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    Has anyone kept rainbow shiners?

    Just wondering if they are safe in an open top aquarium or are they jumpers?
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    Problem with ciano cabinet

    I've purchased and assembled this cheap ciano 60 cabinet but didn't realise these bolts would be sticking out where the aquarium goes? Is this safe to lay a glass aquarium directly on top of these metal bolts? Are ciano aquariums raised off the base to avoid them?
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    Would this be safe to use as an aquarium stand

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    Any company that makes 45cm cube aquariums?

    Just want a bare 45cm tank but can't seem to find one.
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    Can anyone recommend a good timer?

    every timer I’ve bought over the years stops working or makes a loud mechanical noise, can anyone recommend a good quality one please?
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    Bad snail or good snail?

    Should I remove him?
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    Judge my drop checker colour please

    I am a little colour blind I think, is it blue or green?
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    Would this light be considered low tech?

    https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/wavepoint-led-strip-light-6500k-36-p-6700.html?cPath=12_327&zenid=5a5f8c6e642031952336f09b4e388fec Over a 130 litre fluval m90
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    Where to buy plaudarium planters

    Where can I buy the plant pots that hang on paludariums?
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    Fe still the cheapest co2 method?

    Been a while since I had a planted tank (like 5 years) is fire extinguisher co2 still the cheapest way of injecting co2? I have a 130 litre aquarium
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    Ei dosing for the first time, need help with quantities and how often

    Hi this is my low tech musk turtle aquarium, with 2 t8 bulbs no co2. It's a fluval roma 125 filled about 2/3rds Ive bought an Ei starter kit which comes with dosing instructions but i'm assuming they are for a high tech tank i have 1x kno3 1x kh2po4 1x mgso4 1x chelated trace elements my...
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    question about hydor external heater

    the 300w model says to fit 16mm pipes, could it work with 15mm too or does it have to be exactly 16mm to fit?
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    Euro 2012 Dream Team (The Sun)

    http://www.dreamteamfc.com/fantasyfootball/euro2012/ ive created a league just for fun, if anyone wants to join heres the details. i think you can enter the league pin after creating a team to join, if not i can send you an invite if you tell me your email address. Mini League Name...
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    safe to paint aquarium background with livestock inside?

    i want to paint my background black using ronseal tile paint but not sure if the fumes will be harmful to the fish etc inside the tank, any ideas?
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    doing a smallish rescape with fish/shrimp in tank, ok?

    when i started my tank i was pretty ill and just chucked the plants in randomly, i planted the crypts too close to the glass as the front and now i want to move them to the back (i will take out a couple rocks to make room) will this be ok to do with all my livestock still in the tank?
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    anyone ever kept apple snails

    are the common variety really plant safe? or is it a gamble? also would they be dinner for my zebra loaches?
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    would this led light be suitable for my tank?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-36-Aquari ... 2a1cd6d9af my 240l tank http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19451 i have no clue about led lighting or whats needed for plants to grow, whats considered high or low light when its comes to leds either. could anyone give me some insight please?
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    eheim classic or tmc v2 powerbox?

    im in need of a 2nd filter which is best?
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    good idea to add co2 to this setup?

    viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19451 its only been up and running for 3 weeks and i have been using aqua carbon and aqua nourish. its already stocked with fish and inverts so i know i have to be carefull about getting co2 levels correct but was wondering if its worth adding co2 in the first place? i...
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    How to plant Marsilea crenata?

    do i have to plant each individual stem (which would take ages) or plant in clumps? not sure whether to trim it either
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    All Pond Solutions 240L Tank

    http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquar ... lours.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; complete aps setup finally arrived today. gonna keep it low tech/low maintenance hopefully, im still a noob so dont expect anything amazing :) . substrate - flourite dark and normal, unipac...
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    What did you get for xmas? (fish related or other)

    merry xmas everyone i got a 12 month subscription to pfk magazine :D
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    what do you think of these tanks?

    http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquar ... lours.html after using the pfk discount code it would only cost £360. Lighting Unit: 4 x 39w T5 Bulbs supplied Suspension kit supplied Built-in 1400EF External Filtration System included Cabinet supplied fully assembled 300w Heater and...
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    aqua essentials fertilisers

    are they any good? thinking of using them for my next low tech tank (aqua nourish + aqua carbon)
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    what do you think of these tanks?

    http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquar ... lours.html i currently have 3 aps external filters and very happy with them, im considering one of these for my next tank.
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    painted background removal

    hello ive just purchased a juwel trigon off ebay i noticed the background was blue but assumed it was just a plastic stick on, got it home and realised it had been painted with what looks like emulsion. is there anyway to remove it without damaging the glass?
  27. C

    hc covered in algae

    60 litre tank fe co2 aps 1000 l/h filter i dose 2ml of tpn+ and 2ml of flourish excel daily was running 2 x 24w t5 lights but have recently started using just the one, for 7 hours a day i manually remove as much as possible without uprooting everyday and its back within 24 hours