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  1. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    I went with 5mm for a similar sized tank :)
  2. sa80mark

    140lx70wx50h rimless ??

    Sounds perfect to me, the safety calculator I use gives a safety factor of 5, so whether its 5 or 7 your still safe to go ahead, look forward to seeing some pictures ;)
  3. sa80mark

    DIY Project Arcadia Stretch LED Dual Timer Installation

    Big thumbs up, I can see a lot of people copying this, I'm bookmarking it just in case I get some stretch led ;)
  4. sa80mark

    DIY Project Arcadia Stretch LED Dual Timer Installation

    Very clever fix, how did you come up with that ? Are you a sparky ?
  5. sa80mark

    Ada Style Cabinet Project

    Looks perfect to me, more than enough screws especially if your gluing it as well also 25mm mdf is spot on, are you planning to use 18mm front ? As 25mm doors are so heavy they will put a huge stress on the hinges
  6. sa80mark

    Hydor 200 16/22

    Don't get me wrong I can't see it being completely discontinued not with out a replacement the thing I've always found strange is that none of the big brands have ever released there own version ? I know a few years back jebo brought one out but they seemed to dissappear over night ? I guess it...
  7. sa80mark

    Hydor 200 16/22

    A quick Google search shows a lot of retailers listing them as to be discontinued but most of these are American site so maybe it's just over the pond ?
  8. sa80mark

    DIY stainless steel inlets / outlets?

    Yes but you would have the same issue of a larger than desirable radius :(
  9. sa80mark

    DIY stainless steel inlets / outlets?

    Its on my todo list but works been to busy for me to get round to it, the only issue is the pipe benders everyone of the cheap ones ive found dont bend to 180 degree and the ones that do have a large radius which would make the pipes stand out to much, proper stainless steel pipe benders with a...
  10. sa80mark

    TGM Obelisk Minimalist Cabinets

    Ive not seen one but I would way up what it is your after, a hardwood cabinet will be more expensive but it will also outlast an mdf cabinet by a mile, I work with mdf alot and I have a love hate relationship with it, its cheap and easy to work with but as a structural material its reallu not...
  11. sa80mark

    Water proofing plywood.

    Once dry yes, for sealing a hood its perfectly safe and fine to use, people have used it for this sort of thing for years and years
  12. sa80mark

    Water proofing plywood.

    Yacht varnish ;) cheap, easy and very effective
  13. sa80mark

    Recommendation for CO2 regulator with adjustable working pressure

    Here you go mate UP Twin Gauge Regulator A-165 - 25% OFF | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  14. sa80mark

    Anyone got a NA Aquarium and cabinet?

    Also this, white cabinets on light wood floor Showroom NA Gallery The Beginning... | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  15. sa80mark

    Anyone got a NA Aquarium and cabinet?

    Probably not hugely helpfull NA Visit and some product photos - Practical Fishkeeping Forum
  16. sa80mark

    Recommendation for CO2 regulator with adjustable working pressure

    A quick google search says that with the small screw fat full adjustment you get 2 bar output pressure, these regulators from what I can find have 2 manometers ( dennerles words ) so im guessing the first is the big hand turned knob and the second is the small screw, so in effect its got 2...
  17. sa80mark

    Custom tank - glass cover/background options?

    Go for the basic tank then get some ada cover hooks ( the green machine ) and have a glass lid made to fit, thats the cleanest way to cover a tank and for the background get some 2mm coloured perspex cut to size then you can change colour as often as you want
  18. sa80mark

    Recommendation for CO2 regulator with adjustable working pressure

    The only way to 100% prevent eotd is a dual stage but eotd is not very commen and may never happen to you im currently running a cheap azoo regultor and have found 2 threads on an American forum about etod with the same reg but my cylinder ran empty with no eotd so I think its a bit of a hit and...
  19. sa80mark

    Recommendation for CO2 regulator with adjustable working pressure

    I think ( but could be wrong) there adjustable up to 4.5 bar, it might be worth sending rich at aqua essential a message they used to sell them im sure he could point you in the right direction :)
  20. sa80mark

    Recommendation for CO2 regulator with adjustable working pressure

    Theres no dual stage aquatic regulators avaliable to my knowledge, theres a lot of dual gauge and this is where people get confused, dual stage regulators are most easily found for welding use but these need parts adding for aquarium use such as needle valve and solinoids, dual gauge single...
  21. sa80mark

    DIY ADA Aquasky style LED luminaire

    :) absolutely brilliant tim, thank you for taking the time to reply, im looking at similar to what you have used just on a smaller scale, around 16 - 18 leds divided between 2 drivers both dimmable, I think im going to use Inventronics 25w driver 700mA, ive not decided on how im going to house...
  22. sa80mark

    DIY ADA Aquasky style LED luminaire

    Very nice tim, great build, im looking into a diy led set up so any info on what drivers, leds etc you used would be very welcome :)
  23. sa80mark

    DIY Cabinet 750h x 300d x 600w

    the main faces only need a very light sand but the edges need alot of attention give them a sand then prime, when dry sand again then prime again keep doing this until there super smooth, the edges are where you need to spend all your time, the smoother you can get them the better the end...
  24. sa80mark

    storing aged water outside.

    My misses is the same about storing water in the house the way im getting around this is im build an oak cupboard around it to match the reat of the furniture :) keeps the water safe from freezing, cheaper to heat and can become another piece of furniture :)
  25. sa80mark

    anti condensation treatment ??

    That is a bloody brilliant idea, I will be giving him a ring In the morning :)
  26. sa80mark

    anti condensation treatment ??

    Just throwing out an idea for glass lids, mine on my cube is driving me made with all the water just sitting on it, Vaseline isnt a good idea as it will look smeary and also will restrict lighting to much,
  27. sa80mark

    Okay to use on cover glass? Science boffins please.

    Ive got absolutely no idea if its safe or not but my thinking is that its such a tiny amount thats used and once its applied and dry I cant see an issue, my guess would be that theres more air born pollutants that fall into our tanks that could cause just as many issues ? As I said though ive...
  28. sa80mark

    anti condensation treatment ??

    Ive just seen a post by tim t in this thread Aquarium Liquid Glass nano coating from Germany | Page 2 | UK Aquatic Plant Society And just thought id spit ball this idea Im a motorcyclist and I use a product called cat crap, its a wax visor treatment that you rub on then polish off it is...
  29. sa80mark

    DIY Cabinet 750h x 300d x 600w

    Looking good so far james, if you need any advice give me a shout ;)
  30. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    Here you go :) AnyFoam: Discounted sheet foam offers: soft, medium, firm, recon, packaging, closed cell, ethafoam, acoustic, fireseal sheets.
  31. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    Thanks ali, I was looking for yoga mats and camping mats but cant find any in white Alastair :) thanks mate just looked for some and found a place that does white and its only £5 :)
  32. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    Yes that could work :) ive got a roll of 3mm at work thanks oldbloke :)
  33. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section I couldnt find anywhere it fitted Does anyone know what th3 tank mats are made from ? The sort you get with dennerle tanks etc, are they foam, neoprene ? Also does anyone have any idea when I can buy some in white ? Mark
  34. sa80mark

    Gravel cleaner for deep tank

    The only one I know of that is that depth is this Sera Vacuum Cleaner (sludge dirt cleaner gravel water fish tank aquarium syphon) | eBay
  35. sa80mark

    Hydor Koralia UK- where to get replacement parts??.

    Charterhouse aquatics is the only one I know of
  36. sa80mark

    Heater / Heater-stat / Temp Controller...

    There pretty useless tbh not accurate at all, my advice would be spend a little extra and go for one of these, AQUARIUM TC-10 DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, HEATER + COOLER, FISH TANK MARINE | eBay UK Local--Digital Auto Aquarium Temperature Controller Heater & Cooler ATC-800+ | eBay
  37. sa80mark

    Stainless Mesh Shrimp Filters

    Halfords do it in little packs about £1.20 or b and q, electrical shops etc :)
  38. sa80mark

    Stainless Mesh Shrimp Filters

    That good old auction site that begins with an E stainless steel mesh is what to search for try to find t316 stainless rarther than the 304 grade although both wont rest the 316 seems to last much better, and yes heat shrink is what most use the only thing to be careful of is make sure your heat...
  39. sa80mark

    Cleaning ceramic diffuser plates

    Soak it in a 50/50 bleach water mix for 15mins :)
  40. sa80mark

    Approx. cost of running a Nano

    Ive just put mine in a electric cost calculator and worked it on everything turn on 24 hours a day Light 11w Heater 25w Filter 20w Solinoid 12w At 12.7p kw and its 21p a day but in the real world its cheaper than that as the lights heater and solinoid arnt on for 24 hours a day
  41. sa80mark


    Youtube is your friend Theres some quite good acrylic ones on there ;)
  42. sa80mark

    Upgrade from Fluval Edge....

    The scapers tanks are available now and they are really impressive my lfs has got one in at the moment and for the price its a great bit of kit, one of our sponsors has them in, I think its fresh water shrimp ?
  43. sa80mark

    D-D Co2 set, coverting to FE?

    Not sure if this helps ? Might be worth a try for what it costs 1/4" Female x 1/8" Male Fixed Adapter BSP - BSPP | eBay Failing that give these a try, scroll down about half way just above the gas bottle PLANT AQUARIUM EQUIPMENT
  44. sa80mark

    Cabinet on castors

    Just to ecco whats already been said really, yes you could use heavy duty castors but a lot depends on the cabinet construction, as long as the castors catch the upright sides or the unit you should be fine my biggest concern would be how level the floor is as trying to level your tank on a...
  45. sa80mark

    TMC 1500 light and bracket stockist?

    Not using the mantaray brackets no, you can only fit one on a 60cm tank unless you use the minis like to 400 mini and 500 mini
  46. sa80mark

    New stand question

    Marine ply is approx £40 8 x 4 x 18mm where mdf is approx £18 8 x 4 x18 mm and approx £30 for 25mm thick, mdf is the preferred material for tank stands and most of the tank / stand manufacturers use mdf now, you can get moisture resistant mdf but in all honesty its not much better than standard...
  47. sa80mark

    New stand question

    I work with mdf on a daily basis and yes 18mm will be suitable but I would advise a centre brace 25mm would be my preference and for up to a 90cm would not need a centre brace providing you have a strong back, for example build the top, bottom and sides in 25mm then the doors, front top panel...
  48. sa80mark

    Idea for Fluval Ebi stand

    Sounds good to me , I will be building a new stand in a similar way, will probably copy this one Laputa - Tbro's Nano | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  49. sa80mark

    DIY Project High flow DIY reactor - now with video

    Looks great just one thing ive noticed, have you got the out put from the fluval going in the reactor on the right side ? I thought the inlet was the same side your co2 pipe is ? Hope that makes sense
  50. sa80mark

    custom spray bar help

    When I set up my fish room all the pipe work was glued using bostick solvent weld and I never had any issues in 2 years of use. just leave it 24 hours to dry Mark
  51. sa80mark

    AquaNano 40 - hardware failure

    Very strange place for a tank to go normally with curved corner tanks they go right on the bend, good shop though to replace it like that,
  52. sa80mark

    Shrimp rack/shelving?

    Lol no man should be without one
  53. sa80mark

    Shrimp rack/shelving?

    You will really stuggle to find anything that small and strong enough building your own will be the cheapest and easiest option, to do it on the cheap side use stud work timber 36 x 64 mm £2.50 each at b and q and 18mm plywood for the shelfs Mark
  54. sa80mark

    cant decide which ada tank

    When I looked into the tmc the information I found all seemed towards 2 tmc mini 400 led tiles, im leaning towards the tmc 60 x 45 x 30
  55. sa80mark

    cant decide which ada tank

    Thanks george, I toyed with the idea of the tmc range but cant seem to find anywhere local that can get them and as I only ride a motorbike it limits me alot, I suppose one option would be to find somewhere that delivers, I never thought deciding on what tank would be the hard part Mark
  56. sa80mark

    cant decide which ada tank

    Ive been away working very hard and have decided to treat my to an ada tank but im having a massive problem deciding on which one to go for, its either a 60p or 60f I know the 60p lends itself to a wider choice in scaping and fish etc but the 60f looks superb and seems to be a real chalange with...
  57. sa80mark

    DIY spray bar colour options

    Ive seen a few videos on YouTube of people make shrimp safe filter intakes and they use heat shrink on the ends so id guess that it is aquarium safe heres a link to one of the vids YouTube
  58. sa80mark

    Dennerle Scaper's tank

    Since seeing these tanks ive emailed dennerle who put me in touch with j&k who have got back to me these tanks are available to order through dennerle stockists with approximately 4 week order time and are to be priced between £220 -£235 for the complete package and j&k might stock tank only in...
  59. sa80mark

    custom aquarium glass thickness

    Im planning on getting a custom tank built im going for an optiwhite possibly 36x18x18 my question is should i go for 8mm or 10mm thick according to possidons aquarium builder 8mm gives a safety factor of 4 im just a bit concerned 8mm is slightly on the thin side Any help would be greatly...
  60. sa80mark

    Silicone - setting times

    The last tank had built I was advised not to fill it for 10 days this was due to it being 10mm thick glass and was told as a generally used rule is one day drying time for ever mm of glass thickness
  61. sa80mark

    ADA aquariums

    I asked about optiwhite the other day and everyone who replied all agreed optiwhite is the only way to go, I cant really comment on whether ada are worth the money as ive never had one but I would imagine if your willing and happy to pay for ada then yes there worth it but for me a custom build...
  62. sa80mark

    custom aquarium

    Thanks guys sounds like its definitely worth it Mark
  63. sa80mark

    custom aquarium

    Im looking into getting a custom aquarium and cant decide on optiwhite glass or standard. Ive never seen an optiwhite tank so dont know how much difference it really makes. Is optiwhite really worth the extra money ? Mark