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  1. sa80mark

    Cyperus spp

    Im chasing my tail trying to find a Cyperus thats suitable for riparium use that is small ive found info stating there are species as small as 5cm but I cant find any names for these Does anyone know of any that stay smaller than approx 15 inch and will tolerate low humidity riparium conditions...
  2. sa80mark

    riparium planter medium

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section Im looking at getting my bits sorted for my upcoming riparium project and cant decide on what media to use in the planters am I better off using akadama or Hydroton Clay Pebbles ? Or is it as I suspect the same thing with a different name ? Mark
  3. sa80mark

    riparium help

    While sitting in the hotel last night I got bored and started searching around the net for new interesting things to pass the time and although I knew these were popular I never looked into them, well lets just say ripariums have perked my interest but im having trouble finding detailed pictures...
  4. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Went to quote a job today and came across this beast so I thought go on then lets have a go at a wabi :)