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    Cloudy water

    Hi all Being working away for a long time and my 240L tank was in need of some TLC. I've restarted the 50% water change every 2 weeks and clobbered or removed a lot of plants as it was looking very overgrown with some black and green spot algae. CO2 is back on at 1BPM and a reduced photo period...
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    Reusing Amazonia wet

    Thinking of a complete rescape on my 200l tank which has a good depth of Amazonia 5" at the back to 3" front perhaps too much in retrospect. Been set up about three years. Want to try and avoid a complete strip down, rescape and replant and convert back from low Tec to injecting CO2, weekly...
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    Suicide Shrimp best way to save them?

    Hi all Stocked about 25 Amarno shrimp into my 200l open topped tank to keep hair algae at bay (brilliant result). Anyway my little helpers keep jumping out overnight for me to find their dryed up bodies. I've lost about 7-8 now which is a shame:(. I have a Arcadia 4 tube luminair over the...
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    How many Amano Shrimp?

    Following a wipe out of my Amano shrimp a few months ago due to liquid Co2 overdose (never again) I'm about to restock my 200L tank which is well planted and running bottle Co2, liqiud ferts 4mls/day macro and 2mls/day micro good flow from Ehiem 2042 and power head. How many would you suggest...
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    Loosing battle with BBA what next?

    Hi all Struggling with BBA its keeps coming back no matter how much I remove infected leaves must have removed a good two thirds of the plant mass now. Set up is EI (ferts 25mls and liquid Co2 7mls by daily dosing pump) based 220L tank running 4 T5 luminaire (2 on for full 6 hours and plus 2...
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    Ehiem Germany Customer Service dept e mail address?

    Hi I need to contact Ehiem directly and tried the "info e mail" on their web site and got nil response just wondered if anyone has a direct e mail address? Thanks
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    Filter out of action for next week or so what would you do?

    Ehiem P3 Termo not working (again) at present. Set up EI dosing plus liquid cardon 210L tank plus CO2 3bpm Ehiem skimmer, in tank circulation pump and x4 T5s set for 7 hours full blast for 3 hours. Heavy planting and about 20 tertras and 6 Altums and lots of shrimp. Finally will the filter...
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    EI does it lead to early fish mortality?

    Hi all I've been running EI for about 6 months and my plants are doing well with minimal problems. Before this I always ran low tech systems with Co2 and some weekly ferts for about 15 years but not to EI levels. I still under took weekly 40-50% water changes and could grow a large range of...
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    TMC EASI-Dose 3 Dosing Pumps

    Hi all Just purchased one of these to ensure the tank gets dosed with Macro, Micro and liquid CO2 as I've a memory like a sieve! Anyone got any practical tips/experience of using this model? Also do I need check valves? if so what do you recommend or will normal air line types be ok...
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    New set up Water RO or Tap? Start up photoperiod?

    Hi all Planning a new set up soon 100x50x50 ADA Amazonia soil, CO2 via in line Aquamedic diffuser, Ehiem professional 31200XET Thermo, circulation pump with Arcadia 4x39w T5's. So I guess from reading here High Tec and plan on trying EI fert dosing using a propitiatory dry mix for macro and...
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    Re-vamping an establish set up or start afresh?

    Hi all First post so go easy! I've being lurking on here on and off for a few years! but have reached a stage where my tank is looking a bit sorry for itself and needs a make over. It was set up about 4 years ago and looked great then time became short and I had to revert to a more less...