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  1. Stu72

    Starting out again with a Nano - Day 70

    So here it is fully grown and full of life. No real algae issues just struggling to keep everything growing and smothering the hardscape. Any thoughts on changing things around for the next re-scape next year!
  2. Stu72

    Starting again with a Nano - Day 28

    Just thought I’d share some pics this morning with no lights but backlight from the sun. All plants going crazy now with Eleocharis Mini runners visible in substrate. Anamos and cherries doing their thing on the algae. I’ve been following the Tropica schedule and this is proving a winner by...
  3. Stu72

    Starting up again with a Nano day 7

    Day 7: 50% water change check filter, remove dead grass and leaves, using a kebab stick push grass runners into substrate. Looking really good now with obvious signs of growth. Deep roots showing in substrate all around the tank. Added Fertilizer, Tropica Specialised Nutrition, Easy Carbo but...
  4. Stu72

    Starting up again with a Nano

    So after a 4 year break I just had to get back into the best hobby in the world. So having found a small space I’ve opted for a small 16ltr Oliver Knott Flexi Mini Nano. The glass tank is super quality and crystal clear and the LED light is stunning. Attached are some images from the last 3...
  5. Stu72

    Hygrophila Pinnatifida

    Hi everyone, does anyone have any 'Hygrophila Pinnatifida' going spare? Would love some as I've now changed my layout and having trouble getting a good quality specimen? :thumbup:
  6. Stu72

    TMC GroBeam 1000 for 60ltr Tank

    OK, I'm liking the look of these. Currently have 2 T5's in a Hagen Glo T5HO system, but considering upgrading to LED for power and style. Anyone got one of these and growing plants well? Should I bother? :crazy:
  7. Stu72

    Advice for external heated filter....

    Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade to an external filter for my 60ltr set-up. Idealy with built-in heater. Not sure if you can get one for a tank this size??? Any ideas/thoughts would be most grateful. Stu :thumbup:
  8. Stu72

    Anyone ever used Professional water guardian by Interpet....

    To create a sofwater environment in their aquariam? If so how does this work? Stu :thumbup:
  9. Stu72

    Electric Blue Rams

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of Electric Blue Rams for a good price in Swindon/Gloucetershire area? :D
  10. Stu72

    CO2 gas cylinders swindon/cheltenham? Almost there!!!!

    Have got a regulator and solenoid to fit a 2kg fire extinguisher from markp35's advice from 'lunapet Germany' but scared to have a go at this so any info on where would be a top place to get standard cylinder at cheap price would be most grateful :thumbup:
  11. Stu72

    Sand for Hemianthus callitrichoides 'cuba'?

    Has anyone grown Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' successfully in 'Oliver Knott Nature soil Normal 4-5mm - or would sand help bedding this in? Cheers
  12. Stu72

    My greenscape updated

    At last my complete aquascape. A semi high tech tank on a budget. 2 X 24wt T5 lights: [img] Plants: Tropica 'Eleocharis parvula' Tropica 'Hemianthus callitrichoides cuba' Blyxa Japonica...
  13. Stu72

    Eleocharis parvula

    Hi, just need some advice on growing Eleocharis parvula, I'm using this as the main foreground feature to my set-up. Tank size is 24 X 15 x 12. Lighting: Hagen T5HO double overhead unit on 8 hrs a day, Internal Filter: Aquael Internal UV 500, Substrate Oliver Knott nature soil (small black) (...