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  1. flygja

    120cm - Some hills and some plants

    Hi all, been away for a while as usual, but still scaping. Here's my latest attempt: Hardscape is made out of Okho or dragon stones. These are all the stones I have. The greyish ones I bought many years ago, the brownish ones a few years ago. The colours and textures don't match completely...
  2. flygja

    Aquascaping infographic

    Very nice infographic you can print and stick on your wall. The site also has more detailed information on iwagumi, NA, dutch and jungle styles. While I don't quite agree 100% with his definition of NA and jungle styles, they're still pretty good. Courtesy of: The Aquarium Guide
  3. flygja

    Nordic Scapers Hardscape Challenge

    Check out the results from the hardscape challenge: http://aquaa3.com.br/2015/12/1o-nordic-scapers-hardscape-contest-nshc-2015.html. Bear in mind that these are not supposed to be flooded or planted or maintained in any way shape or form
  4. flygja

    Digital ADA Aquajournals - where are they now?

    Did anyone here subscribe to the ADA digital aquajournals that were hosted on the Coverleaf service? They've been removed for a long time and I've never been able to find them again. I emailed ADA twice with no reply. Kinda sucks that I paid money and don't get to keep a copy. Does anyone know...
  5. flygja

    flygja's 120cm Kaizen

    For those in the know, Kaizen is a Japanese word for "improvement". This scape is based on continuous improvement for me. There were 4 objectives: 1. Use river gravel as the main substrate. This was to facilitate easier feeding of my discus. It used to rip up the grass carpet when the frozen...
  6. flygja

    Rotala rotundifolia don't branch after trim

    I've got a bunch of Rotala rotundifolia that don't branch (2 branches from the trimmed stem) after they are trimmed. Does anyone know why this is so? Is it due to a lack of light or nutrients or CO2? Here's a picture of the stems, I didn't take a close up shot. IMG_20141208_092720 by flygja, on...
  7. flygja

    60cm - See what sticks

    Here's my new 60cm 60L scape. 60 x 30 x 36cm 2x 24W PLL fluorescent currently at 5 hours per day Eheim 2217 CO2 at 2 bps through inline Up Aqua diffuser ADA Aquasoil New Amazonia (re-used in 3 or 4 scapes by now!) Fertilised with EI (If I remember my formula correctly) 16 teaspoons KNO3 + 2...
  8. flygja

    Eheim Pro 3 - worst Eheim ever?

    Caution, I'm ranting. I bought two second hand 2080s some months ago. Both of them immediately leaked, the known issue of water seeping into the head. Local distributor in Malaysia would not honor 3 year warranty and I had to pay to get one of them fixed, the other was salvagable by generously...
  9. flygja

    120cm - Colours

    I was getting bored of the scape in my 120cm 300L tank so I've been planning a rescape for some time now. Previously I had a low-ish maintenance scape with mainly slower growing ferns and crypts. I've decided to create a scape with as much colour as I can, using a combination of stem plants. The...
  10. flygja

    60cm Motivation

    I call it Motivation because I hope it will bring back my motivation for aquascaping. A simple-ish rock scape to start the year with. 60 x 30 x 36 cm Eheim 2215 70W DIY LEDs with 10x Cree XR-E 3W and 4x Cree XM-L 10W ADA New Amazonia CO2 at 2bps Fertilised using the EI method Plants...
  11. flygja

    120cm new scape

    My new project for this year :) I'm designing it as a low-ish maintenance tank for a few pairs of discus and some other dither fish. So no stems for this one :roll: 120 x 50 x 50cm 300L DIY LED lighting with 10x Cree XML 10W Eheim 2217 and Fluval 405 Plant list includes: Cryptocoryne...
  12. flygja

    Useful stickers

    Check them out. http://cgi.ebay.com/10-Pack-Fish-Tank-W ... 2eb5bfa3b1 Many more on other themes from the seller!
  13. flygja

    flygja's 60cm NAC

    NAC = NA Clone. So nothing groundbreaking or creative, just NA by the books. Miss the feeling of growing and trimming stems, so here goes! All the specs are the same as my previous scape, with the exception of the soil. Trying out KW's own-brand soil since there's a shortage of ADA Amazonia. KW...
  14. flygja

    My 2nd iwagumi

    Seeing as the first one was a failure, I decided to tear it down and start a new one with some new rocks I collected while on holiday. Anyway... 60 x 30 x 36 cm Eheim 2215 DIY LED lighting 6 hours per day Pressurised CO2 through an inline reactor at ~2bps EI dosed with ADA Green Brighty Step...
  15. flygja

    Koh Lanta - Landscapes in portrait

    A selection of some of the shots I took in Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand. Comments are most welcome!
  16. flygja

    My DIY LED retrofit

    Here's are some pics from my DIY LED lighting. I used 12 pieces of Cree XR-E 3W LEDs driven by 2 Luxdrive 1000mA buckpucks. The whole thing is powered by a 24V 4A laptop power supply. It all started with a bog standard Dolphin 60cm 2x18W lighting unit. Ripped out all the innards and cut a...
  17. flygja

    Trace dosing

    Hey guys, I haven't been able to figure out how trace elements are dosed according to EI. From what I read, it doesn't matter much since the uptake is low, so amounts are measured by the Iron concentration. I bought these trace elements powder - http://www.auasia.com.my/products_cifo_mikrom.htm...
  18. flygja

    Dragonsback Ridge 60cm

    Hey guys. This is my new rockscape. I've never scaped exclusively with rocks before, so this is something new for me. I can't call myself a scaper until I've done an iwagumi, so here it is! 60cm x 30cm x 36cm Eheim 2215 DIY LED lighting consisting of 12 Cree XR-E 3W LEDs for a total of 1.8 wpg...
  19. flygja

    flygja's Cascades

    Hey guys :wave: I wanted to post pictures of my tank in the gallery section, but my tank never seems to be complete! So I present to you an extremely backdated account of my tank's progress :lol: I started somewhere in April last year. I know you guys love specs so here goes: 90cm x 45xm x...
  20. flygja

    How its made - Oliver Knott's NatureSoil

    I didn't know it was made in Japan. Check out the last picture in the series, now I know why powder types are more expensive than normal types. http://www.pbase.com/plantella/naturesoil_production
  21. flygja

    Moss close-ups

    Hey guys. Had to take out all my mosses due to a large infestation of thread algae which I couldn't get rid off. Took some 1:1 close-ups while I was at it. Peacock/Taiwan moss with aforementioned thread algae :x Xmas moss: Xmas moss actually grows brown roots. I always thought the brown...
  22. flygja

    Canon 5200mm f/14 lens

    No, it ain't a typo. And its probably unobtainable either :lol: The Death Star laser of lenses!
  23. flygja

    Can't seem to get rid of GSA

    Hey guys, hope you can help me out here. Firstly, a picture of my tank and its specs. 90cm x 45cm x 45cm ~140 litres Filtered with an Eheim 2215 and a Tetratec EX90 Lit with 4x 36W Philips 865 6500K fluorescent lights with reflectors 8 hours per day Injected with pressurised CO2 via 2 inline...
  24. flygja

    About Magnesium

    I've been trying to find out what is Magnesium needed for in a planted tank, besides raising the GH. If my GH is high enough, do I still need to add MgSO4 to my EI solution? Thanks.
  25. flygja

    flygja's tank: Forest Clearing

    Hey guys. I hope that non-UKers are allowed to post their tanks? :lol: Anyway, here's what my tank currently looks like. I trimmed the stems about a week ago. Yesterday I removed about 1 inch of glosso from the glass as it was building up and creating spawning areas for green slimy algae...