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  1. TBRO

    Focusing on Nowhere - AS 900

    I’m about to start a new scape in my AS 900. I was always niggled by my previous scape, it somehow wasn’t balanced. I’m really going to try this time to stick more to principles like: Rule of thirds and focal points. I’m going to be influenced heavily by some ADA concave scapes, this might be...
  2. TBRO

    The Falls - DOOA Wall 60

    When I was younger, I once got lost in a Jungle. To make my escape I had to follow a river and climb down several water falls. At the time I just wanted to get back to a road but looking back, the scenery was amazing! The crystal clear stream was full of little fish and shrimp, the surrounding...
  3. TBRO

    10 years gone - Aquascaper 900

    Well it’s approximately 10 years since my last serious aquascaping efforts. I’m hoping I’m a bit older with more patience! In that vein I’ve been waiting for an Aquascaper 900 for few weeks on order. Hoping it will come next week along with the Matt Anthracite cabinet. I still have a lot of...
  4. TBRO

    TA Nano tribute

    My brother moved house recently and took his nano down. He had admired that Amano scape with the huge river boulders and the other day I found some nice rocks. So I decided to try and make a nano tribute, for a bit of fun. I didn't change the substrate as there was hairgrass growing in it. I...
  5. TBRO

    The Snag - Tbro's Nano Re-scaped

    Just thought I'd post a few pics to show I'm still interested in underwater scapes! I stripped my shrimp tank down and re-tied the moss carpet. I've gone for a bare wood look. I initially was a bit uncertain about the layout of the wood, the upright bits seem a bit hard on the eye. However it's...
  6. TBRO

    Comp_Nov09: The Jungle Book

    Name:Tom Brockley (TBRO) Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 14 cm cube Aquascape Name:The Jungle Book Hardscape/Materials used:Cube Vase from John Lewis - £12, Goose Neck 20 w lamp from home base - £ 6, Other materials salvaged from other tanks, ADA Xingu Sand, river gravel, coarse...
  7. TBRO

    Rise of the Mossoliths

    Hi all, I've re-scaped my Osaka 260 - I didn't compleatly strip out the tank just moved around hard scape (I know lazy :sick: ) So still using the standard Osaka Kit Filter - Fluval 305 (mature) Lights - 2 x 36 w T5 C02 - TGM kit Ferts - Easy Carb 8 ml, TPN + 4 ml Daily Substrate - ADA...
  8. TBRO

    Laputa - Tbro's Nano

    Hi everyone, Just started a new tank so I thought I'd give it a pretentious name - after my favourite anime film about a overgrown, flying castle. Silly names aside I wanted to do a nano for shrimp breeding and to try my hand at various mosses. I also wanted a really tall podium stand for my...
  9. TBRO

    TBro's first tank

    Hey, was organising old photos and found a couple of shots of my first tank from 2 years ago. Aqua 40 from LFS with various guppies etc. I added a CO2 yeast system which worked pretty well in such a small set up. Eventually had three canisters in a row. Got some willow moss from Rhyl Aquaria and...
  10. TBRO

    Osaka overhaul

    Hi, this is my first real post but recently re-did my tank and wanted to share. My Osaka 260 was previously set up as Jungle affair but unfortunatley I set it up with coral sand after being advised by my local shop that it was benign, neutral river sand. Long story short - pH 8.5, KH > 12, fish...