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  1. fleabilly

    WHAT AM I?

    I bought about ten of these last summer for my tank. They were small and beautiful. Now they are large and beautiful. And I have no idea what they are. I have spent hours on the internet looking, But so far I have not found anything. They seem like tetras of some kind, But the fins are slightly...
  2. fleabilly

    Green thread algae

    I need help. After my move, I have not had time to hang my lights. So instead they were propped atop the tank blowing too much light into the tank. Work has kept me busy and I figured I would deal when I had free time. Now I am free, but the tank has been taken over by thread algae. Crap! I...
  3. fleabilly


    Good evening I just moved and now my fish live on the 1st floor. I have a water but on the ground floor. The tank is roughly 13 meters from the but. I bought 15 meters of hose. Basically I want to fill my tank with collected rain water and need a pump that I can hook up to transfer the...
  4. fleabilly

    CO2 regulator dead

    Good evening. Curious if anyone has a spare solenoid regulator, Or knows how to fix a broken one. I have two now that have died. I would not mind buying something good. And when I say good, I mean something that will last. Cheers R Sent
  5. fleabilly

    HOB vs Canister

    Over the winter I broke down my eheim 2217 system and split the livestock and plants into two smaller tanks. one very small HOB and another with a sponge filter. over the 5 months til now, I have had great success with HC Cuba, Riccia and Java moss. now that the sun is out, I have started up the...
  6. fleabilly

    Eheim classic canister material?

    Is the old 2213 green canister acrylic? Could it be glued to acrylic? Could it be run upside down? I want to try to take my old 2213 that had a cracked bottom and make a open system sump/moving bed filter. I cut the bottom out of the canister, and want to glue it into a sump system. Sent
  7. fleabilly

    Quick question...

    When trying to gauge the size pump I need for an aquarium (133l) do I also need to take into consideration the sump volume as well? (80l) Cheers R Sent
  8. fleabilly

    Bonsai trees...

    This winter I have been trying to source out dead bonsai to make moss trees. But the bonsai people do not take kindly to the idea. O at least not willing to admit that they are in possession of any. I found one on the stoop of a house in the fall, and built it out, and it has grown in nicely...
  9. fleabilly

    Virtual tank design

    Afternoon Still waiting to pay of my tax bill before I embark on another tank related project. But in the meantime I am reading researching and designing possible builds. I ran across an article about moving bed filters, and I really want to try it out. I would like to build a large one in a...
  10. fleabilly

    Diluting salts for spray bottle.

    I am planning on trying a DSM on a very small tank for shrimp. I want to grow Utricularia Graminfolia Cuba Java moss And riccia fluitans I have read that you can add liquid carbon and ferts to your spray bottle to mist the plants occasionally, but I want to make sure about the proportions...
  11. fleabilly

    Dry start method question...

    If I plan on growing plants DSM is there any prep that I need to preform on the soil? I am soaking some akadama in dry salts. I have oscote should I mix that in? Ad do I need mulm below the substrate? Cheers R Sent
  12. fleabilly

    2217 left off for a month

    I have been busy taking care of too many things this month. Broke down my tank, and left my eheim 2217 off with stagnate water in it. I assume the bacteria is all dead (hence the smell). If i want to get it back up and running, what should I do? Cheers R Sent
  13. fleabilly

    Fleabilly tank journal 0001

    Today I started on a new tank. After Christmas holidays I came home, and found that my spraybar had done great job of watering the carpet. One rug doctor and dehumidifier later, room is back to normal. But I see this as an opportunity for change. Broke down previous tank and sold it on eBay...
  14. fleabilly

    Tempered or not?

    I am replacing the bottom of a tank with glass cut for plumbing... Do I need to temper it, or not? The glass sits on a 18mm birch ply, so I would think that it would help to support. Cheers R Sent
  15. fleabilly

    JamesC akadama recipe...

    I and starting a new tank, And wanted to give jamesC's akadama a go. I am on a time limit due to plants that need to be back in soil soon... These are the salts I need... 120g Calcium carbonate 105g Magnesium sulphate 30g Potassium sulphate I have the Magnesium sulphate, but need the other...
  16. fleabilly

    Life in a box

    Waiting to build up a new tank... Gently pulled most to the plants and placed them in tank water in semi transparent shoe boxes. Closed and in direct sunlight..(if the clouds would move). How long will they last? What can I do to prolong the life? Hoping to have tank up by next week. But...
  17. fleabilly

    Spraybar up?

    I am planning a new tank, And was thinking of drilling the bottom to hide the intake and spraybar... Would this work...(see picture) I figure that if the spraybar shot up, And bounced off an 45 degree glass wall siliconed in the rear of the tank, That it would hopefully circle back round to...
  18. fleabilly

    Holiday disaster.

    Happy holidays and new year. I went to the states for the holidays, and came back to a bit of a disaster. I have two tanks. One is 100l open top rimless The other is a closed 32l shrimp tank. We were gone for two weeks. I would imagine after the first week. The water in the larger tank had...
  19. fleabilly

    London shrimp soil?

    Tomorrow is Saturday. I really would like to track down a quality bag of shrimp substrate for a collection of RCS that I need to get up and running before I run off on holiday. Can anyone point me to a shop in London that specialises in shrimp? Cheers R Sent
  20. fleabilly

    What might be causing this...

    Have not really changed anything in the circulation of my tank. Co2 has been stable... Water just moves the surface, but not breaking the surface. Only thing I can think is I am not getting proper dispersion from my up inline co2 injector. Any ideas? Sent
  21. fleabilly

    Biological sponge filter

    I bought a BSF to try my hand at breeding shrimp in a 32l tank. Could I put the sponge filter in my 2217 eheim canister on the larger tank to gather bacteria to help cycle the smaller one? If so how long would I have to leave it in the canister? Cheers R Sent
  22. fleabilly

    Sceptical about pearling...

    So they say that it is pearling if it is on your plants... But I have small bubbles on my drop checker and my spray bar as well. It is all over my java moss, But I really thing it is the co2 just collecting on the leave... Mind you which is good! (Isn't it?) I'm just not believing it to be...
  23. fleabilly

    Red leaves

    Pardon my ignorance, but I am not sure what these are... They stand about 8 to 12 high. Very nice and they grow well... my question is This... Since I brought them home and planted them, the new growth looks nothing like the original leaves, which were green and elliptical. The new leaves are...
  24. fleabilly

    banded leporinus rubbing side on floor

    I have a banded leporinus, that occasionally will whip his side against the floor of the tank. Is this something that I should be worried about?, If so what should I do? Cheer R
  25. fleabilly

    Cherry reds

    Changing my bio load out for shrimp... Does anyone have any to sell, or Can anyone let me know where I might find cherry red shrimp? I have seen that there are people on aquatic classified, curious if anyone has had any of these? Cheers R Sent
  26. fleabilly

    Rehome fish London

    Anyone in London want my fish? 4 tiger barbs...( one black/green) 4 danios 1 paradise fish Al healthy, Just looking to stock smaller fish in my tank. Cheers R
  27. fleabilly

    Canister gravel cleaner...

    Could this be done....? If I put a t valve on my intake to may canister filter, (eheim 2217) turn it off, Redirect the water to a flex tube turn it back on so that I can then use the flex tube to clean the tank... Is this mad? Or has it been done. Seems like it would make sense, and would...
  28. fleabilly

    Living with algae

    I have been chasing my algae problem for three months now, And I have reached a point where I can see the light. Or at least maybe I am not prone to jump off the deep end at every site of algae. I have 12 shrimp swimming around at night and they seem to keep things somewhat in balance. I have...
  29. fleabilly


    I have a planted tank Soil substrate capped with gravel. 3 months old and still getting this on my plants My eyes lately are so crap that I can really only see what is going on int he tank, if I take a picture. But never the less, I need help figuring out what I need to do. 26 gallon...
  30. fleabilly

    PAR reading with my Sekonic

    I'm an old school photographer with a hand held sekonic light meter with a spot meter. Could I with a 18% grey card get a spot reading that could be converted somehow to PAR? I would also possibly risk the light meter by sealing it in a ziplock and get a submerged reading. Either way, is this...
  31. fleabilly

    Water test...

    I have questions: I am trying to rule out problems I am having in my tank. Diatoms at the moment are my concern. Java moss grows, but then browns. But continues to grow. I am assuming that it is diatoms. I have done some reading and want to rule out the possibility of my London water having an...
  32. fleabilly

    Strange request...

    I need to return an aquaray lighting controller, But I no longer have the packaging. I was hoping that maybe somebody out there might have just bought one, and would be willing to part with the packaging to help me out? SKU#:5027656500734 Cheers R Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  33. fleabilly

    Banded Leporinus

    I've had a Banded Leporinus for two years. Lovely fish and my favourite in the tank. Very calm. Peaceful, and never jumps out, even though I have an open tank. My only concern is the reclusive nature of this fish. Always taking advantage of hiding places. And rarely seen. I'm always worried...
  34. fleabilly

    Aquaray grobeam controller...

    I currently have a twin grobeam on my tank with an aquaray lighting controller. Would it be possible to use a splitter to run both lights off one channel, thus freeing the second channel to control a blue led strip light? If so where might I find the splitter cables to do this (1.7mm x 4.0mm)...
  35. fleabilly

    2217 with dual intakes...?

    I lucked out and found a 2217 on gum tree for £40 including delivery that evening. A bit large for my 100l tank, but I have amazing flow, and the tank is super clean. (Not to mention that the 2217 is far quieter than the 2213 I replaced)<br /><br />but i have a dead corner where no the water and...
  36. fleabilly

    Need filtration.

    Doorbell rang this morning, Dog tripped me and I dropped my eheim cracking the canister. Not a good day. Anyone in London want to sell me something? Cheers R Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  37. fleabilly

    Up co2 inline diffuser.

    I have this running just before the spray bar,(eheim 2213) And it seems to be sending out large bubbles that just load up in the spray bar and bubble to the surface. Obviously not working. Does anyone have any experience with theses? Cheers R Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  38. fleabilly

    Cree lights / lumens / eBay / planted tanks.

    So I was thinking about getting these... ... 08400?var= I have a heavily planted tank. 80x40x30 24.7 gallons. In order to reach the desired LSI of 30 I need roughly 11,160.45 of lumen power. With 10 of these Cree gu10's I will have roughly 9000 Or a...
  39. fleabilly

    Non aquatic moss...

    Ok, So this might be a naff question, But the moss that grows on the bricks outside my door, Could that be transplanted into my tank? Cheers R Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  40. fleabilly

    Fleabilly's planted tank.

    New here... Cheers for all the information I have gotten quietly from this site. This August I moved from a aqua one 320 to a 110l tank. Brand new on eBay for £50. (Pick up only) Came with two fake rock arches. I bought a eheim 2213 loaded it with ehiem mech and substrate pro. Ran it for two...
  41. fleabilly

    What am I?

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  42. fleabilly

    Too early...

    Hello... I may have bought plants too early. I need some other items like co2 and other substrate items before I can plant them. Can I just put them in a bucket for a week or so, without fear of loss? Cheers R Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  43. fleabilly

    DIY inline co2 reactor

    Hello... I'm an American living in London. I want to build a DIY inline co2 reactor out of 2 inch PVC, but I am having a hard time sourcing out all the bits. Wouldn't be a problem if I were back in the states with their mega DIY stores, With racks and racks of PVC. I was hoping to find a place...