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  1. sa80mark

    Hello from Leicester

    Brilliant, between my wife and my son we've spent a lot of time in LRI and there all brilliant in there
  2. sa80mark

    Hello from Leicester

    Hello Pedro, what part of Leicester are you moving to ? We're getting a good number of Leicester lads on here now :)
  3. sa80mark


    Welcome to the forum, your english seems good certainly better than mine and I am english :)
  4. sa80mark

    Hi newbie from Leicester

    Welcome to the forum, another Leicester lad :) weve got a few on here now,
  5. sa80mark

    hello all

    Welcome to the forum :) Dont worry about the colour loss its pretty common in farm bred betta it usually starts at around 14 months of age Mark
  6. sa80mark

    Hi from South africa

    Welcome to the forum, some very nice setups there Mark
  7. sa80mark

    Hello All!

    Lol I keep telling the misses we need to sell the house and open a fish shop, you could make a fortune around here :)
  8. sa80mark

    Hello All!

    Hi lee, were getting a few Leicester lads on here now, all Leicester needs now is a decent fish shop :)
  9. sa80mark

    'lo from Leicester

    Hi mike Welcome to the forum good to see someone from my neck of the woods on here Mark
  10. sa80mark

    Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

    hi all, im mark, im 26 and come from crewe in cheshire, i started fish keeping properly just over a year ago when i left the army, i started with just keeping a few betta then got the bug and started to breed them i did this for around 8 months and had great success with them, then as with...