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  1. FishBeast

    2nd attempt at HC. Advice on water perameters please

    G'day guys. After some colossal problems with my planted tank I am glad to say that it is up and running again. The last attempt at growing HC I beleive that I failed because of a few reasons: I planted them in individual stems and maintained alot of water flow so they never got a chance to...
  2. FishBeast

    Help to id this moss please

    Hey, I have found this awesome moss and am wondering if you guys have seen anything like it. Please excuse the algae as I am having a bit trouble with it at the moment.
  3. FishBeast

    Have any of you guys ever had this happen to your moss?

    I had a problem with my co2 cylinder and because I live a long way away from civilisation it has been about 3 months until I have replaced it. I have had alot of algae growing on my moss. I am wondering whether a good dose of shrimp can solve this problem or perhaps some easycarb? I intend to...
  4. FishBeast

    Will HC grow in hard water?

    Hi guys, I have been having great difficulty growing my HC over the last 3 months... Everything appears to be good, my water circulation is good, my co2 is at 30ppm my ferts are good and my light is very high... My water quality is good but it seems to growing at about 1 millimetre a month.. The...
  5. FishBeast

    I could use a little advice on flame moss

    Hi guys, I am now in the buying plant phase of settling up my planted tank (finally). One of my sources of inspiration was a contestant from the ADA contest in 2008 Weerayut Soemphomphoemsuk. I love the way he has created what looks to be pine trees with what I believe to be flame moss. I am...