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  1. altaaffe

    Anyone know about Arcadia LED ?

    I'm looking about to see what lighting I can put above my 60litre and came across the Arcadia Eco-Aqua LED tubes. Has anyone come across these ? If so are they any good for planted set-ups?
  2. altaaffe

    Moved House - The Restart

    Just thought I'd drop in and say hello again. I moved job last October and was in temp accomodation for 4 months, bought my new house now and set up my latest tank project. Stripped each of my other tanks down bit by bit but then had to do one big move due to timescales. Unfortunately, I...
  3. altaaffe

    Staurogyne Flower

    Had a double lamp failure on the trays that I use for the propagators above my Oscar Tank so put aquarays above them. The light obviously agreed with the Staurogyne that was dircectly below it as it has started to flower, plenty more buds too.
  4. altaaffe

    Nursery Update

    I created a nursery system at the top of my Oscars 2m tank which I now successfully grow a number of plants. The tank is covered with 2 perspex covers with 2 luminaires each of 2x39W T5. The 2 trays are lined with Betta filter matting which the roots seem to like and the water is the return...
  5. altaaffe


    I've switched from diffusers to DIY CO2 reactor a short while ago and have started suffering from BBA in a couple of areas in the tank. The way things went, I ended up with a dose of it on the rocks and then it spread to a few plants that had been subjected to the strongest CO2 flow from the...
  6. altaaffe

    LED lighting question

    Just been trawling through the internet looking at lighting, etc and specifically LED lighting. Thanks for giving me the bug Andy :lol: Came across this by accident but I have no idea how it compares to a unit such as the Aquaray, does anybody have an idea how much light this would give off...
  7. altaaffe

    External CO2 Reactors

    Nearly posted in Steves post but thought it better to start again. Having thought about building my own external I decided to look around to see what purpose built reactors were out there. Has anybody used or seen this one: ... dZViewItem I assume that...
  8. altaaffe

    Caught the bug, my second tank

    Although not the most imaginative when it comes to scaping I can honestly say I've caught the bug and positively look forward to trimming and moving plnats around, etc. When my son's tank became empty he was no longer bothered about it and I "offered" to take it off his hands. When he found...
  9. altaaffe

    My first rescape

    for those that don't know, this was my first effort at a "planted tank" - shot was earlier this year. After a couple of deployments and not being able to keep up with tank maintenance, it ended up like this. Actually it was worse than this (I had ripped all the Glossos out at this point) The...
  10. altaaffe

    African Cichlids

    Sorry Aaron, but seeing as you posted a non-planted, thought I'd do the same. Here is my main African cichlid tank after the addition of Rena smartheater to get rid of the unsightly glass tubesand as an experiment, some redmoor wood as roots extending into the water. The fish seem to love...
  11. altaaffe

    Trace Elements and Shrimp

    Just a question for those who have used the trace element mix from Garden Direct did you see any noticeable problems with shrimp and how has it been for you with the plants
  12. altaaffe

    Crypt Parva ??

    Can anybody tell me - is this Crypt Parva & if not has anybody got any ideas.
  13. altaaffe

    Nursery & sump nursery

    I've been looking into ways of perhaps having a nursery for plants using the minimum effort. I have a 2m tank for mainly SA cichlids which runs with nitrates between 10 & 20 ppm between water changes. The tank is now lit by 2 O/H luminaires each containing 2 x 39W T5. I have put a "bed" above...
  14. altaaffe

    Lesson Learnt

    - AGAIN !! Having done it once in the past, I forgot the lesson learnt and have done it again. After a couple of plants went a bit haywire, I decided to revamp a little and put something different in. So I trimmed the plants I want to keep & removed all the glosso & H Zosterefolia from the...
  15. altaaffe

    UV Sterilizer ?

    I have a UV sterilizer doing nothing and was wondering if I should run it on my planted tank. I've heard stories of the pros being that it will kill algae spores, however, I've also been told that it can break down the nutrients that are being placed in the tank. Anybody come across these...
  16. altaaffe

    General Query - CSM+B

    Sorry for being not quite there, but I've been using Tropica+ on my tank and was looking into the use of dry ferts. There are some great articles here and very easy to understand, however, I keep seeing CSM+B as a dosage but can't find a reference as to what it is and how to make it up. Can...