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  1. sa80mark

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    I honestly believe you can use any soil you want to, also as theres no livestock to worry about i would definitely try it, experimenting is what wabis are all about :)
  2. sa80mark

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    Its very easy to get in the uk :) This is just one shop that stocks it ;) Keto Tsuchi Bonsai Soil - 1 litre
  3. sa80mark

    Aquarium sizes

    As tim has said a 2ft is imo the perfect size to start with but you have to also think about tank shape again imo a standard 24x12x12 or 15 is much easier to get good flow in where as some of the shallower tanks such as tmc's 24x12x18 wide take a bit more experimenting to get good flow and co2...
  4. sa80mark

    Best value brine shrimp

    I aleays used TA-Aquaculture although hes now emergrated to malta he still ships to the uk :)
  5. sa80mark

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    Not very helpful I know but I looked into this for a long time and the conclusion I came to is that theres no best method, plants grown wabi style dont really need a rich substrate theres examples on the net of wabis with just plain sand, Have a look on you tube theres loads of videos on wabi...
  6. sa80mark

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    For me its been getting back in to planted tanks and getting back on this forum :) its turning out to be very expensive in areas I never thought of such as needing to buy a proper camera because of some of the superb pictures of fish, shrimp and tanks on here and I blame that on George and tom ;)
  7. sa80mark

    Best way to get rid of snails?

    How about some dwarf puffers ? They wont eliminate the snails but will control numbers and if you tanks suitable would make a nice addition :)
  8. sa80mark

    Has anyone used Poseidon's Palace?

    Lol of cause you are I asked you the other day lol ill pm you ;)
  9. sa80mark

    Has anyone used Poseidon's Palace?

    Thats what Ive heard
  10. sa80mark

    6 x 1 x 1ft tank?

    I had 4 thay size when I was breeding fish mine were custom built I dont think ive come across an off the shelf tank that size, maybe clearseal ? They might do that as a standard but no idea where you could order one from
  11. sa80mark

    Advice On: Lights/Algae/Teardown/Cleaning/Scape/liquid ferts

    The best place to start would be reading through the tutorials in the tutorial section then anything your unsure of ask as a specific question as your above post is just to difficult to answer in one hit, Dont worry about ceg he always has everyones best interest at heart and the way he answers...
  12. sa80mark

    3% H202 or Bleach for Bazooka Atomiser

    Same as sam, quick easy and effective
  13. sa80mark

    Would this be too much stock in a 180l?

    Looks very reasonable to me the only thing I would say is the botia striata, ive read many many posts about them eating shrimp, but ive also read many that say its not an issue so it might be worth keeping an eye on them
  14. sa80mark

    Please help first time dirting...

    Sorry for the highjack :( Bigtom, did the aqua soil have any effect on lowering ph? I bought a bag last week and cant decided wether to use tap water (ph 8.2) or ro water Mark
  15. sa80mark

    Electric toothbrush..... Are the fully submergable?

    I think most are water proof my youngest daughter has got one of those cheap ones from asda with disney Princess on it and thats fully submersible and only cost about £7
  16. sa80mark

    Go get some leaves!

    I would guess there alright but im not confident enough to say yes 100% safe, someone on here will know for certain though ;)
  17. sa80mark

    Go get some leaves!

    Possibly cherry ? Or beech ?
  18. sa80mark

    Go get some leaves!

    Thanks nath I may well just take you up on that :)
  19. sa80mark

    Go get some leaves!

    Beech and oak it is then :) just need to find a beech tree near me know :)
  20. sa80mark

    Leaves Browning Slightly

    My guess would be flow rate needs upping, once the filter has media in and pipe length flow rate can drop upto around 50% again as a guess if your filter is full with media id say your flow rate will be around 800 - 900lph Mark
  21. sa80mark

    Twinstar..what is it?

    Yes mate there compatible ;)
  22. sa80mark

    Trouble finding inspiration

    I struggle with the same problem the way ive found that works for me is first off decide what plants you want to have, this will tell you were in the tank they go once youve got this sorted and a picture in your head of where your going then use the hardacape to fill in the gaps :)
  23. sa80mark

    Natural environment / Biotopes

    No problem mate I think I might have tracked down a supply, they are german bred and the supplier does ship to the uk so im just waiting for my mate to get back to me with what shops order from him :)
  24. sa80mark

    Natural environment / Biotopes

    Ive emailed jo at rare aquatics and steve at az also emailed a few breeders that I used to get stock off so I will let you know as soon as I hear back :)
  25. sa80mark

    Natural environment / Biotopes

    No idea I know a-z aquatics in crewe used to have them, ive still got a few contacts f4om my breeding days so ill ask around for you ;)
  26. sa80mark

    Natural environment / Biotopes

    Ammocryptocharax elegans is available in the uk but its rare
  27. sa80mark

    Natural environment / Biotopes

    This is also a very interesting watch especially for killifish lovers
  28. sa80mark

    Natural environment / Biotopes

    Good find, I watched the killifish one a while back Have a look at his website :) IMAGE GALLERY
  29. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Put the end of the pipe in boiling water for a few mins then push it on ;)
  30. sa80mark

    Difference between TMC ADA SIGNATURE

    I was looking at both these models and the only difference really is price, with ada your paying for the name imo Mark
  31. sa80mark

    Easy carpeting plant

    Just to throw a spanner in the works how about Lilaeopsis novea-zealandiae in my experience very fast grower stays short and has turned out very easy to grow also another to consider is Marsilea crenata
  32. sa80mark

    Regulator Not Sealing

    I think big clowns got it, that looks like a big dent :(
  33. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    No problem ive got hundreds of pages bookmarked for the regulator im building :) Fingers crossed you are now on you way to a sorted reg :) Mark
  34. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Here you go £1.61 + £1.29p+p :) 4th one down ;) Male Metric Thread - Brass Hosetail
  35. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Wow that is expensive give me a minute I will check my other bookmarks ;)
  36. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Yes id go for the 6mm ive just measured mine on my reg and its 5.3mm so a 6mm will work brilliantly :)
  37. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Try this one M8 X 1.0 Metric Thread x 1/4" (6mm) Hosetail | MHM8/04
  38. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    No mate that ones approx 3 - 4 mm this one is the 6mm ( 4th one down ) Brass Metric Male thread
  39. sa80mark

    Regulator Not Sealing

    What are you using as a gas bottle ? Fire extinguisher ? Is both the cylinder and regulator the same fitting ? Have you tried turning the washer around ?
  40. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Id be tempted to go for the 6mm if not then this is the closest I can find TAIL CONNECTOR EXT THREAD M8 | S.31291 | Malpasonline.co.uk
  41. sa80mark

    Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

    Theres plenty of m8 x 1.0 but the smallest barb I can find is 1/4 approx 6mm
  42. sa80mark

    Go get some leaves!

    Im far from knowledgeable about these things but im sure I read the opposite, I think sycamore breaks down more slowly ?
  43. sa80mark

    Dennerle Scaper's Tank Specs sufficient?

    The light might be your only problem, 24 w is alot over a shallow 50l tank you will have to have spot on co2 etc I think the filter might be a bit weak so you would have to consider where you place rocks etc so not to restrict flow to much but all in all I think there brilliant tanks and very...
  44. sa80mark

    Condensation from tanks?

    In that case I think you have 3 options really 1. A cover or lid 2. Dehumidifier 3. Have a vent fitted There are a few little tricks which might help improve things a little such as a largeish tub filled with salt on your window sill this will absorb some of the moisture but will need...
  45. sa80mark

    Condensation from tanks?

    If I were to hazard a guess id say you have double glazing and probably central heating ? Also a lot of loft insulation and probably blocked or removed air vents ? Although im a carpenter by trade I do alot of building work and have seen and treated/ repaired no end of damp and condensation...
  46. sa80mark

    Protip: If you're not Plantbrain, stop posting like you are

    Some of the latest post seems to have turned this thread around to a ukaps love in :) which is damn right this forum is without a doubt the best I have ever found and ever been part off, I am terrible at writing posts, giving opinions and advice basically although im english I am terrible with...
  47. sa80mark

    this needed PR...

    Id like to see them carry alistairs new tank like that lol
  48. sa80mark

    Best way to keep plants until you're ready to plant?

    I floated mine in a bucket on a windowsill they were still perfect 4 days later
  49. sa80mark

    Any good book recommendations ?

    Ive just bought Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walsted apparently its a must read
  50. sa80mark

    Tropica App

    I have it on my phone and although I dont use it to the letter ( im doing 80% water changes daily for 3 weeks now) I think its pretty good, as Alastair said the links to info and reminders are a great idea, with my next tank I might follow it and see the outcome but for beginners I think its...
  51. sa80mark

    Appreciate your advice

    I far from an expert on these sort of things but a few things that stand out are, you say drop checker is yellow,a drop checker is only used as a guide and doesnt really give a good idea of co2 levels the best way is ph testing but as you run co2 24/7 thats a bit difficult, Next you dont say...
  52. sa80mark

    Aquarium Liquid Glass nano coating from Germany

    As above, if not try asda or poundland etc for a few of those cheap picture frames with the metal clips there normally £ 1 for 2
  53. sa80mark

    Giving up, please help me with pricing before I list it all!

    I agree the lido is not a good seller they seem to go very cheap with you other items the best way to get an id3a of prices is to look on ebay hth Mark
  54. sa80mark


    A few months back I was searching for what woods can be used and did come across a shrimp tank that used holly, I think the general consensus is that most woods are ok but the must be 100% dry and dead, the only thing is some wood will degrade a lot faster than others but with this being a...
  55. sa80mark

    Long but narrow and shallow?

    Have you tried these ? There based in redruth Home | Aquamacs
  56. sa80mark

    Long but narrow and shallow?

    That seems quite expensive im not sure what delivery would cost but for the same size tank in 8mm optiwhite from possidens palace is £121
  57. sa80mark

    collecting rocks

    Thats what I was thinking ive searched Google but cant find anything definitive, there will be lots of pics :) there tons of rwally nice weathered limestone which I know can alter water perams but im really tempted by that and there loads of what I think is granite but theres that much there im...
  58. sa80mark

    collecting rocks

    Today I visited a farm just down the road from our house to ask the farmer for permission to access his land as there is a brilliant stream / brook that cuts right across his farm where it joins the river soar, he was really nice and was very interested in what I was looking for any way to cut a...
  59. sa80mark

    Tetra aquasafe.............

    I use king British pond conditioner and have done for years with no ill effects
  60. sa80mark


    Drill a small hole in the end and push it back with a pieceof wire of ssimilar, a small hss drill bit drilling very slowly will make the hole no problem
  61. sa80mark

    new to planted tanks

    Co2 is a balancing act that you have to adjust untill you reach the right balance, a few things to know first are, is your co2 a pressurised setup ? Does it have a solinoid ? What time does the co2 come on ? What time do your lights turn on ? Do you have a drop checker ?
  62. sa80mark

    HELP! with co2 fire extinguisher

    Aslong as the thread is the standard din 477 it will be fine my fe is the same as your picture 2 and my reg fits no problem Mark
  63. sa80mark

    Planted Tank Newbie - Seeks advise for Shrimp Tank Plants.

    Hi murray I to consider myself a newbie to planted tanks I think you are going to be heading for problems again, if your wanting a simple tank id be looking at low tech, some of the plants listed such as the hc are imo only really suited to high tech and require plenty of co2, you dont mention...
  64. sa80mark

    Silent Glass Diffuser Has Me Totally Confused???

    I was stumped by this to, I have 2 of the same nano glass diffusers from the same place one has the whistle but the other one is silent bubble size / mist appears to be the same on both
  65. sa80mark

    13mm black intake pipe?

    I dont know if you will be able to find one here in the uk but search google for fluval 103 /203 intake or jbl cristalprofi 250, Both of these had black curved intakes but I cant find a uk seller loads in germany and america via ebay Hope these help
  66. sa80mark

    Akva Stabil Aquariums

    Aluminiums akvarier, Akvarier, Ferskvand, MiniZoo Not sure if this is any help to you but these will deliver tanks to the uk Im sure there will be no end of other places that will to
  67. sa80mark

    Twinstar..what is it?

    From what I can gather its an ozone generator ?
  68. sa80mark

    Bottom glass protection.

    B and q sell the polystyrene on a roll ( insulated wallpaper)
  69. sa80mark

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    I think fista is so mich cheaper as david works on his own and im not sure if he still does but he used to work from home so he had very low overheads
  70. sa80mark


    The screws that hold the uprights in place do go through the centre of the feet but you can remove the feet and just put the screws in as normal, the feet are useless anyway as there not height adjustable so theres really very little point to them
  71. sa80mark

    6ft tank, acrylc manufacturers, who/where?

    As far as im aware fista filtration are said to be the best in the uk FistaFiltration | Acrylic Aquariums & Filter Systems
  72. sa80mark

    K*tchen aquarium, cube, nano........which type?

    Ive just bought a dennerle nano cube complete plus 30l and am over the moon with it. There not the cheapest but in my opinion for the money you get a very good quality tank with glass cover lid, under tank mat, black tank backing, a good light, a good nano filter, plant substrate, shrimp safe...
  73. sa80mark

    Tank Refurb... Asian

    Im no where near experienced enough to be able to advise you with a great deal of certainty but I would imagine if your sand cap is a good depth then you should be fine, also if your just planning to have vallis at the back then just using tropic base where these will be planted and the rest of...
  74. sa80mark

    Tank Refurb... Asian

    Sounds like a great project and a superb fish choice cpd's are my favourite fish. Will keep an eye on this one
  75. sa80mark

    DIY Wabi Kusa

    Heres one ive book marked ready for when I do one Wabi-kusa projects | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  76. sa80mark

    liquid carbon based tanks

    Another post about this topic seems vallis and riccia can be grown with liquid carbon I think you just have to be very careful not to dose to much or spot dose to treat algue ? Liquid Carbon.. Which plants hate it ? | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  77. sa80mark

    liquid carbon based tanks

    I have been looking into this as my tank is going to be using liquid carbon, ive struggled to find any definitive answer to what plants work and what dont but from what ive gathered vallis and riccia are a no go but ive seen threads on various other forums where people say they have had no...
  78. sa80mark

    Full clean out?

    Lots and lots of white vinegar works wonders and once rinsed out is completely safe
  79. sa80mark

    Congratulations Mark Evans of Tropica!

    Feel free to put my name down, id be more than happy to help out in anyway I can also be good to meet members face to face :)
  80. sa80mark

    200w heater safe in 54 liter tank?

    Could you not run the heater with an atc 300 ? These are set by you to whatever temp you want and cut off the heater when its there would one of these safeguard against a stuck on heater ? If so it could be perfect for peace of mind
  81. sa80mark

    Help finding an alternative to lily pipe - Having problem with inline CO2 distribution!

    Could flow rate be the problem ? The ecco 300 is rated around 700lph but with head height and the reactor this will be lowered quite a lot, impossible to guess really but if its half as effective say 350lph your around 3x flow so maybe theres not enough flow to push the water effectively ?
  82. sa80mark

    no more broken lily pipes!

    I wouldnt risk anything like t cut or polish but a cotton buffing wheel sprayed with water can give a really good shine to aluminium im sure it would work on stainless steel to
  83. sa80mark

    british wood

    Rosemary on a quick search seems to be usable :) Starting with a 16 liters | AquaScaping World Forum
  84. sa80mark

    british wood

    Funny you ask this as ive got a dead rosemary bush in my back garden so would be interested in the answer to this one
  85. sa80mark

    Preparing for a scheduled power cut

    I had the same issue a few years back what I did was buy some air driven sponge filters and battery operated a air pumps off ebay. They wont be fully cycled in 2 weeks but they may help if not what about renting a generator for the day and run your tanks off that ? Mark
  86. sa80mark

    Wooden Aquarium

    Back when I was breeding fish I used 7hpi plastic sheets that are used for crochet they come in all different colours but can be a bit hard to find in large sizes. Here's a link to the sort of stuff im on about Plastic Canvas 7hpi 26.5X34cm - Fred Aldous
  87. sa80mark

    Getting bogwood to sink

    I always use hot water it seems to be drawn into the wood much faster and for large pieces I sock them in the bath when the misses is out
  88. sa80mark

    New tank build help needed

    Im wanting to set up a new low tech low light planted tank, the tank is 50 x 36 x 30cm its got an 18w pc luminaire ive got a few questions I cant find answers to. Is 18w enough for java ferns, java moss and anubias nana ? Do I need a substraite as all the plants will be mounted to wood ...