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  1. ulster exile

    200L tank with good lighting?

    Hi, I currently have a 225L (ish) Cleair tank which was supplied with 4xT8. I found this level of lighting sufficient to require CO2 but of the two ballasts broke last year. As the space into which the ballasts fits is rather small and the ballasts are unidentifiable Chinese make, I've not...
  2. ulster exile

    How do I store my liquid ferts?

    Are they ok in the cupboard under my tank or should I be fridging them? Only asking as I noticed that my trace mix appears to have some mould or something on it!
  3. ulster exile

    Arcadia 18" luminaire - maximum size tank?

    Evening all! The light on my Elite 35 tank has just failed. Hopefully it is just the tube (although I suspect the ballast which is in a sealed unit), but OH has suggested that I take the opportunity and upgrade to an overhead luminaire - I'm doing a little dance as I type this :D The tank...
  4. ulster exile

    Aqua Journal (in English)

    I wonder if anybody here has sourced a decent supply of Aqua Journals in English (my Japanese isn't upto much :? ). I know Aquaessentials do them for £6.99 each, but as I'm far from loaded I can't really afford to be paying these sorts of prices tbh. Having seen the magazines in the flesh at...
  5. ulster exile

    Ulster Exile's Training Wheels Tank.

    Well I figured it was about time that I bit the bullet and showed you my tank. I am very much still learning the trade having only recently gotten on top of sustaining a stable CO2 level and am starting EI too, so I hope that this serves as a journal until I can take my training wheels off...
  6. ulster exile

    Plant ID pretty please

    Was given this a while ago, but not sure what it is. Is pretty unruly in it's growth but seems to grow pretty fast for me... Thanks in advance!
  7. ulster exile

    Making the hobby into a business

    Just many of you had considered making use of your aquascaping talents for business purposes like Tom Barr does? Do any of you actually do this on the side currently, ie setting up or just designing 'scapes to a given design requirement or even maintaining them as well?
  8. ulster exile

    Eco-Complete problem

    Hi all, I recently bought a 20lb bag of Eco-Complete for a wee tank I was setting up and posted a thread on plantgeek about it (you people scare me :lol: ) and mentioned that I was unhappy with the product. It was not black, more some black with multi-coloured bits. It wasn't very fine...
  9. ulster exile

    Jack of all trades, Master of none...

    I love the idea of a planted tank, but I also love the idea of a community tank, however I find balancing the two together difficult sometimes and I wonder if it is truly possible to excel at either aquascaping or fishkeeping without having to sacrifice the other (I'm not talking fish on a stone...
  10. ulster exile

    Switching from Liquid ferts to Dry... there a right way to do this, or is it just a case of doing it? My tank is about 200l, I have just over 2WPG lighting (on 11 hours a day), inject CO2 using a FE and using a drop checker believe I have it stable (the DC is green). Substrate is plain gravel. Plants are mainly cryptocoryne...
  11. ulster exile

    Six Nations

    Come on folks, who's watching it and who are you putting your money on? I'm watching Ireland of course, but hadn't really pegged them to win it (not that I wouldn't mind of course!)
  12. ulster exile

    Invert safe wormer?

    Can anybody recommend one? I was just about to get Wormer Plus then realised that it says that it is not safe with inverts. I can't really treat the fish separately as I don't have a large enough tank to do it in and would imagine that trying to catch all of my fish to move them and treat...
  13. ulster exile

    Blonde moment supreme...

    I changed my tank's water at the weekend and renewed the solution in my drop checker. As I had also bought a new FE, my CO2 was being turned back on. All good so far... Almost half an hour after turning the CO2 on, my drop checker was green - "odd" thinks I, especially when I wasn't even...
  14. ulster exile

    Using substrate for depth

    So I know in theory how I separate substrate should I decide to use two different types of substrate in a set up, but how do people use substrate to create different levels or mounds? When I try, my gravel and sand mounds or levels quickly disintegrates so that the original effect isn't all...
  15. ulster exile

    Low Light, Low Tech, No CO2...what ferts?

    I have recently made an attempt to set up my first proper 'scape with a 28litre tank (inspired by Graeme Edward's latest effort, but that's a different story). It has 11W of lighting, so is pretty low light to say the least. I have an inert substrate, with added root tabs for the crypts...
  16. ulster exile

    Drop Checkers, Reagent mix and 4dKH solution...

    Having been guided by a good explanation of the Drop checker and the need for the 4dKH solution as a reference solution by Dave Spencer on TFF, I have a couple of questions. My drop checker is a cheapie from Hong Kong. I'm a right cheapskate, almost Scottish one might say... Anyhoo, it came...
  17. ulster exile

    New CO2 diffusers

    I was looking for a spare CO2 diffuser and ended up chancing my arm on eBay by buying 2 from a seller in Hong Kong, one to use and one spare for when the other needs cleaned. listing The listing says that they are suitable for tanks of 55gals (don't know whether this is imperial or US, but as...
  18. ulster exile

    Happy Birthday Mr Farmer

    According to another site I frequent, it's you birthday today. :D Hope you're having a good day of it! (And I hope you're not too old, to rue public birthday greetings :lol: :lol: )
  19. ulster exile

    Aquascaping tips for a tall tank

    Ok I did it. I spent a couple of hours clearing out my tank - currently it has 3 bits of slate and some 'pellia', but all of the plants are sat in a bucket. The problem I have with this tank is that it is disproportionately deep, or appears so to me. It is approx 100cm wide and 67cm tall IIRC...