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    Injecting co2 into a fluidized bed

    I want to set up a big fluidized bed filter onto a planted tank.Will injecting co2 into it affect the biological bacteria . Cheers Mick
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    Nearly killed my discus

    I set up my brand new co2 system paid alot of money for the reg.I had it going nicely at a couple of bubbles a second to start with got home and the drop checker was yellow and the bubble counter was screaming i mean loads of bubbles a second why would this happen after i set it up nicely.The...
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    Ultimate co2 reg wont tighten

    I have bought an ultimate co2 reg i attach it to a FE and it wont tighten.I mean the nut tightens but the reg spins and wont sit tight.Any ideas ? Mick
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    Older co2 art regs

    I maybe buying an old co2 art aqua beat setup does anybody have any info on it.The chap wants 100 quid for a full set up is it worth it
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    Dennerle with a FE

    Do dennerle co2 regs fit fire extinguishers Cheers
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    Solenoid recommendations

    I have just bought a jbl regulator now im after a solenoid recommend one please.I really dont want to pay 70 quid for a jbl version. Thanks Mick
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    Aquaillumination HD 26

    I have a redsea e 260 which im going to use as a planted tank,for now im only going to dose TMC liquid carbon.The lights i have are very powerful and i can set them up how i want.They are reef lights but the do have the red and green,purple and uv which i can use.Does anybody use this type of...
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    soft water plants

    Is there such a list of plants that do well in soft water.I was kind of hoping vallis would be ok but I think it needs hard water . Mick
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    I've had planted tanks in the past and want to set up another.My only problem is my discus I really don't want the ammonia spike associated with soil substrates so I want to use straight nordic gravel.Would this work or can you suggest anything I can put under the gravel that won't cause bad...
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    buy mother plants and taking cuttings

    I'm going to need a lot of a anubius would I be better buying a big mother plant and cutting it up.Im thinking it would be cheaper than buy individual plants. cheers Mick
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    Topping cat litter

    Hello Merry Christmas. I have tesco cat litter in my tank and it's a very good medium but very light .what can I cap it off with.In the past I have used sand but sand always goes anaerobic in areas . Mick
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    Recommend a par 38 led

    Any ideas on a par 38 led light for my planted nano.I have seen a couple on the net just wondered if anyone uses them. Cheers
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    Dwarf gourami in a nano

    Is it OK to keep 1 male two female dwarf gourami in a 55 litre planted . Cheers
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    My little peace of tranquility

    Final full tank shot: Title:First attempt at a nano Dimensions: 40d x 40w x 40h cm CO2: Fe injection Filtration: internal built in Lights: stock aquaone and a ikea e27 led lamp Photo Period: 7 hours Fertilisation: EI Substrate: Pond soil with Tesco kat little topped off with...
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    diffuse co2 in a HOB

    I have bought a hob filter for my nano at the moment i diffuse co2 with a small power head.Is there any reason i cant install power head in the hob and just carry on as im doing,my reason for this is to try keep things out of the tank
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    Back ground plants for nano

    Hello.I after ideas for back ground plants for my nano tank ideally something with a bit of's high light injected co2.something sturdy I mean something I can trim without worrying about it going everywhere like cabomba. Cheers
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    check my led bulb out for me please

    This morning popped to local Swedish store and bought a lamp and bulb for my nano tank This bulb was the only one i could find with the highest colour spectrum.It is...
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    Lidl sequity light

    Lidl are selling security lights at the moment led 20 watts with a censor and 6500k is there any reason I can't remove censor and use the light over my nano . There called livarno lux .I don't know how to copy and paste on my phone haha Cheers
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    recommend co2 reg

    Can you tell me a good but reasonably cheap reg that will work with a ceramic diffuser my aquamedic doesn’t have enough pressure. cheers
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    Plant id please

    I love the look of this tank and would like to try do something like it in a nano can you id the plants for me.I believe one of them is a small species of java fern. thanks
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    eheim aquastyle lighting

    Hello folks just bought one of these tanks is the lighing strong enough to grow hair grass and carpet plants. cheers
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    Recommend led security light for cube

    Hello folks is there a security spot light good enough to use on an 18 inch cube aquarium..I mean something from a diy store Cheers Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    elodea densa

    Will elodia densa grow in a discus tank.will it be ok with higher temps. Cheers
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    circulation pump

    Hello,could you recommend a good cheap circulation pump I can put in the bottom of my boyu tank to move water about please
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    23 watt cfl bulb

    Hello Folks I have bought a 23 watt 6500k cfl spotlight to replace the 2 24 watt bulbs on my boyu 550 aquarium I have wired up the cfl and even though it is supposed to be the same as an 100 watt bulb it doesn't seem as bright as my original I worrying about nothing Cheers Mick
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    cheap FE please

    cant find a link for fire extinguisher can someone point me in right direction please
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    aquamedic co2 reg problems

    hello folks i have an old aquamedic reg it doesnt have enough pressure to use a diffuser can i use it with a co2 ladder or should i just buy a new reg,if yes do you have any recommendations for a decent cheapy one please
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    cheaper alternative to easy carbo

    As above please is there something cheaper as getting through loads kind regards mick
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    cold water shrimp

    Hello is there such a thing as a cold water shrimp.
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    White Cloud Minnows for a nano ?

    I have a planted fluval flora nano tank,because i will be doing 50% water changes every week and cant pre heat the water i was thinking about White Cloud Minnows.The filter is an ehiem ecco pro 300.Would i be ok to keep them in such a small tank.If not do you know of any shrimp that will live in...
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    API ph test kit

    Hello Folks i have made a Diy drop checker and 4dkh water.Also i have an API ph 6.0-7.6 ph test kit but the regent is red not blue is that a problem Cheers Mick
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    Recommend a light for fluval roma 125

    as above folks,looking for a t5 unit :D
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    none fish cycling

    Hello folks i started cycling my aquarium about a month ago and it is taking ages to cycle,i still have a small trace of nitrite and the ammonia is going through the roof any idea on how long this is going to take.The tank is a fluval roma 125 and the filter is a eheim 2229 wet and dry filter,I...
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    hagen t5 glo

    Hello folks do these light units take standard t5 bulbs cheers mick
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    Lidl led lights

    These any good ... _29695.htm says on the box colour temp 5000-7000 approx I bought to should i take them back lol
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    Fertiliser plugs

    Hello folks can you recommend some fert plugs please for my crypts. cheers
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    Fertiliser plugs

    Hello folks can you recommend some fert plugs please for my crypts. cheers
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    Co2 in lowlight tank

    Hello Folks,i have a fluval roma 150 with crypts anubias and a couple of amazon swords.At the moment i am using Easy Profito 3 ml every other day and 2 ml easy carbo every day.The tank has 36 watt daylight tubes over it on for 8 hrs a day.I was using TPN but was having algae issues.Do i need co2...
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    water change water temp

    If i do a 50% water change straight out the tap the water will be alot colder than the tank.Is that a problem for the plants cheers
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    redsea reg quick if poss

    will a redsea reg fit on a fe cheers
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    which fish for strong flow please

    Hello Folks i have a 150ltr tank which has an ehiem 2229 filter on it.The flow in the tank is very strong.Any ideas on which fish to keep in the tank :D
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    Temp for plants

    What is the lowest temp i could keep plants such as amazon swords and anubias. Ta
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    amazon sword in a fluval flora

    Hello folks i have just bought a fluval flora,would it be possible to grow a single Echinodorus 'Rubin in it.If this plant would get to large could you recommend a amazon sword that doesnt get to big.Also would the 11 watt light be enough to grow a sword plant.I wouldnt be using co2 or if i did...
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    recommend a reg

    Hello can you recommend me a reg and solenoid but reliable. happy new year. mick
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    Ehiem wet and dry filters

    Hello folks i am using and Ehiem 2229 filter on my 150 litre tank.Firstly are wet and dry filters a no no even if i am not using co2 and does anybody no if i can mod my filter so it will operate as a normal filter. cheers mick
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    Garden centre ferts.

    Hello would these do for dry ferts.Are they the same chemicals.
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    Tropica plant nutrition where to buy

    Hello folks can anyone tell me where i can buy TPN near birmingham just to get me through till i can order my ferts Cheers mick :D
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    How would you dose and with what?????

    Hello folks i have a 30 gallon aquarium which only has anubias in the tank.The tank has only 1 watt per gallon lighting and is filtered by an Ehiem 2229 external filter.Would you use ferts for the anubias and if yes what type.I have kept high light c02 planted tanks but at the moment just want a...
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    stem plants are a pain.

    Yesterday i was changing the water and i could not believe the amount of rubbish was collecting at the bottom of the stem plants.The plants look great from about half way up the plant but from there and down to the substrate it was just rubbish,old leaves and general rubbish no wonder some...
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    recommend me a filter

    Could you please recommend me a external filter for my 20 gallon planted aqaurium.I have a eheim 130 and 2213 on it already.Do i have enough filtration or would one big filterb be a better option. regards mick
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    My plants are growing very well but they only pearl when i do a water change.My drop checker is showing a nice lime green colour.So how do i get my plants to pearl . regards mick
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    Id please

    Cheers mick
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    my 25 gallon setup today

    Hello folks this is my 25 gallon 18 inch cube which i set up today. Take it easy on me as my first try at a planted tank for years kind regards mick
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    algae problem maybe

    Hello folks,My aquarium has only been set up a month.It is an 18x12x12.I use the EI fert method.It has an ehiem ecco 130 plus an eheim 2213 external filters with pressurised co2.The lights were 3 8 watt t5 growlux bulbs.(which i believe is causing my algae prob?)Today i bought one of...
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    S.A.D light

    Would this be any good as a light for a planted tank.My tank is 18x12x12.
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    where to buy daylight bulbs.

    I was going to buy some daylight bulbs from the internet but with the bad weather i would no receive them till after xmas.Is there anywhere i can purchase them from like a diy store. Kind regards mick
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    daylight table lamp bulbs wanted please

    I have seen some black table lamps in B&Q for £6 does anyone have a link for daylight bulbs which will fit them,i think they are bayonet fitting i think. Cheers mick
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    stocking levels for a very well filtered 10 gallon

    I have a 10 gallon planted aqaurium.At the moment it has a pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides and 6 Pygmy Corys.It is filtered with an ehiem ecco 130 and today i have added a eheim 2213.Could i go over the top with stocking levels. Cheers mick :D
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    growlux bulbs

    Hello folks i have just swapped all my bulbs for growlux bulbs.The tank now look very pink and dull.Is this ok. Kind regards mick
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    drop checker not changing colour

    I have a 10 gallon tank with 3 8 watt t 5 bulbs over it. my reading are. KH 40 GH 180 PH 6.5 I have presurised co2 which is fed straight into a eheim ecco 130 filter.My java fern is pearling under the leaves but the drop checker stays the same colour dark green all the time.I do have a very...
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    external filter flow worries

    Hello folks i have bought a eheim ecco 130 for my 10 gallon tank.I can turn the flow down with the taps.Does turning the flow down harm the filter.At the moment i dont have any fish in the tank but i want to add fish can you recommend some small fish that would enjoy a fast flowing tank. Cheers...
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    boyu light

    Hello folks i have bought one of these for my nano.Do i need to change the bulbs or would these be ok. ... 25551fde79 cheers mick
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    filter for fluval edge

    Hello folks i want to do away with the power filter that came with my fluval edge and go for an external filter.Would a eheim ecco 130 be ok or would the flow be to much.Also if i had this filter would it then be possible to put a shoal of small fish in the tank. Kind regards Mick
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    plants for a fluval edge

    Hello folks,i have my tank and my dry ferts just waiting on my boyu overtank luminaire which will have 3x 8 watt tubes.I will be getting a presurised co2 system. I do love cryts so would like some in my tank but also would love some colour.eventually i will be keeping some endlers in the tank.I...
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    fish for fluval edge

    Hello folks.can i have some ideas on fish for my fluval edge tropical planted tank.Firstly i realise its very small.I was considering a siamese fighter but have been put of because the edge has only i six inch hole in the top of the tank.Any suggestions appreiciated. regards mick
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    Ei help please

    Hello folks.I have just worked out fert dosage using the aquarium nutrient calculator. They are 1/16 kno3 1/32 k2so4 1/64 kh2po4 3/16 mgso4. Firstly what are the ferts i need to order where can i buy a measuring spoon and the ferts.The tank is six gallon. regards mick
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    Ei for 6 gallon tank

    Hello folks.Can someone tell me how i work out how much ferts i will use on a six gallon tank with co2 and about 3 watts per gallon.A few years ago i ordered the powders of the net but now cant remember where from :oops: kind regards mick
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    can i use a table lamp for a nano

    Hello folks are there any desk lights which could be used for a nano tank. kind regard mick
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    Nano tank recomendation please

    Hello folks,I would like to buy a nano tank that comes with enough lighting for most plants.I have looked at the dennerle 30i or was thinking about the arcadia arc 35l with 2 11 watt arc lights.what do you think.Also is it possible to keep a planted nano without c02.Could i use flourish excel...
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    hemiographis exotica

    Is hemiographis exotica an aquatic plants they have some in lfs and they are really nice. thanks hixy
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    green spot algae

    Hello folks i seem to be having a little bit of trouble with green spot tank is 300ltrs and has an ehiem 2080 plus juwel jumbo filter the lights are 216 watts and are on for 9 hours a day my fert regime is this 3X per week 1 teaspoon KNO3 3X per week 1/4 teaspoon KH2PO4 1X per week (on...
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    my aquarium a few weeks using EI

    Here are 2 pics a before and work in progress shot hope you like.
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    Echinodorus cordifolius

    I have an Echinodorus cordifolius i is getting really big leaves are over 12 inches long.Do they flower any info would be appreiciated hixy
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    help with aquascaping

    Here are some more pics of my planted.could you give me some tips on how to emprove It.the one problem i have if you look at the full length picture you will see some mopani wood in the top left which i have drilled a hole in and put the return filter pipe behind,it is hard to put anything in...
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    Are there any fish that eat duck weed.i have been using excel and that seems to get rid of it,but would like some fish that eat it hixy
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    my 4x2x2

    This is really my first proper go at a planted.It is just a mass of mess at the moment because im not very arty.starting EI next week then will be asking loads of questions about aquascaping.
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    idiots guide for me please

    Hello folks have read loads about EI but still dont have a clue.could someone tell me if i was to order ferts this week what i would need to order.There seem to be so many different types surely i dont need all of tank is 300 litres with pressurized co2 and 216 watts of light Thanks hixy
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    rainbow fish

    hello folks can i keep rainbow fish in a planted aquarium and how many. my tank is 300 litres with a juwel jumbo filter plus an ehiem 2080 external. thanks hixy
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    algae please help

    Hello folks my first post i having problems with algae in my planted discus aquariumis a juwel 300.It has 4 54 watt nature bulbs on also has pressurised c02 at 2 bubbles a second,i change 25% twice every week with hma water.I have only recently started adding ferts which...