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  1. nduli

    Jumping chocos :(

    need some help guys I have an issue with jumping chocos. I've lost 3 to the floor in the last week :(. I put a piece of glass across the offending end today and Ones jumped out the other end. It's a heavily planted tank with floaters covering the entire surface and the tank is semi dark water...
  2. nduli

    hob filter

    hello any suggestion on decent hob filter for a desktop tank (just bought one of the EA300hd cubes and need a decent quiet hob filter to go with it. It will be a shrimp only tank but do want decent over filtering. I know there is the eheim liberty are they any good and any ideas on UK sourcing?
  3. nduli

    chocoloate gourami and highgrade CRS

    my xmas project is to sort my kitchen tank out and get some chocos (Sphaerichthys osphromenoides) . As the current tank in the kitchen hosts 40-50 high grade CRS/CBS / taiwan bee and given the chocos need 26/27c has anyone successfully kept the 2 together and bred both in the same tank? It will...
  4. nduli


    evening guys Can anyone recommend a decent uk hydroponics forum? Going to try chillies in 2litre bottles with the kids but thinking of trying a guttering system in the garden to try tomatoes and lettuce just after a support network as good as ukaps. :) If anyone has done hydroponics before...
  5. nduli

    Gurgling pump on a sump

    guys Quick help needed, got a signature 900 setup with the sump. It's my first sump system and its gurgling a lot. Any tips to help before the better half kills me? A journal will be following shortly, unless of course it gets thrown out the window.... Rich
  6. nduli

    unipac senegal availability

    hello all, about to start a new scape, have seen some nice images of unipac Senegal but can't seem to find any in stock anywhere, anyone aware if its discontinued or of an appropriate alternative. need it cat fish friendly and want it to work with redmoor wood, red, lava rock, dragonstone and...
  7. nduli

    What sump pump

    Guys Any recommendations on a sump return pump for my sig 900? I want something as quiet as possible as its in the lounge. I've done some looking on the salty sites and they suggest a few and wondered if anyone has any experiences of them Eheim 3000 compact Newa new jet nj1700 or nj2300 Tmc...
  8. nduli

    Tmc signature 900

    Guys Couple of Quick question but thinking of moving from a signature 600 to 900 but all seem to be reef systems. 1) has anyone used sumps reliably with planted tanks? It will be a low tech setup. 2) if I removed the sump does anyone know how best to blank off the holes in the back of the...
  9. nduli

    urgent hydor Heater Question

    my hydor inline 200w (16mm) gave up pre-xmas. I have been chasing the LFS I bought it from for stock update weekly since then. they have just got in stock 300w ones (16mm) so intend to drive down there in next 2hrs. my tank is a TMC sig 60cm so 110l (ish) what risks am I running in placing a...
  10. nduli

    Floater issues

    guys Some help needed, can't get my floaters to grow on. I'm running low tech (low tech ish - weekly dose of easycarbo 2ml in 100l tank) Tropica specialised at quarter dose per week Lights are (imho) medium, I have an Arcadia stretch 60cm light over a 60cm tank. They are raised 15 cm off the...
  11. nduli

    Hydor 200 eth inline heater problem

    Guys, after some help. Have a hydor inline heater installed on my tank, I am trying to set the temp of the water at about 22 degrees and in order to do that the thermometer needs to be set about 30 degrees. The heater clicks on and off a lot and loudly and occasionally has what can only be...
  12. nduli

    aquanano 40 and hobs

    guys anyone running an aquanano 40 and managed to get a hob running off the back of the tank in conjunction with the existing filter medium in place? considering over filtration, and don't want to replace the existing setup but add to it.
  13. nduli

    Hose holder for tank filling

    Had enough of buckets and stuff am rigging up a pump to pump from a barrel of pre-mixed water. I will be using 12/16 hose to pump back into the tank and want something to hold the hose onto the side of the tank so I don't have to hold it in place whilst i fill. Is anyone aware of anything that...
  14. nduli

    corydoras habrosus

    Guys Does anyone have experience of these with akadama or cat litter? Added 6 to my tmc sig 60*45 last week and seemed to have settled ok. But any advice on feeding, etc would be well received. The tank is high flow as i'm running jbl 1501 on it but have turned it down to half flow and they...
  15. nduli

    pump from a jerrycan

    guys considering going the full RO route on my main tank one major consideration is the water changes. I do RO on the nano tank at the moment and can cope with the pre-mixing, bucket route but for the main thats too messy and too timing consuming so I am considering a more automated route...
  16. nduli

    Tnc complete or tropica specialised

    Guys Still have 500ml left of Tnc complete in the garage somewhere. I am prepping for my new scape and wondered whether there is any difference between Tnc complete and tropica specialised- noticed a number of people on here use tropica but can't seem to find any details of what's in tropica...
  17. nduli

    Wood choice

    Guys, looking for some comments on piece of wood I am considering using in my new tank. Can't decide whether I like the bullhorn look or whether I should cut it to make it more natural. Have other bits of root but keep being drawn back to this piece I have had for a couple of yrs and not used...
  18. nduli


    guys have started my new scape, haven't finished it yet and therefore haven't flooded it. i looked in the tank tonight and noticed mould and fur on the wood in various places. do i need to remove before i flood it which will probably be next weekend. the tank is open topped and no additional...
  19. nduli

    Cryptocoryne wendtii green

    Richard, Any idea when you are getting Cryptocoryne wendtii green back in stock? R
  20. nduli

    Help with plant Id

    Guys Need hand with a plant Id it's in my nano and would like to drop a few into my new scape if I can as it's low growing. I think it's a crypt of some description but not 100% sure.
  21. nduli

    Tmc signature rocky outcrop low tech.

    Finally managed to buy and install my 60cm signature. Spent the morning installing hardscape. Tank details: Tmc signature 60*45*45 Glacier white cabinet Filter: jbl 1501 Heater: hydor inline Lighting: The Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Freshwater OTL Over Tank Lamp. CS60f Substrate: akadama...
  22. nduli

    Hydor 200 16/22

    Guys any idea why hydor inline heaters seem to be difficult to get hold of?
  23. nduli

    Jbl 1501 and purigen location

    Guys, just bought a jbl 1501 to replace my shockingly poor aps1400. Quick question but given the sponge arrangement where do you put the purigen?
  24. nduli

    Substrate aesthetics

    Guys, welcome some views here. Currently planning next scape and am considering teaming up cat litter, dragon stone and unipac Fuji sand. Likely to be an island configuration with wood included (redmoor root). Cat litter rocks and wood in centre and sand beach surrounding (ie not capping)...
  25. nduli

    Cabinet on castors

    Guys has anyone in here mounted their cabinet and tank on castors? I am considering it to allow me to move it around a little for ease of access. I am aware of the stress it may cause but looking for small movements for rear access particularly when there has been a spill. If I was going for...
  26. nduli

    glass thickness - a calculator

    I am currently engaged in debate with 1 custom aquarium builder as they don't appear to want to do my optiwhite in 8mm glass and would prefer to do it in 10mm glass. my tank is 750 length * 500 high * 450 deep they last night quoted me a tensile strength rating of 3.78 on 8mm glass as being...
  27. nduli

    Tmc signature custom build

    Guys, was on tmc website this am and noticed that on the signature range they mention other sizes available on request for tanks and stands. Does that mean we can order custom sizes and has anyone done so? I just think the 60cm will be too small and 90 only comes pre drilled.....
  28. nduli


    Guys been down with work for a few days in Ipswich possible early finish tomorrow so is it worthwhile taking 30mins to go and kesgrave?
  29. nduli

    New stand question

    Guys Quick question i am considering a new self build stand. Circa 75cm wide by 45cm deep and circa 75 tall. Will be built in mdf, here is the question 18mm or 25mm mdf? It will be ada style with 2 doors on the front I'd like to try and avoid a support in the centre if I can avoid it, just...
  30. nduli

    Death of the mother after giving birth

    Guys Looking for some help. I walked into the kitchen yesterday to find a mature dead shrimp in the tank. Fairly sure this was a heavily berried shrimp which has given birth and I am sure that this is the second time that this has happened. I use ro and salty shrimp gh+ to circa 150tds. All...
  31. nduli

    Alder in a tank

    Guys, just been giving my alder tree a light trim in the back garden. Some of the branches are interesting shapes. If I let them dry out and remove the bark can I use them in my tanks? Rich
  32. nduli

    Aqua medic spotfix

    Guys Anyone used one of these on a nano? Aqua Medic Spotfix | Aquarium Supplies Assume you can use your own sourced bulbs so don't have to use their marine biased bulbs.
  33. nduli

    hydrocotyle sp Japan in cat litter

    hello anyone got experience of rooting japan in cat litter ? The tank is already flooded. I have some cory's and sakura in there so am thinking i need to weight it down, is lead weights the best way to go? do you need CO2 to get it moving, wanting to try and get it to carpet? does it grow ok...
  34. nduli

    O2 through a co2 diffuser

    Trying to get tiny O2 bubbles in my nano shrimp tank. Just hooked up my ceramic diffuser to my airpump and no joy no bubbles from the diffuser. Any suggestions? Bigger airpump (120l hr at the moment) or best to go for a nano diffuser?
  35. nduli

    Tds differences between Lfs and home

    Just bought some new crs for my nano tank from one of my Lfs'. Given they are higher grade than I usually mess about with I thought I would test the Tds of the water in the bag.......imagine my surprise to find 430.. How the hell did they survive in the Lfs? This will be a long drip method today...
  36. nduli

    From jungle to jungle clearing....ish

    I have a 130l custom build tank in the lounge. It's about 8-10yrs old and has generally been what I would politely describe as a jungle tank, you could also call it unplanned or lacking in appropriate maintenance. I went high tech for 2 years and all was fine until 6 months ago when I got a...
  37. nduli

    Suggestion For sale on ebay

    Guys, not sure if this is an idea you have had before but have you thought about a subforum under the for sale section to highlight those ebay auctions that may be of interest to members. Seen it in use on another none aquatics forum I frequent and its been really useful for some...
  38. nduli

    Olloclip piccies on iPhone

    Just got myself an olloclip for my iphone4s and managed to get a pic of one of Sakura thought I'd share. For 24quid on eBay can't argue so far. 3 lenses for price of one. Fish eye of crs tank Macro of Ebi gold Sakura Sakura Sakura Sneaky Cordy Berried cherry
  39. nduli

    Allpondsolutions 1400ef+

    Hi guys Received my 1400ef+ today. Would have been set up by now if 2 of the media trays weren't broken and if the uv switch on the head unit hadn't fallen into the unit. Hopefully aps will sort me out without too much hassle but couple of quick questions.. I have the eheim installation set...
  40. nduli

    keeping a filter alive

    guys quick question, i am giving up on sorting my eheim 2028, can't seem to sort the o-ring issue out. unplugged the filter at 1am to ensure it didn't overflow the bucket when i came down in the am, i am very lucky as it was a mm or so off the top of the bucket when i came down phew..... 2...
  41. nduli

    Eheim pro2 o-ring replacement

    Had to replace the o-ring on my eheim 2128 this weekend. It's not been 100% successful as its still leaking a little but much less than it was at the weekend. for those that experience leaking from the head unit for all pro2 models (Eheim 2026, 2028, 2126 and 2128) then you can buy a new...
  42. nduli

    Shrimp and frozen bloodworm

    Guys, anyone got any positive or negative views about feeding shrimp (Sakura and crs) frozen bloodworm?
  43. nduli

    Attaching flame moss

    Hello all, just received 2 pots of 1-2grow flame moss from tropica to attach to some wood. Just wondering what's the best way to go about this. It's in lovely condition in the pot. Do I lie it flat on the wood and wind on the cotton or fishing line or look to just try and tie on 1 end...
  44. nduli

    Nutrafin / Hagen Test instructions

    guys short post, noted number of times people have searched for hagen or nutrafin test kit instructions to no avail. found these that might help anyone in future Click instruction manual underneath where to buy for the PDF's Nutrafin / Hagen PH test...
  45. nduli

    Eheim 2026 and 2028 differences

    Hi guys quick question. What the difference between an eheim 2026 and 2028. Is the motor inside the head more powerful? Reason why I ask is I had a 2026 and in my heavily planted tank i was struggling with flow so bought a cheap 2028 off eBay and it leaks when I tilt it. Quick research...
  46. nduli

    aquanano 40 and cabinet build - finally berried CRS and baby CBS!

    After reading so many journals on here i thought i'd add my own as i need some support and advice. The plan is a relatively uncluttered but good looking tank for the kitchen to hold shrimp. I have a 30l tetra tank in there at the moment but wanted more volume to play with. The current details...
  47. nduli

    glass cutting

    so looks like the lighting in my tetra techart 30l nano has gone......i can try and fix but i have been hankering after a pets@home 25l cheapo tank for a while. only issue i have is how to cut the glass lid to fit my 2211 eheim pipes into it, any ideas on how to go about it? i have a electric...
  48. nduli

    Internal prefilter help

    Guys setting up a new tank in the garage to try and breed on a few crystal red shrimp. I have an old eheim canister already running in there and have been looking at various prefilter options. Has anyone considered / tried / succeeded in adapting these as the pre-filter inside the tank? I want...
  49. nduli

    bba summary of attack options

    guys have horrendous BBA outbreak (piccies to follow). read a great deal on this site this week in prep for attacking problem this weekend. background of my tank Tank specifications - - circa 130l Lighting - 2 * 24w T5's with reflectors on for about 8hrs a day CO2 - Pressurised - drop checker...
  50. nduli

    Led tube

    Guys Any views on whether this is any good? or I'm not up to speed on all the technical details so after...
  51. nduli


    Hi looking for some help i am getting alot of buzzing from my solenoid when its on. I'm stripping it down at the moment as i believe its probably the spring that needs retensioning and i think the spring is inside the metal casing of the solenoid - any suggestions what tool i should be getting...
  52. nduli

    Tnc complete and shrimp

    Getting to the end of a bottle of easy life Profito And thinking of changing to Tnc complete so have 2 questions should I be concerned about changing fert supplier? Is Tnc complete generally considered shrimp safe?
  53. nduli

    plant ID help salvinia natans or not....

    hi guys bought some plants on ebay and i don't think what has been sent is what was advertised and just want some expert opinion before i discuss it with the seller. this is what was advertised this...
  54. nduli

    Shrimp shops in Wiltshire

    I have the pleasure of heading to Wiltshire for the weekend to a small village between Trowbridge and devizes given I'll have left the small people behind and just have the long suffering better half in tow can anyone recommend anywhere in Wiltshire for A good Lfs ideally with shrimp. Looking to...
  55. nduli


    hello quick question - been having some issues with water stability in a nano tank with a few sakura in - came to it over the weekend to do a daily check and noticed small very fine worm like creatures free swimming in the water. They are very thin, no more than 1/2" long and seem to swim like...
  56. nduli

    eheim 2211 and eheim 2213

    hopefully a couple of quick questions someone can answer I have just won a couple of eheim 2211's on flea bay, one looks like it might do for a real emergency filter but the other looked in a reasonable state. - they were a bargin and knowing my luck on fleabay i have paid for what i am about...
  57. nduli

    eheim filter media

    hi i have an eheim 2026 and i am considering changing the media (been a few years since i last changed) given i am about to perform a tank tear down i want to see what options i have on changing the filter media for something cheaper can anyone suggest anything i can look into?