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  1. sa80mark

    co2 in tap water

    Im just about to set up a low tech dirt tank and thought I had everything set, then I had the bright idea to test my tap water for ph and the results have me a bit worried / confused as to what to do about water changes Ph straight from tap 6.2 Ph after standing (12 hours) 7.6 Ph after standing...
  2. sa80mark

    can you have to much co2 ?

    Ive got a small amount of what I believe to be hair algae I think this is due to me very stupidly dosing 1ml ferts a day instead of the 3ml I should have been dosing so as ive got no livestock and am running a high dose of co2, bright yellow on the drop checker, ive uped the ferts to 3ml I...
  3. sa80mark

    calor weldcraft regulator

    Has anyone had any experience of the above ? Ive been offered one for a good price and as im looking for a new regulator I thought it might be ideal Thanks in advance Mark
  4. sa80mark

    drop checker size

    Im searching around the sponsorers sites because im looking to get a drop checker and have just had a thought, Does the size of the drop checker matter ? Im wanting one for a 30l cube tank so dont want a big one but are the smaller ones as effective or is the surface area important to get...