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  1. George Farmer

    Askoll cube & Juwel 180 vision

    Looks great! Thanks for the email and all the best with your journey.. :D
  2. George Farmer


    Why do you aquascape? Be as concise or descriptive as you dare. I am super curious about your motivations; you should be too... :D Cheers George
  3. George Farmer

    George Visits stunning pond garden

    Thanks for sharing mate :D
  4. George Farmer

    What I've learned so far about ferts

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. George Farmer

    Resurrection (EA900)

    What a treat that was! Thanks mate :D
  6. George Farmer

    Scaping Adventures Outside the House

    So cool to spend some quality time with you guys. Thank you for coming! PS sorry the scape will be closed down soon ready for the next chapter.. :D
  7. George Farmer

    Why are cardinal tetra rarely used in aquascaping?

    I think it's a combination of their aesthetic value, their perceived popularity and schooling behaviour. Aesthetic - Very high impact. Too high for many. Popular - Too popular for many. Schooling - They don't school when comfortable so not great for the that final photo unless you can 'scare'...
  8. George Farmer

    Something... Something... Shallow Tank

    Great job Geoff. Can I come over and film it please?!
  9. George Farmer

    My new discus adventure

    Great job! I think I'll be using more open sand substrate for my next discus scape. What's your temperature and water change routine? Looking forward to following along!
  10. George Farmer

    Aquascaping Contest Scandal

    I only boost to 278%
  11. George Farmer

    Request for UKAPS guests on my YouTube channel

    Hi all, I'm looking at creating more UK-based content featuring fellow hobbyists that are comfortable to share their aquariums and stories. You don't have to have the highest-end equipment or have the fanciest aquascape. I'm more interested in telling engaging stories that my audience will...
  12. George Farmer

    EPQ Aquascaping Journal ~ Nature Aquarium

    It was great chatting with you, Shoshi! I’m excited to follow your progress. :)
  13. George Farmer

    Critique my aquascape Critique please. What is working and what isn't?

    What's the story you're trying to convey with the design? For me the whole design lacks real cohesion, with the lovely ornamental-style stems in the background contrasting excessively with the more diorama-style hardscape and carpeting plants. In my eye, it's almost a scape of two distinct...
  14. George Farmer

    Dorey’s EA 900

    Average... :D
  15. George Farmer

    Latest podcast - Aquarium Plants and Aquascaping

    Hi all I thought I'd share our latest podcast. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what other topics you'd like to hear about. :D Special thanks to Aquarium Gardens for supporting this episode. 🙏💚 If you enjoy our podcast please consider leaving a review on Apple podcasts - it really helps us...
  16. George Farmer

    Rimless tank options post-EA?

    Pilkington is a UK brand that use the brand name “OptiWhite”. Most glass tanks are made in China and use their own low iron glass.
  17. George Farmer

    Rimless tank options post-EA?

    My consultation contract with EA ceased in 2018 and since have had no involvement. Please spread the word.
  18. George Farmer

    New Admin

    Thanks Tim! A great fit for the role. And thanks, Paulo, of course :D
  19. George Farmer

    George Farmers Book

    Thanks mate :)
  20. George Farmer

    Cape Clear

    Great job mate - and thanks for the feedback! :D
  21. George Farmer

    The brief and incomplete future of aquascaping

    Great insights. I love a deep thinker that can articulate themselves too!
  22. George Farmer

    Why do we advise Newbies like me low tech

    You're welcome. All the best with your aquascaping journey! :)
  23. George Farmer

    Why do we advise Newbies like me low tech

    These days I encourage beginners interested in aquascaping to stick with easy plants, low-moderate light and CO2 injection. This is a trifecta of guaranteed success in my experience! :D
  24. George Farmer

    George Farmers Book

    Hi all I’ve emailed my publisher for clarity on the Amazon UK situation. I’ll keep you updated
  25. George Farmer

    George Farmers Book

    Sorry the delay guys. I don't fully understand the situation with Amazon myself. You could try ordering through an independent book store, but I don't know how long shipping would take, as the publishers are in the USA. You can also pre-order signed through my website...
  26. George Farmer

    New moderator

    Good call! Thanks, Geoff. :D
  27. George Farmer

    UKAPS Aquatic Plant Layout Contest?

    Seriously I would love to visit the best aquascapes in person! :D
  28. George Farmer

    George Farmers Book

    Thank you! I hope you like it :D
  29. George Farmer

    New Aquascaping Podcast

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the feedback. Latest episode has some interesting stories...
  30. George Farmer

    New Aquascaping Podcast

    Hi all, I've started a new podcast on aquascaping if you're interested! https://anchor.fm//georgefarmer Feedback and ideas for future episodes and seasons welcome. Also I have a new website. https://www.georgefarmerstudios.com Cheers, George
  31. George Farmer

    Chihiros RGB VIVID 2 - First impressions video

    Hi all, I know there's a few of you with some experience of these units already but I thought I'd share my video. Interested to hear your feedback. It was interesting to read that most of my audience that commented preferred the Twinstar 1200, or even Kessil A360we Tuna Sun. One thing I did...
  32. George Farmer

    Oase BioMaster Thermo 600 - Filter Media Quantities help needed

    I just use the supplied OASE media. Never had an issue with it. In a healthy planted aquarium the plants do the majority of the biological filtration. Buying more media is a waste of time and money in my view if you have a heavily planted and healthy aquarium with sensible fish load and good...
  33. George Farmer

    George’s new book

    Nearly finished the manuscript...
  34. George Farmer

    The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2019 Germany

    Thanks @Ed Wiser :D
  35. George Farmer

    Aquarium Design Group YouTube playlist

    Hi all, Following my recent trip to the US I created a playlist of the videos I create during my time at ADG. Despite the US having many more challenges getting consistent good quality and variety of aquarium plants compared with Europe these guys are really leading the way in aquascaping over...
  36. George Farmer

    Is George Farmer scaping a tank at the Abyss Stockport?

    Hi, I spoke with the Abyss Aquatic Warehouse this morning and there's provisional plans to organise a big event this summer - my intention is to help with some aquascaping activities. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for details!
  37. George Farmer

    Scape School Sunday

    New series started last night. I hope you like it!
  38. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 900 by Filipe Oliveira

    Beautiful work from the legendary Filipe A. Oliveira at the Aquarium Gardens workshop 2 days ago. Short film >>
  39. George Farmer

    10 scapes at Aquarium Gardens - what’s your favourite?

    10 scapes filmed at Aquarium Gardens. Watch the film and vote for your favourite! Link >>>
  40. George Farmer

    New build!

    Hi, I collaborate with Evolution Aqua to develop and promote The Aquascape brand. It's not "my" brand, but I have had a significant input into the range (tanks, cabinets, fertiliser and glassware).
  41. George Farmer

    New Aquascaper 900 Set up

    Today I aquascaped this Aquascaper 900! See more and hit the link! ⤵️
  42. George Farmer

    Hi guys and girls

    Hi Steve Interesting username ;)
  43. George Farmer

    Aqua Expo 2018 at Aqua Depot, London - Sunday 27th May

    Who is going? https://www.facebook.com/events/1592676360814874/ I'll be scaping three tanks (Aquascaper 600, 900, 1200). There's some huge displays there including a 3 metre Iwagumi and 700 litre African-theme scape. 8000 litre reef... Should be fun. It's also free!
  44. George Farmer

    Epic Aquascaper 600 film!

  45. George Farmer

    How I film

    How I film aquascapes ⤵️
  46. George Farmer

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Think I'm away that weekend. Have fun everyone! :)
  47. George Farmer

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Cool, I’ll try to make sure I’m available. :)
  48. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 1200 update

  49. George Farmer

    Free Aquascape Makeover

    Tune in tonight....my channel... 9pm
  50. George Farmer

    Jurijs 120cm Nature Aquarium

    Epic long-term Nature Aquarium from Jurijs
  51. George Farmer

    Vlog - The Art of The Planted Aquarium 2018

  52. George Farmer

    Tools out!

  53. George Farmer

    Juwel Lido 200 Nature Aquarium

    How we aquascaped this...
  54. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 1200 - Huge update

  55. George Farmer

    Canon 200d

    I miss you, Clive. Nice pic Mow! Practice is the number one way to improve your technique and overall ability.
  56. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 update + Q&A + 25K

  57. George Farmer

    Non-CO2 budget scape

  58. George Farmer

    Steven’s Nature Aquarium

    Lots of info in the video description
  59. George Farmer

    Scaping at Tropica

  60. George Farmer

    Aquascaping on the national press

    Cheers mate. James Wong contacted me and told me he was a fan. Pretty cool :D
  61. George Farmer

    Pete's Iwagumi

    This was fun.
  62. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 - 1 month on...

  63. George Farmer

    Scaping on a budget

    Budget-minded aquascaping, by popular demand!
  64. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 1200 - one week

    Potentially my best scape and certainly one of my favourite videos so far... Keep on scaping
  65. George Farmer

    Win free stuff...

  66. George Farmer

    My last scape...

    ...of 2017 ;) Happy New Year, all. Keep on scaping!
  67. George Farmer

    She loves it!

  68. George Farmer

    My Top 10 Tips!

    Watch to the end for the outtakes! Merry Christmas, all! X
  69. George Farmer

    ADA 60P for a client

    Better dimensions - 50cm vs 30cm front to rear depth. Better glass - higher clarity, thicker (8 vs 6mm), smoother finish (cerium polished) 16 cabinet finishes available with Aquascaper
  70. George Farmer

    ADA 60P for a client

    Setting up an ADA 60P. Still prefer an Aquascaper 600....
  71. George Farmer

    Green Aqua displays

  72. George Farmer

    Jurijs Home Scapes!

    Cheers mate :D
  73. George Farmer

    Jurijs Home Scapes!

  74. George Farmer

    Green Aqua

    No words required...
  75. George Farmer

    90cm Easy Nature Aquarium

    Nice and simple Nature Aquarium step-by-step in an Aquascaper 900. Non-CO2, easy plants!
  76. George Farmer

    NON-CO2 Long-term Island Scape

    Hi Trident fern Various crypts (can’t remember species - sorry!) Cryptocoryne spiralis Anubias nana
  77. George Farmer

    NON-CO2 Long-term Island Scape

    Arguable my best long-term scape ever. Full cinematic-style video!
  78. George Farmer

    Wedding Present!

  79. George Farmer

    1200 litre NA makeover

    This was a cool project...
  80. George Farmer

    Long-term Nature Aquarium - 12+ months

    “Cinematic Sunday” video out now on my YouTube channel. Keep on ‘scaping!
  81. George Farmer

    Evolution Aqua Complete Liquid Plant Food

    It's called The Aquascaper Complete Liquid Plant Food. It's manufactured by Evolution Aqua. I've been using it for over 12 months in several scapes. It works well.
  82. George Farmer

    How I deal with BBA - no chemicals

  83. George Farmer

    150cm Mountainscape

  84. George Farmer

    Incredible Dutch scapes!!

    I filmed these last month during a trip to Amsterdam. Epic.
  85. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 at home - 90 days

    Battling BBA but fairly pleased. It's nice tank in the living room and the missus is happy :)
  86. George Farmer

    DIY King coming to London?!

    Yes, and guess who is hosting him... ;)
  87. George Farmer

    London event featuring our own George Farmer

    Hope to see you there guys!
  88. George Farmer

    Setting up Kessil A360we tuna sun

    I have 2x Kessil A360we Tuna Sun over my 120x60x45H cm. 50% intensity, 50% colour. 35cm from water surface. 8 hour photoperiod. PAR is approx 50 at substrate so able to grow anything with good CO2, circulation etc.
  89. George Farmer

    Going Dutch!

  90. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 Nature Aquarium

    Thanks. I got these from Wharf Aquatics in Notts.
  91. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 Nature Aquarium

    Yes, I've set up a few scapes with the A160 and AS600. :)
  92. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 Nature Aquarium

    Canon 6D with 17-40mm. Thanks mate.