

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Excellent, I may well have to "borrow" that idea :) I'm already using a 15L folding camping water container for my RO :D Cheers!
  82. Steve Smith

    Ideas for stocking a 55 gallon? Maybe a fish w/ the personality of a dog?

    I'm not sure about compatibility, so please research first, but Puffer fish have great character and are amazing to watch. Again, I don't know if a fresh water puffer would be compatible so check them out.
  83. Steve Smith

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Hi Ady. I meant your water change pump you mentioned. Can't think of anything small enough to fit inside your water containers so assumed you used some sort of external pump? - Is it just an Eheim or something?
  84. Steve Smith

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Also, I've put this on the UKAPS facebook page :)
  85. Steve Smith

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Great photos Ady, thanks for sharing :) Interested to know what pump you use. Does it self prime etc?
  86. Steve Smith

    Hi newbie in dorset

    After a while with this hobby, you'll find photography too :D
  87. Steve Smith

    Newbie from Hull

    Welcome Nutty :)
  88. Steve Smith

    Hi newbie in dorset

    Welcome Lori! :)
  89. Steve Smith

    Hey, from Devon!

    Welcome Marni and Lori! :)
  90. Steve Smith

    A 'little' box of chocolates, licorice n allsorts - baby chocco fry

    That's interesting to see Al. Hope they hatch for you :)
  91. Steve Smith

    Have we got any good nano LED ideas yet?

    Kinky ;)
  92. Steve Smith

    Low maintenance cold water plants?

    Tropical setups just require an appropriate heater to maintain the water temp. Your average tropical tank will run at around 25 - 27 degrees centigrade, but this will depend on the fish you keep. If you already have cold water fish (ie white cloud minnows, goldfish etc) then not really worth...
  93. Steve Smith

    Aquatics live cancelled.

    Woo! Been a few years since I've been there. Always fun :)
  94. Steve Smith

    Perfect DIY Material!

    I actually have a little bag of this stuff which I've never gotten around to using. I was going to use it for some computer case modding or something, which means I must of had it for about 10 years! I'll figure out something to do with it someday :)
  95. Steve Smith

    Aquatics live cancelled.

    UKAPS beers at Paulo's that weekend anyway? All in favour say Aye! :lol:
  96. Steve Smith

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    So I was in my local Pets at home the other day and spotted a really poor grade black CRS. After looking more closely I spotted 5 or 6 CRS shrimplets and another adult too. I walked out of there with the 2 adults, which he charged me less for, and all the shrimplets he could get out for free...
  97. Steve Smith

    Minimal Planting Suggestions

    Second the 1-2 grow weeping moss. Had it a couple of weeks and after initially being a pasty yellow, it's a strong green colour now :)
  98. Steve Smith

    Low maintenance cold water plants?

    You can get away with Anubias and Java ferns as well. Any reason for cold water?