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  1. E

    Lusty Glaze (Inspired by nature)

    All I can say is WOW This tank is defintley one of my favorites. I wish I had your talent at scaping. Simply beautiful.
  2. E

    TDI's Blyxa - Riverbank (picture update 19/5/09)

    Re: TDI's Blyxa - Riverbank :shock: Monster tank Looks great Dan, look forward to seeing more pics as it matures :)
  3. E

    Dan Crawford's Jurassic Dawn

    Thats a great photo George. When it flipped up on the screen I thought, OMG Angelfish evolved from Raptors. It so fit the tanks look and name :)
  4. E

    90cm/150litre - "Patience"

    Love the sunset effect you got going on with that bulb in the background Steve:) looks really cool. Rock laylout looks awesome. Can't wait to see how it grows for you. Jack
  5. E

    The tank I could not resist in buying

    Nice looking tank Easty :) For a quick scape, it sure looks great.
  6. E

    TLH's Tank

    Loving how the tank is coming along TLH, can't waitg to see so some more photos once its grown in a little. Should look great :D With regards to dosing, it's probably best to go read Ceg's wonderful thread on EI dosing in the tutorials section EI DOSING USING DRY SALTS It's a great read, but...
  7. E

    Dan Crawford's Jurassic Dawn

    Some great photos Dan, I can just picture seeing a T.Rex walkthrough the mass of plants :)
  8. E

    1600 Gallon 5 meters long planted behemoth

    Very nice work Tom, Look absolutely stunning.
  9. E

    Liseys 60cm high-tech

    That tank is going to look awesome Lisa once growth starts to kick in. I love the ripple effect that dan did for the substrate. Got to ask him how to do that on my next tank Gotta love Dan, he's a top bloke.
  10. E

    Rescaped my 54L today

    Nice I like it I like rocks what are they and where did you get them from. I can't find any nice looking dark rocks locally :(