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  1. sa80mark

    First super fast iwagumi

    15 mins... unbelievable, it took me 7 hours just to get my rock how I wanted, looks great, what size tank is it ?
  2. sa80mark

    Deleted thread

    Really like it, very good jungle look the only one thing I would change is, I would remove the rocks to the left, in a month or so they will be completely hidden so id remove them and allow the plants to use the space
  3. sa80mark

    My First Iwagumi Tank

    Very nice, great looking tank especially for a first attempt, the only thing that doesnt fit is the angel fish, nice fish just to large for the look
  4. sa80mark

    Planted nano - 28L invert aquarium

    Put some pubbles or slate pieces in a bowl on a window these will soon grow algae then you can put a few in your tank to feed the shrimp. If you do plenty of pebbles then you can keep rotating them from tank to bowl so you will always have a supply
  5. sa80mark

    my first planted tank

    for water changes im changing 2l every 2 days hench redosing every 2 days the main reason for this amount of wc is that in the first week i had a small algae problem but since uping the wc its gone so ive just kept it going, thanks for the tip on the yellowing i will keep an eye on that and...
  6. sa80mark

    my first planted tank

    hi sam, yes the light in the pictures is from the lamp all pictures were taken with no flash, but yes your rigth the light is very "white" i did try another full spectrum bulb a 6200k which was very yellow and just didnt look right, all the pearling from the plants starts about 2 hours after the...
  7. sa80mark

    my first planted tank

    Just thought id share some pictures of my pico planted tank, i went for a pico setup as i have it on my bedside table the tank is made by me from some old tank cut offs i had its 8x8x8, approx 7l, it is filtered by a home made external filter and is decorated with bogwood and pagoda rock, it...