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  1. sa80mark

    Wanted; alternative for Congo tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)

    What about cherry barbs ? I believe there compatible with shrimp
  2. sa80mark

    What fish is this?

    Not very sure on this one :( I think kirk could be right with orf although it's not quite as rounded as I'd expect but orf would be my guess
  3. sa80mark

    Totally confused about stocking

    On the very occasion you will find a betta with a bad attitude these are the ones that will have a go at anything, betta are similar to oscars in that they all have there own personality they can be more like a dog at times in that they learn who feeds them etc etc Betta are very misunderstood...
  4. sa80mark

    Totally confused about stocking

    Agree with above your not over stocked imo id say your near the limit and the only thing I would say is that the betta is unsuitable for 2 reasons first the filter is to powerful betta really dont do well long term in water flow and second keeping betta with tetras is not a good idea as most of...
  5. sa80mark

    Betta Splenda

    Try Betta splendens uk On Facebook some of the people have some nice quality betta :)
  6. sa80mark

    What fish will go with...

    Trigonostigma heteromorpha Harlequin rasbora very underated and under used imo
  7. sa80mark

    Plecos in planted aquaria

    Ouch not good, I used to get alot from them when I bred fish but that was 6 years ago now, the only other place I could suggest is rare aquatics in crewe, along way from cornwall but they do mail order and have a great reputation
  8. sa80mark

    Plecos in planted aquaria

    Ben Have you tried trimar in Camborne ? Not sure what there like now but they used to be pretty good Mark
  9. sa80mark

    Puntius rhomboocellatus

    If your happy to mail order these have them listed Amwell Aquatics » Fish » Tropical » Tropical Fish List
  10. sa80mark

    stocking of a 25 litre nano

    Dont worry about copper pipes 99.9% of houses have them and theres plenty of people on here that keep shrimp and will have copper pipes :)
  11. sa80mark


    Back in my betta breeding days I used to feed them chopped cockles I just took them out of the freezer defrosted them and washed them under the tap, they used to love them
  12. sa80mark

    There are many striking fish....

    Galaxy rasbora / celestial pearl danio, when healthy and fully coloured take some beating, also as an ex betta breeder I will always have a soft spot for half moon plakats (hmpk) :)
  13. sa80mark

    Daphnia from the local pond.

    I used to collect my own and put them in a 50l container in the garden then when I needed them for fry just net some out and fed direct to the tanks, never had any problems at all
  14. sa80mark

    gourami vs betta

    I bred betta for many years and have seen similar questions no end of times, betta are not a pair fish and should never be kept in groups of pairs, other people will give a different opinion but honestly it will end in either a dead fish or a badly beaten fish if your set on the betta species...