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  1. Sacha

    Best cheap filter floss?

    Hi all, Looking for a cheap but high quality alternative to Juwel bioflow poly pads / filter floss. This is the white pad that sits on the top of the Bioflow filter. I am hoping to buy in bulk and cut down to size. I bought some cheap floss on eBay a while ago but it just fell apart within a...
  2. Sacha

    Floating plant ID

    I feel like I'm going crazy. Is this Salvinia Natans? It looks slightly different to photos online. Many thanks!
  3. Sacha

    Clip-on light for low tech bowl?

    I'm planning to turn an old glass bowl into a low tech (no fish) setup just with garden soil and plants. Can anyone recommend a good Clip-on light to attach to the rim of the bowl? Preferably relatively high intensity. Many thanks
  4. Sacha

    Sword deficiency?

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble growing swords in my low-tech. See attached photo - the leaves get lots of little holes in them and eventually die and wither away. This is in contrast to the other plants e.g. crypts which seem to be fairly healthy (see photo). I added some root tabs over the...
  5. Sacha

    Do I need external filter for my low tech?

    Hi all, I've had my Juwel Rio 240 running as a successful low-tech since December. Lightly stocked with fish and shrimp - no trace of algae and plants growing slowly but steadily. Lots of floating plants. I'm using the Juwel internal filter with an upgraded 1,000 lph powerhead, and in addition...
  6. Sacha

    Why are my anubias dying?

    Hi all, Some of you have been following my tank log. So far so good except for one annoying problem. My anubias do not seem to be rooting to the rocks, in fact the rhizomes / rosettes / roots are rotting and dying. I have had this problem before but never got to the bottom of it. All other...
  7. Sacha

    Sacha's nightmare before Christmas

    Evening all! Some of you have been following the saga of my low-tech Juwel Rio 240, which has now been reborn! This tank was first set up in 2018, with a soil substrate topped with gravel. No Co2 but liquid carbon and half EI dosing. It was running beautifully for the best part of a year...
  8. Sacha

    Final attempt before I pack it in and start again

    Hi all, I've reached the end of my tether now and am on the verge of tearing my tank down and starting from scratch (new substrate etc.) but just after some final advice before I do so. My Juwel Rio 240 has been running now for almost 2 years. It has a layer of John Innes soil, topped with...
  9. Sacha

    How to remove crypt cleanly?

    Hi all, after some advice please. In my low-tech 240 I have a layer of soil (John Innes) covered by gravel. I have about 8 ugly cryptocoryne wendtii brown in the tank that have been established for about 6 months now. I don't know why I bought these plants. They are just unsightly and don't...
  10. Sacha

    First low tech - advice needed

    Hi all, I've just ordered a brand new Juwel Rio 240 and intend to set it up as a low-tech. Some of you will remember I owned a high-tech Rio 125 for several years. A couple of years ago I got rid of the Co2 because it wasn't helping my situation at all, and switched to liquid carbon instead...
  11. Sacha

    Do Corydoras dislike Easycarbo?

    A couple of years ago I had a Cory apocalypse- about 15 died on me in the space of 6 weeks. I never diagnosed the problem but guessed it was some kind of infection. I've been keeping about 20 Trilineatus very happily for about a year now. I've just had one die on me with the same symptoms as...
  12. Sacha

    What would you change about this setup?

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted here! I have a Juwel Rio 125 now moderately planted low tech with very easy plants (swords, anubias, ludwigia, hygrophila). This tank used to be high-tech but it was just way more trouble than it was worth for me. I recently re-scaped the tank and am...
  13. Sacha

    Help me choose my next fish

    Hi all, I have a well-planted massively filtered Juwel Rio 125. No Co2 anymore but I use a mix of RO and tap water: TDS ranges between 150-250. Current inhabitants: Approximately 20 Cardinal Tetras 5 Corydoras Trilineatus 5 Silvertip Tetras 2 Pentazona Barbs 2 Zebra Danios 2...
  14. Sacha

    Juwel Rio 125- any compatible tubes with lower wattage?

    I am in the process of converting from a high light, Co2 enriched tank to a low-tech, low light and low maintenance tank. All of the tubes I have seen for the Rio 125 (J5) are 28 watt each, total of 56 watts. Is it possible to get light tubes of a lower intensity? If not, would the lighting unit...
  15. Sacha

    Converting to low tech...

    Well it's been a fun ride but I think it's time that I packed in the Co2 and simplified my set up. At the moment I am using Co2 and RO/DI water re-mineralised to 100PPM. The environment is ideal for the livestock that I keep: Cardinal tetras Silvertip tetras Pentazona barbs Corydoras...
  16. Sacha

    Are Otos more sensitive to Co2 than other fish?

    Hi all, I have had a lot of trouble keeping otocinclus alive in my high-tech planted tank. There is plenty for them to eat, and I cannot see of any particular reason why they always seem to get sick and die. The fish appear healthy in all other respects (they have full bellies, gills not...
  17. Sacha

    Seeking advice- 60P low tech

    Hi all, I am after a bit of advice. I have the opportunity to get myself an ADA 60P (tank only). I have been wanting to set up a low-tech shrimp tank for a long time now, but never got around to it. I have had a 125L high-tech tank for a few years now and I am very happy with how the tank is...
  18. Sacha

    In search of an accurate thermometer

    Hi folks, This is one of those things that has bothered me for my entire fishkeeping career. I have never been able to find an accurate in-tank thermometer. The best I have found is one built into the Seneye Home, but I don't use that in my tank anymore since it's a pain to have a computer...
  19. Sacha

    Is it just random luck?

    I paid a visit to Aquatic Design Centre yesterday because I wanted to take photos of an ADA tank there that I've had my eye on for a while. It is the best plant growth I have ever seen in a tank, online or otherwise. As you can see from the last picture, Co2 is fed from a single glass...
  20. Sacha

    Where to buy coarse sponge?

    I want some coarse sponge for my filter (Eheim Pro 600). The only one they sell is for the pre- filter tray, so it has that big cut- out bit in the middle. I have that sponge, but I also want to put some sponge in the bottom tray. Can I buy a big sheet of coarse sponge somewhere and cut round...
  21. Sacha

    Rams- care and compatibility?

    I am having a bit of a re- stock of my tank and am thinking of maybe getting a pair of rams. First of all, will they be too territorial for my current fish? 125 litre heavily planted tank: 17 cardinal tetras 3 Pentazona barbs 2 corydoras trilineatus 3 zebra danios I used to have more...
  22. Sacha

    Glass (ghost) catfish care?

    I would really like to get a few glass catfish, but I have read that they don't like high flow. Is this right? Would 6-7 of them be ok in my Rio 125, with massive flow? (2250 lph combined through two spray bars)
  23. Sacha

    Water changes on large tank?

    Hi guys, I have had my 125 litre tank for a few years now, and I do 50% weekly water changes with RO. We're having my room refurbished in May and I would like to get a bigger tank for when that happens. I'm looking at the Juwel Rio 300 and the Rio 400. The 300 is 350 litres, which would mean...
  24. Sacha

    How often do you fiddle with your tank?

    Let's be honest, we all do it. Some of us fiddle once a week, some a few times a week, some of us may even fiddle several times in the same day! So how often do you fiddle with your tank? Apart from the weekly water change, how often do you trim plants/ scrape algae/ play with the scape? For...
  25. Sacha

    Making all- in- one mix from Macro and Micro salts?

    I apologise in advance if this has been asked before. I have all the macro salts, and trace mix for dosing EI. I was wondering if I could somehow make an all- in- one mix for a small nano tank I have. The reason being that I am going to be doing daily water changes on this tank, so dosing on...
  26. Sacha

    Water flow in unfiltered tank?

    I have an unfiltered nano wabi- Kusa bowl that I have recently flooded. It is home to one nerite snail currently, hopefully more snails/ shrimp to come soon. It is heavily planted with HC and a few stem plants. I have a small air pump connected to some airline tubing. This oxygenates the water...
  27. Sacha

    Has anyone repaired a snail shell before?

    My zebra nerite snail has a large crack in its shell: I'm going to move it to a hard water low- tech tank. Hopefully this will prevent the shell from deteriorating any further. But I'm concerned that I should repair the damage already done. I've read about people using nail varnish/ glue...
  28. Sacha

    Keeping nerite alive?

    My Co2 softwater tank is killing my nerite snail. His shell is eroding. I remember reading something once about repairing the shell with nail varnish?? Is there anything I can do to stop/ reverse the shell erosion?
  29. Sacha

    Not regenerating Purigen?

    I use two bags of Purigen in my filter. They become discoloured and brown very quickly (a couple of weeks). To regenerate them so regularly is a hassle, and very expensive in terms of the amount of Prime required. Is Purigen any good if used without ever regenerating it? Or is it just...
  30. Sacha

    Ottos eating Hygrophila

    I have just noticed there are small holes in my hygrophila (it's being eaten). The only possible culprits are the ottos. Does this mean they're starving? How can I feed them, to stop them resorting to eating the plants? They've ignored all the food I've put in up to now.
  31. Sacha

    Is this spray bar configuration ok?

    This thread can be deleted now, I've re- configured my spray bars entirely now.
  32. Sacha

    Can I remove the trays themselves from Eheim external?

    Hi guys I have an Eheim Professional 3 600 (2075) external filter. I only have media in two of the trays, so two of the trays in the filter are empty. However I left the empty trays in the filter, because from what I can see, the water needs to flow down the little corridor in the corner of...
  33. Sacha

    Which spray bar for 16/22 hose?

    I am using an Eheim professional 3 600 external filter (1250 lph) on my Juwel Rio 125, with 16/22 mm hose. I am currently using an APS (all pond solutions) spray bar, that came with the APS 1400 lph filter (which I no longer use). The reason I am using the APS spray bar and not the Eheim one, is...
  34. Sacha

    Help me choose a new reactor/ diffuser

    I am at the end of my tether here. Every UP inline diffuser I have ever owned has leaked. I'm sick of this now, and I want to get hold of an efficient reactor or diffuser that won't leak. Does such a thing exist? I'm looking at the Sera 500 or 1000...
  35. Sacha

    Ghost glass catfish care

    Has anyone kept these fish? Any tips/ advice? Will they do ok in my tank? 125 litre planted (co2) tank: KH 2-3 GH 5-6 TDS 200-230 pH 6.2- 7.2 Temperature 23.5-25.5 Fauna: 15 x cardinal tetra 3 x Pentazona barb 3 x corydoras trilineatus 4 x otocinclus 3 x zebra danio 1 x zebra...
  36. Sacha

    Best light tubes for Juwel Rio 125?

    For the last 2.5 years I have been using two Arcadia Plant Pro J5 tubes on my Rio 125. They have served me very well. I am impressed that they have maintained their brightness for nearly three years, and plant growth is good. For anyone who is wondering, the Kelvin of the tubes is 5600K, and...
  37. Sacha

    Is high flow making my fish miserable?

    In my endless effort to achieve "good circulation" around the tank, I now have an obscene amount of flow. My tank is a Juwel Rio 125. I have one 1250 lph Eheim external filter, and a 1000 lph internal filter pump. Accounting for displacement, I have around 20x turnover I reckon. Flow is...
  38. Sacha

    Help me choose a pH meter

    I want an accurate pH meter/ pen so that I can carry out proper pH profiles. I am looking at the Hanna ones and I have narrowed it down to these two:
  39. Sacha

    Will Otos do well in my tank?

    I'm really keen to get some ottos for my tank. Mainly because I like the fish, but also for a clean- up crew/ algae control. Just wondering if they'd thrive in the environment. The tank is a Juwel Rio 125, heavily planted with a small amount of wood. Inhabitants are 15 cardinal tetras, 4...
  40. Sacha

    An important reminder!

    Just to remind those of you in the UK, the clocks go back at 2 am tomorrow (Sunday 26th). This marks the end of British Summer Time and means that we will all be miserable for the foreseeable future, having to come home from work in darkness every day. Remember to set your clocks, but also...
  41. Sacha

    An observation

    Just a personal observation... I have had diatoms growing on my tank walls, and on the Staurogyne Repens for months now. The diatoms is only present in the shaded areas of the tank, mostly on low leaves that are shaded by the higher leaves. After struggling for literally months trying to...
  42. Sacha

    Which filter media to remove to prevent Co2 "burping"

    As some of you know, I have put my UP inline diffuser onto the intake of my Eheim Pro 600 filter, to minimise the amount of visible bubbles in the tank water. All good, except for the fact that the filter burps a few times an hour, making an annoying, loud "gushing" noise. I'm guessing this is...
  43. Sacha

    Drilling holes in Eheim spray bar

    I need to drill some holes in my Eheim 16/22 spray bar, because the flow coming through the filter is too powerful as it is. I actually have it attached to an internal Juwel 1000 lph filter, and not the Eheim external. So, what's the easiest way to drill a few more holes in the spray bar...
  44. Sacha

    Why do my old leaves look like this?

    For a while I have had a problem with all the old growth in my tank. The new growth is always lush and healthy and algae- free. But all the old leaves on all of the plants look like this: This is a Ludwigia Repens 'Rubin' leaf. The rest of the stem is perfectly healthy. At first I...
  45. Sacha

    Question- inline diffuser on filter intake

    I just connected my UP inline diffuser to the intake pipe of my filter, because I was sick of the micro- bubbles coming through the spray bar when it was on the out- pipe. Now, the micro bubbles are exactly the same. No change to having it on the out- flow. Does this mean I have bypass going...
  46. Sacha

    Sera reactor 500 vs reactor 1000

    So my third UP inline diffuser has now started leaking, and i've decided to give up on them as they are clearly prone to leaks. What's the difference between the Sera Reactor 500 and the 1000 model? My tank is 125 litres and the external filter is 1250 lph.Well, it looks like you can't buy...
  47. Sacha

    UP inline diffuser leaking (again)...

    Just noticed a small (dripping) leak coming from the body of my UP inline diffuser. This one was already a replacement for one I had previously that developed a crack and started leaking! This one has no visible cracks; the leak is coming from the bit at the bottom of the diffuser where the...
  48. Sacha

    Regenerating Purigen?

    On their website ( we're told to use "regular 8.25% hypochlorite household bleach ". I am using Tesco value thin bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite 1.5g per 100g): Will this be ok? Shall I soak it for 24 hours? Their instructions say to use...
  49. Sacha

    Wabi Kusa misting?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm a bit confused about the wabi- kusa misting procedure. How often should we mist? Should we use tap water, RO water, or some kind of EI mix? Thanks.
  50. Sacha

    Massive flow- unhappy fish?

    This is a question about flow in my 125 litre tank. This is a co2 injected tank. I am running an Eheim Professional 3 (600) filter which is rated at 1250 lph. In addition to this, I am using an upgraded Juwel internal filter with a 1000 lph pump. Today I attached an extra spray bar to the...
  51. Sacha

    Moss that clings?

    I have some christmas moss attached to some Mopani wood. The problem is that it never attaches itself to the wood, meaning that the moss floats up and comes apart very easily. I know that xmas moss is one of the mosses that doesn't attach itself. So I was wondering which other mosses I could try...
  52. Sacha

    Best media setup for Eheim?

    Today I got hold of an Eheim 2075 (professional 3 600) that I bought second- hand from another forum member. I was after some advice regarding the best media setup for it. The previous owner had the media set up exactly the way Eheim recommends: Coarse pre- filter sponge Tray 1: Eheim...
  53. Sacha

    pH pens and low KH

    Been having a few issues trying to get an accurate pH profile so I'll try and make this as clear as possible... I have a cheap pH pen from eBay. From what I can tell, it works extremely well. My reason for saying this is that, even after 3 months of sitting unused and dry, it still gets the pH...
  54. Sacha

    Which Otos?

    I have recently been looking into getting some Otocinclus. But there are quite a few different varieties. Which is the most popular/ best small oto for a community tank? Tankmates are tetras, Pentazona barbs and cory. Temp is 24-27 in the summer, and pH is around 6-7. Anything I should know...
  55. Sacha

    Reflectors- yay or nay?

    Having been told over and over on this forum that all of our troubles are caused by excess lighting, I am considering removing my reflectors. The tank doesn't have an algae problem as such. However, the oldest leaves of plants like Ludwigia Repens and Staurogyne Repens (especially the Stauro)...
  56. Sacha

    Best external for 125?

    I am sick of my crappy APS external filter. It's rated at 1400 lph. I calculated the actual flow a while back, it was more like 400 lph! I need a lot better flow than that. At the moment I run the external alongside a Juwel internal with 1000 lph pump. I am looking for a good reliable external...
  57. Sacha

    Feedback Fantastic service, as always.

    I would just like to publicly thank Co2 Art for providing such great service. Yesterday I emailed Karol because I had noticed that my UP inline diffuser was leaking (on closer examination I found a small crack in the plastic on the front of the diffuser). He replied promptly telling me that...
  58. Sacha

    Seeking advice- HC in low tech?

    I have started an emersed tank: And it seems to be doing well. The plants have all rooted and the HC is starting to grow. The thing is, my nerite snail in my main Co2 tank is not doing well. He doesn't like the acidic Co2-...
  59. Sacha

    The Green Machine- a bit disappointed.

    I recently went to Wales for a few days, and on the drive back to London I decided to stop off in Wrexham to check out the Green Machine. To be honest the place is nothing special. They had two large planted tanks, but they weren't exactly spectacular. Then about 6 or 7 smaller ADA tanks...
  60. Sacha

    Filterless, heaterless shrimp tank- is it possible?

    As above really. I currently have a wabi Kusa bowl that I have made using an old baby biorb (~15L). I was thinking it would be cool to flood the tank and use it for shrimp. But it would have to be without a filter and without a heater. And the tank will only hold about 8-10 litres of water...
  61. Sacha

    Help with new style UP inline atomizer

    I have just bought this atomizer: Its new feature is that you can take it part to clean the ceramic. I have no idea how to take it apart. I am reluctant to use any...
  62. Sacha

    Do I need to clean diffuser before first use?

    I have just bought the new (2014) UP inline atomizer from Co2 art. I am hoping it will provide me with better dissolution than the previous one I have, which gives lots of small micro- bubbles. This diffuser is brand new. Do I still need to soak it in bleach for 24 hours, so that it's working...
  63. Sacha

    Hair algae

    Yesterday I noticed the beginnings of hair algae growth. It is only a very small amount, mainly on the spray bar, and some on java fern and christmas moss. I haven't had hair algae in this tank for over a year. And I have not changed anything in the last few months. Flow, lighting, Co2, ferts...
  64. Sacha

    Cleaning sand

    Just wondering what is the best way to clean the sand in my tank? It has a layer of Tetraplant complete underneath it. I have never actually vacuumed the sand, because it causes too much disturbance in the tank. But now I've been reading that some people do actually Hoover their sand?
  65. Sacha

    Calling UP inline atomizer users

    I am after some help regarding the UP inline atomizer (old style one). This is the one I have: The problem is that I have loads of micro bubbles coming through the spray bar. I have heard that these...
  66. Sacha

    Help please- switching to reactor

    I have always used a UP inline atomizer to diffuse my Co2, but I am sick of the micro bubbles that come through the spray bar, and so I have decided to switch to a reactor. First of all I don't know which would be the best one to buy. Secondly I don't know how to connect it. I've seen this...
  67. Sacha


    This is an issue that I've raised before, but I've never really got a definitive answer. I use RO water in my planted (Co2) tank. I re- mineralize that water using JBL Aquadur. JBL Aquadur contains: Cations: Calcium 45% Sodium 32% Potassium 13% Magnesium 10% Anions: Hydrogen Carbonate...
  68. Sacha

    Sacha's emersed adventure

    So I have recently decided to venture into the world of Wabi- Kusa emersed growing. Not 100% sure I can justify calling this Wabi- Kusa, considering I have not used a Wabi- Kusa substrate ball, but it is emersed nonetheless. I am using a baby biorb (15L): I decided to use TMC Aquagro...
  69. Sacha

    £2500 fish

    Stopped by Aquatic Design Centre today. They had some amazing livestock in. Here is a Gem Tang. Price tag: £2500. Yes, two thousand five hundred pounds. They also sold an Angel last week for £7000! I urge anyone in London to stop in and check out the amazing creatures on display here.
  70. Sacha

    Need help- circulation

    I need serious help with the circulation in my tank. The tank is a Juwel Rio 125. It has the internal filter (upgraded), so 1000 lph. And an external APS 1400 lph. So 24x turnover total. The Co2 is injected using an UP inline atomic diffuser, so the Co2 comes straight out of the spray bar. I...
  71. Sacha


    Got some great pearling after the water change this evening. Thought I'd take some photos.
  72. Sacha

    Juwel internal filter media

    My tank is a Juwel Rio 125. I have a 1400 lph external filter inside which I have one coarse blue sponge, a layer of Sera Siporax, and a piece of white filter floss. As well as this, I also still use the Juwel internal Bioflow filter. I upgraded the pump from the stock 600 lph to a more powerful...
  73. Sacha

    Should I remove reflectors?

    I have a Juwel Rio 125 using Arcadia Plant Pro J5 tubes (approximately 28W per tube = 56W total) At the moment I have some Arcadia metallic reflectors. I've been having some problem with brown diatomic algae, and with green dust algae (biofilm) and green spot algae on the front glass. I've...
  74. Sacha

    Seeking guidance- my first Wabi- Kusa project

    I have a baby biorb currently sitting empty and I've decided I want to use it as my first ever Wabi- Kusa bowl. I have never done anything like this before and I was wondering if there is some kind of idiot's guide on how to set it up. I guess the most important things I need to know are what...
  75. Sacha

    Looking for Co2 refillers in London

    As the title suggests I need to refill two FE and want it to be reasonable. Last time I was charged £35 for two which is a bit steep. Do Mr. fizz in Uxbridge still exist? I doubt it somehow. Anyone got any recommendations?
  76. Sacha

    Need help- setting up riparium in garden?

    Someone flytipped this at the top of my road: I took it home and filled it up. It holds water about 40% of the way up, but the seal has come apart at one of the corners, about halfway up. So it is only half- watertight. I've decided that I can't be bothered trying to find a filter, hood...
  77. Sacha

    EI and Remineralising RO

    This has been bugging me for a while now and I finally want to sort it out once and for all... I could really do with the help of someone more chemically- minded than myself. I change 50% of my tank water each week. I use pure RO (zero TDS), and remineralise it with JBL Aquadur. I add enough...
  78. Sacha

    Why to dose extra iron?

    Not sure what to entitle this thread, as my questions are quite broad. I was reading up about EI dosing online and notice that quite a few people dose extra iron. Then I got thinking about my own EI mix, and whether I should alter it/ dose less of one thing/ more of another. How do we know...
  79. Sacha

    Advice needed- external filter media

    I have just watched this video: Currently on my 125, I run an internal Juwel 1000 lph filter, and an External APS 1400 lph canister filter. In the internal, from bottom to top, I have: Blue coarse sponge Blue coarse sponge Cirax (ceramic media) Blue fine sponge Blue fine sponge Poly pad...
  80. Sacha

    Drop checker stopped working

    I use Co2 art 4dKH water with 5 drops of Bromothymol blue from the API pH test kit bottle. This has been working fine for a few months. But now the drop checker has stopped working. It is always yellow in the tank. When I take it out of the tank, it turns blue after a couple of hours. However...
  81. Sacha

    Help me choose a moss!

    I want to buy a moss to attach to the mopani wood in my tank. It's the bare bit of wood in the left half of the picture. I definitely want to buy a pot of Tropica 1- 2- Grow! I have narrowed my choice down to the following: Weeping Moss Christmas Moss Flame Moss Taxiphyllum Barbieri...
  82. Sacha

    German blue rams- care

    I am really keen to add a pair of German blue rams to my tank. Tank is a Juwel Rio 125. Current inhabitants: 4 zebra danios (very old) 5 pentazona barbs 7 corydoras trilineatus 17 cardinal tetras 1 zebra nerite snail This tank is using pressurised Co2 injection and I use RO water on it...
  83. Sacha

    My pH profile

    I have just completed a pH profile for today. Time is along the x- axis, pH is along the y- axis. 12:30 = Co2 ON 14:00 = Lights ON 21:00 = Co2 OFF 22:30 = Lights OFF KH is approximately 2.7 According to a few charts, I am achieving approximately 30 PPM Co2 concentration...
  84. Sacha

    How to get rid of aerial roots

    My Ludwigia Palustris is growing well and looking great, but it's got loads of little white aerial roots coming down from the lower half of the stem. They're really ugly. Is there any way to prevent them from growing? I don't want to have to uproot all the plants just to snip off the shoots
  85. Sacha

    Can someone explain Rubisco to me?

    I'm struggling to understand exactly what Rubisco is and what role it plays in plants' self- regulation. Can someone give me a brief explanation of what it is please? Thanks.
  86. Sacha

    Bubbles from in-line atomizer

    I use the UP Aqua inline atomic diffuser. I don't like the fact that during the Co2 on time, the tank is filed with loads of micro- bubbles. The tank only really looks its best after the Co2 turns off. Is there any way to eliminate/ reduce the bubbles? Would increasing the pressure on the...
  87. Sacha

    Help- planting Staurogyne Repens

    My Stauro just arrived. It's a Tropica 1- 2- Grow! pot. I've separated it into about 12 different plantlets. The problem is, I see no roots! Literally can't see how I'm going to plant it into the substrate! Any advice?
  88. Sacha

    Carpets with Cory?

    I have some Staurogyne Repens due to arrive today. Ultimately, I would love to make it a big carpet. The thing is, cory are sand- sifters. If I cover up the sand, the cory won't be as happy, will they?
  89. Sacha

    Staurogyne Repens care?

    I have just ordered a 1- 2- Grow! pot of Staurogyne Repens. I have never kept this plant before so was looking for some advice about how to plant it and how to maintain and look after it. What is the best way to trim/ propagate it? If anyone has bought the 1- 2- Grow Staurogyne before...
  90. Sacha

    Green dust algae on day 6 of dosing every week?!

    I have been having this issue for the last few months, and it is the only issue I currently have in my tank with algae. I follow the following EI dosing regime: Monday: Micro Tuesday: Macro Wednesday: Micro Thursday: Macro Friday: Micro Saturday: Macro Sunday: Water change, then Macro...
  91. Sacha

    Advice please- KH/ GH/ TDS

    This is linked to a question I asked earlier in a different thread. I use RO water in my tank, and I currently remineralise using JBL Aquadur. I have done tests, and found that adding enough Aquadur to raise the TDS to 100, brings the KH up to 0.75. Based on this, if I want a KH of 3.75...
  92. Sacha

    What TDS should I aim for?

    I use RO water, and I remineralise using JBL Aquadur. I typically remineralise to a KH of 4. After dosing with EI, TDS ends up in the 300s. Should my TDS be lower? If so, that would mean using less Aquadur, which has two drawbacks. Lower KH means pH swings are more likely, and more acidic...
  93. Sacha

    Anyone have an Arcadia 1W spotlight?

    Right here's the story. I bought an Arcadia 1W submersible LED spotlight about 2 years ago. It worked great for about a month, then the bulb melted and it became so dim it was useless. The seller promptly sent out a replacement. About one month later, the same thing happened to the...
  94. Sacha

    Can I have Amano shrimp?

    I am wanting to get some Amano shrimp but am concerned as to whether my tank will be ok for them. Can they co- exist with (large) zebra danios and Pentazona barbs? I also have cardinal tetras and corydoras trilineatus but I doubt those will pose a risk. Has anyone kept shrimp with danios...
  95. Sacha

    Spray bar Angle

    I have been struggling with this one for a while now, and want to sort it out once and for all. I inject co2 on my 125L via an inline diffuser which is attached to a 1400 lph external canister filter. In addition to this I also have a Juwel internal 1000 lph. The output of this one is facing...
  96. Sacha

    Staurogyne or Glossostigma?

    I want to add a foreground carpeting plant to my tank. I can't choose between Staurogyne Repens, Staurogyne Rubescens, or Glosso. I have read that Staurogyne Rubescens is easier to grow than Repens? Which is the easiest to grow out of all these plants? I have not been lucky with carpets in...
  97. Sacha

    Good evening all

    Hey guys I'm Sacha, been running a planted tank for a while now... Juwel Rio 125 1000 lph internal filter APS 1400 lph EF external filter Full pressurised Co2 injection system with 2KG fire extinguisher, and inline diffuser. 17 cardinal tetras 5 Pentazona barbs 7 corydoras Trilineatus...