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    MaxSpect LED Lighting

    The next big thing? an affordable LED solution.... Taking the reefing world by storm, company consistantly sold out since production started last year, you must pre order, great prices, just gotta wait for a freshwater version which I hope is real soon because the more I add up the cost of a...
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    Hydor koralia nano

    Just wondering if anyone is using these nano versions of the koralia on the forum, what are your impressions of them? The ordinary larger koralias are just too big for me looks wise so I thought I may try a couple of these smaller ones instead...
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    ADA entry 2009 - Forward Motion

    Hi everyone here's my entry from this years ADA IAPLC 2009 competition. This tank wasn't finished when I entered it, I needed more time to finish it off, but I entered it anyway :D it was low light tank so I should have allowed plenty of time, lesson there. The second picture is nearer to what...
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    Water syphon bargain alert from B&Q

    Hi everyone, I just picked up one of these from B&Q over here for the cost of€8.80, in the UK these are only £6. Basically a heavy duty water syphon. Total length of the hose is 12ft or 365cm, comes with a hose connector to add extra length of hose if needed. The only drawback I can see is...
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    Who's entering ADA IAPLC 2009?

    So who's entering from UKAPS? I will enter anyway. Not entirely happy but will give it a shot. The tank I will enter is my second attempt, first effort went fubar earlier this year after a 2 month trip away (work related) so second go here on an entirely different layout. First effort ideally...
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    Faulty 3x24W luminaire

    I have a 60cm 3x24W EQJ trading luminaire which has developed a fault, the luminaire is about 2 years old. Two of the bulbs will not work any longer (bulbs are working, luminaire is not!) the center bulb will work fine when it is switched on, but the two outer bulbs (on a seperate switch) will...
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    Needlewheel CO2 diffusion

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Needlewheel CO2 diffusion and what equipment/pump did you use? how successful was it etc. Not sure if anyone here has tried this method yet but it looks very interesting and should work very well, a good alternative to an inline reactor (which slows down my...
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    IAPLC 2009

    Nice shiney new website, giving plenty of advance notice for next years competition (no excuses now :wink: ) I have my entry ready, just a little trim here and there and should be sorted, take the snap :wink: No pressure on anyone else like!!! its still 2008 so plenty of...
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    Mountainscape V2

    Hi everyone After much delay for which I apologise I can finally present my ADA 2008 entry, Mountainscape V2. I just want to say thanks again to everyone here for the great support on this project thus far and thanks also for your understanding in the endless delays in posting this work up...
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    New substrate-Tropica "nature soil"

    Coming soon! Looks interesting, an ADA aquasoil clone I wonder. don't know about the brown but the black looks good, no doubt it will be expensive, on a par with Aquasoil for cost anyway. Edit: or is it a gravel?
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    Cheap property Become a property mogul 8)
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    Mazzei venturi

    Does anybody know a company in Europe that supplies mazzei venturis suitable for aquarium use. Has anyone on the forum considered using these/is using these for CO2 diffusion?
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    PFK's Matt Clarke on Irish radio

    I heard Matt Clarke (PFK Editor) on the radio over here today, talking about willy fish of all things :shock: don't ask :lol: anyway I know Some PFK staff, George, Jeremy maybe even the man himself, look in here on the forum so just thought I would report back from the field as it were :D He...
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    Gardening websites?

    Could anybody recommend a good gardening website that they use? there's so much choice its hard to know where to start, I just need to some research for some plant choices for my garden. I have never really looked at gardening websites before so am not familiar to any of the good ones. UK based...
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    AGA convention 2008 Atlanta USA

    Well, if you happen to be in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, this coming November you could do worse than check out the annual Aquatic Gardeners Association convention, the master himself Takashi Amano will be making an appearance this year and giving a lecture and an aquascaping demo. Hmmm must check...
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    Alternative to Eheim double taps?

    Is there? I need a good few double taps but don't want to feel extorted by eheim is there an alternative, I'm looking for 12-16mm double taps. I know somewhere in the distant past I saw Fluval taps but can't seem to find these, anyone any ideas where to look or have you found an alternative.
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    Tetratec EX 1200 filter

    Ok I will put the question in the right section this time :) Anybody using these filters, what do you think of them? Would it give me enough circulation with an inline heater plumbed in for a 150l tank?? What would you reckon? I could always plumb the heater in on an eheim 2213 and just use...
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    Eheim 2324 thermo filter

    Does anyone have one of these? I am thinking of putting one on a 100 litre tank, any opinions, good idea bad idea? For Tank litre/gal 250/55 Pump output 700 l/h Filter circulation 500 l/h Delivery head 1.5mWs Filter volume 3.0litres Power consumption 8w+150w Dimensions 340x178x178
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    I want to put a powerhead in a 150L tank to aid water circulation I'm just not sure what to add or order, the tank is filtered by an Eheim 2215 atm with supposedly filter circulation of 510l/h. Basically the eheim output has radically reduced over the last while and is inadequate, I doubt its...
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    AquaScaping World - online aquascaping magazine

    Aquascaping world magazine produced by John N. from over on APC. Brand new issue 1 :)
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    Neat picture app for firefox

    Try it on google images as a test, way cool for a 1mb download. 8)
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    EBay to ban negative seller views

    About time if you ask me, although no doubt some will abuse it the majority won't.
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    T4 lighting

    Is this any good? What is the major difference here with T5 lighting besides the width of the tube, presumably T5s give more output/lumens? I see some of the larger DIY chains B&Q etc are selling complete T4 units quite cheaply now, 20W light 6400K inc all fittings built in ballast etc and...
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    Hydor Ario

    These look very interesting, stick a CO2 tube on there and you have a diffuser that you never have to bleach, and that can't be a bad thing. They are basically a turbo airpump that...
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    Macro lenses

    Does anyone use macro lenses for a DSLR, if so, what do you have? Do I really need one, now thats another question entirely :)
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    I took delivery of this yesterday and I have to say I was disappointed tbh, would I buy it again, no :wink:
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    This is the newest layout in my small tank. 54L 60x30x30cm Juwel tank Eheim 2211 filter 3x24Watt T5s @ 8 hours per day, 6 hours 3x24, 2 hours 2x24. ADA Aqausoil amazonia (mud) 17 mini landscape rocks (pointy one's :lol: ) Plants and fish. HC, Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba'' Lampeye...
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    Tropica Plant Nutrition +

    Well someone is bound to ask this at some stage so I may as well be first. I want to know the what is in Tropica plant nutrition +, what is the actual makeup in ppm terms of N and P in particular. Here's what they have on the instruction leaflet that comes with each purchase, for someone non...
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    Micro fish

    Im setting up a small 54 litre tank atm and I want to stock it with a micro type fish, Im just looking for a few suggestions my fish knowledge is not the greatest, the tank is 60x30x30cm. Im looking for something very small to fit the Iwagumi scape I have in mind. I know Rasbora maculata or...
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    Putting borders and signatures on digital photographs??

    What is the easiest way to put a border or a signature on a digital photograph, I want some way to identify that photos are mine when people download them from the web, that's my main question really, but I am also interested in using borders as well if there is an easy way to do that I would...
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    Rugby World Cup Final

    So I guess none of you guys will be watching this tonight then, or should I rephrase that to never thought you would be watching this tonight :lol: Good luck England for the final, although I feel they will need to be mighty men tonight to keep the springboks from taking the cup home. looking...
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    ADA 2007 contest booklet

    I received The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2007 book the other day, it has just been released, well worth the money, small money really, excellent book, all the entries from this years contest and judging remarks critiques etc are contained therein, I would highly recommend it...
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    MH lighting

    I'm just wondering who is using metal halide lighting and what bulbs / lamps do you use with them. Thanks.
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    Mini pelia - Riccardia chamedryfolia

    Has anyone successfully grown/are growing this plant Riccardia chamedryfolia, and if so what conditions did you grow it in? Is it a really slow grower? Thanks.
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    PFK Tank

    This layout won the 2007 PFK aquascaping competition for the over 60cm category The spec 150l tank approx 40 US gallons Size 75 x 45 x 45cm Eheim 2215 Lighting 2x55W PCs Substrate-Gravel DIY external CO2 reactor 5kg CO2 fire extinguisher Dosing method PPS PRO The tank was started on the 13th...
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    Fed up with water changes?? Always wanted another tank??

    Well then check this out this could be for you :D Yes folks its the virtual aquarium :lol:
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    60cm Iwagumi layout

    I posted this late last night on APC because I felt embarrassed that I hadn't updated a thread I posted over there over 4 months ago!! :roll: anyway this is the tank George posted a couple of weeks back for the PFK teaser thread. I actually have a different layout in this tank now which is...
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    Test your knowledge of aquatic plants???

    A little quiz I found on APC to ponder over for a few minutes, my knowledge obviously ain't to hot, I only got 15 right. No cheating and post your results :)
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    ADA 2007 party event from Japan

    Some pics just posted from the event from the guys at CAU, it includes the winning scape although the picture is only a projected image from the live event.
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    Good Video - Rocks + tempered glass aquarium

    This is a very interesting video link I found over on Planted tank and something Im sure most here have wondered about at some stage I know I definitely have. How many rocks are safe to put in your aquarium before it becomes overloaded and could potentially break? Interesting results...
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    Oliver Knott

    lost the plot :shock:
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    New setup-61P

    Oh yeah baby I got a new setup going, its a 61P, yep you heard right a 61P ie. DIY tank based on dimensions of 60P :) so 60x30x36cm, nice size I have to say look forward to scaping with it, I was tempted to make it 60x36x36cm but resisted the temptation and went with the normal size instead...
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    Well, seems everyone is starting up forums these days even Rex is getting in on the act! Gotta love the user handle :lol:
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    Emersed Eleocharis acicularis

    Anybody buy this at the local garden centre and try it in an aquarium? Will it die off before you get submersed growth. Thankyou
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    Weeping moss

    Just wondering if anyone is growing this moss, I bought this moss a couple of weeks ago and am not sure how this moss is doing for me, some of it seems to be browning, I had heard this moss can be troublesome for some where it goes brown and completely dies off, has anybody experienced this? Am...