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  1. Bobtastic

    Altering the Working Pressure on AM Regulators

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience in altering the working pressure on AquaMedic regulators (namely the ones that TGM sells)? I have one of these and understand that their working pressure is 1.5bar and I'm looking to use it on a UP Atomiser, which I believe need a pressure...
  2. Bobtastic

    Using EI Aquarium Water to Water a Bonsai?

    Is it a good idea and use of waste water or will it damage the Bonsai? My care instructions say to stand the tree in water covering the soil for 10-15mins so I thought it would be a good way to give it food without have to get terrestrial plant food. Feel free to tell me it's a stupid idea and...
  3. Bobtastic

    EI Mix with Tap Water

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was any reason not to use regular tap water in our EI mixes? Atm I'm using deionised water in my mix as it was called for in a DIY TPN+ mix.
  4. Bobtastic

    Bubble Counter Help

    Hi all, I have the blow bubble counter that I got with the Co2 system that I bought from TGM and I seem to be having trouble keeping enough liquid in the counter... I believe that I have the system setup correctly (below), with everything in the right place but could do with some...
  5. Bobtastic

    Drop Checkers, where do you buy yours?

    Hi all, I'm looking to get myself a second drop checker to try and get a better indication of the flow of Co2 around my tank (240l) and I was wondering if ppl could advise on the places that have used to purchase their drop checkers? My original one was from TGM and was bought at the same...
  6. Bobtastic

    AM100 vs UP Atomiser vs Other inline Co2 solutions

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there in UKAPS-land had ever compared, through experiments or otherwise, the AM1000 Co2 Reactor against the inline UP Atomiser and other ways of dissolving Co2 inline? A bit of history; I am currently using an AM1000 and have gotten to thinking that it is...
  7. Bobtastic

    HC "Cuba" Immersed Sellers

    Hi all, Can UKAPS help me, is there any know sellers of HC "Cuba" that has been grown immersed? I have recently started a new scape and the HC that I bought was growing emmersed and it seems to be having a couple of issues adjusting to it's new conditions. Also would buying it immersed help...
  8. Bobtastic

    FluidSensor Online's EI Calculator

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me confirm the number from FluidSensor Online's EI Calculator? If I put my tank size (240litres) into it I get the following. Macro 3.7g Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) 1.4g Monopotassium Phosphate (KH2PO4) 8.9g Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4)...
  9. Bobtastic

    Cheaper alternative to Power Sand?

    Hi all, Is there a cheaper alternative to Power Sand on the market?
  10. Bobtastic

    Are wet and dry filters any good in planted tanks?

    Hi, As the subject says, are wet and dry filters any good in planted tanks? I'm talking about the external canisters like the Eheim 2229 Pro's. Would that cause the added Co2 to gas off too quickly?
  11. Bobtastic

    What is the best way to separate Aquasoil and cap sand...

    As the title says what is the best way to separate Aquasoil and cap sand...?
  12. Bobtastic

    Enough flow?

    I've just taken this video of the flow out of my 405 spray bar. I'm wondering if this is going enough? ... 181947.mp4 It is fitted in this tank atm and has a AM1000 fitted inline. I have a Korillia 1 in there too and have the option to add an Ehiem...
  13. Bobtastic

    First Attempt at a Pico

    Hi all Thought I would share my attempt at creating a pico. It's a 2.7litre glass cube (I think). Substrate - ASA Malaya and mixed scavenged sand Plants - Eleocharis Parvula and Crypt Wendtii "Green" Hardscape - Single scavenged rock. Light - An old 11w desk lamp Heres the pics :- Also...
  14. Bobtastic

    Carbonised Water?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had tried and/or has reason not to use carbonised water in Pico style micro tanks? I was thinking of ways to introduce Co2 to a pico tank I've setup and though about pouring in an amount of sparkling water into the tank and wondered if anyone else has tried...
  15. Bobtastic

    Mini/Pico DIY Canister Filter?

    Hi all, I've recently setup a pico scape and wondered if it would benefit from some form of filtration. So of I went and I stumbled across a thread on another forum on how to created a nano canister filter using a locking lidded Tupperware container and a powerhead/pump and I was wondering if...
  16. Bobtastic

    Shrimp with Assassin Snails and Beta?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with keeping shrimp with assassin snails? Are they compatible? I ask as I introduced some shrimps to a 110L community tank with Platties, Ottos, cory cats and a male beta that also had an assassin snail in. All seemed to be going will with...
  17. Bobtastic

    Hydor Heater and Eheim 2224 Filter

    Hi guys, I have recently acquired some additional kit for my 240litre tank in the run up to a rescape. The equipment in question is an Eheim 2224 filter and a Hydor ETH 300w heater. The potential problem that I have is that the filter uses 12/16mm piping, where the heater has a 16/22mm...
  18. Bobtastic

    What to do with these freebies?!

    Hi all, Just managed to acquire these to bad boys from work (they were chucking about 8 of the away). These two seemed to be the best of them, others having small chips around the rim.
  19. Bobtastic

    Lava Rock under Aquqtic Soil?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever used broken/crushed lava rock underneath their chosen aquatic soil? I was thinking that lava rock is relatively similar to Power Sand but without the added organic matter. Would adding it under the soil help the bacteria growth and water circulation...
  20. Bobtastic

    Protecting Tank bottoms from Hardscape?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations on things to use to protect the glass bottom of a tank from from heavy/rock hardscape? I've been thinking of getting some polystyrene sheet/tiles to place underneath the larger/heavier rocks when I rescape my tank. Would that be suitable? Or even...
  21. Bobtastic

    Sand Cap Removal?

    Hi all, I was wondering if our veteran rescapers can offer up some advice on an easy way to remove the sand they have used to cap another substrate. I am gonna start rescaping my tank very soon and wish to remove and reuse the sand I have over my ADA Malaya. I'm currently looking at using a...
  22. Bobtastic

    Lighting Times?

    Hi all, Following a visit to TGM and being gift'd (thanks Jim!) a copy of the ADA Catalogue '09 I have a question about lighting times. In the catalogue it mentions that you should setup a concentration of light at noon, this being the time to put on your MH's. Do plants actually know when...
  23. Bobtastic

    If you had £8 to the free delivery @ TGM what would you get?

    Hi all! Looking to get some substrate from TGM and I've just fallen shy of the free delivery mark... So with that in mind, if you had £8 to the free delivery @ TGM what would you get? I'm not really ready for plant acquisition, and they would stand in a low-tech setup until the target tank...
  24. Bobtastic

    What to do with fish during a re-scape?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could share what they do with their beloved fishies whilst they are rescaping their homes? I'm sure I've read of some of the more "hardcore" scapers taking the fish back or returning them. I assume to the lfs and not there maker! ;) For those that wish to...
  25. Bobtastic

    ADA Aqua Soil?

    Hi all, Can any one tell me if there is a difference between the different ADA AquaSoils? I currently have Malaya, but I recently read somewhere that is has a lower nutrional content then some of the others? Would I be ok with what I have? Should I replace it with a different type, possibly...
  26. Bobtastic

    Bobtastic's Iwagumi Scape - 12 Rummy Nosed Tetras Added

    Hi all!! Well it's time for me to start planning my new scape! After fighting a losing battle with my original scape (240litre Journal) I'm looking to start again! So, tank details 100hx40wx60d with a Fluval 405 filter running through a Auqa Medic 1000 reactor (without the balls) connected to...
  27. Bobtastic

    Fluval 405 through a AM 1000

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Fluval 405's through AquaMedic 1000 reactors? I have the spray bar attached to the outlet, now... does it seem that the flow is reduced because I'm spreading the flow over many small holes or is the reactor sapping the power of the...
  28. Bobtastic

    Substrate Level - Under Substrate

    Hi all, I'm looking to rescape my tank into a Iwagumi inspired layout, as I'm not having much success with my current lay out. I have been wondering it the depth of the tank has been a limiting factor... It is 100cm deep tank with 2x 39watt T5 lighting. I'm getting the feeling that the light...
  29. Bobtastic

    Advice - Connecting Fluval 405 to Aqua Medic 1000 Reactor

    Hi all, I'm looking to get hold of a Aqua Media 1000 Co2 reactor and was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience it connecting the hoses to the reactor. I've seen pictures of one that uses the rubber ends on the hoses, but i can't tell if they are the ends that fit into the filter...
  30. Bobtastic

    Bacopa Australis as a carpeting fore ground plant?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has used Bacopa Australis as a carpeting fore ground plant? Thanks in advance!
  31. Bobtastic

    Causes of Crypt Melt?

    Hi all, I'm wanting to find out the causes of crypt melt. I've had mine in my tank for a while and since the addition of pressurised Co2 they've come on leaps and bounds, but just in the last week they seem to be melting away... Also I seem to have had an outbreak of BBA or Oedogonium, I'm not...
  32. Bobtastic

    Buying Mosses

    Hi all, I fancy getting some different types of moss in tank, does anyone know of any good place that sells them? Specifically looking for Flame moss. I currently have some xmass moss in atm.
  33. Bobtastic

    Optimum Co2/Power head/Inlet/Outlet Equipment Placement?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could cast an experienced eye over the placement of my Co2 and filter equipment on my tank. I'm pretty inexperienced and could really do with some advice. Here is a pictures a picture with the placement marked out. The hashed box at the top is an area...
  34. Bobtastic

    Water Chemistry

    Hi all, I've just been looking at the United Utilities website (my local water supplier) and have found that they supply a load of water statistic. I was wondering if one of our more experienced member in this area can tell me how this would affect my planted tank, pros and cons, pluses and...
  35. Bobtastic

    Problem with Pogostemon Helferi

    Hi all, I have recenly added some Pogostemon Helferi into my tank, at first all was fine but a couple of the plants have completely withered away... The 2 arrows point to plants that have died... I'm concerned that it is spreading across the row... Has anyone seem this before? I'm...
  36. Bobtastic

    How much electricity does a Solenoid user?

    Hi all, I was wonding how much eleci a solenoid on a regulator would use on average? Is it much? I have quite alot of tank related stuff running atm and am a little fearfull about adding more stuff on... Not sure my wallet can handle it! ;) Thanks in advance!
  37. Bobtastic

    Red Phanton Tetra in a Planted Aquarium

    Hi all, I really like Red Phantoms an would love to put them in my 240l with my 4 Angelfish, but I've been told that they are not the best fish for planted aquarium. Will they shred all the plants? Thanks in advance!
  38. Bobtastic

    Water Changes. How do you do it?

    Hi all, I was thinking on the drive into work about the best way to do a water change on my 240 litre tank... On my 110 litre Jewul tank it's easy all I need is a gravel cleaner and a 12 litre bucket... On the 240 I'm currently using a home made python but it's quite slow to drain and tricky...
  39. Bobtastic

    Securing a FE

    Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of getting a C02 system based off a Fire Extinguisher, but I am a little concerned that little hands (4yo boy) may find there way to it and touch/knock it over. How have ppl secured their FE to make sure they don't fall over and cause damage?
  40. Bobtastic

    Fitting Lilly Pipe and narrow tubing to a Fluval filter

    Hi all, I've recently setup a planted tank, but currently only using the standard outlet and inlet from my Fluval 405 filter. I'd be interested in swapping them out for some glassware and associated tubing but I'm unsure how to go about connecting it all up... The Fluval 405 seems to use...
  41. Bobtastic

    When to add Shrim/Fish to a new tanks?

    Hi all, I've just recently setup a new planted tank. I've had the filter has been running for months in with the tanks scaped (with Aquasoil capped with sand) but just recently, a week ago, planted the plants I have received. I am wondering how long I should wait before adding shrimp or fish...
  42. Bobtastic

    Adding CO2 to a Tank with a pH of 6

    Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of adding pressurised CO2 to my new 240L tank that I'm gonna start planting soon, but the pH of the water from the tap is only 6... I'm a bit concerned that if I add CO2 it's gonna drag it down, this could harm the fish I eventually put in or stop the bacteria...
  43. Bobtastic

    Bobtastic's 1st Planted Tank Journal (240l)

    Hi all! I have finally gotten round to doing something without our new 240 litre tank! We've had it fo just over a month but haven't really done much with it. I started to cycle it bare, but have decided to scape if and see how we do once it's fully planted. The dimensions of the tank are...
  44. Bobtastic

    Under-sand Aqua Soil Substrate Advice pls!

    Hi all, I'm gonna start aquascaping my new 240litre tank in a few weeks and even b4 I start tring to get my head around wood and rocks I've been struck dumb but substrate! I'm gonna be having a few plants in so I'm want to put some sort of fertilsing soil to go in under the sand. In most of...