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  1. beeky

    Low Tech 150 litre – First Steps

    Any Cichlid will eat shrimp or best case, cause them to hide so you won't see them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. beeky

    An Attempt at Simplicity...

    Be interesting to see how you get on with the Cyperus, I can't keep it alive for more than a few months Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. beeky

    First Tank in 9 Years.............

    I used Tropica substrate but found it really messy. Grew stuff well though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. beeky

    "Destinys" Child!

    Great work! Looks excellent!
  5. beeky

    From This to This!!!

    Was just looking at a very old journal of mine, and thought I'd add to this thread. From this: To this: :eek: :oops: To this: This was in 2008. Cheers, Graham
  6. beeky

    Cheap pressurised CO2 system DIY guide

    I don't know if everyone else has bigger cabinets than me, but the internal height of mine is 23.5 inches. Will I be able to fit a 2kg FE and reg in this space? I would have imagined most cabinets are the same sort of height?
  7. beeky

    Fish 101 Precision Regulator

    I suppose it's another lesson in "you get what you pay for". To a certain extent anyway.
  8. beeky

    Discussion: Are we obsessed with circulation and flow?

    I'm a great believer in keeping tanks clean and I think high flow/filtration at 10x helps to achieve this. It's definitely possible to have lower flow like Amano and others as long as you're meticulous in removing dirt/detritus. In the marine world high flow has been found to be necessary for...
  9. beeky

    Fish 101 Precision Regulator

    I think the solenoid bit is a copy/paste error from the other regulator they sell. I have emailed them already but they're just resellers so have no other knowledge of it. What they have on the ebay item is just stuff repeated from the instructions/box - and they also said the instructions were...
  10. beeky

    Fish 101 Precision Regulator

    Has anyone had experience of one of these regs: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Precision-Regulat ... 335d846d55 I've emailed the seller about thread size and max pressure but they didn't know. So I tracker down the manufacturers from the side of the box and emailed them but I'm not really expecting a...
  11. beeky

    Krish's 60cm Fern Mountain

    Re: Krish's 60L Fern Mountain Usually attributed to a low phosphate level, so you could up the ferts in this area. Mind you, if it's just a bit on the glass and/or anubias leaves I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just clean it off regularly and do good water changes. I thought the previous...
  12. beeky

    My one of the firsts scapes 'Edgeless Madness'

    Re: My one of the firsts scapes 'Edgeless Madness' (01.02upd That's a shame, had lots of potential. What reg and CO2 source did you use ?
  13. beeky

    Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 updated 14/7 pics

    Re: Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 opti-white That's cool bogwood. Looks like something from Giger!
  14. beeky

    Juwel Rio 180L Aquascape Diary

    I prefer the tunnel idea. You're going to lots of plants in there though to make it work and I think your rocks are too small. They'll get swallowed up in a couple of weeks. You could put them in the entrance to the tunnel and keep that bit fairly bare. Not sure on the left most branch. Seems a...
  15. beeky

    Fec's 90cm opti-white "Sticks n Stones" 9 months on

    Re: Fec's 90cm opti-white "Sticks n Stones" I'm guessing on Cryptocoryne wendtii 'brown'.
  16. beeky

    T5 Reflectors

    I've done a search on TGM but the only reflectors that come up are the standard Arcadia ones. Do you have a link? Cheers, Graham
  17. beeky

    T5 Reflectors

    Seems a simple question, but proving not to be. Where can I buy decent T5 reflectors? I tried AE but they don't sell reflectors. Seems a bit odd to me, but there you go. I've seen the standard Arcadia reflectors for sale, but I've heard the "gull wing" ones are best, but I can't find any. Any...
  18. beeky

    Daniel's 16l Shrimp Nano

    Sounds promising. How are you doing your LEDs?
  19. beeky

    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    I won't use the Tropica substrate for the mess that occurs when something is uprooted. It used to turn my water to soup every time. I think it would be better if the cap were sand rather than gravel as I used. Do you think using a sand cap on AS would work to contain it? It would probably cause...
  20. beeky

    My Private Island - 240l tank

    Excellent. You have to be congratulated for keeping the vallis under control! My tank got overtaken and it swamped everything. Love the RTBS as well, don't see those in planted tanks often. They're one of my fave fish (as you can see from my avatar). That one died though due to my small son...
  21. beeky

    To Pearl or not to Pearl?

    As far as I'm aware, plants pearl when the oxygen they produce isn't becoming disolved in the surrounding water. This is basically because the water is already saturated. With a high-ish fish load the demand for oxygen doesn't allow this and the water flow around the plants enable it to...
  22. beeky

    UK Shops for the Planted Tank Hobbyist

    That's interesting - I'm in Chippenham so shouldn't be that far. I've never heard of the place, but I'll check it out.
  23. beeky

    Aquamanta dimensions

    Thanks for the reply. I wanted to stay away from Fluval if I can though. I've currently got a 304 (I think) and I hate it. It blocks constantly, and the aquastop thing, which means I can't remove each tube independently, is a pain. I could solve this of course with additional taps, but I'm...
  24. beeky

    Aquamanta dimensions

    Anyone got the dimensions of the MA Aquamanta range? Can't seem to find them anywhere. I've got a 90cm tank, with a volume of 160l. I really want a Tetratec EX1200, but can't fit it in my cupboard. The space is 26cm wide and 51cm high - which is pretty much exactly the same size as the 1200...
  25. beeky

    lukes first riparium!

    What on earth is a "kitty tetra"?
  26. beeky

    238l rescape, UPDATED 21st Oct

    Re: 238l rescape, 9 days in, New pic. Excuse me for jumping in, just returned from many months away doing other things. Anyway, I was going to say that normal DIY silicon used for bathrooms etc has fungicides and other stuff added which is not good for livestock. Cheers, Graham
  27. beeky

    ADA aquasoil Malaya Q's

    As far as I was aware, Chloramine doesn't break down like that which is why they add it - it's more stable than just adding chlorine, although maybe it just lasts a bit longer before breaking down. I'm starting to sound like that indecisive Dave bloke off The Fast Show.....
  28. beeky

    Planagram of tank

    If you can hide the end of the stream at the back of the tank it will be more interesting. Being able to see a path/stream front to back clearly tends to shorten the depth of the tank (front to back).
  29. beeky

    CO2 & dead fish

    It's a problem with many mass produced fish, especially those that are considered staple community species. Cardinals were always more finicky than neons, but because of the mass production techniques neons tend to be quite problematic. If you can buy stock that's been quarantined and have been...
  30. beeky

    Jay's new 'scape 120cm

    I love it! Really clean looking but natural at the same time. Also love the way you've used the green plasticware. Adds a touch of "bling" that missing in so many scapes these days. :wink:
  31. beeky

    Are you an Iwagumi fan?

    It all depends on the definition of jungle I suppose. Is a jungle carefully maintained to give the appearance of a natural, but beautiful underwater scene, or is it a haphazard collection of swords and vallis from the LFS, left to go unruly. I like lots of plants in a tank, enough to the give...
  32. beeky

    Transferring plants from an Ich tank?

    It depends on how many plants you want to keep. If it's only a few I'd go with getting fresh, but if that's going to be expensive than you can try sterilizing them with a weak bleach solution. Remember though that the whitespot parasite needs a fish host to survive, so if you move the plants and...
  33. beeky

    Are you an Iwagumi fan?

    Blimey, you're not shy of controversy are you?! :lol: You're wrong anyway. Is an Iwagumi a proper scape? Supply a (more expensive) optiwhite tank, (more expensive) glassware, luminaire, Aquasoil Amazonia, stick 3 stones in at different angles, buy a few pots of HC for the front and a few pots...
  34. beeky

    No Journals?!

    I like to see the tank from empty, adding substrate, hardscape, plants etc. I also like to see the different ideas as the 'scape builds up, different wood/rock placements etc. You almost feel like you're doing it yourself! :lol:
  35. beeky

    Source for Dennerle "nano" gravel

    With some people giving good feedback on the gravel supplied in the Dennerle nano cubes, I thought I'd try and find somewhere which sold it. I found this place: http://www.livingreefaquatics.co.uk/Dennerle-list.aspx They seem to have the whole range of Dennerle stuff. The gravel comes in...
  36. beeky

    Are you an Iwagumi fan?

    I agree with gratts. They're nice to look at, like a good picture. But I'd need more interest in it to keep it long term. Maybe that's why people only have them for a few months? :)
  37. beeky

    Slime in RO unit

    I get this if I leave my water change tubing in a bucket with water remaining after a water change. After a week the tubing immersed feels slimy. The water is rainwater so very "pure" (apart from any pullutants!).
  38. beeky

    Good end to a week

    I might have to go and take a look, the websites "How To Get There" link says I'm 30 minutes away. :D
  39. beeky

    Ebay Regulators

    That seems like a good buy. I'd be interested to hear how you get/got on with it.
  40. beeky

    Osaka overhaul

    Looks great, lovely rock placement. Looks really natural. Is that a lily bulb you've got just starting in the middle? If so, you'll probably find it takes over the whole tank. Nice plant though.
  41. beeky

    Good end to a week

    What's the place near Bristol? I've yet to make it to Aquajardin, although I've been to Aquatic Habitat. I think there's a P@H near Cheltenham that "specialises" in plants as well. Might be interesting!
  42. beeky

    Whats the life span of your aquascape?

    I reckon anything with a name should be called a 'scape! My first scape lasted 8 years, so I reckon I'm a long hauler :lol: They never really finish though do they? The damn plants keep on growing and mucking up your ideas, so you constantly have to fiddle with them to keep them in line. I...
  43. beeky

    Sam's 4ft nightmare, I mean journal

    Re: Completely stumped - the saga continues Looking back again I think mulm is the problem. Any kind of build up IME hows that the water isn't being circulated vigourously enough or the filter(s) aren't up to the job. If it settles on the leaves it will clog the pores. How often do you have to...
  44. beeky

    Sam's 4ft nightmare, I mean journal

    Re: Completely stumped - the saga continues As long as there's a gentle ripple in the surface of the water the oxygen exchange should be fine. I understand about breaking up the scum though. Perhaps the scum is also a symptom of the same problem? Not that that helps!!
  45. beeky

    Argh power cut!

    Hope you've got your power on by now! Last year we had a delivery van reverse in the road and actually knocked down a pole carrying the power lines. People came out fairly quickly to get it fixed but they were working through the night and finished in the early hours. Power must have been off...
  46. beeky


    Re: BECAREFUL WHEN BUYING FROM THESE SHOPS I agree. To my eyes, threats of legal action in these instances is akin to a child having a tantrum because they can't get their own way. Mr Plant Brain has had run ins with that sort of thing from what I remember. And "official" responses should at...
  47. beeky

    Otto's with....?

    That's nice sand. Can I ask what it is/where you got it?
  48. beeky

    Breeding Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)

    Just a few thoughts (apologies if you're already doing this, I haven't read through the whole thing).... If you reduce the water level with the females in it and stop water changes for a few weeks, then replace half the water with rain/RO water at a lower temperature and introduce the males you...
  49. beeky

    unusual fish

    I've always thought the farlowella twig/whiptails catfish were high oxygen lovers, but don't know where I heard it/read it. Also, hillstream loaches - are they the ones that look a bit like plaice?! I thought they were cold water? Probably getting mixed up!
  50. beeky

    ADA powder and corys

    I'm sure this has come up before but I can't find a mention. Anyway, can i use ADA powder with corys or will they turn it all to mud and cloud the water? Is it better to use sand for the non-planted planted bits? Cheers Graham
  51. beeky

    Best DIY CO2 Diffuser & Recipe

    I use just one 2l coke bottle on my 160l and 1/2 tsp yeast. I use a pot of dried yeast from Sainsburys, rather than the sachets as it's a lot cheaper, although you have to store it in the fridge. I don't know how much sugar I just fill half way up a pot I've got! I bought a kit ages ago that...
  52. beeky

    Black substrate for Corys (and plants!)

    That's not stricly true. A number of people have experienced vallis die back when using carbon supplements, but an equal number of people (including me) have seen no ill effects. There may be other factors at work, including variety susceptibility. I didn't overdose Excel and my (straight)...
  53. beeky

    Sagittaria subulata

    There's also S.natans which is sold under "Dwarf Sagittaria". May or not be the same plant. I got some from Greenline many years ago and it stayed small in a low light "natural" set up, but maybe I was lucky.
  54. beeky

    Myriophyllum mezianum turns brown

    It's a tricky plant that's for sure. I bought a pot when it was first released and it lasted about 6 months. It did grow but very stringy and all the leaves below the top inch or so were brown and crispy. I was using DIY CO2 which probably wasn't a good idea. Just looking at your post, and you...
  55. beeky

    Fish ID

    I had some years ago and found them nippy with angels (used to nip at the pecs) but fine with anything with "normal" fins! I've got some rosy tetras at the moment and they're great. Didn't look spectacular in the shop but now they've grown into 2 males and 3 females, with displays going on...
  56. beeky

    PFK glassware blog

    While we're talking of outrageous prices, how about £5 for a piece of plastic tube? Eheim and the like have been charging riduculous prices for years.
  57. beeky

    New 20L Dennerle nano tank- some help please!

    I don't really understand this. I would have thought a nano would be more likely to need a heater to stabilise the temperature fluctuations encountered in a small body of water.
  58. beeky

    Advice on Tank

    There is also the evaporation to take into account. You'll have to top up a tank without a lid and in hot weather etc this can be considerable. There's a sticky in the lighting section about tubes from a company called lampspecs which good photos and is a worthwhile read. The spectrum isn't as...
  59. beeky

    PFK glassware blog

    I've always maintained that glass inlets restrict the flow too much (Anyone got one of these?). They do look nicer, but I'd rather have a plastic strainer in my tanks, unless it's a nano and heavy filttration is less of an issue. As for lily pipes, they look better than plastic outlets as well...
  60. beeky

    Gourami problems

    I had a pair of moonlight gouramies for something like 6 years a while ago, but these small ones just aren't any good. I personally prefer the subtler wild forms, but it's my son's tank and red is his favourite colour, so what can you do?! I'll try and get a picture up I took of the dwarf the...
  61. beeky

    TLH's Tank

    I can't see any pics?
  62. beeky

    Gourami problems

    Hi all, A fishy question for a planted forum coming up, but I trust you all! For my sons tank he wanted dwarf gouramies and liked the blue form ones he saw. My wife went with him and bought a pair, although they were a pair of males. I'd heard dwarf gouramies weren't very robust these days and...
  63. beeky

    Cloud in not started aquarium

    You need some bacteria in your filter as you know and also a source of ammonia for them to feed on. You can use household ammonia from somewhere like Homebase and a squeeze of a sponge as you mentioned. If you can't get hold of any bacteria from a sponge there are places (though not many) that...
  64. beeky

    Chris' 13 Gallons/60 Liters Planted Tank

    Any updated pics?
  65. beeky

    Natures call: Alex's First Planted Tank

    Looking good. The cabaomba was definitely a worth addition. I'd keep the marsilea - I want to see how it grows! I've always fancied trying it as it's a little different to the "norm". Your're moss looks a bit brown. Is it dirt that trapped in it? If it is then get rid of it quickly otherwise...
  66. beeky

    Will's 13x13x16 40l nano cube(ish) tank

    Not sure on that. The main ingredient of Excel/easyCarbo is fairly nasty stuff, so I'd be wary on overdosing too much. People successfully use it double or even triple dosing but any more than that is open to question. You could always buy another CO2 canister? Ages ago I bought a kit for £15...
  67. beeky

    Tourney's Osaka 260 journey

    hehe :oops:
  68. beeky

    Roughyed's 45L

    Sam always has food on the brain :lol: In my experience, all heaters eventually fall off. In a largish tank they can just be left hanging behind the scape somewhere, but in small tanks it's really difficult. You could try replacing it with one of the external hydor ones, more expense though...
  69. beeky

    Hidden Caves

    I've got some C. pontederifolia that I bought at Pets at home of all places. It's doing quite well - I'll try and get a photo up to check id.
  70. beeky

    Johnny's New 180 Tank

    Great to see, and fantastic pictures. What kind of water are they in?
  71. beeky

    Tourney's Osaka 260 journey

    It's the leaves here in the red outline: They look different to the other leaves, but maybe that's just the photo/light.
  72. beeky

    320l Discus tank, becoming planted !

    It would be nice to see the new root with the original piece of angled into the tank more, although I know you said you can't move it because of the brace. Could you take a bit off?
  73. beeky

    Tonys 'Peacocks Crypt' - The End

    Re: Osaka 260 - rimless and braceless too ! Funny how you said you didn't like the Osaka tank. I've been thinking the same. I've got room for a 45 inch tank in an alcove, not quite 4' and thought about the Osaka's but I'd just prefer the cabinet. How are the cabinets put together? Are they...
  74. beeky

    Angels Hunting

    Cichlids (like angels) do tend to me more intelligent than tetras and the like, that's why they have that bit of "character".
  75. beeky

    Angels plant safe?

    Blimey, they're even rarer than altums!! Must admit to not knowing much about them. Are they the ones with the upturned "noses" or are they the altums?
  76. beeky

    flora-grow nutri pus?

    Good stuff, I'll look forward to that. Cheers.
  77. beeky

    Tourney's Osaka 260 journey

    What are the two leaves appearing behind the wood just above the anubias? They look interestingly crinkled! Some kind of Aponogeton?
  78. beeky

    Angels Hunting

    I had some half grown angels and introduced a shoal of glowlights which I thought were too big and exactly the same thing happened. The angels chased them about and I was on the verge of removing them, but a couple of days later everything settled down and now they've all grown up to adulthood...
  79. beeky

    Angels plant safe?

    I'm a bit confused by the term "dwarf" angels? Are you talking about the commonly available Pterophyllum scalare type in the LFS? I've only heard of Dwarf angels in marine circles. There are the rarely seen Pterophyllum altum angels which do grow bigger, but aren't mentioned much. The "normal"...
  80. beeky

    flora-grow nutri pus?

    When's the substrate review going to appear in PFK George? I'd be interested in photos of any substrate really, It's nice to see what you're buying and there's aren't many places you can buy them "off the shelf" and even then they're usually in opaque plastic or tubs.
  81. beeky

    Anybody use Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium?

    When I first started reading about it clarifying the water, I though it was just a floculant but it seems to do everything which does make me suspicious. To my mind, anything which claims to do everything probably does nothing. For instance, it says it clarifies water, removes heavy metals...
  82. beeky

    ELOS Substrates

    Never heard of them mate. Are they available in the UK?
  83. beeky

    I think my kh is rising due to my gravel how can I check it?

    Drop checkers aren't fool proof and are slow to change. The colour you see is actually what the CO2 level was a couple of hours prior, so they're not fantastic but are better than using tables of pH/KH. Many acids other than carbonic exists in most fish tanks which can skew the results. This was...
  84. beeky

    ph lowering substrates

    Most aquarium gravels raise KH overtime IME. Silica/silver sands are pretty inert though so you could use those.
  85. beeky


    I read at least one species of nerite (could be Olive?) is native to Florida. The Zebra nerite is from Africa. I can't believe it's so difficult to find any information about certain inverts. All information about the zebra nerite (Neritina natalensis) is that it's got a complex lifecycle and...
  86. beeky

    Harlequins Are A-Leaping

    I think most fish jump when startled, just some do it more than others. You probably startled it as you walked past. My glowlight danios splash about a bit and jump when the lights go off!
  87. beeky

    Green severum, browsing or eating?

    I think Severums are known for eating plants, or I'm getting mixed up with something else. Shame, 'cos they're nice fish.
  88. beeky

    My first planted aquarium

    Hi Neil. Looks like a good start. I think your "path" on the right hand side might disappear though as it's quite narrow. Have you separated the substrates at all as it all might mix with time, depending on your chosen fauna. By the way, if you want to post the pictures, left click on the...
  89. beeky

    Posting snails

    Snails are incredibly tough really. My Dad had loads of MTS he wanted rid of, so took the gravel out and spread it out on the patio in the garden during the summer. Two weeks later, he rebuilt the tank, put the gravel in and two days after that, snails!
  90. beeky


    Has anyone else found their Nerites on the carpet?! I find my one (I only have the one) on the carpet a few weeks after putting it in. It must have climbed up the glass out through a hole for the cables and then fallen off. I don't know how long it was out for, but it was dry. I put it back in...
  91. beeky

    Silver Hatchets

    Glowlight danios are nice and swim in quite a tight shoal all over the tank, but predominantly in the top third. Quite active though. Apologies for recommending them again!
  92. beeky

    Tourney's Osaka 260 journey

    I measured my chimney alcove to see if an Osaka 260 would fit when I saw Dan was selling it. And it fitted! But then you bought it... :( :lol: Still, an option for the future. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Is that your 180 on the right of the photo? Looks like a nano!
  93. beeky

    Help - My Osaka 320 - My Tank Needs you

    I prefer #1, although the smaller rocks look like they've been placed deliberately evenly across the tank. Try moving them around a little so the gaps are different sizes or grouping them like JAmesM says and I think maybe the big rock on the left could do with moving to the left a bit more. I...
  94. beeky

    my first nano 'Swan H'

    Wow, that looks so much better. I really like that.
  95. beeky

    Eheim Compact pumps

    I like carrying buckets of water around and holding them up above the tanks. It's cheaper than going to the gym :lol: Actually, I'm lying. I just haven't given enough thought as to how to make it easier!
  96. beeky

    Tesco cat litter as a substrate.

    I saw Fullers Earth in Aldi last week. It actually has the ingredients as "Baked Clay" on its own. No other cat litter that I've seen lists ingredients.
  97. beeky

    non-clouding substrate

    Reminded me of that old snooker commentary... "for those with a black and white television, the pink is just to the left of the yellow...." :lol:
  98. beeky

    Cost of Substrates: Flourite vs Eco-Complete vs Aquasoil

    I wasn't saying that AS is a cheap way of doing things, just that it wasn't as expensive as I expected and was comparable to others. I was always under the impression it was good, but you have to pay twice as much (if not more) for the privilege. I imagined other people thought the same. In a...
  99. beeky

    Cost of Substrates: Flourite vs Eco-Complete vs Aquasoil

    Ouch! I've never looked at the cost of powersand. Nice to see Malaya being used, makes a change from the usual Amazonia. Looking forward to the photos.
  100. beeky

    Cost Sharing Sharing ADA products - Credit Crunch

    Just to say that laterite is iron rich, or is supposed to be. It's a bit old fashioned these days but it's still being sold. It goes under the gravel/sand.