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    what do you think /tank setup

    hi there , i was wondering if after a while away (ex wife lol )some of you would take a look over my new adventure and see what you think of the set up and proposed regime.was hoping that the lighting/co2/fert regime would allow the growth of a glostostima carpet ? tank details osaka...
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    trouble with filter

    i have a external interpet filter that used to run a good flow through its outlet even though i have the outlet going through a uv before it outlets increasing the pipe length but 1m all of a sudden the flow halved. i have tried cleaning and re priming but no use the flow is really slow.I was...
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    lowering ph

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but here it is anyway(ha ha) have taken the advice from ceg and others and started dosing dry ferts ei style and have started to see a down ward trend in ph from 7.2 to 6.4 day times slightly lower in the night hours. Am starting to get worried that...
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    forum convert needs fert help

    After being converted from another form to this wonderful vessel of knowledge and wisdom and after reading page after page of info (i'm stumped). I have a 500ltr planted aquarium that after much expense and labour still dose not deliver the pleasing growth and vigour that i see from many other...