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    Rams and Excel

    eye's tend to be self perpetuating problems as they are in a confined space and attached to the optic nerve at the back any inflammation leads to a squeeze within the socket and pressure and stretch issue's which then cause more inflammation i think bacteria get blamed for everything with very...
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    Metal Halides

    can anyone explain why aquarium units are so expensive HQI bulb so good quality colour rendition IP65 so definitely safe near water of tank there are multiple options like this
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    Rams and Excel

    bilateral bulging eye's just suggests that there is a systemic problem, not sure how you can suggest it is bacterial exopthalmus or bulging eye's just means there is accumulation of gas(as seen in gas bubble disease) or more commonly inflammatory oedema behind the eye this can be associated...
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    Lights that have ripple effect

    a normal old incandescent desk lamp is a spot source anything that does not have a diffuser in is fine for the ripple effect the other issues are , hot bulb and splashing ... can be avoided by a simple plastic shield light intensity and plant growth.... doesnt have to be only light used you...
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    How to make DIY TPN+?

    will precipitates of iron be unbound by root chemistry i the substrate? are you only using distilled water to ensure ratios of dissolved elements stay the same ... ie a clean slate would any old vit c be appropriate?
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    Hydrogen Peroxide???

    hydrogen peroxide wont damage your filter unless you fill your filter canister with it at a much higher concentration it is labile as said in water and breaks ito harmless things it use's it oxidative power in the presence of organics so it is not going to get far in an aquarium situation use...
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    Erythromycin for BGA treatment

    you could alwasy try online i hate the on line pharmacies because they are non regulated , i wouldnt be surprised if you can collect drugs without a prescription now days and if they want a prescription a lot of them have downloadable forms that just need a signature in andrew they manage to...
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    room lighting

    halogens are basically inefficient convertors of energy to light from what i can find much of the energy ends up as heat rather than visible light scientific papers on horticultural lights suggest high pressure sodium lamp provide best plant growth(marginally better than metal halide) and are...
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    Iodine for shedding?

    i would second the sentiment in AE's reply protein quality(certainly amino acid ratio) is important in growth and shedding problems anyone got an fact on the iodine story, my impression was it started from a retail source that were promoting the use of an iodine supplement at the same time...
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    room lighting

    I am in the process of building a fish house and was after some advice on lighting options I was wanting to light the room with standard flourescents Does anyone know whether end caps/lamp holders can be purchased that are water proof without having to be specialised hobby one's ... and if so...
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    3 tier stand

    i alwast worry that with that design all the weight of each tier is being held on the screw fixing the cross bearer what shearing force will varying guage fixings hold? what happens when the fixing begins to corrode? wouldnt it be better to dove the joints so some load was transmitted to the...
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    Little Help Please - Fungus

    esha website has the answer off the top of mind (which means you should check) it is safe with shrimp
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    Fish TB

    mycobacterium are soil related organisms so most commonly found in the muck/mulm or substrate of a tank rather than the water there are many mycobacterium species most that choose a specific host and focus on improving there ability to invade that hosts cell type, of course there are species of...
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    will this work

    do you know if this type of unit is any different to the sold to aquatics type? are all metal halide bulbs the same colour spectrum?
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    will this work

    Are standard commercial metal halides this going to work over a planted tank? Is there much of a difference in the light source provided by metal halide and sodium bulbs in these bow type fittings? any...
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    Bolbitis heudelotii

    first plant i ever managed to grow no fertiliser just hard water lots of current low light 1 single t8 over 4ft tank it and algae where my first success's , maybe it doesn't need so much
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    fissidens fontanus

    you could try you may have to phone as i am not sure whether their on line sales has gone live yet darren maybe able to help with the plants andrew
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    5*3*2 Iwagumi

    do you have any further details on the stand . i quite like the broad section steel it looks to be made of andrew
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    Tropica, Aqua Essentials and Garden Direct Chelated Traces

    as traces are the least important part of the equation, it probably makes little difference in the grand scheme of things other than overdosing is a bit more costly.. though overdosing with cheaper dry ferts is no where near as expensive as dosing appropriately with liquid trace fertiliser andrew
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    Water column dosing and substrate questions

    substitute water column for just water... ie the fertiliser is soluble and dissolved in the tank water needs to be at correct ratio as algae can feed from the water just aswell as plants and so imbalance here are more of a problem , whilst substrate is accessed more typical by root structures ...
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    Rotala wallichii

    looks more like rotundiflora, isnt wallichi the needle like leafed one(i think of it as a fox tail)
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    Fish are throwing a fit

    stray voltage and many neurological disease are other possibilities bacterial meningitis certain medications myxobolus - whirling disease beware that changing pH with higher CO2 could also affect the ionised ammonia levels, usually an issue when pH is high which wouldnt be the case unless...
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    hemiographis exotica

    i dont believe it is , another of the coloured terristrials like dracena that is commonly sold
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    best algae eating shrimp?

    i would say the hungry shrimp are the best algal eaters my cherries cleaned up BBA , when there was no other food for them
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    Apisto Heaven

    thats an interesting offer ed, i am moving and hence trying to reduce tanks i had 7 on a small system dedicated to apisto's , gone now and heaps more through the house, down to 5 at present and still need to reduce numbers maybe i will get in touch once i am settled again andrew
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    Apisto Heaven

    you ever in sth london ed? i have 3 bachelor fresa you may like... last of a few that i have had, 3rd generation home bred andrew
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    be gentle with me

    steve did you use image tag or which option to show pictures as you did... as you can see i didnt even get all the same , or something is wrong that one shows some text
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    white spots on cardinal tetras

    where on the body were the pale spots? neon tet disease- saddle type postion below dorsal fin many encysted parasites may cause palour in musculature would have expected acidosis to cause more widespread rather than focal changes ... can double check the books if no one else has an answer
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    be gentle with me

    this is my first picorial here manly because i feel i have had some generous gestures of plants from members is a few basic shots of my 4ft tank, at present it is really just a holding tank as i am trying to keep all plants i can alive jammed in to it, whilst reducing tank numbers prior to a...
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    Sam's nano journal

    Re: Sam's Nano Emersed HC journal seeing as there are no fish in there just use some baby bio or similar terristrial fertiliser to enrich your substrate andrew
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    Shrimp eggs

    about 3 weeks roughly
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    Hemianthus Callitrichoides "Cuba"

    probably just the emmergent advantage and higher light at top of tank whereas other might be shaded a bit
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    Hemianthus Callitrichoides "Cuba"

    i have the larger verison micrathenoides growing attached to wood with thread, and whenever i trim the carpeting portion of the substrate growing bits i leave it floating afterwards till it develops aerial roots... my variant seems to grow anywhere , i would think the HC is not too dissimilar
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    Fluval FX5 vs Eheim 2080

    my sintered glass is 7 yr's old now, so not too sure about the replacing statement then again so is the sponge between the noodles and glass... any media will slowly clog and become anaerobic in area's , this may possibly then act like a denitrator in those regions... not sure how the...
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    star moss (Tortula Ruralis)

    i just took my extra swords, hygro crypts out of the tank, and put them into compost that was water logged in a cheap plastic storgae container with a lid to keep humidty high cut back most leaves as the older sword leaves will droop and die, newer shorter rounder ones will come through, just...
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    star moss (Tortula Ruralis)

    i have been collecting terrisatrial mosses for the last 12 mths , after i found some in the work pond that had blown off the roof, i intially thought it was aquatic ... the start shaped one i have very little luck with , it does look good when healthy though mine generally browns and falls to...
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    Filtration on a shrimp tank

    i use eheinm 2213? old classic style incase i got the number wrong i find my adult shrimp happily walking on the intake strainer with no problems at all, i infrequently clean my filter so the flow is a bit slower when i clean the filter i realease the small number of young shrimp from beneath...
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    How many shrimp?

    i started with about 1o in a 2ft tank with terrible bba , only now that there is (at a guess) close to 100 is the algae controlled shrimp are good algae eaters only effective really when in large numbers and not able to feed on fish food if used with a normal tank then i doubt they would make...
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    Red Cherry

    anything that can fit them in there mouth will eat them in my experience everything can be going fins till someone recognises them as food , they usually dissappear very fast then andrew
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    Akadama - A cheap substrate

    just use terrestria fertilisers if you want ammonia in your substrate you could in theory do the same with zeolite andrew
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    Coldwater Oranda with blisters on its bum?

    small vessicles(blisters) are not uncommonly seen on koi as an unusual presentation to bacterial infection any other signs? andrew
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    Anyone know what this???

    he is a long armmed as already stated apparently they will pull snails from shells aswell!
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    I thought this was against the law?

    dyed fish are not restricted in the uk, some good(in my opinion) organisations are pushing for a movement against it, it seems education of the public is difficult though genetically modified fish are illegal in the uk, ie the glo fish with phosphorescent gene's in danios
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    Feeding Shrimp

    as others have said my shrimp eat everything that is put in the tank, live foods,vegetables,egg shell, commercial foods, dead compatriots i feed maybe every other day, i have approx 100 shrimp in a 2ft tank! intially i didnt fed to see how they would do with consuming algae when hungry they...
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    Best deal for cherries on EBAY

    how are they shipped , i have many though have not had the courage to start sending them fro free of loses
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    Large sword - pruning advice

    i trim the outer most leaves away when mine get big, if they get emergent i find they flower and send out runners more regulalry andrew
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    emergent plants

    my hygro is up through the lights gets a bit burnt by the heat from the bulbs and is adapting
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    Alternatives to Excel or Easycarbo

    does anyone know the actual concentration of the sold solution? data sheet doesnt state clive where did you find the reference to polycycloglutaracetal andrew cigarettes and alcohol are also nasty s**t and they are legal... as i often say even water and oxygen can be toxic at certain...
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    Invert safe wormer?

    flubendazol, whether you buy it under any trade name does the same thing, and i think kusuri also manufacture it wormer plus and flubenol 15 were i think manufactured by the same .. not certain.. paul just sold it the claims about 15% flubendazol being better than other strengths are to my...
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    Couple of pics of my 4ft

    if you think you plants pearled after a water change that may support the suggestion that you need more balanced fertilisation routine if you have hard water the plants after the change may have had a small amount of the things they are missing ...once used up from change water your back to...
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    James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - UPDATE - 26/06/09

    are the checkerboards local james? and do you know whether maculatus or filamentousos? andrew
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    Black Brush Algea

    peroxide is labile, so dissaccociates into oxygen and water very quickly making it relatively safe it is also quite a strong oxidant so will damage things that it is placed in contact with, i tend to use a sryinge and direct it neat onto the problem area's lots of fizzing and algae usually...
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    Black Brush Algea

    your obviously feeding your oto's too well mine ate bba after i peroxided it and it changed colour
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    NPK what ratio

    so realistically learning signs of deficency and understanding first principles of plant growth is what modern fertilisation comes down to? i was really asking because i know there are varying ratio's suggested in terrestrial plants fro say fruiting flowering, legumes etc maybe that s just...
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    NPK what ratio

    can anyone give me there thoughts on aquatic plants optimum N:P:K ratio... ignoring all other factors like source of phosphate food water etc thanks
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    My 10 gallon (possibly in the wrong forum)

    i know nothing of aquascaping hteory and think you need to remove some of the pant mass centrally , mainly to allow more light to the lower levels.. i suppose it has been growing rapidly there thoough maybe just the anubias should be left andrew
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    Have we been wrong? Is our moss really getting algified?

    clive i have already patented the moss tower technology :wink: i had a mini system with a return that went to a hanging basket in whicj i had some filter floss nbeneth this i had a spiral of 1cm square nylon mesh attached to the underside of the hanging basket to make a spiral trpe cone(image...
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    Have we been wrong? Is our moss really getting algified?

    on the left of the picture those threads look lie they come from a leaf tip.. i would even at that magnification call that algae, but hey i'm no expert
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    Logging in probs

    i am runnong mac osx , as microsoft imo suck
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    Logging in probs

    i had an issue 2 days ago, since has been fine, though i did go to the log in then ticked the box and all went ok otherwise clearing internet cache does seem to work if perssitent prob
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    RO water

    i just use my r/o straight over peat in storage butt then , neat in tank for apisto's or mixed with tap for plants assuming 95 efficency of r/o , and my quite hard london tap there is likely still some things left my fish seemed to liek it then that is what evolution had adapted them to andrew
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    Using substrate for depth

    i was sure i replied terracing, and you can glue the substrate t the terracing material so that it blends more easily andrew
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    New Card Scam

    has anyone ever had one of these forwarded becareful scams attempted on themselve's? maybe i am just too cynical why would anyone ever give an incoming caller their bank card details, anyone who is suppossed to have them already dose andrew
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    Crystal Red Shrimp

    i may be interested i have 100's of the lower grade one' breeding in tanks at present.. i would like to select for colour and find it very difficult to net the one i think looks good out to select!!! i find the young all seem to ahvae intense colour and some loss this as older.. or maybe i dont...
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    Breeding amano's

    the side profile of shrimp tails often gives a hint at sex males have more slender tails when looked at side on the females have deeper (not sure of the proer term) pieces of shell? on the tail to protect the egg's that they carry under the tail you may need more shrimp, egg's are a very easy...
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    Breeding amano's

    getting egg's is relatively easy, raising the planktonic larval stage si the difficult bit they require a salinity rise to progress to the shrimp stage and also lots of microalgae preferably water borne to feed on
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    Tropica quote

    plants are able to utilise the bound fertiliser/nutrients through active process or chenical reactions in root nodes algae cant do these reactions so the high CEC acts as a store of nutrients so that if something isnt dosed regulalry, then the substrate mops up the excess and holds it for...
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    fantastic article
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    Anyone tried Easy-Life EasyCarbo?

    all those great clais make me think snake oil, hey i dont know i am just cynical just because something is natural doesnt make it safe claims to contain no chemicals no bacteria and no organics..! what does it contain and if it is inorganic how is that natural? maybe just me beingpedantic in...
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    List of top 10 recent posts/threads?

    anyway to turn that function off for individuals?
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    need help - angel with worms

    mg ions in epsom salts may help with constipation andrew
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    New starter (CO2 questions)

    if the eheim filter has the ability to lose a gas it will leak thats what my logic says anyway, so the air inlet must be a one way valve, that still leaves all the CO2 added to the system in the sytem whether dissolved in water or as a gas i am just being dense or thinking too simply? andrew
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    New starter (CO2 questions)

    if the eheim is a sealed filter unit, where exactly would the CO2 be lost too? just a theoretical question, yes it may leave the water in as gas, accumulate in that gas till saturation pressure where equal and then the rest would stay in the water? someone will know more about that than my...
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    Where to buy in the South East.

    Living waters 28 beddington lane croydon surrey 020 8680 3533 a good healthy range of the basic fish a great selection of good healthy plants not the biggest stor and one that has good knowledgeable people working in it for plants they are taking about online sales in the future...
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    need help - angel with worms

    i would be interested in you rresults with the flubendazol, i have not used it also let us know if the fish then spawns after , some claim of a hormone in amongst the wormer andrew
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    need help - angel with worms

    as ivan says the about the only red aquatic worms seen are camallanus , a nematode theory suggests that it has a complex lifecycle(which needs an intermediate host, usually some small inveterbrate vector, daphnia type) so in an aquarium should not be a hugh problem there are studies that show...
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    so basically organic nitrate is really a nitrate complex(hence the carbon based organic ) and the KNO3 si an inorganic nitrate salt that dissaccioates to produce 2 charged ions (that is probably why ed see high tds, most measuremnts are based on EC) and for fish toxic nitrate levels can be...
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    i get a bit confused ghere with the use of 'organic' for me it ws a chemical term meaning based on carbon so when people suggest organic nitrate does that meanit is produced by the decopostion of a carbon based molecule ? andrew
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    Go Lewis!!!!

    at least the big chinned spainard didnt win!
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    ona not quite related shrimp question, do any of the panted people add nitrate to tanks wiht shrimp in? have they seen shrimp breed in this situation? mine are not doing anything in the fertilised tank.. not dying not breeding ,other tanks they are prolific just wondering andrew
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    Gibbiceps - White area on front 'lip'

    anything rough sharp in the tank? palour and cotton wool type lesions would most commmonly be assocciated with either columnaris(bacteria) or sprolegenia(fungal), both of these are opportunistic pathogens and will take advantage of damaged skin or stressed immunocomprimised fish so wounds or...
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    Growing Java Fern and Bolbitis

    bolbitis was the first plant i ever really grew, it took over my tank low light no fertilisation, just hard london tapwater straight from the hose pipe it needs a current and i had luckily postioned it on wood near the filter return
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    Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

    I am andrew A vet by trade and have been keeping fish since i boght my first house about 7 yrs ago Mainly got interested in forums trying to learn what i should have already known, ie fish health aspects Recently i have been looking at levaing the country and have significantly scaled down from...
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    translucent hygro

    the pH things started because i didnt know much, had hard water, got interested in dwarf cichlids , needed soft acidic water, got told a story and sold a product as seems the way have r/o and now enough about that side of things though having to reduce fish and though i would play at gardening...
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    translucent hygro

    oh also can anyone suggest a good source of supplemental iron, or is the chempak trace level of 3.35 enough to not limit red colours? andrew
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    translucent hygro

    for future reference would anyone want a sword that large 45cm high and at least 30 wide..., nout sure how to post it, cut most leaves and roots back and send like that? anyway it is gone now the rotala is wallachi - i think it looks like a fox tail, pink tipped only really in my tank i have...
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    translucent hygro

    maybe it is more to do with me having been away for 3 weeks and nt fertilising , after prehaps being heavy handed with my home brew feriliser i am aware of the probs with terristrial fertiliser and was just experimenting, as you could guess i did end up with algae and increased respiration from...
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    translucent hygro

    i was wonderng if any one could give me an explanation for why my hygro leaves have begun to emerge abnormally they appera to stay rolled slightly, ie never fully open and although bright green are translucent i use home made fertiliser's and often mess about with things i shouldnt...
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    cryptocoryne wendtii

    i thought itwas normal for brown colours in some crypts, i would relax unless the plant looks unhealthy in leaf structure other than colour andrew
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    sufficent numbers of hungry shrimp will get through softer algae really well they will quite happily steal whole sinking wafers, blood worm and almost anything else they can get their little claws on though so in a well feed tank they are less effective biggets problem is probably the tendency...
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    Aquamas CO2 Reactor

    sorry if this is the incorrect place to ask this, why dont you just run the C)2 straight into the filter.. it is effectively the same as the photos of this reactor.. ie an enclosed chamber with water flow and media? andrew
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    cherry shrimp along with bee and crystal and probably others , do not have a planktonic larval stage they effectively are like live bearers and produce exact small replica shrimp that an live in normal water it is amano and other that have a larval stage like brine shrimp that need to migrate...
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    Mosses from AquaticMagic

    shrimp that are hungry and in sufficent numbers will eat almost any algae i have a 2 ft tank with approx 100 shrimp, plants go in there to be cleaned moss always comes out clean
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    a few beginer queries

    the reason for the question about lights comes down to watts being a power consumption rather than output figure..i know we have an established 123 wpg rule.. but then there are 2 different size gallons... i guess it is just a rule of thumb wouldnt lumens or lux as output be better, and wouldnt...
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    a few beginer queries

    thank you all for taking the time to type such involved and useful answers to my queries a few more is the 4 kH just an arbitary value? i take the situation to be that by using a drop checker with a known kh value that is only being affected by products that can diffuse across the buble...
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    a few beginer queries

    not being a planted tank person, many of the posts on here lead me to more questions than understanding i have never subscribed to any website, so i dont have all the barr report information that some of you have read i see anacroynms are used and again i dont know these now for my questions...
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    High phosphate in tap water

    i dont know what you guys think of the redfield ration basically reverse science in that aquatic (marine i think the intial study was done in) plants all seemed to have PO4 and NO3 at a particular ratio so some aquarists have used this ratio in the water to control algal growth in the case o...
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    Aquarium Plant Paradise

    are the english aqua journals available on back order? andrew
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    organic meaning carbon based? i assume that is the definition used in the barr report i guess the purigen then is binding the organic and the any nitrogen bound there is taken along for the ride and i guess the plants find it easy to access the nitrogen when not bound s tightly, as happens...
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    thanks the comprehensive response dave i cant answer the ammonia query for my water as i have not measured my water quality (as far as ammonia) in the last 2 yrs i am prehaps moving, and defiintely having work done in the area's i keep some of my tanks , so at present i am being forced to...