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  1. Lozbug

    Comp_Nov09: The Elle

    Name: Lozbug Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): H-16cm x W-17cm x D-9.5cm (about 2.5L) Aquascape Name: The Elle Hardscape/Materials used: tropical gravel (crushed coral), stone, twigs Plants: Java Moss Fertilisation: API Leaf Zone (.4ml p/d) About the aquascape:This cost me nothing but...
  2. Lozbug

    Coldwater Set-up

    It needing doing badly and I got to it at weekend……. Tis quite a shallow tank (gotta be for my Tosakin) so bit limited, but not bad I reckon? Dunno. :)
  3. Lozbug

    Tropical makeover

    So since the festival I’ve been deciding on plants, co2 stuff, soaking wood etc - and this is what has transpired. First time I actually really thought about how to 'make the tank look' as for me it's always been s'long as fishes were happy........