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    Feedback Saved again!

    Thanks once again to Richard... off on holiday tomorrow and realised on Monday night my CO2 was on it's way out. Got a reassuring phone call yesterday and order arrived this morning! Can always rely on AE :D :D :D
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    1000 members...

    ... any day now!!! It's great to see so many people joining up every day. And so many starting to post on a regular basis. Congrats to all the founders - George, Dan, Matt, Graeme and James - it's a great achievement. And to Clive, Ed and the other mods for their constant help and support...
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    Pelvicachromis pulcher

    Fish numbers in my main tank are starting to dwindle, in part due to old age, but also due to my angels who got a bit peckish while I was on holiday :shock: I've been trying to decide what fish to introduce, but am struggling to make up my mind, and to work out what would be compatible. I've...
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    Cloudy water - yeast?

    Was doing general maintenance on Saturday and realised one of my Nutrafin canisters had backfed into the tank. Irritated beyond belief as I finally bit the bullet 2 weeks ago and bought a pressurised system, but it was out of stock so I've been waiting on delivery. So ripped the Nutrafin out...
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    JBL Aqua In-out

    Has anyone tried JBL Aqua In-out? Have searched for product reviews and come up with nothing at all. Am trying hard not to waste money on useless gadgets but do need to find a solution to hauling buckets so I can save money on physio visits! :roll:
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    low KH

    It's been a long long time since I took out my dusty test kits, but for one reason and another, I tested KH and GH today. While the GH is around 8-9, the KH is 0! :shock: pH is 6.5. Before I started using CO2 (currently just the Nutrafin kits) both KH and GH were quite high, and pH hovered...
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    Dropchecker maintenance

    Lost the instructions for my JBL dropchecker... How often should I be refilling it? Cheers,
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    Aquarium Gardening

    Has anyone tried this place? They didn't have what I was after, but I thought the website was better than many. Obviously keen to know if the plants are any good though! :)
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    next question!

    Please bear with me if you've just been answering my questions in the CO2 thread! I've recently traded up to a 180 litre tank and am now slowly (as money permits) upgrading its contents. The lights are in now and I've got a little Nutrafin CO2 on the go - and am plucking up the courage to get...
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    Electric Aquarium Aquatic Plant CO2 Generator

    Has anyone tried these? Worth a go?? I bought a TDS meter off this guy which is great and he's offering discount to repeat customers :D
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    accidental snails

    I've got about 3 or 4 different types of snails that have all arrived by accident with plants or fish. I really like them, but my b/f reckons they're bad for the tank. What's the consensus? Do they eat plans or just the dead leaves?
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    CO2 virgin

    My first big planted tank is coming along quite nicely but my plants are growing quite slowly, so I decided to set up my CO2 today. I ran a Red Sea CO2 test which gave a reading of 24 but have to be honest and say I don't really know if that's good or bad, so I started doing a bit of...