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  1. ulster exile

    Broken regulator? Help please

    Hi folks, ages ago I bought a used CO2 Art set up, the Elite version, I think. It’s taken me ages to get it set up but I think it might be broken. I’ve got no pressure in the left hand gauge and the big black nob won’t turn any farther clockwise so I suspect it might be broken. The solenoid is...
  2. ulster exile

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    Hi all, I've just set up my first Co2 set for over 10 years but didn't notice the gasket had come out of the regulator as I was putting the PTFE on, so I now have an empty FE [emoji23] I can't see any recommendations in the last 7 years for refills in Northern Ireland (I'm near Newtownards) so...
  3. ulster exile

    200L tank with good lighting?

    Hi, I currently have a 225L (ish) Cleair tank which was supplied with 4xT8. I found this level of lighting sufficient to require CO2 but of the two ballasts broke last year. As the space into which the ballasts fits is rather small and the ballasts are unidentifiable Chinese make, I've not...
  4. ulster exile

    Snail eater for a 60 Litre

    TBH I don't think they necessarily breed at a very fast rate and IME they're much slower than MTS. I can still only count about 7 in my little 35l from an original buy of 2 - last year.
  5. ulster exile

    anubias evil?? :0)

    :lol: I can confirm what his wife said about spiders though :wink:
  6. ulster exile

    My fish have "bubbles"

    Sounds like Gas Bubble Disease (emphysematosis) but I've never experienced it personally tbh. If you get no other help right now, I'd be tempted to stick an air pump on for a bit.
  7. ulster exile

    My first photo contest

    Wow. They are all impressive photos. Congratulations :clap: I too like "travels"
  8. ulster exile

    Snail eater for a 60 Litre

    Assassin snails (anentome helena) are great for pest snails and MTS if you feel that way about them (and faster than you'd think) though when the snails run out I suspect that they eat the cherry shrimp. I ran out of snails in my little tank a while ago and now also have no cherries! The...
  9. ulster exile

    uncomplicated way to propogate hc.

    Ok so I've got the old propagator out of the shed and filled the pots with compost - do I keep the compost wet by putting water into the propagator or do I just water frequently? I have a mister to use daily for the leaves.
  10. ulster exile

    emmersed growing on the windowsill?

    It just sounds all so easy! If I can get the propagator out of the shed, I might just have a crack at this - thanks!
  11. ulster exile

    time to retire from UKAPS

    Although I have been absent from the forum for quite a while, I still am grateful that there will be more of your threads/posts to read and be inspired by when I do drop in - the forum is a lesser place when knowledge/experience leaves. I know very little about planted tanks, but I know what I...
  12. ulster exile

    Storing ferts

    My trace mix goes mouldy if not kept in the fridge. Last two times I've mixed a batch up, I've some disaster or other meaning I've stopped dosing :roll:
  13. ulster exile


    Thank you Aaron.
  14. ulster exile

    distilled water

    afaik, de-ionised is the same thing. That's what I was told when I went to Halfrauds to get some for the ferts/drop checker but I was told here (I think) that it doesn't make a huge amount of difference if you use normal tap water for mixing ferts.
  15. ulster exile


    If changing water introduces CO2 which we want the plants to adapt away from in a low light/tech, no CO2 set up, how do you deal with evaporation and dropping water levels. In my little tank (35l) I've a luminaire and a combination of the heat from the light and an open top to the tank means...
  16. ulster exile

    When do I need a new FE?

    Definitely take the advice on not waiting until your FE is empty to think about refilling. I returned from holiday to find a green tank and lots of dead fish, plus an empty FE. I suppose the FE dumped it's remaining gas whilst I was away, but the algae was amazing. The surface was covered...
  17. ulster exile

    Sagittaria natans

    I had what I believed to be sagittaria subulata in my tank then was given more of the same, but the new stuff grew to vallis size proportions as well it looks identical to the original stuff, but just grows bigger *shrugs*. I'm giving up on it altogether as it's just too big for what I wanted.
  18. ulster exile

    Are there any great female aquascapers?

    Hmm. If you look at the traditional perception of an "artist" most people will automatically think of Da Vinci, or Picasso, Monet, Degas etc. Where are the women there? I can't think of one great female artist. In fact, the only woman artist that springs to mind as I sit here is debatable...
  19. ulster exile

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    lol I most certainly will - most of my riding is in traffic so careful is the only way I can do it atm. In fast the best bit I've had so far was picking it up from outside Shrewsbury - lots of nice country roads around there. I'm not your average biker chick btw - you know the signs you've...
  20. ulster exile

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    Just started mate - me and the OH did our CBT's last week, he's got a baby Varadero and I picked up my YBR125 last Sunday and been commuting every day this week. We'll do direct access next year and get bigger ones. I seriously like Graeme's but perhaps not for my first big bike (and not...
  21. ulster exile

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    Aww she's beautiful! I am incredibly jealous!
  22. ulster exile

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    Do it Steve - you'll not regret it. I've had my bike since Sunday and now commute to work and I love every single second of it. I'm already looking forward to getting a bigger bike, but as the oh has taken up biking too, it's a bit dear for both of us to do our tests and buy bigger ones...
  23. ulster exile

    Me and my new toy Aprillia.

    How's the bike going Graeme? I bought myself a Yamaha YBR125 as starter bike to learn on but I really like the look of yours!
  24. ulster exile

    Universites, Leed's met vs. Lincoln.

    Don't know anything about either Uni, but hubby's family are mainly Leeds based and I really like the city. I like it so much that if there weren't so many of my crazy in-laws living there, we'd probably be living there instead of in Birmingham. The town has much more character (IMO) than...
  25. ulster exile

    Tron 2 (aka Tr2n)

    OMG I love Tron! I didn't realise they were making another one, but hoped they would. Spose we've got to wait forever for it to be released properly though :(
  26. ulster exile

    Water change practice

    For those people who use a pump or other semi-automated system, what do you do about cleaning the substrate? I tend to leave it alone, as most of the tank's substrate is covered and I presume that the build up of mulm will help the plants but having religiously gravel vac'd for about 2 years...
  27. ulster exile


    The top one is so deceptive - looks like you're standing on the top of the cliff of an enormous gorge with a raging torrent flowing through. Nice pictures!
  28. ulster exile

    First Attempt!

    I like your last layout, although I'm not sure that it doesn't look a bit too uniform or symmetrical because of the similar (nut opposite) angles the top right and top left rocks are sat at. It sort of gives uniform parabolic shape. When reading this, bear in mind my sig though ;) PS - are...
  29. ulster exile

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase You're too modest Matt :wink: and yes, it's still nice to try. Every single picture in this thread which has evoked an emotive response from me, whether it was reliving my memories of Murlough Bay in Co. Down after seeing Planter's "Coast" or the serenity I feel...
  30. ulster exile

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase Those 'scapes are amazing. They inspire and depress me at the same time - they are just so good and you can really see an artist's touch in each and every one. A sincere "well done" to those who entered :)
  31. ulster exile

    ADA Results, NOW IN!

    Congratulations to all who took part! May you go from strength to strength from here on in :)
  32. ulster exile

    using window light

    Well bugger me - could have sworn I was missing those dangly bits last time I visited the toilet...better go check again, seeing as we are all men here :wink: Nice pics saintly!
  33. ulster exile

    Gardening websites?

    I know - it's hard to know what's worse...having the plants stolen or having the gravel flung at our windows when they walk past the garden as the garden is about chest height to pedestrians so it's obviously too hard for a chav to resist! That's why the berberis was planted in the first place...
  34. ulster exile

    Gardening websites?

    Excellant thread - I too have a small shaded front garden covered in gravel so you've saved me asking the question. Unfortunately my last attempt at planting (berberis bushes, lavender and hebes ended in disaster when some numpty stole the newly planted plants and broke the lavenders when they...
  35. ulster exile

    UKAPS Calender 2009

    Sounds great - if anything comes of the hard copy calender plan, please post and i will be happy to pay "up front".
  36. ulster exile

    Liseys 60cm high-tech

    God Lisa, you're really not doing well at the moment! Sorry to hear about the RTA and I really hope you get better soon. Don't worry about the tank - you're in one piece and the tank can be sorted again.
  37. ulster exile


    Evolution indeed - looks really nice! Look forward to seeing more pics of it in the future.
  38. ulster exile

    Golden rock- 4 weeks growth, background plants added 5/8/08

    Re: Work in progress - 2 weeks growth, fish and shrimp added *cough*ammonia*cough*
  39. ulster exile

    Rio 240 Journal - Journey of a Newbie!

    Your corys are Corydoras sp. "Gold Laser" Not officially described, but Ian Fuller's site has given them a CW number of CW010. Beautiful fish imo (I have 6 and want more). I think your tank looks lovely - I can't give you constructive criticism as I'm not experienced enough, but I do like your...
  40. ulster exile

    CO2 FE What to say when getting one?

    Can't you get it delivered to work? My receptionists do very well in pressies from me in exchange for letting me receive goods (and for using the post machine) Seriously though - I can't see why they'd care why you would be buying one...what you do with it after you've bought it is your...
  41. ulster exile

    Superman's Light Upgrade for Vision 180

    Re: Lighting Upgrade to Luminaire (Blau Lumina) Yes, they trade under a number of names...pm on its way
  42. ulster exile

    Superman's Light Upgrade for Vision 180

    Re: Lighting Upgrade to Luminaire (Blau Lumina) Mate, you need to speak to BeBea (Zoe) about her dealings with Living Seas. Let's just say I won't be ordering from them anytime soon - worth a pm to her to get details of her experience before you make your mind up and shell out...
  43. ulster exile

    The Crypt's Place.

    It's official - you rock! My c. wendtii looks pretty similar to yours so I'm incredibly impressed that somebody with a tank of the calibre of yours is displayed with pride. The tank looks great - honestly. I think crypts are gorgeous plants...one minute you stick them in and you seem to wait...
  44. ulster exile

    Trumpet snail prob

    Don't know mate tbh - Am I mistaken that both pics show the same snail? As this isn't a fish we're talking about, is it possible that you could take out the affected one and perhaps try and open up one of those lumps to see if it's hard or fluid filled? I mean, it's on the shell so perhaps you...
  45. ulster exile

    Trumpet snail prob

    MTS are livebearers - there are no eggs, so it can't be that.
  46. ulster exile

    Can some one help with my Drop Checker....?

    My drop checker came from HK and it only had orange coloured reagent to use (sent in an API test tube :wink: ). Do you know if yours contains Bromothymol Blue? You need a reagent with Bromothymol Blue - the low range Hagen PH test contains this and you also need a 4dKH reference solution which...
  47. ulster exile


    Lovely pics mate! Reminds of of those "yo momma so fat" jokes :lol: (which I'm allowed to use without offence cos I am one of those myself lol) Here's my fatest one - been told it's full of eggs, but they've never spawned to my knowledge.
  48. ulster exile

    6' barb tank

    Hi Zoe, looking good as ever mate :D
  49. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely. I have doubled my lighting, not to mention the fact that the tank looks more stylish (as long as you ignore the contents lol). Afraid I can't comment on the actual bulbs supplied - I mean they look great and the colour of the inhabitants look better but...
  50. ulster exile

    Liseys 60cm high-tech

    Looks good mate :)
  51. ulster exile

    Hunting for 'different' shrimp.

    There are some harlequin Sulawesi on aquarist-classifieds for only a £100 *whistles*
  52. ulster exile

    Can't send out P. Helferi - Really sorry - Have horrible luc

    Ok, let me know if you want any of the following mate: Ludwigia glandulosa hygrophilia angustifolia (may get a tad large in your tank though ;) ) hygrophilia corymbosa (doesn't get too big) Cryptocoryne wendtii, undulatus or willisii sagitaria subulata monosolenium tenerum small amount ambulia...
  53. ulster exile

    My tank smells...

    Didn't want to say, but it's not just the tank... :wink: (j/k!) My tank has it's own smell, but I wouldn't say it stinks or is really strong - is it just a matter of perspective perhaps?
  54. ulster exile

    Can't send out P. Helferi - Really sorry - Have horrible luc

    Poor you! Sorry to hear you're having troubles mate, but you can't give up - I really enjoyed reading your journal and hope to read it again. Once you get set up again (and you will!) let us know - I'll be more than happy to send you a plant package from my tanks. In the meantime, I'll keep...
  55. ulster exile

    How do I store my liquid ferts?

    Cheers Matt, confirmed what I thought! And as for the whisky - you get what you pay for!
  56. ulster exile

    How do I store my liquid ferts?

    Gin? Bluech! Whisky's what you want mate, 'specially the good stuff from the right side of the Irish sea :p Only the trace mix lasts any length of time - I make up 250ml batches and dose 10ml 3 times a week, so it can last 8 weeks really.
  57. ulster exile

    How do I store my liquid ferts?

    Are they ok in the cupboard under my tank or should I be fridging them? Only asking as I noticed that my trace mix appears to have some mould or something on it!
  58. ulster exile


    It says on the Plymouth Discus site that it isn't invert safe, so I never used it. I have used something off Aquatics online called Preis Coly which is made from natural ingredients and says that it is invert safe. The symptoms cleared up without any noticeable effect on my invert population...
  59. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Thanks mate! I would love to run an external filter etc on that, but it's not practical where it lives (on a sideboard) and OH is dead against the sideboard being 'modified' for filter hoses which would be a must. Bear in mind if you ever get married that "compromise" can sometimes be the bain...
  60. ulster exile

    saintlys "The Henge"

    Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite Oh how I wish I was better at visualising, if only there were photos... :wink:
  61. ulster exile

    From scratch.. pretty much

    That already looks great Matt. May it continue as well as it has started!
  62. ulster exile

    saintlys "The Henge"

    Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite This kind of boring is great fun :) I like the embers - I have 11 myself. They are pretty skittish fish, but lovely to watch.
  63. ulster exile

    saintlys "The Henge"

    Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite Don't stop with the pics, a journal just isn't the same without them and they are lovely pics! I really like the backlit tanks.
  64. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    The tank itself is in need of a little (read a lot!) of TLC, but the luminaire looks great imo. Not sure how the moss growing out of the water will do without the condensation keeping it going, but hey ho!
  65. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Well it's here! It fits - only just. It could probably do with a millimetre or two extra for comfort, but it does fit. We had to loosen the screws holding it by a turn or so, but it still has a firm hold and I'm fairly happy. I'm not altogether impressed at the supporting legs though - I...
  66. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    This is essentially the problem. I wish I knew the answer - don't suppose you're able to find anyone with a similar sized tank since the sizes you're talking about seem a bit more common than the one I'm on about?
  67. ulster exile

    saintly's big tank.

    I like your pictures and your tank :D Don't know what it is about side profiles, but they certainly help bring the tank alive - thanks!
  68. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Will do. It would have been nice for Arcadia to have drawn a similar diagram to that Chinese one Lisa kindly posted!
  69. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    But it says that it extends to 47cm max and my tank is 50cm?
  70. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Lisa, thanks so much for those links :D First one looked cool, if a bit dear :shock: but I think I may go with the second one if the Arcadia doesn't work out. I didn't realise that it was available. Although I like the look of the price of the third, I think that you're right - it would be...
  71. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Grrr! Have just spoken to Charterhouse and they've said that Arcadia *may* have stopped making the 18" T8 version, but they're waiting for a call back from the supplier. I'll be so gutted if they don't have this in stock for me, as it seems the only viable shop-bought luminaire small enough...
  72. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    I've been impulsive and ordered. I'll be holding onto my Charterhouse email in the event that I need to return it (and they try and deduct the original carriage charge from the refund, as their site implies they will on cancelled orders :twisted: ).
  73. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Thanks guys :) I emailed Arcadia yesterday and will let you know what their response is. Charterhouse made the mistake of emailing me to find out why I didn't complete my order (I'd a pile of Eheim spares in my basket when I came across the luminaire) and they have replied to say that the legs...
  74. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Cheers Aaron. OH had already said "no overhang - that would just look stupid!" :roll: It's the ones at Charterhouse I'm looking at atm.
  75. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Evening all! The light on my Elite 35 tank has just failed. Hopefully it is just the tube (although I suspect the ballast which is in a sealed unit), but OH has suggested that I take the opportunity and upgrade to an overhead luminaire - I'm doing a little dance as I type this :D The tank...
  76. ulster exile

    non-`copper'ed Trace product?

    I have amanos and cherries and dose EI using the Garden Direct stuff and my shrimp are thriving...I notice that half of my amano's are full of eggs again and the cherries just won't stop breeding.
  77. ulster exile

    Where to buy on the Internet

    I've used Charterhouse - they're good imo. I use them for all my eheim spares. Fast delivery, although not so brilliant with the old customer service. Last order I made, I'd ordered a bit to go on my spraybar. It wasn't in stock so they sent everything else but didn't tell me that this...
  78. ulster exile

    Buy cheap fish online

    It would be interesting to see whether anybody has actually used this place. I wondered at the bright blue, green and purple parrot cichlids which aren't dyed (can selective breeding and feeding produce those colours really?). I also noticed that the fish names seem rather broad - I always...
  79. ulster exile

    George away for 4 months

    All the best George. We'll most definitely be thinking of you while you're away.
  80. ulster exile

    High water turnover - discuss :)

    I like the idea of overfiltering, not just because of the additional redundancy you could build into your fishkeeping by having an extra filter (if you choose this method) but because I do worry about not being able to rely on the flow of water around the tank. On my 200l, I have to date run...
  81. ulster exile

    Ulster Exile's Training Wheels Tank.

    Thanks for the nice comments. TDI - No bother at all with the plants. He is *supposed* to be an omnivore but tbh I think he's an ethical veggie since he won't touch meaty food that I can see. I do feed a lot of courgette, potato, alage wafers etc so it could be that I'm staving off his plant...
  82. ulster exile

    Ulster Exile's Training Wheels Tank.

    And a shameless showing off of the last occupant, a Leporacanthicus Heterodon (Golden Vampire) who came out to play during a water change, hence the bubbles. He's still thin, but nowhere near as emaciated as he was when i bought him...
  83. ulster exile

    Ulster Exile's Training Wheels Tank.

    Apologies for not answering your comments, the feedback was most appreciated. When it came to actually attaching the wood to the brace bar, I was a bit restricted and the wood ended up choosing its own place. This was the tank a couple of days ago. Sorry for the poopy pics. The ludwigia is...
  84. ulster exile

    Dan's 80cm ADA/PFK shoot

    Well the glimpses you've given are really tantalising - looks gorgeous. Love those threadfins too, perfect shot. Thank you.
  85. ulster exile

    fissidens fontanus

    I bought some off oatfish a while ago - may be worth pm'ing her to see if she has any more.
  86. ulster exile

    How to post images?

    Sorry, I should have said that photobucket is great in that it also puts the [img ] [ /img] tags in there for you, so you don't then need to wrap the text again with the [img] tags. Other than that, you've got it! PS When posting an image, I always preview it before posting to ensure that the...
  87. ulster exile

    How to post images?

    The text is slightly wrong - should be i297 not s297. However, if you go back to the Photobucket image, click on the box beside the word IMG code, the text will be automatically copied for you so you just have to paste it into your post.
  88. ulster exile

    Marks 120cm Bay Fronted Jungle "A 5 Year Work In Progress"

    That does look really impressive :shock:
  89. ulster exile

    Moving - Suggest Options for me please

    Personally, I'd go for a new set up. This is what I plan to do when I move house myself (although I've no plans to move just yet). It would reduce the potential stress on both you and your fish and means that you can start from scratch having learnt the lessons from this tank. I'd probably...
  90. ulster exile

    Drop Checker & 4dKH Solution?

    I can't believe you just admitted that. I'd have swore blind that black was white if it came down to it ;)
  91. ulster exile

    What do you do?

    Senior Pensions Administrator with in-house administrators of the UK pension arrangements for a large company. Not something I ever dreamed about when I started my Modern History degree (I wanted to be a teacher) but surprisingly I do use an awful lot of the skills picked up at Uni. I spent...
  92. ulster exile

    Cheltenham - What's it like?

    I'm sure you'll like Cheltenham - I've been a couple of times since my aunty lives there p/t and I like it. Has some nice countryside around it too. I like Bishops Cleeve, but that's mainly because my employer used to have a couple of big sites there. Good luck with the move!
  93. ulster exile

    Cleaning a Ceramic Diffuser

    I've had trouble with this method since I found it very difficult to get rid of the solution from inside the diffuser when I was using one of the Dymax ones with the pretty but superfluous spiral inside it. I switched to the method dscribed by Fred and had to admit to being much happier with...
  94. ulster exile

    Colour popping - CRS

    Lovely picture and great effect!
  95. ulster exile

    Bulk Purchase of CSM+B Alternative supplier to AE

    Re: Bulk Purchase of CSM+B Alternative supplier to Aqua Essentia Clive, I have amano and lots(!) of cherry shrimp, plus MTS and nerite snails. I dose EI in liquid form and am currently doing 18ml X3 per week from a pre-mixed solution of 15g dry to 250ml distilled water.
  96. ulster exile

    Aqua Journal (in English)

    Oh well it was worth a shot :lol: Having seen and felt the Journal I do agree it is good quality. I think one of the things that surprised me when I had a quick gander was seeing things like drop checkers mentioned in 1999 when they seemed (to me) to pretty much explode as a "new" piece of kit...
  97. ulster exile

    Bulk Purchase of CSM+B Alternative supplier to AE

    Re: Bulk Purchase of CSM+B Alternative supplier to Aqua Essentia I buy a trace element mix from Garden Direct and it reckons it has 1.7% copper in it. I have inverts in the tank and haven't noticed any adverse effects although I haven't been using the mix for very long at all. They also do a...
  98. ulster exile

    Aqua Journal (in English)

    I wonder if anybody here has sourced a decent supply of Aqua Journals in English (my Japanese isn't upto much :? ). I know Aquaessentials do them for £6.99 each, but as I'm far from loaded I can't really afford to be paying these sorts of prices tbh. Having seen the magazines in the flesh at...
  99. ulster exile

    CO2 Diffusion

    Ditto, its suitability refers to the filter's flow rate. I would have thought that if the CO2 is effectively being 'stuck' at the bottom near the inttake, this is an indication that the water flowing from the top is too powerful to let the reaktor do its job.