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  1. FishBeast

    Earthworms in substrate, how to remove?

    I have noticed that there are some earthworms in my DIY substrate. I figure that either there were some worms in it that I was not aware of or perhaps some worm eggs that got in via dosing the emersed setup worm pee. I am wondering if you guys would have any suggestions as to how I can remove...
  2. FishBeast

    Has anyone had any real sucess with emmersed growing?

    Hi I have a heap of cultivators with moss, hc, crypt wendetti, some grass stuff but the moss is the only thing which is growing really well. SO I am wondering how sucessful your emmersed setups are?
  3. FishBeast

    How fast does your HC grow emersed?

    I have my HC growing emersed for anout 2 months and it is growing painfully slowly. I am fairly confident that I have the nutrient side of things down well. I have some growing and some burning. I am using a mix of seedling soil, sand and a light dose of chicken manure. I am using foam boxes...