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  1. TBRO

    Cleaning Inlet Skimmer

    I’ve got glass Lilly pipes but a surface skimming inlet which is mostly glass but has a floating section that is plastic. The glass bends on the skimmer are very difficult to get around with the pipe brush and brushing the plastic is just scratching it and making it opaque. I have some PBW...
  2. TBRO

    APS filters booster + Eheim tubing?

    Hi All, I’ve just bought an APS filter booster to use as a CO2 reactor on my outflow pipe. I have an Eheim Ecco Pro with 12/16 mm tubing. Can anyone advise on tubing connections to Mate the two? The APS Hose barbs are a lot bigger, internal diameter approx 17 mm. Sent from my iPhone...
  3. TBRO

    Anyone tried Wave Niagra Hang-ons

    Hi, I'm setting up a 30 l nano and was thinking of getting one of the Wave Niagra hang-on filters as a stop gap until I can afford a external. Has anyone had any experiances with thses filters :?: I'll go for the one rated 300 l/h. Only real concern is the weight of the hang on filter on my...