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  1. TBRO

    Rams - Males or Female?

    I picked up two juvenile Rams today. I was planning to get some for a while but was looking out for a female. These two were the only ones left. I thought they both looked female. Opinions? Either way they are great little fish, very pleased [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TBRO

    Peacock Gudgeon or Scarlet Badis?

    Hi all, Just scaped my tank, it features a lot of lava rock, this has loads of little nooks and caves. I’m not going to add any fish for a while (I have 2 SAEs + cherry and Amano shrimp already). However I am thinking about stocking. I was thinking about either Peacock Gudgeon or Scarlet...
  3. TBRO

    Mixed Shoals

    I have a shoal of embers but I crave some blue in the tank, do you think adding a shoal of green neans would look weird ? T
  4. TBRO

    Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki + Cherry Shrimps ?

    I used to have a shoal of pygmy chain loaches, would they be ok with shrimps and plants like HC or is it all likley to end in tears?