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  1. sa80mark

    TMC V2 iLumenAir

    Just seen a post on facebook about these and damn they look nice maybe not quite as sleek as the maxspect but definitely looking forward to seeing more of them
  2. sa80mark

    grobeam 600 on an ada 60p

    After a lot of looking around ive finally decided on an ada 60 p for lighting im wanting to go led. I know this is probably a near impossible question to answer but would 1 tmc grobeam 600 be enough light ? Or would 2 be a better bet I will be getting a power commander so will be able to dim...
  3. sa80mark

    tmc 400 led will they work for me

    Hello everyone after a long break from fish keeping im back and am wanting to do a shallow planted shrimp tank the tank is 24 long x 16 wide x 13 high im wanting low light plants such as Anubias, various moses etc my question is will two of the 6500k tmc 400 tiles be enough ? Any help or advice...