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  1. FishBeast

    Information on the Aussie Desert Gobie

    Bare in mind that they are prolific breeders and hense, don't live long. If I remember correctly their life span is 12-18 months.
  2. FishBeast

    How normal is it to have the odd fish die?

    Thanks Darrel. Thats good advice. Because I mainly keep rainbow fish I get nervous sometimes that after all the time it takes to mature them I may lose them.
  3. FishBeast

    Information on the Aussie Desert Gobie

    Hi guys, Here are a few links to info on the Desert Gobie for those interested. I love this fish and have great respect for them. http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/2817612.htm http://www.aquarticles.com/articles/bre ... _Goby.html
  4. FishBeast

    How normal is it to have the odd fish die?

    Over the last while I have had the odd fish die seemingly randomly. One or two I can explain but I like to think that I keep a pretty well maintained tank but I occassionally have the odd fish die. For example one of my dwarf cichlids looked sick and the next day was dead. I keep up with my...
  5. FishBeast

    Otto's dying

    I am wondering if otto's need a cover over the inlet of a canister filter like shrimp do? because I lossed one there and another in a similar fasion.
  6. FishBeast

    The value of the Khuli Loach in the aquarium

    I have been keeping several Khuli loaches in my planted tank for the last few months and I have become a big fan of them. I have found that when they are happy they cruise in and around the hardscape and plants. I am loving them also because of the way they clean up waste from the substrate. I...