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  1. FishBeast

    BGA causing havoc in low flow tank

    The outbreaks I have had I fixed almost instantly by siphoning as much rotting stuff from the substrate as possible, removing as much dead stuff as possible and doing a large water change. I thought it was due to a excessive build up of organic waste in the substrate.... That's how I think of it...
  2. FishBeast

    Green thread algae

    I had the same problem. Everything in the tank was fine but some thread algae came in on some moss I bought and it ran rampart through the tank under good conditions. I could never shake it. I ended up getting angry and took out all of the moss (because I coluldnt get rid of the algae on it)...
  3. FishBeast

    empty plants from tank, keep ada substrate kill thread algae

    At some time in the future I would like to take the plants out of my tank and start it fresh again. It has been over run with thread algae and I want to make sure that it is dead before replanting.... The reason why I want to do it this was because I have alot of ADA Amazon II that is still...
  4. FishBeast

    The Importance of GH Booster.

    Very well done. I wouldn't have figured that one out I bet.
  5. FishBeast

    Overdosed Flourish Excel - Nightmare!!

    That is terrible news. Its all learning. I have lossed probably 200-300 shrimp learning if that helps.